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Left 4 Dead
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Product Description

Set in a modern day survival-horror universe, the co-operative gameplay of Left 4 Dead (L4D) casts four "Survivors" in an epic struggle against hordes of swarming zombies and terrifying "Boss Infected" mutants. Developed by Turtle Rock Studios and Valve, creators of the Counter-Strike and Half-Life games, the latest AI technology allows for multiplayer games of one to eight players.

A new and highly virulent strain of the rabies virus emerges and spreads through the human population with frightening speed. The pandemic's victims become grotesquely disfigured widely violent psychopaths, attacking the uninfected on sight. As one of the "lucky" few apparently immune to the sickness, you, unfortunately, are also trapped in a city crawling with thousands of the bloodthirsty Infected. Alone, you're dead. But together with a handful of fellow survivors, you might just fight your way to safety.

Players can play as a Survivor or as one of four types of Boss Infected, each of whom possess a unique mutant ability, such as a 50-foot tongue lasso or a giant belly full of explosive methane gas. The gameplay of L4D is set across four massive campaigns. The zombie population of each mission is choreographed by an AI Director that monitors the human players' actions and creates a unique and dramatic experience for them on the fly.

  • Co-operative gameplay in epic struggle between survivors and zombies
  • Choose to play as survivor or 4 types of infected mutants
  • Set across 4 massive campaigns
  • Game creates a unique and dramatic experience based on players' actions
  • Multiplayer games for 1-to-8 players

Customer Reviews:

    Hey everyone, just tired of all the hype about this game. Ok. here we go. you get the game, u rip it open, throw it in the xbox, and have the time of your life. Really. Its one of the greatest games EVER. BUT!! then, within 2 weeks, youve played through all the campaigns the way u want to. Then, u move to multiplayer. Not only is it just the campaingns all over again, but the survivors and zombies SUCK! Terrible!! so, yeah its one of the best games, but it gets old and boring like ur grandpa telling fishing stories, or a history class lecture, or... this review... SO, the point is, RENT IT!!! YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!! BUT, DO NOT BUY THIS GAME!!!!! ONLY RENT!! NO BUY!! RENT!! o yeah, sorry amazon for driving away business.... but RENT IT ONLY!!!!!...more info
  • Zombie Love
    Love the game, but I'm greedy, would love more of everything for the sequel. More weapons/explosives, More Levels, More bad guys. ...more info
  • My new Favorite Game
    Single player is listed as a 3rd option and there's good reason . Left4Dead is through and through a MULTI PLAYER cop-op masterpiece. How long does it take to get a match on line? A mere seconds, with dedicated servers , you'll be hard-pressed to not find a match within seconds not minutes. Having said that this is by far the best zombie game I've ever played , yeah I said it zombies , I don't care zombie purists will say they're not zombies, well OK 'Infected' , I'll give you that. Aside from that the only downside to L4D is there's only 4 campaigns with 5 maps each , it gets a little repetitive seeing the same environment , but behold there's DLC just around the corner opening up 2 more campaigns for VS. and a new mode called survivor. Anybody worth their multi player weight in gold MUST get this game, it is by far a fantastic achievement in co-op goodness. The game really forces you to work as a team , I always get giddy when I see a nube join and watch them run ahead like Masterchief thinking "I can take these zombies" Only to see them get nailed by a smoker or hunter a mere 20 feet from the safe house. That NUBE just learned one of the most valuable lessons in L4D "Stay Together".

    L4D really benefits teams who use real world swat tactics ' move and shoot, where you enter rooms one after another covering flanks. Its quite an intoxicating experience and one that NO gamer should miss. Teams that run around and jump like mad-max on crank , won't last long , L4D punishes solo artists but rewards team players. Again "stay together"

    The graphics aren't gonna win any awards , but the game play by far will soften any hard feelings you have to wards the graphics. The graphics work well to support the mood and it does fit the zombie movie genre. You can tweak the film grain to make it look better too. The overall package is fantastic, besides what's a pretty game worth if it doesn't have great gameplay? L4D certainly has gameplay even if the graphics aren't of stellar proportions. The best on line game to grace my 360 since I first put it COD4 so long ago. Not a great comparison since both games are different , but I used the comparison because I think L4D is equally revolutionary as COD4 was and even more so becaue of the AI director , which by developers interviews is only in its infancy stages of development. The AI director really works well , by throwing a different experience at you every time you run through the same map. More than a random enemy generator it throws enemies at you procedurally not random, and its a formula that is unmatched in just about any game this gen. Sample this game for yourself , you can get it on avg. for $40 these days . Well Worth every penny and your gonna need extra pennies for the DLC content due out in Spring. L4D is awesome ...more info
  • Great game
    It's a awesome shooter game! It's better than Resident Evil to me! Buy it if you want a exciting fun game!...more info
    There's not much more i can say that hasent been said here except THERE IS NO 4 PLAYER SPLIT SCREEN, MAXIMUM 2 PLAYERS PER CONSOLE PER TV ONLY!! i dont know if other people have mentioned this, but for such a simple game (simple in execution) there really should be a 4 player offline mode. this really pisses me off as i expected to have loads of fun playing this with my roomates but now 2 of us have to just sit there and watch while the other 2 are having fun. i looked online it seems there are only a select handfull of games that have this 4 player split screen feature (3 big ones are halo, perfect dark zero, and call of duty) and it's a shame because i would much rather purchase a game that can entertain the maximum number of people. i would rent this one only. it gets boring after a few days. ...more info
  • Good Game
    Valve does it again.
    Game is great, the AI will drive you nuts sometimes, and with friends you'll always have fun....more info
  • Best zombie shooter ever
    This is THE BEST zombie game out there. If your into first person shooters and you love zombies well then this is right up your alley. Its not utterly complex but is not completely simple either. The 4 player cooperation needed to succeed in this game makes it stand out above all others. Another great quality of this game is "the director." With this system it makes every replay a different experience. Its a must have for any FPS fan....more info
  • Loved it
    I like the game however I was a little dissapointed by the fact it doesn't save your progress. In addition after awhile it get's a little monotonous killing the same 4-5 creatures over and over again. Otherwise I like the premise of the game....more info
  • Left 4 Dead is Awesome!!
    This game is awesome. If you don't have a high-end PC, then this is a great alternative for Valve supports. This game is full of action, and it won't disappoint. Highly recommend!...more info
  • fear gaming
    this game is great. my 10 year old son wont play because it is to scary, need i say more. my son says it it evil dead scary ;)...more info
  • Best MMO 360 game
    *NOTICE* I only play online with this game. If you truely want to get the "meat n potatoes" of this game then you have to play it online in versus mode.

    Ive owned this game since december and played it untill about april nonstop untill the dlc came out, now im back to playing it nonstop all over again.

    This game is compeletely a team work game and if you dont work together as a team then you will get you A$$ easily handed to you online. Make sure you dont split up or wander to far away from each other. If you do make sure your in teams of 2 so it makes you harder to be attacked.

    The survival mode was awesome at first, but the leader boards were quickly swamped with unreal times from people glitching and getting over 4000 mins on saome levels, which is frankly impossible. It is extremely fun though to play with your friends and see how good you really are and how long you last.

    The new maps are awesome been playing them pretty much non-stop everyday for a few hours after work. Death toll has some great spots to high pounce from (extra damage with a hunter when your jumping down ontop of them.) While death toll adds a level where your both inside and out unlike the other maps.

    The updates. A few of the updates give me mixed feelings such as the melee timer. While it is very annoying not being able to smack the zombies off when your being swarmed it does make you use more stragety when you do. It promotes team play better because 1 person cannot just go running and smacking all the zombies outa his way anymore (gotta hate those "halo run-and-gun F everyone else" players.) Also taking away the extra damage you do as a hunter on fire kinda sucks, it just made it alot easier to do massive damage to players instead of just being shot or bashed off easily. The smoker instant kill points i feel should have remained as well because it was part of the orginal design of the game. It made playing with the smoker alot more rewarding considering the smoker doesnt do nearly the same amount of damage as a hunter can.

    -p.s: When you do buy this game and plan on playing online, please make sure you have a headset. TRUST ME there is nothing more annoying than a teammate that cannot communicate and it will usually get you kicked out of most games and/or lobbies.
    ...more info
  • favorite game
    I'm a 22 year old female and this is my favorite game of all time. Of course the game itself is a lot of fun, but playing vs. online is something everyone should experience....more info
  • Different type of shooter in a campy horror setting
    As FPS games go, this one is definitely different from the norm. It takes place from the first person perspective, and the main function is shooting, but the similarities to other shooters like Gears of War and COD pretty much end there. I discovered you definitely have to approach this game with a certain mindset to enjoy it, but once you do its a highly recommended game and a complete blast.

    First of all, co-op play is not a feature....its the whole point of the game. Successfully completing a campaign will depend almost entirely on cooperation and the level of teamwork with other online players. Being on a good team will make the game easy, join a lousy team and you're doomed. There is a versus mode that allows you to be on the zombie side and will appeal to more competitive gamers, but co-op is the name of the game here.

    The game is not large in scope. There are 4 maps, or "campaigns". Each map is broken down into 5 mini-levels separated by safehouses, which provide a temporary save point, along with replenishing health and ammo. The goal is the same for each campaign: reach the end alive and make an escape. Each campaign takes about an hour for the average players to complete. So yes, the entire game can be finished in about 4 hours, but those who take that for poor value are missing the point of the game. The maps are fun to play though over and over again because the experience is unique every time, due to the random placement of the zombies and the different players you team up with, assuming you're playing public matches on xbox live. In order to get credit for finishing a campaign and get the achievement, you have to finish it from start to finish in one session. I think the (approx) 1 hour length of the campaigns is perfect, because there are no save points. The time investment makes it feel pretty rewarding when you've completed a campaign, but its not the end of the world if you don't make it. Entertainingly, its possible for some players to survive the campaign but for others not to make it. If other players survive the end and you don't, you're out of luck and the game is over.

    The game is paced well and the atmosphere is very cool. The layouts include cities, woods, graveyards, abandoned hospitals and churches, and more. The game's vibe is intentionally a tribute to campy horror movies (especially zombie flicks, obviously). For a horror game its probably more funny than scary, however the action can be quite intense, and you almost always have a feeling of vulnerability, due to the pure randomness of the enemies. The graphics are good, the lighting effects are excellent, and the music and sound effects are also well done.

    The dynamic of co-op on-line play is the main lure for me. The game will present you with certain dilemmas as you play through a campaign, which usually involve decisions about sacrificing your own safety to save another player in trouble. (Do I expose myself and leave my hiding place to save a teammate who is getting ravaged by zombies? Should I heal an injured player or keep my spare health pack for later?). Newer players will generally look out for themselves at first as they feel their way around the game, and then become more team oriented as they become more comfortable. The game actually can get pretty frustrating when paired with bad players....but no problem....there is a feature to vote other players off ! This is actually a great and useful feature which at first I thought was meant to be a humorous add on. But there's nothing worse than having an idiot screwing up your campaign halfway through, or worse, a "griefer" who just starts shooting at you and the other survivors just to be malevolent. No need to start all over, just vote them off. An AI bot will take their place until another random player joins.

    Speaking of the AI bot, there is a another great on-line feature I like, called "take a break" which allows you to let the bot take over your character for a while if you need to get up for a beverage or hit the head. Despite some squawks about the AI in other reviews, the bot will perform pretty capably in your place. While it may not exactly lead the charge in terms of kills, the bot seems to avoid taking serious damage and will carry out the expected duties of reviving teammates pretty well. For a game that takes an hour to complete a campaign on-line, I like this feature. Also, players will typically come and go as you make your way through a campaign, and the bots will seamlessly fill in until another player joins in. If you're playing with random players on Xbox live, you generally won't finish a campaign with the same players you started with. The seamless integration of the bots while live players come and go should be noted. It really doesn't matter if someone quits on you in the middle of a campaign - you probably won't even notice unless you're watching the little scroll that tracks on-line activity.

    Overall this is a fun game that took me a while to appreciate, but its a light-hearted shooter that serves as a nice break from the cold blooded killing of more serious games like COD. ...more info
  • Great game but can repeat itself after a while
    I think this game is great and an awesome mulitplayer online and offline. You can bring a buddy with you online with you to player with other people. The game is hard and fun. But after you you beat the game and get use to it;it is kinda gets old. What is nice though is that they change up the act a little bit by not having the same zombies coming after you at the same spot everytime.But like I said it does get old if you are stuck on a harder level and you cant beat it or if the game gets to easy for you. Lucky there is a verus mode online where you can your buddie(online mode only) can team and go against each. 4 are the humans and 4 are the speacial zombies. When you are a hunter,smoker,boomer, or once and a while they will let you be a tank for a for min. olr two you know where the humans are at all times.You also can do there special moves to. You cant be the witch ever. It is also cool to be a human and kill your buddy online....more info
  • Great game, worth $60
    Dont get me wrong i love stories in videogames but sometimes i just want to get down to the core gameplay. I want: heres loads of zombies heres a gun have fun and Left 4 Dead delivers. There are some limitations to this game but they are easily passed by the great game play eg: only a couple weapons: handguns, uzi, automatic/semi-automatic shotguns, hunting rifle and an assault rifle. Also you can only play on two of the available four campaigns ( in single player) in multiplayer: No mercy and Blood Harvest.

    While playing as the survivors is fun the real treat is playing as the infected. I wish valve could make more infected classes but the ones on game are great. The hunter is a zombie that jumps around and pounces on the survivors ripping their vital organs out =). The smoker is a zombie that shoots out lung/tounge (i cant really tell) at a survivor and pulls them away from the pack ripping them to shreds. The boomer (my favorite) is a huge sack of bile ready to explode he can throw up on you attracting 20 - 30 zombies at a time to you or you can shoot him and he'll probably explode and bile will be thrown all over the place (most likely on you) attracting 20 - 30 zombies. Finally the tank yes... the tank hes not a literal tank made of zombies (although that might be cool) hes a hulking mass of muscle that could take down all 4 survivors in one life when he hits you you go flying when he throws something at you your probably incapitated or dead.

    The survivors have 3 lives (sorta) If you get knocked down you pull out your pistol(s) a lot like the last stand perk in CoD4 and you slowly bleed out until someone revives you but after the 3rd time you continue bleeding until healed by a health pack. Overlooking the lack of maps and amount of weapons this is a GREAT game. ...more info
  • ZombieShooting
    One of the most entertaining games on the 360. Detailed single and multiplayer campaigns, a great shooter. Still fun after many, many plays. Excellent overall. ...more info
  • AWESOME LEFT 4 DEAD!!!!!!!!
    Left 4 Dead s one of my top five favorite Xbox 360 games! I love the AI director. I don't know what everyone is complaining about, this game is AWESOME with a capitol A! I know there isn't much of a storyline, and there isn't a ending, AND there aren't much weapons, but does it really matter people! Its the fun of the game! And this game, IS THE BOMB!...more info
  • Great Service/Great Game
    The game arrived within the given ETA. And i was very pleased with the product. Thanks Amazon

    The game itself is a great FPS co-op game. I've actually enjoyed playing this product more on PC due to easier controls, better graphics, more experienced players. However, the 360 version is not too bad as well. Definitely a must have game of the 2008 collection....more info
  • Best co-op game I've played
    My wife loves to play co-op games, especially when it comes to killing zombies. This ended up being perfect for us. I tired to play it on my own but it just didn't cut it. I can't say anything that hasn't already been said, just that this is bar none, hands down, without a doubt the most fun I've had playing co-op. Yea, there is really no story and I'd love to see more guns (the hunting rifle is essentially useless when you've got two dozen zombies swarming you), but if you're not a game snob and you just want to have some yell out loud fun with a friend then definitely give this a try.
    Also, this is a really fast paced game, I tried to play RE5 right afterward and it felt like I was walking through mud everything was moving so slow.
    I gave it 4 stars because of the lack of different guns. There really isn't that noticeable of a difference between the guns (I can take out a zombie across the street with a shot gun the same as I can with a hunting rifle equipped with a zoom scope). I would love to have to be able to make a real decision when it comes to which gun I wanted. As it is it's 90% aesthetic, there are differences but they are negligible. ...more info
  • Great game for Zombie Hunting fans..
    This will be a short review but only because there are only a few things that need to be said about this game.

    Fun-factor: I gave this game a full 5 stars because, without a doubt it is a game that is always fun to jump in and play with the wife. Yes, you heard me, my wife and I are major zombie killer fans. That's beside the point... or is it? We've played our share of the survival horror genre so I feel I can give at least a decent review.

    L4D is not a deep-story driven game. It is not meant to be, and if you're looking for a game with a very solid storyline to follow and get into, I won't lie to you, this game would disappoint you in that manner. But that's not where this game shines. It shines in its ability to give you a fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping game with enough "OMG the horde!!!!" moments to keep you on the edge of your seat.

    Although some might wonder how good a game can be that lacks a story line like Resident Evil or Silent Hill series, the cool part of it is that you can jump in and play quickly and easily and get the same freak-yourself-out gaming without having to actually get into a story. Sometimes, that's exactly what I want to do.

    Bloody, gross, gratuitous fun-filled nights ahead once you get this game. The best part I like is that its violence but still retains the good vs. evil and for the most part you're on the right side and only killing monsters, not humans (you can play zombies against your friend though).

    I give it a 5 out of 5 for fun, but I only gave it a 4 overall only because it does lack the depth of many other games. A minor issue though, trust me....more info
  • Great game.
    Really fun game. I've played through it multiple times. It always changes too... not the path, but the placement of weapons and zombies....more info
  • Astounding
    Simply one of the most addictive and easy to play games out there. This is a definite must own title....more info
  • Solid but over rated
    This is a great game, but frankly I'm astonished at how high the reviews are. According to the ratings on amazon, this game is better than Gears of War 2--not the case at all. There is minimal depth here. Although there are four "campaigns", they are each fairly short. Not only that, but only two of them are available on multiplayer, which makes no sense to me.

    Aside from that, this game is pretty fun and has a relatively high replay value. They did a great job with allowing players to drop in and out seamlessly, which is a very nice touch. There aren't a great deal of weapons either, but that's not a big deal.

    So although this is a fun game, its really not on par with some of the other great titles that are out there right now, and I think its been rated a bit higher than it should have been. Just my opinion. ...more info
  • I Don't Get It
    Clearly, a lot of people really love this game. I'm not saying they're wrong, just that I personally don't get the appeal. I love playing offline shooter games (Bioshock, GTA4, Fallout 3, Mass Effect, Halo 3, etc.) and got this because of all the 5-star ratings on here, but I quit playing after the first couple of "missions" (or whatever they are called). Unlike other games I mentioned, there seems to be little or no strategy involved. It's just an endless repetition of walking around and then wildly blasting away as fast as you can. Where's the fun in that?...more info
  • Great pure shooter
    Great game overall, a lot of fun to play. Some of the major things I noticed:

    -Really has zero story element, which I really missed. You are pretty much dumped into zombieland and start shooting. Would have liked to have seen some kind of story.

    -This is the closest thing I have ever seen to a pure shooter (aside from Doom I guess). It's kind of refreshing actually, you really don't need to worry about what you are shooting at. If it moves (it's made obvious who your friends are), shoot it a lot.

    -Unlimited ammo for the pistols is nice, lends itself to the shoot like hell aspect. the pistols are pretty effective and when you don't have to worry about ammo you are free to go nuts.

    -I love the frequent zombie stampedes where they suddenly stop wandering around and start running at you in swarms. Nothing like mowing down a huge horde of zombies with an assault rifle in 5 seconds.

    -The lack of a continuous play mode is odd. It's basically a collection of maps with little linear play to them. I like a good end to end play type mode where you get a little more immersed.

    Overall though, this is a fantastic game for a pure action packed constant shooting type experience....more info
  • Not What i was expecting
    Too Old For Games "casualgamer" , said it the best, overhyped and nothing special. The only thing i liked was the zombies. Zombies just make everything better, but they can only help so much. The rest rely on the developers. Just stick to the Orange Box, much better game or compilation of games or whatever. ...more info
  • Good Multiplayer Game
    Lots of continuous action. This game can be very creepy when playing alone and in the dark. Add friends for better multiplayer action....more info
  • Sickest Zombie Game Ever
    This is by far the sickest zombie game I have ever played. But, it's pretty boring if you're not doing it with other people online, so I would only recommend this if you have Xbox Live because it's meant to be a multiplayer game and you can have better experiences with it if you're playing with human players and not the AI, also, you'll feel like you got your money's worth out of it from playing online, especially if you play online a lot. And the best thing about it is it's a different experience each time you play, meaning weapons will be in different spots, special infected will be in different spots and sometimes "incoming attacks" will be in different spots unless there's one of the crescendo events, so make sure you check every room for ammo or medical packs because they won't be in the same spot last time you got them. My only problem with the game is a lack of weapons, there's pretty much not a lot to choose from. An Uzi, an M16, a sniper rifle, two shotguns (one automatic and the other non-auto) and of course pistols. So only six weapons, but you also can get molotovs and pipe-bombs which work if you use them in the right situation. But the weapons are decent, I just wish they had more.

    Also, it's one of those multiplayer games where you have to use teamwork or you WILL die, so don't go off by yourself because you will get yourself killed. Not only from the common infected but a special infected might attack you such as a hunter or a smoker and if you're caught by them and there's no one with you, they'll tear you to pieces.

    I highly recommend this game to any zombie game lover or anyone who enjoys co-op games....more info
  • Amazing fun, but I understand the bad reviews.
    Ok, let me first say that I have never played online. I have only played split-screen co-op, not playing as zombies or anything. The graphics are better than HALO 3, but not as good as Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. In between. In this game, as I'm sure you've read, playing through is never the same. The AI acts differently, they come from different points, etc. There are only a couple weapons: you start out with a single pistol, 15 rds. per mag, then you get a shotgun or Uzi. Then you can get a semi-automatic shotgun, and M16. If you find another pistol, you can dual wield, but my problem was that there aren't enough weapons. Many people say its a genetic FPS: It is not Half-Life. It is not redefining FPSs. It is simply redefining AI, like F.E.A.R. and HALO: Combat Evolved did before it. Playing through the campaign takes about 5 hours, but each section of each campaign is totally different from the other. Another criticism against it is the lack of several levels: each playthrough is like playing a totally different level in the same geography, kind of like HALO: Combat Evolved. I didn't really see why the single player is bad, its just like having less intelligent players playing. Now, I have never played it online of course, but whatever. Someone criticized the game, saying things about that it, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, and HALO series gave him motions sickness, and that over-the-shoulder views didn't. It's a First-Person Shooter, what did you expect? Although, how you get motion sickness, I don't understand. ...more info
  • A definite buy
    Valve did a really great job with this one, if your looking for some fast paced zombie slaying action with a few of your friends this is the game for you, however if your looking for a deep story line you may want to turn to a different game.

    Overall I would say that this is a great game, and I am glad that they sacrificed a little in the plot and realism departments and went back to gaming roots of making a game that's just fun.

    The director is a tricky one, it will lull you into a false sense of security and just when you think its safe to move on it will throw a horde of zombies at you. Between the highly varied campaign mode and versus play this game has a fair amount of replayability. I would highly recommend this to anyone....more info
  • Amazing
    This was an amazing game that i dont regret purchasing at all. I think that it has a lot of replay value and a lot of value in itself. there is a lot to do, even though it feels like there is only a little to do. You can play the games over and over again. I would suggest though that you play the games with your friends more that just over xbox live. Playing with friends is a great experience that you shouldn't miss if you can. Otherwise, i would purchase this game no matter what. as long as you have xbox live, i would recommend this game to anyone....more info
  • This game made me a fan of the zombie subculture
    I have reserved five star ratings for games like COD4 and Gears 2. I really didn't like the demo of this game and wasn't going to buy it, but it kept getting RAVE reviews so I figured I'd give it a try.

    If you haven't played this game with friends, particularly in versus mode, then you haven't really played it. There are not many games that ABSOLUTELY REQUIRE you to work as a team. You can be successful in most multiplayer games if you have a few good players, even if you don't work together so well. Like Gears, Halo, COD. The BEST player in the WORLD can't succeed at L4D unless he is a team player, and has three other team players working with him.

    This game grows on you. It feels ordinary when you pick it up. But the attention to detail grows on you. The dialog. The settings. The graphics. The varied zombies. The razor-tight gunplay.

    This game has gotten as much rotation in my 360 as Gears and COD and Halo. And that's saying a lot. Valve throwing in the free DLC in the near future is just gravy.

    There are few must-have shooters on any console. But this is one of them. ...more info