CyberPower CP1000AVRLCD UPS - 1000VA/600W Intelligent LCD, AVR 9-Outlet RJ11/RJ45/Coax Tower USB/Serial - 3yr Warranty / $250k Guarantee
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Product Description

The CyberPower Systems CP1000AVRLCD UPS, designed for mid to high-end computer systems, features dynamic line conditioning and an Intelligent LCD diagnostic display. Real-time system vitals can be viewed from this display and the unit can be conveniently mounted in a workstation cabinet or directly on the desktop. The CP1000AVRLCD also guards against surges/spikes, and also offers battery backup in the event of brownouts or total power loss. Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) ensures that all your electronics are receiving clean power and stabilizes the voltage to a nominal 120VAC. PowerPanel PE Management Software automatically saves and closes open files and then shuts down the computer system in an intelligent and orderly manner. The CP series are also equipped with full dataline protection: RJ11/RJ45 (phone, fax, Ethernet, network, DSL) and RG-6 coax (DSS, cable modem, satellite, cable TV). "Surge-Only" outlets are perfect for the addition of peripherals such as monitors, printers, scanners, iPods, or CD/DVD players.

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Customer Reviews:

  • Cyberpower CP 1000VA
    Pros = great product - easy setup - good looking
    Cons = shipping packing from Amazon was not good for this heavy item - box was damaged as packing material was not enough to secure allowing movement during transportation - Cyberpower packing was great so no damage to product only box.
    Bottom Line - would recommend the product but wish there was wider spacing between plugs as hard to accommodate transformers....more info
  • Way better than my old APC
    I bought this unit to replace a 2 year old battery backup from APC. I have my 24" iMac and an external hard drive plugged into it. It started beeping even though the lights indicated everything was ok, and I couldn't get it to stop until i unplugged my computer.

    So I purchased the CyberPower and everything is running great. The LCD is very useful, it tells me if the batteries are charged, what % of power capacity I am using(20%) and how much reserve time I have if the power fails at the current usage (20 minutes). It even tells me the voltage input/output (126v) so I can tell if the wiring in my home is okay. It's a lot more useful than having me guess what is wrong with my old UPS.

    This will probably be the last one I have to buy for a while....more info
  • Great UPS
    Use this product on my new Rear Projection TV 56", when the power went out the TV kept right on going. Gave me plenty of time to shut down and save my Bulb....more info
  • Many features...more than APC
    I'm a long time APC user but decided to take a chance and try CyberPower brand. Well I couldn't be more pleased with the product. Read all the positives below and above and that's how I see this product too!

    Has saved my butt with numerous blackouts and brownouts this summer....more info
  • CyberPower CP1000AVRLCD UPS - 1000VA/580W Intelligent LCD
    Excellent Product - I live in a large Metropolitan City (Los Angeles, CA) - so I have not had any power failures/ brownouts, etc. to test this units capabilities. Therefore, I can only comment on its features and software - both of which are excellent. Just make sure you pick the correct capacity for what you want to plug into it. Also, I went on CyberPower's website to get infomation on the eventual replacement batteries - To my shock the company does not sell the replacements. I wish I would of known that before I made my decision to go with this brand....more info
  • Power Failures
    Does your power company keep wiping your modem and router settings by turning off the power (just for a little while) several times a week? This unit is your answer. After the forth power dump in a week, I decided that had spent way too much time un-hosing my network. I ordered the Cyber Power unit. It's small and works well. Now about these clocks...Maybe a whole house unit?

    ...more info
  • Informative display, good functionality
    A UPS is one of those products you don't give much thought to until you are in a situation where you REALLY need it to work. The display on the Cyberpower is a great feature - tells you all sorts of useful info such as your battery status, run time, load level and others so you always know what's going on.

    Nice footprint, puts out very little heat (compared to a Tripplite that this replaces which threw off a huge amount of heat - nice in the winter time, but not so nice in the summer), simple setup. My only complaint, and the reason it lost one star, is the spacing of the outlets. You have to use outlet extenders if you have the "wall wart" transformers. I have three of them (modem, router and external hard drive) - they all fit on the Tripplite since it offers widely spaced outlets, but couldn't fit them into the Cyberpower without extenders.

    The other nit is the location of the power button. It's right on the face of the unit, and you have to be careful not to hit it accidentally. A better design would be to either locate it somewhere else or, better yet, put a safety lock on it so you can ensure you don't power down unless you truly want to do so.

    Both are minor issues and can be easily worked around. I'm very pleased with the unit so far, and recommend it to anyone looking for a good UPS and a nice price....more info
  • Working well so far
    CyberPower CP1000AVRLCD does look a lot better than your average UPS. In fact, it is on the desk next to the computer instead of down on the floor out of sight.

    The CyberPower has a display that with each consecutive push of the button, tells you what the current load is, the voltage it receives from the wall outlet, the estimated run time, the total load capacity, the battery capacity, even how many minutes remain during the power outage and the battery is running down.

    As mentioned by others the nine outlets are so closely spaced that any device powered by a wallwart will take up two or three outlets.

    ...more info
  • Works great!
    I have had this product for about a week now and so far it works just fine. I purchased it to protect my HDTV and Home Theater system and it's doing a good job. Runs at about half load with everything on, and does a great job protecting the equipment from brownouts, blackouts and I guess it also keeps the voltage within acceptable levels all the time. I like the design and the LCD display is very nice - gives you information about everything (battery charge, voltage, load%, run time, etc.) I only give it a "4" star rating instead of "5" stars because there is no way to keep the display on, which would be very nice. It blanks out after about a minutes and there is no way to control this....more info
  • Looks cool, works
    Lots of jacks (five filtered and battery backed up, four surge only)although the spacing means you would lose jacks if any of your connections are the transformer type.

    This is the first unit I mounted (or would have been willing to) on my desktop as it is compact, the body is rounded and sophisticated looking instead of the normal functional block look and the blue display is cool looking.

    It gives you a graphical display of current load, battery capacity and voltage output.

    To me the AVR circuitry is a must for the delicate electronical equipment I have on it.

    I got a real world test from a lightning storm generated black out the first night I had it online.

    I was recording to a DVR, working with a new video editor while an external SATA hard drive dock was getting data transferred to it.

    Momentary blackout and the UPS kept all units functioning. Testing operations later showed the recording and data backup flawless.

    I have not tested the included software or Serial/USB connections as I do not intend to use those with my set up.

    Happy with the purchase. ...more info
  • Spend a little more money, get a lot more UPS.
    I have several APC and Belkin UPS units in my house, so this isn't my first whack at buying a UPS. And after reading reviews here and other places, I thought the CyberPower model looked like a decent way for me to save a few bucks.

    The first thing I noticed about it was how light it was for a UPS -- especially at 1000VA. For that capacity, I think this may be the lightest UPS I've used. I also liked the LCD display, but was a bit put off by the construction of the unit. The plastic is relatively flimsy (compared to other brands), but on the upside, there are a generous number of outlets.

    After charging the unit overnight, I decided to give it a test run. The display showed I had about 18 minutes of runtime, so I pulled the plug. Instantly, 18 minutes became 8... then 6... then 2... then... darkness. Alas, there was no graceful shutdown on my computer (despite it recognizing that the UPS was connected), and it kept my setup alive for all of five minutes, at best.

    In a business environment where I had a generator that automatically kicked on, I wouldn't really care too much, as that's enough time to carry everything over to generator power. But at my house, I either want the computer to shut down when I'm not there, or I want the UPS to give me enough time to go turn on the generator. Unfortunately, neither are possible with this UPS.

    When you consider how close in price this is to the 1375VA BackUPS from APC (which also has a similar LCD display), or even closer to the 1000VA Belkin UPS, the few dollars you save isn't worth the risk when your power actually does go out.

    I'm sure this is fine if you're overbuying in terms of capacity, or if you're just looking for a voltage regulator and don't care about uptime. But as a UPS, there are several better options available....more info
  • Works well, looks good, solved my problem
    We have two computers that we play on nearly every day. Living in a rual area where the power goes on and off for no reason, I was concerned about all the electronics that was getting abused. I have power surge protectors on everything, but having the power go of in the middile off an old photo edit is a real problem--not to mention the stress on the electronics. This unit is large enough to carry the load of two desktops, two printers, a scanner, a modem, and a router for nearly 10 min. I just plugged my two surge protectors into the power supply and everything is great. I don't use the automatic shut down feature as that was not the problem I needed to solve. I think, after reading the manual, if you want to use the automatic shut down software, you would be limited to one computer and perfierals per UPS. The front display gives all the information needed to manage the equipment load. Buy it, you will like it....more info
  • Lots of features in a compact case! It's a great UPS.
    I've always gone cheap and owned the power strip style UPSs that don't give you any information. This time, however, I opted for a bit more expensive with a lot more features. The information on the screen is great: Input voltage, output voltage, power usage (kW), battery capacity, estimated runtime, and some indicators for poor power situations. It's not annoying when the power goes out (you can mute the beeper), and capacity is pretty decent for a desktop computer (or two laptops and an LCD in my case)....more info
  • perfect solution
    this unit was recommended by a number of folks, including reviews on this site. it's supporting an imac & some external disks plus a modem, switch, & router. seems fine with that load. its lcd monitor is unnecessary but interesting.

    UPDATE: we've had a number of pg&e incidents this summer. this ups didn't even blink. my fileserver, network infrastructure, & imac all stayed up without a problem. this unit is as good as other reviews indicate.

    FURTHER UPDATE: i've done a number of shutdowns of power plus had more pg&e reliability incidents. this ups switches over seamlessly. it definitely is a good unit....more info
  • Battery back up
    We have not had many outages since it arrived but it has worked perfectly when we have. Very pleased and wish we had done it sooner. ...more info