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If You Deceive
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Burning vengeance...Ethan MacCarrick was a heartbreakingly handsome rake until a powerful nobleman ordered him brutally beaten and his face scarred for a crime he didn't commit. Ethan's reprisal -- bankrupting the nobleman and forcing his exile -- does little to appease his wrath. Ten years later, a haughty, mysterious beauty enchants Ethan -- the daughter of his enemy. At last, Ethan will have the revenge he's craved; he'll promise her marriage, seduce her, then cast her aside. Bitter hardships...When Madeleine van Rowen's family was suddenly plunged into destitution and dishonor, she steeled herself against further heartache. She never weakened, never trusted, until a towering, scarred Highlander relentlessly pursues her, breaking down her defenses. At what price forgiveness? The passion between them burns hotter than Ethan's fury, and soon he finds he can't let her go. But when Madeleine uncovers the truth about him, can Ethan convince her to accept all he now offers -- when he once destroyed everything she had?

Customer Reviews:

  • Kresley Cole can do no wrong, and this is one of her RIGHTEST!
    I LOVED this book. I actually introduced myself to the McCarrick Brothers after reading The entire Immortals After Dark Series over the Holiday break. I was wary to read something outside of the realm of Paranormal Romance (PNR) but I loved her writing style, wit, sense of humor, and the HAWTNESS of her love scenes so much that simply I couldn't stop myself. I've read all three of the books in order and I have to say that this one was my favorite. I loved all of them, but something about Ethan was just so PERFECTLY TORTURED. And Maddy was a great heroine. She NEVER lost her strength as so many romance heroines do once she got involved with her guy. In fact, I think she had more of an affect on him than any heroine I've ever read. I loved the plot line, and how well it was woven together. The end of the book was simply heart-wrenching, and I was riveted. And yes...the SEX was hot...I usually don't get, you know...excited, reading a romance novel...but I gotta tell was pretty intense! I will re-read this book many times, I'm sure and I HIGHLY recommend it. ...more info
  • If You Deceive
    Ethan MacCarrick was impossibly handsome and a notorious rake until the night he was beaten and disfigured by the command of an important lord for a crime he didn't commit. Ethan's revenge is to bankrupt the lord and exile his family.

    Ten years later, Ethan sees a beautiful young woman and is instantly attracted to her. The beautiful, confident, and enigmatic Madeline van Rowen is also the daughter of his sworn enemy. Ethan jumps at the chance to complete his vengeance against the van Rowen's through Madeline.

    When passion overwhelms Ethan's desire for revenge, he knows he can't live with out her. But when Madeline learns of Ethan's deception, will it destroy any future they might have had together?

    I adored this trilogy! Every brother's story was so deliciously romantic. Ethan's story, however, is my favorite; I have a passion for the scarred and tortured hero. Ethan made me quiver! I adored Madeline too; such fire and bravery. A perfect pairing!

    I adore all of Kresley Cole's novels but her historical's are my favorites. Don't miss the MacCarrick brothers and especially Ethan's story, If You Deceive!

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  • Wow
    Intense, very satisfying, can't put it down type of book.
    I usually do not care for historical books, read this because I like Kresley Cole's paranormal series. Glad I gave it a try. Great story, period....more info
  • Another Sizzler!
    I tell you, this Kresley Cole can write one heck of a love scene....wooo momma! The second book is my favorite of the 3 but this was really good as well. I love a torn hero and a spunky heroine. It had a great epilogue at the end that let you know what all the characters have been up to from all 3 books. ...more info
  • Maddy and Ethan
    Ethan (the scarred eldest of the MacCarrick brothers), while helping his brother hunt down a madman, sees Maddy for the first time in a mask and about to enter a masked courtesan ball. Immediately enthralled he steals a mask and follows her in, surprised at her worldliness. After all, shouldn't a well to do young woman at least blush at some of the debauchery within? An even bigger surprise is his reaction to her. Since he was scarred years ago and forced to pay women to "attend" his needs he began to lose his desire, believing no woman would willingly look at him with desire without being paid to do so...but he finds himself responding to her. As this is a situation to good to resist he is determined to have her before the night is out. But even with the mask the night does not go as planned and Maddy is left angry and hurt while Ethan only wants more. This was Maddy's last effort to get out of the slums. She had gotten herself into an immense debt in order to afford the gowns so she could travel to London and snatch herself a rich husband. Of 2 prospective grooms, 1 has turned her down and the other is old enough to be her grandfather and then here comes Ethan. Ethan immediately lets her know he will never marry and so Maddy makes a decision...with being able to control so little she can control who her first lover is. If she is forced to marry an old man she wants to at least experience true passion that she believes she can have with Ethan. But after her first experience with him she is left with a bad taste for passion and goes back to the slums. Almost immediately after they go their seperate ways Ethan is shot and spends quite a bit of time recovering, but when recovered he goes in search of Maddy, only to find out her full name and to realize that her family is responsible for his horrible scar. As his heart has been filled with plans and thoughts of revenge for years (many of which had been carried out) he sees this as the perfect opportunity and sets out to seduce and then dismiss Maddy...but what he does not expect is her indifference to his scar and the strength of character he finds in her. Can he carry out his plans?

    ***This 3rd installment to the Maccarrick trilogy has a great even get a little more of Court and Anna's story (just a few pages, but it was sweet). While I am not a huge highlander fan I thought this trilogy was good and a worthy read. Even though I do not find these stories as enthralling as the IMMORTALS AFTER DARK tales Kresley is able to paint a great picture with her writing. I feel this story jumped around a bit, for example you would begin a chapter and it would be a couple of weeks later and you would get a little hint of what happened...I think it would have been better if the timeframe had been shortened and the story more detailed about their relations before the marriage and after. Despite this fact I thought this was a great ending to the series and I recommend this trilogy, as long as you are not comparing these to her IAD series I believe you will enjoy. You really should read these in order....more info
  • The plot was choppy and the sex was icky
    This is the third installment of a series and I didn't read the other two, so I didn't get the part about the villain who was killed by someone other than the hero. Although it seemed important, I couldn't really figure out what the villain had done that made him so villainous. And then the villain shot the hero, and then the story shot ahead six weeks, so that was not terribly satisfying.

    The hero, Ethan, was really an awful person. His redemption was questionable. Besides lusting after and eventually loving Maddy, did he do anything that was not self-centered? He was ugly and scary and in the habit of intimidating people. I didn't see much that was good in him.

    But the worst part, for me, was the sexual encounters. Maddy insisted on marriage before further intercourse, so Ethan takes matters into his own hands, so to speak, with many variations on the theme. There is a point where sexual encounters are more icky than romantic. I think an ugly, unpleasant fellow making a young girl do gross things to his private parts crosses the ickiness line. ...more info
  • Now this is a MAN!
    I simply adored Ethan. His growling, grumbling, bad-tempered coldness was just waiting for a pert little waif like Maddie to melt it all away and teach him how to love. There was so much chemistry between these two I can't believe the book didn't scorch my hands.

    At the beginning when Ethan was injured I was cringing at him being so unfairly abused and scarred. I didn't blame him one bit for wanting to waste his enemies and salt the earth for his pain. Watching his surprise as Maddie began to wean him away from his bitterness was truly heart warming. And no one deserved it more than Ethan. I wanted someone really special for him and Maddie is all that and more. What a delightfully written love story this was. I haven't read the other two brothers yet but I'll be buying those books immediately....more info
  • Ethan MacCarrick is so sexy!
    Ten years ago Ethan was horribly scarred and beaten at Van Rowen's order. Now Ethan has sworn revenge and what better way than his enemy's beautiful daughter Madeline Van Rowen? Very steamy and romantic story. I cried at one point it was so sad and Ethan's reaction was heartbreaking. Although at one point I wanted to hit Ethan,well if you read the book you will know...oh heres a hint lipstick in an odd place. But everything works out in the end. Steam level would have to be a high eight. And of course it ends in a happy ending....more info
  • So good~
    This does earn my seal of approval for having a leading character with a disfigurement, but I enjoyed the book because I actually felt empathetic for the leading lady. That never happens. I think I might actually have a heart....more info
  • Excellent story
    I loved this book. By far the best of the series. The characters were really well developed and the plot was superior. ...more info
  • FABULOUS!!!!!!
    This is a wonderful book,I couldnt put it down! I had never read Kresley Cole before, but now im hooked....more info
  • Passion, Aventure, Humor...Everything you want in a romance!
    This a great conclusion to the Maccarick brothers trilogy! Kresley cole is one of the best storytellers! This trilogy is fast-paced and full of adventure and passion, not a dull moment! What I hate the most is books where characters will often contemplate their feelings over pages and pages! So boring! But these books are fast-paced without leaving behind character and emotional development (just without the tediousness of many other books...such as mary balogh novels). I just wish Kresley Cole has more books to read!!! GREAT GREAT AUTHOR!...more info
  • Best of the trilogy
    I'm giving this book five stars because it so far outshone the other two in the series. Maddy and Ethan had amazing chemistry and once KC dropped the silly plot line of the curse keeping the couples apart, it left the story open to really be developed. That plot line drove me nuts in the first two books, but the problems that Ethan and Maddy dealt with were much more interesting. I loved the witty dialogue and Maddy was a fantastic heroine. Smart, resilient, intuitive, funny and brave. If you only read one book about the Maccaricks, it should be this one. ...more info
  • Phenomenal!
    This was one of the all time best romance-historicals I have ever read. I see no need to go into the many others have. So I just want to encourage anyone who loves a really great romantic historical then this is the one. I was totally, completely, and absolutely mesmerized, captivated, and enthralled. The last chapters had me on the edge of my seat literally. It is action packed. It had some humor. It had wonderful well drawn characters....the character development is fantastic. It grabs your heart like a small bobby pin to the biggest magnet in existence. My heart was pounding at times and when it was over I was out of breath and sad at the same time. I just didn't want it to end. It leaves you sooo wanting more it hurts. I might throw in too that the love scenes were amazing and the tenderness that develops between the hero and the heroine is heart wrenching. You feel almost what they feel and you are grateful for it because this book takes you on a wonderful and incredible journey. I forgot about everything else because I simply could not put it down. I can't wait for Ms. Coles next historical. Wow what a writer! ...more info
  • An all nighter
    This one kept me up reading late late into the night. I can't remember when a historical grabbed me the way this one has. Kresley Cole didn't hold back on these characters. How many writers would have the nerve to make their leading man a ruthless assassin? - and make it work no less. In so many other stories, writers have quickly defanged & watered down their strong characters or just made them completely unlikable. Her herione was one of the smartest, strongest females I have ever read in historical romance. These characters were really sexy and they came alive. The author made me love these characters alone and together. The beginning of their meeting introduced two people up front and honest about their needs. I did subtract a star because I would have liked to see more interaction with Ethan/Maddy and his family as he takes his big fall. I have recently stumbled onto Kresley Cole's historicals and had given up finding anything of this caliber. This one is the best! Finally, a paperback I purchased new at full price that I didn't regret. This is a keeper. I will definitely be on the lookout in 08 for her new round of historicals. There's a lot of romance writers out there, but I haven't found many that have the talent displayed in this book. ...more info
  • ahh, it's good, lass
    I don't ever read historical romance, I just don't like them. But I enjoyed Kresley Cole's paranormals, and thought I'd try this one. It hooked me in from the first few pages. Cole has very good characters, gets inside their heads quickly, and the dialogue is to die for. I adored the female character, she was spunky and didn't take any crap. But Ethan is who I truly adored; he reminded me of Lachlain from "A Hunger Like No Other", except he's even more bull-headed, if that's possible. Absolutely adorable, even though, granted, I'm a sucker for the accent.

    I immediately went out and got the other two Highlander books, because I have to read more. In fact, I got her other historicals, too. And I don't like historicals!

    The love scenes are extremely well-written and erotic, not only for the acts themselves, but the emotion behind it. The conflicts are believable and serious (a problem in some other romances, frankly) but the characters act in understandable ways. In quite a few instances I was very pleased with the way Madeleine reacted to Ethan, and cheered her on.

    Kresley Cole is amazing....more info
  • left a bad feeling
    This probably sounds really silly coming in the midst of all these glowing reviews, but I have to say this book left me feeling a little depressed. It had the prerequisite HEA, but the road to getting there was a downer for me. Maybe some will say that added depth to the book, but I just was left feeling sort of depressed. Depressed because of Maddy's horrible way she had to live and Ethan because of his physical suffering. I read this book quickly, but when I finished it, I just didn't feel uplifted.
    Maybe it was because I read this book on a rainy, dreary day, but it did leave me sort of sad....more info