TransTech Wireless Four Camera Security DVR System
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Product Description

This is one of our state of the art G series camera systems. With this top of the line system and the latest technology it turns your computer into a motion detection DVR system. Its simple design and installation is its trademark. It has an Easy one cable installation to your computer. No internal computer modifications are required. The cameras included have the most powerful night vision of up to 45 feet with great clarity and the longest transmission distance deemed safe and allowable by the FCC. It's great for monitoring your home, business or family. It comes with the maximum number of cameras you can have for this receiver which will allow you to view four different areas of your home or business with the Quad view as pictured above. Here is how it works,The indoor/outdoor night vision color cameras can be installed anywhere throughout the home or business within range of the receiver. Power them up with the A/C adapters. The cameras will transmit in color until the light becomes too dim. They then change automatically over to infrared night vision mode. As light increases the cameras will change back to daytime color operation. the small receiver is placed near your computer and connected to your computer via USB cable. Install the software on your computer. Set the parameters for when to record or at what level of motion detection. The computer will record during these activities. The time/date stamped video can be viewed later or you can watch live video. The video can also be viewed over the internet by another computer via a password protected server. If you have a cell phone with a web browser you can even view live Jpegs. Depending on the size of your hard drive, you could record for months!

  • Turns your computer in to a DVR
  • Motion Detection Recording or Scheduled Recording
  • Password Protected Remote Internet and Cell Phone Access
  • Four Indoor/Outdoor Color Night Vision Cameras
  • Free Unlimited Tech Support