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USB 500mW WiFI Adapter for Wardriving & Range Extension *Strongest on the Market*
List Price: $220.00

Our Price: $38.99

You Save: $181.01 (82%)


Product Description

You asked for STRONGER WiFi and Extended Range and here it is. We have combined this high power WiFi adapters with a powerful omni-directional (+2.5 dBi) 4" folding antenna. Estimated range is 1 mile ( 1.6km) Most common WiFi devices (D-Link, Linksys, and Netgear) have power ratings of less than 50mW (milliwatts.) Our new WiFi device is 10x as strong (500 mW.) This adapter is what the WiFi world has been waiting for. It is compatible with almost all laptops and desktop, PCs and Macs and can accept external antennas for additional range. It is perfect to travel with ? weighing less than 2 ounces and measuring 3.5 x 2.5 inches in size (8.5 x 6.3cm ) The lightweight 4" rubber enclosed omni-directional antenna folds down when not in use. .

  • 4" +2.5dBi Rubber Duck Antenna
  • 802.11b/g, 500mW of power which is more powerful than any other WiFi adapter on the market
  • Very Secure with 64/128/256bit WEP Encryption, TKIP, WPA,WPA2, 802.11i
  • Drivers included on CD for Windows 98SE, 2000, ME, WinCE 5.0, XP, 2003, Vista, Mac OS X 10.3/10.4 and GNU/Linux. Mac 10.5 Leopard use requires separate driver download (contact seller for link).
  • Laptops with PC eXpress, Laptops with PC eXpress, Laptops with USB, Desktops with USB, Packet Injection in Linux

Customer Reviews:

  • Awesome.
    Simply the best Wifi I've had for years. Added an bigger antenna D-Link 2.4GHz Omni-Directional 7dBi Indoor Antenna ( ANT24-0700 ) to it's rp-sma plug at the back and not only did I get better reception a simple speedtest determine that the card more than tripled the speed of my internet. It's a sinch to use. Plug 'n Play. I would Highly recommend it to everyone interested in getting the best out of there Wifi connection....more info
  • Works great with Mac OS X
    This is a nice small device that connects with a mini-USB cable to my MacBook Pro. I had to hunt around for the driver but eventually found it on the Realtek website (google for "realtek rtl8187b drivers utilities"). The driver you need is that for the RTL8187B, which is the chipset used in this ALFA device. I installed it on OS X 10.5 and it works fine. (The box included a CD, but that only had the older 10.4 driver on it.) ...more info
  • Welcome to WIFI
    I've only had this product for one day and I can surely say it will give you the extended range you need. I purchased this product so that I can obtain access to a wifi network that I subscribe to. Previously, I could only get a weak signal that would go in and out. It was impossible to enjoy and speeds were slow. After a very easy install, I instantly had a great, consistent and fast connection. A must have!...more info
  • Turns into a great wireless EVDO/HSPA router too!
    Talk about versatility ...this adapter can be configured as an access point as well. With a EVDO/HSPA air card from Verizon, Sprint, Alltel, AT&T etc. plugged into your computer,along with the Alfa adapter, you can share the connection with multiple computers wirelessly just as if you were using an expensive EVDO/HSPA router.

    You can configure all the same security, and with the superior range this has it will put other 80211.G wireless routers to shame. With the RP-SMA antenna port there is an extensive selection of powerful directional and omni-directional antennas you can add. It is a brilliant product made even better by its ability to be an Access Point. [...]...more info
  • In my opion its the best on the market
    Its a great device. I can pick up signal at a very good strenth; whereas, it used to be poor with my in the computer hardware. Anyone needing a stronger device - buy it....more info
  • Good product
    Works as promised. Detected almost twice as many wifi connections as compared to using the built-in wifi adapter of my laptop....more info
  • Hi-powered adapter finds many more access points
    I bought this product because my other wifi adapters (I have 3) could not pick up local hot spots reliably. This adapter found many more hot spots than I expected, and allowed me to maintain reliable connections when the other adapters could not. Even though it is larger than a usb key or pc card, it is still small enough to fit in my laptop bag for trips. Adding a larger antenna would boost the reception range, but I have found the range to be adequate with the included antenna. I recommend this product for those looking for a more reliable connection to marginal access points....more info
  • Just super
    My son lives in a basement apartment and picking up a signal was very problematic. This device boosted the range considerably and found 10 wireless networks that otherwise couldn't be found. Worked better than expected Oh Yeah!!...more info
  • Great Range
    I have spent 100's of $$$ on wifi devices over the years and surprisingly this is the best!!!! and the Cheapest!! My router is a little over 1/2 a mile away and it works great!! my 80$ lynksys cant even detect the router....more info
  • alfa wifi adapter ... perfect for the job
    I already had an alfa wifi adapter and actually purchased this one for a friend. We use them on our boats and, in our opinions, they are the best wifi adapters available. They have high power, a removable antenna, and USB powered .... perfect....more info
  • Works great
    Used it now for two months with no problem. Works as promised. May buy another for my laptop....more info
  • Real Deal
    Increased a faint signal from less than 1 bar to a full 3 bars. Works as advertised....more info
  • Amazing adapter
    This adapter picks up wireless connections from three miles away for me. I loved mine so much, I got one for my daughter. It means no more losing connection to your router, or finding plenty of options for a connection out of your home. Well worth the money....more info
  • Love it
    I love this product, but dont bundle it with the antenna amazon suggest because it is cheap and doesnt work :*( But this wireless card is amazing!...more info
  • Works ok.
    I bought this to improve the WIFI signal I was receiving and it brought it up to five bars from 1.5 to 2.0. I have recently lent it to my son who tried it on the back porch of my old house, where he is currently living and he got a 1 bar signal where before with only his computer he got no signal at all. I recommend this as it is usefull item as it picks up pretty good. USB 500mW WiFI Adapter for Wardriving & Range Extension *Strongest on the Market* ...more info
  • Regardless of price this thing really works!
    I purchased this adapter in order to boost the received level from a hotspot at our cabin in the mountains. Using the wireless network device built in to my Lenovo laptop I was registering a sporadic one bar on the connection meter. Using this device increased the level to four bars which enabled a great wireless connection.

    Installation was a breeze.

    It's a great little product that I would highly recommend if your wireless reception is spotty....more info
  • Perfect! Couldn't live without it!
    I went form having 1-2 (temperamental) access points with my airport in my titanium 18! (I just counted) I am never without internet now! Set up was easy enough, although probably not for someone like my grandma who doesn't know what to do with a computer..but if you don't, it shouldn't be hard to find a friend or family member can do it for you. It does turn off when not in use for several hours, which is actually a good thing not to leave your computer open to hackers 24/7. to get your signal back just click on the blue "crab" icon to open the program if there is no green bar for signal strength, wait a few seconds sometimes it comes back right after you open that window, otherwise click on the available network list and try connecting soon as the light on the unit starts flashing, and your green bar reappears, you are in business!...more info
  • I can't give 4.5 stars, so this gets 5
    This adapter really does improve signal strength. I had a D-link DWL-G550 PCI card, and the ALFA has considerably increased my connectivity. The power makes a difference.

    The software utility is also very nice. You can set it to work as an AP or client, and it provides lots of info and good control over your wireless situation. There is a newer driver version on the Realtek website that you can download.

    I did experience a problem with the driver + utility package though, because it seems the utility on their site is older than the one on my CD? (I didn't look into this too much because it works anyway, but when i uninstalled BOTH utilities - yes, they created seperate installs - then re-installed what i had from the CD it gave me the newer utility version, but after updating only the driver it then displayed the older utility version.. weird)

    Also of interest: this adapter uses a RP-SMA antenna connector. The connector has threads on the outside and a prong sticking out in the middle. So if you're ordering a seperate antenna, make sure you get one that screws ONTO this; one with threads on the inside, and a hole in the inside. See [..]...more info
  • Works better than small dish from Hawkins.
    This little unit is very powerful, works far better than the Hawkins "dish" unit I purchased a year ago. I am excited about the removable antenna, the plan is to change it out to a larger one. At this time I have the factory antenna on and it works great... we have a home in a fairly rural/remote area and this little unit is able to detect the free wi-fi from town over a mile away. Worth every penny I paid for it....more info
  • works with linux
    Works out out of the box with ubuntu intrepid (kernel 2.6.28). Uses the rtl8187 driver (or 'rt8180' with kismet). The antenna caught a few more APs than my laptop's builtin Atheros card. ...more info
  • Does not live up to the hype
    We travel and frequently I can bearly pick up the wifi signal in the RV parks with my laptop. I bought the Alfa hoping to increase signal strength. I tested it at home and found that it was LESS sensitive than my internal wifi card. For example, on my home wifi network my laptop gives me 5 bars on the internal card and only 4 with the Alfa.
    I also found that the disk only installed the driver and not the whole software package as the manual says you can do.
    A waste of $50 dollars! Going to see if I can return card....more info
  • Best WIFI I have ever used
    I like to try and stay up to date with technology, so I tend to upgrade my electronics every few years. I have owned this Alfa adapter for a quite a while and it works better than any other wireless adapter I have had or gotten since. The distance is good and the signals are really strong. I recently purchased an identical looking 500 mw adapter from Alfa's competitor Gsky which was cheaper, but I got what I paid for, the Alfa works a lot better.

    If I had to find something to gripe about it would be that whoever wrote this advertisement on Amazon says the range is over 1 mile, I am guessing they were using some sort of super amazing long range antenna, because with the antenna it comes with (or even a 9 dbi dipole that you can buy cheap on the web) it doesn't even get close to that, but like I said it is the best wireless device I have ever used, so I can't drop a star for that....more info