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Aurora AS420C Desktop Style Crosscut Paper Shredder with Basket
List Price: $29.99

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Product Description

Aurora's AS420C Professional Crosscut Paper Shredder makes certain your personal information is never seen by criminals. To protect against identity theft, you should shred your bank & credit card statements into narrow strips of paper that are virtually indecipherable. You can also shred expired credit cards for added security. It's a simple task that ensures your identity is never stolen. Basket holds up to 40 sheets (1.1 gallons total) Shreds credit cards, paper clips & staples Manual reverse to clear paper jams Duty Cycle - 2 min. On, 15 min. Off Power - 140W input; 38W output Convenient design for easy lifting Includes letter opener Overload and overheat protection Detachable power cord Color - Silver Dimensions(LxWxH) - 9.49 x 6.93 x 9.92 Weight - 5.07 lbs.

  • Aurora Desktop Style Crosscut Paper Shredder with Basket
  • 4.5-inch throat width
  • Basket with handle
  • 40-sheet basket capacity
  • Measures 9 x 7 x 10 inches

Customer Reviews:

  • Good little shredder
    Keeping in mind the reasonable price and small size of this shredder, it does a nice job. It's small enough to be unobtrusive and happily munches the receipts and other papers that I need to shred. Downsides? It doesn't want to accept too many sheets at once, and the bin is rather small. But it's an inexpensive item. For the price, you can't beat it....more info
  • Compact, durable - but not high-powered!
    We bought this shredder to shred junk mail and sensitive personal documents on occasion (use it maybe twice a week). It does a good job of this and I think that it was worth the price. The only thing negative I could say is that the "4-page" rating (I think that's what it was . . . ) is a little deceptive since a full sheet of paper won't fit in this shredder. You have to fold a paper 2-3 times, resulting in a thickness of 2-4 pages just from one sheet. We take it slow so as not to overload it and have been very happy with it. ...more info
  • Perfect for Light Shredding
    This item is small and stylish and hides away easily. I like the handle for removing the lid. The mouth is a bit small, so you have to fold papers in half or rip them to fit through. Don't put more than 2 or 3 thick sheets in at a time or it will get slow, and possibly jam. It does have a "reverse" mode to unjam any paper, and that has worked for me. The letter opener it comes with is pretty handy, although I haven't used it yet. Overall, great little product if you have some light shredding to do at home. ...more info
  • Fantastic for personal use......
    I purchased this little Paper Shreddar as I wanted something for my home. It's very small and I usually have to fold a paper to feed it through, but that's just fine by me. I mean if you were looking for a hefty duty shreddar, than this is not for you. It's very simple and services it's purpose with keeping my documents safe from the hands of evil doers. You can also store it anywhere as I just place it under my bed and pull it out when I need it..... GREAT BUY...more info
  • Small Capacity Crosscut Shredder
    Although this crosscut paper shredder has smallish capacity, it is very easy to use, empty and maintain. It easily handles the mail I receive, especially all those credit card and sweepstakes offers. I recommend it....more info
  • a simple and effective shredder!
    This shredder is perfect for light use at home.

    It completely suited my requirements:
    1. Light Use: I just have to shred a few documents in a week at home,
    2. Reasonable cost: I didn't want to buy something that was expensive, and this is great for its price.

    You have to fold paper to put it in the shredder's "opening", but this is a "task" that I wouldn't have normally noticed, hadn't I read the earlier reviews. In short, it's not at all inconvenient, and takes no time at all. Also, it's super easy to use.

    So far, I'm completely satisfied with the purchase. ...more info
  • Too Small
    I must have read the description wrong because I was expecting something that would fit an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper. The hole on this is about 5 inches. Had I known that I never would have bought it....more info
  • I waited a long time for an affordable cross cut shredder and am totally happy with this one.
    I looked for an affordable cross cut shredder for a long that was small for home use. This one is great...all you really need....more info
  • Great paper shredder
    This paper shredder works like a charm. Does exactly what is says. It seems very sturdy and well built. It's small and compact, perfect if you're space challenged. Because it's small, you do have to fold the paper to fit into the slot but it doesn't really slow you down much. The only real downside to the size is that you have to empty the wastebasket frequently. ...more info
  • aurora as420c desktop style crosscut paper shredder
    this is the perfect size for daily use. easy to operate, takes up to 4 pages easily, effectively shreds cards....more info
  • Cool!
    Perfect for a small home office :) And it looks really cool, nicer than all the black ones out there....more info
  • Good things come in small packages!!
    Horrified when I learned that my niece's junk mail was just ending up in NYC landfill and her identity had been stolen twice, I purchased this shredder for her. She is absolutely delighted!! She says it's small enough for a Manhattan flat, and shreds like a little demon!! Perfect!!!...more info