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The Orange Box
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Product Description

The Orange Box includes all the content of The Black Box for PC, plus the original Half-Life 2 and Half-Life 2: Episode One. Innovative games featured in The Orange Box include Half-Life 2: Episode Two, the second installment in Valve's episodic trilogy advances the award-winning story, leading the player to new locations outside of City 17, as well as the pioneering type of single-player action game Portal, which rewrites the rules for how players approach and manipulate their environment, and Team Fortress 2 -- an all-new version of the legendary title that spawned team based multiplayer action games with a daring new art style features the most advanced graphics of any Source-based game released to date.

Customer Reviews:

  • This was a Triumph!
    Having just recently bought the Orange Box by Valve, I can honestly say that it is a great deal, well worth the $50(25) for the Xbox 360 or $30 (15) for the PC. Since the entire collection is really five separate games, I decided to split my review into 3 parts: Half-Life2, Portal, and Team Fortress 2.

    -Half-Life2: Despite their age, the Half-Life games are still some of the best sci-fi games available. Their graphics are still good by today's standards, only being surpassed by the newest games like Mass Effect and Bioshock. The physics are some of the best of any game out today. I have yet to see another game with physics even coming close to Half-Life's in realism. The storyline is good, with plenty of plot-twists and riveting action scenes, and very little, if any, boring romance. My only complaint about the Half-Life games on Orange box is the lack of multiplayer on the Xbox version. After playing through three whole storylines and becoming a master of flinging cinder blocks into enemies' heads, I want to show my skills off to random strangers over the internet! Sadly, all of the multiplayer content is left to Team Fortress, which has a very different feel to it... and no gravity gun.

    -Portal: Portal is a very different type of game from Half-Life and Team Fortress, and even other shooters. Using the same graphics and physics as Half-Life, the makers of Portal could focus on building a great storyline and fixing the kinks in the Portal technology. Besides the gameplay itself, which is surprisingly simple, Portal's voice-over acting is perfect for the setting, with lots of quotable lines and hilarious dialogue. Once again, there is a disappointing lack of multiplayer for such a great game, and the fast-moving and spinning camera can make many players, or even spectators, motion sick. Overall, I'm really looking forward to that sequel!

    -Team Fortress 2: Team Fortress 2 is a welcome change from games like Halo and Call of Duty 1 where every character has the exact same weapon choices and skills. The different classes of TF2 make it imperative that you put together an effective team in order to succeed. The stylized art makes the different character models and weapon effects much more believable than a realistic game would have. Despite a sadly low number of levels and a high percentage of players who seems to have Tourette's, Team Fortress 2 is one of my favorite multiplayer shooters so far.

    In conclusion, sticking five awesome games in a single set for the price of one was a brilliant move on Valve's part. Whether you like puzzle, horror, action, or class-based shooter games, the entire set is worth your money.
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  • 5 Awsome games in 1 box! You can't go wrong with this one!
    I've been a big Half Life fan from the first PC game years ago. Half Life 2 is a whole game in itself and with "The Orange Box", you not only get Half Life 2 but all the expansion packs with it! It's hours of quality gameplay for the price of one. You can't go wrong with this purchase. I am also currently deployed over seas and recieved my package within a week. ...more info
  • Join the Resistance, and get a sign up bonus!
    A value that puts all other values in the video game industry to shame. Five next-gen games, 30, maybe even 40 plus hours of play. One disk, under 70 bucks.

    Orange Box contains enough material to keep any hardcore gamer busy for a month. One single DVD holds the full Half Like 2 game, with it are the two semi-squeals/expansion packs Episodes One and Two that show Alex and Gordon escaping the Citadel, fleeing City 17 and drive deep into the game world's mountain wilderness. Capping off with a new puzzle game whose very concept that turns the laws of physics on it's head, if not breaking them, and a silly, highly addictive multiplayer that requires teamwork instead of running pell-mell into the opposing team.

    Four of the games contain commentaries by the programmers and even some of the voice actors that give a deep insight into the making of a game. The 3 year old graphic engines still holds it own against the newer games like Halo 3 and Mass Effect. Alex's facial expressions are almost real, she smiles, she frowns, she laughs, looks puzzled, and even embarrassed.

    Even if your not a collector and swap your games at Game Crazy or Game Stop, this is one that you will want to keep
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  • The Orange Box
    This is an excellent and very challenging game. It was given to my son and family for Christmas. I do not play it, but they are enjoying it very much....more info
  • Not all that
    I was going to buy this game based on all the good reviews it's received. Fortunately, I rented it and was thoroughly unimpressed after about 4 hrs of play. Maybe I didn't give it a chance. I didn't play Half Life before so maybe that had something to do with it. The graphics are definitely dated. Portal was fun but I don't know why anyone would replay it. COD4 set the bar for FPS's so any shooter I play now is just so so.
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  • nothing really to say
    game is great but team fortess 2 doesn't really have anybody on it to play....more info
  • Unbeatable.
    I am going to be completely honest with you, I am not a huge fan of the Half-Life series. But, i do enjoy playing the game from time to time. Portal... is a perfect 10. It is immaculate. The puzzles are tricky, the physics are insane, the game it self is funny (the copmuter that "helps" you through the game is hilarious. --- Team Fortress 2. This game gets a 15 out of 10 in my book. One of the most strategic multiplayer(only) first person shooters i have ever played. If you get a good team of intelligent partners, you will enjoy yourself quite a bit. this game HAS to be played with the headset though, if youre not open to sugguestions, or criticism from strangers then its not for you. Everyone supports eachother through out each match, and the classes are extremely well balanced. this is not a game for Halo 3 or Call of Duty "Jocks" (run and gun, shoot-em-up players)--- and lastly, Half-Life 2 is Half-Life 2. one of the most revolutionary FPS' ever. I would pay $100 for this package. twice. that is how good it is....more info
  • Very Fun But...
    I played this game for about a week and it is a great deal getting five games in one, but I didn't like Team Fortress that much. All the Half Life episodes were great though....more info
  • Classic
    The amount of play on this disc is amazing and that makes it a great deal....more info
  • Great value package
    This game is great because it holds a lot for the price. You get single player fun with the Half-Life 2's, though a bit classic, and awesome online play with Team Fortress 2. ...more info
  • The Orange Box: Making my Favorite Color Orange
    Pros: - 5 great games in one package -

    Cons: - Graphics could use work on a few of the games -

    The Bottom Line: With an addictive online multiplayer, an ingenious puzzle game, and one of the best single player FPS games ever made, The Orange Box is a terrific deal.


    Half Life 2 The Orange Box for Xbox 360

    I recently paid $60 for Bomberman: Act Zero. The game is a degenerate mess, and is clearly not worth your money. Half Life 2: The Orange Box was also worth $60 on release day, and with 5 games in one box, you'll actually feel like you got the most for your money when you buy this incredible package. The Orange Box comes with 5 games in it- Half Life 2, Half-Life 2 episode 1, Half Life 2 episode 2, Portal, and Team Fortress 2, and all of these games are winners.

    The good people at Valve developed each of these games, and from a graphics and sound perspective, it's easy to tell (for the most part). The source engine is used on all three Half-Life 2 games, Team Fortress 2, and Portal, but Team Fortress 2 brings a whole new element to the presentation of The Orange Box.

    Team Fortress 2 would have to be the most graphically significant of the games included in The Orange Box, as everything looks like something straight out of the movie, "The Incredibles". Everything looks very "cartoonish", and that fits the game's personality just fine. Fire and Water textures are the 2 biggest beneficiaries of this unique graphical style. One of the 9 classes you can choose from in the game is the "Pyro", which, surprisingly enough, runs around with a flame-thrower engulfing other players in fire. If you are set a blaze, you have to seek water if you don't wish to have a painful death. In my opinion, no other fire texture to date looks quite as good as what's to be found in Team Fortress 2. This game proves that graphics don't have to be photo-realistic to look great. Keeping with the cartoony feel, the sound effects seem like they could have also been a part of "The Incredibles". Every character has the ability to do taunts during the game. It seems the voice acting is pretty well done, considering the game for which it is written. It is cheesy, but then again, the whole game is cheesy and that is perfect for it.

    Portal looks a lot like Half-Life 2 and its episodes. A lot of the textures look similar to one another, but that is to be expected as both were made by Valve as previously stated. You might expect a game that is based on the idea of walking through portals to get to areas previously unreachable to be plagued with screen-tearing problems, but that is not the case with Portal. I've run across absolutely NO screen tearing. The frame-rate is also steady throughout Portal. The graphics here won't "wow" you, but at least they don't take away from the overall experience of the game.

    All three of the Half-Life 2 games that are included run on the same graphics engine. While there are minor improvements throughout the series, the games still aren't really much better looking from one to another. Half-Life 2 is about 4 years old now, so the graphics are finally beginning to look a little bit dated. There's nothing wrong with the graphics, but textures just don't seem as crisp as they once did. Load times are frequent in the game, as there is a very long load in the beginning of the game, then throughout the game as you transition into new environments.

    Portal's sound effects have the same feel as the graphics in that they won't "wow" you, but they get the job done. No explosions are in the game, and for that matter, nothing of real sound importance is. The Portal gun feels right when you use it, and the sounds it makes seem very appropriate. The real fun in the sound department is in the robot GlaDoS. The voice actor for the robot does an outstanding job, and the hilarious bits of dialect that come from her are a welcome bit of humor. The end credits song "Still Alive" is one of the best original songs to come from a video game. I actually enjoyed the song so much I felt compelled to put it on my iPod. Nothing I can say can really describe how good the song actually is in the game, so you'll just have to beat Portal and find out yourself!

    The sound used in all of the Half-Life 2 games is simply incredible. For everything the gravity gun can pick up, there is a unique sound effect to go with it. An electronic beat will kick in right when the action heats up, and it really adds a layer of "intenseness" to the game. The voice acting is also at the top of the class in Half-Life 2 and its episodes. Though Gordon will never actually talk, all of the supporting characters do an amazing job, especially the character Alyx Vance, who is obviously portrayed by one of the most talented voice actresses around.

    What really makes Half Life 2's presentation stand out from the rest is the character models though. They are the epitome of what every game released should try to do with character models. They look as life-like as you'll ever see in a game, and for once, the facial animation is actually convincingly life-like. The character models are given the perfect stage to shine because the game has no real cut-scenes. Instead, you'll just watch the conversations unfold in real-time. I say watch the conversations as Gordon will never actually talk in the game, and because this is a FPS, and there aren't cut-scenes, you won't see Gordon either. It would be nice to see what Gordon looks like from more than just the box-art, but I suppose being so first-person based does add an extra sense of immersion in that you really feel like you are Gordon. Other games, like Call of Duty, pretend to have these "real-time cut-scenes", but if the story isn't good enough, it doesn't make the slightest difference. Thankfully, Half-Life's story is terrific.

    If you're one of the rare few who hasn't played Half-Life 2 yet, here is a brief synopsis of what has gone on in Half-Life 2 and Half-Life 2 episode 1. Building upon the original Half Life, a scientist from the Black Mesa top-secret lab (Gordon Freeman) finds himself in a futuristic world complete with aliens controlling the paramilitary society. You have been relocated or imprisoned along with others in city 17 a desolate futuristic environment where the police and government of City 17 have taken over. Episode 1 sees that Gordon makes it out of City 17, but the story is far from resolved. In Half-Life 2 episode 2, the lone new piece of Half-Life 2 content in The Orange Box, you'll be playing through the outskirts of City 17 still trying to get away from the combine into safety. Half-Life 2 episode 2 sees a lot more get resolved than Episode 1 does, as plans from Half-Life 2 finally get resolved in this new episode, but it still leaves room for another episode, which is exactly what Valve wanted to do.

    It's not absolutely mandatory that you play the original Half-Life before you play Half-Life 2 and its episodes, but it really makes the story a lot easier to follow, at least for the beginning stages anyway. After playing Half-Life 2 for a few hours, things begin to make a little more sense, but it still is helpful to have the story of Half-Life 1 in mind when trying to make sense of the mysterious plot. It's a good thing that you will get so much satisfaction from the story of Half-Life 2, because the other 2 games in The Orange Box don't really have much of a story to offer.

    Portal drops you in to a testing facility, with absolutely no explanation why, other than the people at the "Aperture Science Laboratories" felt like testing someone, and that someone is you. Honestly, it's very hard to tell if you are even playing as a boy or a girl in Portal. You'll only see glimpses of yourself through portals. This just goes to demonstrate how nondescript the story is. It's hard to knock the story of Portal, because if there were anything more of the story than what's to be had, the game would feel overdone, and ultimately, it would just make you dislike the game. Even though there isn't much of a story in Portal, that's not to say that it doesn't have a personality. You'll be guided through these puzzles by a female robot's voice, and you'll hear some of the funniest stuff you'll ever hear from her. The game feels just right in regards to the story, and I really wouldn't have changed a thing about it.

    Team Fortress 2 is strictly an online FPS, so there is no story at all. We've seen this before in games like Warhawk, so we know it can work, but still it would have been nice to have a tutorial or something added on. However, like Portal, even though there isn't a story, the game still has a great personality to it. Each of the 9 classes has a taunt move that they can do, and it just adds to the fun loving nature of the game. A great example of the personality in the game is the "Meet the _____ (Heavy, Sniper, Scout etc..)" trailers. They are hilarious, and provide a little bit of the back-story behind most of the classes. If you're looking into Team Fortress 2, I strongly recommend watching these videos, as you'll have a greater understanding of what the game is all about after you have.

    It would have been hard for Valve to come up with a story for Team Fortress 2, as there are 9 classes, and it's an FPS so all but one of the classes would have been left out. The game is very heavily focused on these classes. There's the Scout, Soldier, Pyro, Demoman, Heavy, Engineer, Medic, Sniper, and Spy, and all of these classes are good for certain situations depending on what your team needs to accomplish at the moment. If your team needs to take an offensive role by capturing a control point, or taking the enemies inelegance (flag), then you might want a few Soldiers on the front lines to do some damage with their rocket launchers. To prevent the enemy from taking a control point or your intelligence, you'll need players taking a defensive approach, like by being the engineer, who can set up turrets that attack enemies that get to close to your intelligence. What I'm trying to get at is that you'll need to have good class balance between your team in order to be successful. Personal favorites will appear based on your style of play, and it's fun once you've mastered a class. The thing that every reviewer has been griping about is the lack of maps and game options. There are only 6 maps, and the environments do get repetitive, but it's vital to know every nook and cranny of the map you are playing on, as to get better position on your enemy. The game modes are a bit more frustrating however. Each map was designed specifically for a game mode, so you have to play capture the flag on the same map, every single time you play it. This can get very annoying, and there is no real cure to the annoyance. You'll just have to grin and bear it. A new map pack or two would have quelled this annoyance temporarily, but no map pack has been released yet. Another disappointing thing about Team Fortress 2 is the lack of offline play. It would have been nice to see something included, for those of us who still enjoy split-screen play, but it's hard to stay mad about this issue, as all of the maps were clearly designed for big team games. The way I see it, Team Fortress 2 is the 3rd best online multiplayer game that money can buy. Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4 still surpass this, but it sure is a welcome retreat from the seriousness of most other online FPS games today.

    Team Fortress 2 is the only part of The Orange Box that doesn't live in the Half-Life 2 world. Even Portal gets a mention in Half-Life 2 episode 2, but even if Portal didn't have this connection with the Half-Life universe, it would still be one of the most talked about puzzle games in recent memory, because it feel so unique from everything else being put out right now. Portal is shown from a first-person perspective, but it isn't a FPS, because there isn't any shooting- other than the Portal gun. The object of Portal is simple- Use the Portal gun to reach places previously unreachable. The gun can shoot 2 Portals, one orange, and one blue, One of these being the entry point, and one being where you will exist. You shoot it at walls that the Portal gun can shoot through, you walk through the entry point, and you'll come out of the exit point you've pre-determined. It sounds like a very confusing concept, but in reality, it makes a lot of sense after you've played Portal for an hour or so. Physics are a big part of Portal, because you'll need to use momentum to get over walls, and get to higher places, and you'll also have to pick up boxes and such to use them to solve the puzzles you've been faced with. For the most part, I found the puzzles to be rather challenging. Maybe it's because I'm your typical console `tard and wasn't used to a game that required such a great amount of logic to figure out, but I thought I got my money's worth with Portal. Professional reviewers have clocked the game at around 2-3 hours, but it took me the better part of 4 to finish, and that's not counting how many times I plan on playing it again.

    I've always found the driving missions in Half-Life 2 to be the worst part of the experience. The vehicles didn't control well on the consoles, it can be hard to see what you are up against from a first person perspective while trying to drive a car, and most of the driving missions feel way too long. If you are like me, you are in for a rude awakening, because driving takes a center stage in Half-Life 2 episode 2. That said, it seems like the developers recognized the fact that the driving missions just seemed to drag on and on, so they shortened them, but made them more frequent. This actually makes the pacing of the game feel much better that in previous Half-Life 2 games, in that you never really get tired of doing one thing, which solves the only real problem I'd had with the series. With this minor inconvenience fixed, Half-Life 2 is as perfect as Valve could have possibly made it, in terms of gameplay and story. As long as the gravity gun remains in Half-Life, the game will probably be fun to play. Even when you aren't fighting enemies, it's actually fun to just pick things up and shoot them. This is because of how ingenious the Havok physics are. Most everything is useable with the gravity gun, and you feel totally powerful slinging them around with this physics engine. Besides the gravity gun, the rest of the weapons in Half-Life 2 and its episodes are pretty standard. You get a sub-machine gun, a pistol, a wrench for close combat, and breaking wood to get past barriers, grenades, a shotgun, etcetera. The gravity gun is just so special and unique that the lack of other unique weapons doesn't really matter. Puzzles are also still frequent in Half-Life 2 episode 2, and that just adds another layer of depth to the Half-Life world. This isn't a game like Halo, you have to actually think if you intend to win the game, which is really a wonderful thing. The only FPS recently released that even comes close to how well thinking was integrated is BioShock. The comparisons don't just end there, though. BioShock and Half-Life 2 are the only games that I've played that make you feel like you're in a wide open City, while being a totally linear game. Because of this, the immersion of these games just set them apart from everything else on the market.

    As IGN put it, The Orange Box is "The best deal in videogame history", and it's hard to argue against that. You get everything you could want out of a videogame purchase. If your looking for a great package that will keep you entertained for months, you can't go wrong with The Orange Box.

    Portal- 9.0/10.
    Team Fortress 2- 8.6/10.
    Half-Life 2 episode 2- 9.7/10.

    The Orange Box as a package- 10/10. Alone these games are great, together they are truly something special.

    Yes ...more info
  • Great Fun!
    Bought as a gift for my Son and he loves it. Has had hours and Hours of fun!!!...more info
  • great value
    This game is an incredible value. It took many many hours of playing to get through the three Half-Life games, all of which are excellent. They are shooters with intriguing stories and more thinking involved than most shooters. You have to solve puzzles and employ a lot of strategy. The air boat is a blast to drive and there are great weapons such as the anti-gravity weapon which you will use a lot. You can't beat throwing a giant saw blade to cut zombies is half . The scenery and graphics are great and there are some genuinally creepy moments. I didn't even play Fortress or Portal and still felt this game was worth the money. My wife played them both and thought Portal was a standout. She loved the mystery, logic, and puzzle aspects of the game....more info
  • The Orange Box
    The Orange Box. All five components are excellent, with Half-Life 2 and Episode Two being the two finest single-player first-person shooters on Xbox 360. Accessing the five games is easy, thanks to a simple, but elegant menu system. You can hop into any of the Half-Life components without having beaten the prior versions. So, if you've played Half-Life 2 before, you can skip it (though you really should play it again), and go right into the episodic content....more info
  • Team Fortress 2, need I say more!?
    Let me start by saying this is by far the greatest value of any Xbox 360 game. You are getting 5 games in one box....The Orange Box that is. I will only focus on the new ones. I purchased this game based on two of the titles; TF2 and Portal. Portal was the first game I played because i was the most intrigued by it. It is a great new way to game. The idea is you have a gun that lets you place entrance and exit portals, so you can use them transport items, as well as yourself. There are tons of possibilities. Secondly the LONG AWAITED Team Fortress 2. When I first saw the trailer of the Cartoon looking characters I cringed! But now that I have the game in my hands and have been playing it, its not the end of the world...although I think I would like Half Life 2 graphics more. Bottom line, the average Xbox 360 game price for 5 games is a great value, even if it were 5 mediocre games, but this is not that, this is 5 great games for the price of one. I would say a solid buy just based on re-playability alone!...more info
  • Get it rite NOW
    Just get this game as soon as you see it. Its great! YOU will not be disappointed by the games in this pack. 5 games for only [...] is an incredible deal that you shouldn't give up so buy right now!!!!!...more info
  • it's almost worth 20 bucks
    The portal alone is worth a few dollars, with the 1/2 life it should be worth about 15-20 bucks on it's own. However, the team fortress 2 add on is just useless. It's pointless to play if you have halo or one of the cod's. Thus, I'm only rating it decent based on value and the price. Anything over 20 bucks would be ridiculous though....more info
  • Worth it for Portal alone.
    In the words of GlaDOS: "This was a triumph." In my opinion, Portal alone makes this game worth buying. Everything else was just icing on the to speak. ...more info
  • Greatest Deal Ever
    If you haven't played this game now is the time! At the price you can get it now this game is a steal. Having Half Life 2 alone is worth at least 30 dollars, but you also get its two expansions. Portal, although short is brilliant, and unlockable challenges give it replay value. Team Fortress 2 is a very good multiplayer game. It may not stack up to the experience you would get on a PC but it is good enough to enjoy. If you enjoy a great single player experience this is a must have game. If you only want to get orange box for team fortress, your better off getting it off steam....more info
  • WOW, The Freeman Still Kicks Arse
    I loved the original regular xbox version of half life 2 and it was one of my favorite xbox games despite the the frustrating loading issues (that seemed to come on every 30 seconds or so). The Orange box for the 360 isnt buggy at all and includes a non buggy version of the original half life 2. This alone is worth the $59, but the 2 new installations of half life 2 (episode 1 & 2) are greatness, and could be a stand alone sale as well.

    Episode One seemed shorter than episode two and was more of an urban battle, where Episode Two is out in the wilderness and you get to use a vehicle (similar action to the dune buggy in HL2)! The puzzles also seemed more intricate in Episode 2. Together Ep 1&2 represent the best sequel to any video game I've played. Halo sequels have become unimaginative and tiresome. This was well thought out and well done, a real roller coaster ride that is totally immersive with some new enemies.

    One negative, is that I wish they offered some sort of coop campaign through xbox live or some sort of battle royale in the HL2 environments with HL2 weapons through Live.

    That said, this is one of the greatest sequels ever. I havent even played the other two games on the disc but based just on the HL2 part it is five stars all the way....more info
  • Most generous amount of good swag ever!
    Even if the orange box merely consisted of Half life 2 and its' other two episodes it "still" would have been a steal for the price. However on top of that gamers also get Portal and Team Fortress 2.

    For those unfamiliar with Portal it uses the same engine as half life and pits your mind against a diabolical computer which uses everything from deadly traps to psychological war-fare to slow your progress. Your only gadget is a gun that can make portals through solid walls and your sole goal is to get out of a giant experimental maze alive. While the environments are a bit bland in portal the "puzzle aspect" is fun and addictive even for people who would not normally enjoy puzzle games.

    Team Fortress 2 is a slapstick humorous co-op online fps which seems to burrow a lot of cheese from old spy espionage movies and action flicks. Every character has side splitting outrageous quirks as well as their own unique weapons and skills.

    Besides for Bio shock and Jedi academy I've never been in love with the fps genre. However valve presents each of their concepts with such flare and originality even jaded critics would be hard pressed not to like at least "something" the orange box offers up.

    Obviously my favorite game is Half Life 2. The only glaring faults with the game are that the controls are not quite so easy to learn as Bio shock's and that if you have not played the first Half Life the story has many plot holes which remain unexplained.

    Once you get into driving a swamp boat with a mounted gun turret around in a series of canals while blasting away at corrupt law enforcers and military helicopters or find yourself crawling around in tunnels filled with organic alien traps that want to slurp you up with their hanging tongues to devour you it is easy to appreciate the vast realistic yet nightmarish environments Half Life 2 offers up to the player.

    The story though obscure is also quite good. Apparently as Gordan Friedman you helped develop dimensional travel technology in a place called black mesa. Unfortunately the open doorways you and your cohorts created allowed hostile aliens to spill through. Before you knew it humanity got conquered by a hostile group of crazy tyrannical creeps from a close by neighboring reality. The human resistance which did not succumb to the demands of the enemy despot regime formed lucrative alliances with other aliens who were being enslaved by the same oppressive fraction. They all see you as a type of "messiah" who can bring down "The Man".

    The only thing I do not understand is since you are partly responsible for the invasion why does no one see you in a negative light? For a guy that set back human civilization you sure do get a lot of rear-kissing compliments! Besides for that oddity there is also the haughty feeling you get from Friedman. A lot of people talk to him yet Gordon never says anything in turn. You get the subtle feeling he is either mute or a bit conceited. A guy that is supposed to be a sophisticated scientist should have "something" to say to someone. The beautiful,brave, and capable Alyx is always at Friedman's side yet I have not seen him flirt with her yet.

    Now that ranting wiener fest is over there were things I enjoyed immensely about the cast in half life 2. The cast you interact with are believable, flawed, and endearing. They are akin to what your neighbors and friends would be like if they were suddenly faced with losing their families, friends, and basic human rights. The men are rightfully rugged and while the females are cute they are not that plastic unrealistic false perfection you find in games such as Soul Calibur 4 or Sexy beach. There are no scantily clad big busted model types running around it slinky red dresses or in super short skirts and halter tops. Half life 2 proves you can make women characters "pretty" yet still respect them as people at the same time.

    Honestly I think the gravity gun is one of the best ideas ever but beyond it and your environmental adaptation suit I found the weapons to be lack luster. We've seen the incarnation of the crow bar many times as well as machine guns, assault rifles, pistols, and grenades. While Half life 2 does have a decent Selection Bio Shock had "plasmids" which literally gave you cool powers. But yet if you flip over the same argument Half Life 2's environments are much bigger, there are at least 2 fun scenarios where you get to pilot vehicles, and the game is much longer. My final analysis found me loving both games equally for different reasons. However as far as re-playability is concerned even Half Life 2 by itself trumps Bio shock significantly.

    Because of Half Life 2 and every other game within the orange box I cannot offer much of an objection. It is akin to a genie offering you grand wishes for a nickel apiece. Can any gamer honestly argue with a bargain of that magnitude?


    + All the games are high quality.

    + Besides for Bio Shock Half Life 2 is arguably the best first person shooter out there.

    + Fans of brain teasers will adore portal for its biting humor, wit, charm, and challenge.

    + Team Fortress 2 was a nice addition for co-op play over X Box live. Personally it is not for me but for those that prefer co-op and socializing it is a real gem!

    + A steal for the price!


    - All the games still use a basic fps format so the variety is still limited in some aspects.

    - Unless you have played Half Life 1 Half Life 2 will have you scratching your head on more than one occasion.

    - Half Life 2's controls are a bit unique from other shooters so mild frustration may occur until you get the hang of things.

    ...more info
  • The Orange Box
    I bought the Orange Box for the game Portal. It alone is worth the purchase. My only complaint is that it is too short....more info