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Robert Ludlum's (TM) The Bourne Betrayal
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Already devastated by loss, Bourne is shattered by a report that his last friend in the world, Martin Lindros has gone missing. A CI deputy director, Lindros was in Ethiopia tracking suspicious shipments of yellowcake uranium and atomic bomb weaponry. His last lifeline to humanity, Bourne will not let Lindros go. Despite his hatred for CI, Bourne sets out to rescue his friend and finish the job: dismantling a terrorist network determined to build nuclear armaments by cutting off their source of money. But Bourne doesn't realize that these men, Islamic supremacists, are leaders of an incredibly dangerous, technologically savvy group with ties from Africa, across the Middle East, and into Eastern Europe and Russia. They have predicted Bourne's every move, and are counting on his unwitting help in their plans to destroy America.

Customer Reviews:

  • Bourne? Bond? Help! I'm confused!?
    I love the "Borurne" stories - of course the originals are the best, and Ludlum is the "Master of Bourne" - while I appreciate another writer trying to tackle the Bourne saga, he should have stayed clear of the James Bond movie "Never say Never Again", I realize it was only one plot twist, but it was a complete and total rip-off. I must confess, I have not read other Van Lustbader books, and can only hope they are more original, or at the very least, if he wants to "sample" other writers, he at least mixes it up a bit as not to show a complete lack of originality. That being said, again, I appreciate anyone who writes for a living, and know it can not be an easy task coming up with completly original material - I know that I could not do it, but when I pay for the product I can not produce myself, I except a little more effort for my coin. Peace Out!...more info
  • Disappointment for Bourne fans
    Having read most of the Bourne stories, I was expecting a lot more than what this book delivered. I think that, to a certain extent, there will always be a comparison between Ludlum's Bourne and Lustbader's Bourne. Unfortunately the two are not the same. Partly, there is also some fatigue factor involved and, add to that, the fact that very little of the workings of the machinery inside Bourne's head is described. Overall, a disappointment for Bourne fans....more info
    I read Lustbader's first intent to bring back the Bourne saga, and I did like it, for years I have been an avid reader of both Lustbader and Ludlum books, so I was very glad to know that Lustbader could continue Bourne adventures. But not this time, the book is too long, sometimes you lose completely interest and wishes to end it. Contrary to the other Bourne books his character is completely unappealing and disoriented this time. I think that Lustabder will never be Ludlum and can not bring back Bourne....more info
  • Ludlum is rolling over in his grave but not quite as bad as a Madonna movie...
    Contains spoilers: I listened to the audio book version and it was very slow and a departure from Ludlum. The action was infrequent and on the rare occasion that the excitement level rose, it was unrealistic; I found myself rooting for the Iranian fighters and for the downfall of the CIA. An underground nuclear weapons lab that cannot be photographed by our satellites?!? Fine, then how were we able to photograph jeeps at that same base at two minute intervals? What do you think the chances are that I could get a refund of my $49.98? While looking for the silver lining I took consolation in the fact that the Bourne movies never follow the plot line from the novels......more info
  • Do not buy
    Someone must seriously owe Lustbader a favor to have allowed him to write another Bourne novel. He completely deviates from the character that Robert Ludlum fans have come to know and love. The writing is predictable and simply drags on. This book took me over a month to read, because quite fankly it could barely hold my attention. And this is coming from a person that typically reads a novel in 1 to 2 days. Lustbader's 2 bourne novels have been a total disappointment. I hope that the publishers are not stupid enough to allow him another shot. Do not waste your time and money....more info
  • A Wakeup Call for America
    Unlike Clancy, Ludlum has not lost his flair for quality and he never will. As is typical of books that Ludlum either writes or sponsors, this book is fast-paced, full of action, twists and surprises. But what intrigued me most about this work is its relevance to the present. It once again demonstrates the inevitibility of a nuclear attack on our soil by Islamic terrorists.

    The book should be a wakeup call to Americans and, more generally, to people of the civilized world. Our governments need to acquire the strength of Churchill as opposed to the current Chamberlainish dose of continued inaction, vacillation, lack of resolve and futility of irrelevant, corrupt adventurism displayed by politicians of all colors - right and left. Unless this changes soon, the events described in this book are likely to happen in the near future.

    Clancy showed vision with the Japanese pilot ramming his plane into the Capitol in "Debt of Honor", some ten years before 9/11. This book shows a similar insight; it is a prophecy of what is to come....more info
  • Can't read this book, it hurts my brain!
    This story doesn't make sense, the author I am sorry to say, goes beyond asking the reader to suspend their disbelieve, this book demands the reader lowers their IQ into the stupid zone. This story could be picked apart by a third grader for it's many wrenching faults. ...more info
  • Horrible! Jason Bourne, please shoot me!
    So bad that somebody should hire an international assassin to take out the author...

    *Race to prevent a nuclear bomb being detonated...check
    *Cliched unrealistic, movie situations...check
    *Killing of all of the major characters from the series because an intelligent plot couldn't be thought of...check
    *Lack of understanding of any of the situations or events that are written about...check
    *No mention of Bourne's age, despite that fact that he's got to be pushing fifty yet gets stabbed, shot, beaten, etc...and still keeps on trucking without a problem...check
    *Ridiculous technology (miniature nuclear bombs? Makeup that makes you a total clone of the person you are trying to impersonate - even their body shape!)...check
    *Realistic characters (doctors that study psychology AND miniaturization - please!)...check

    Lustbader demonstrates his ability to have his computer's spellchecker write another Bourne novel. This series has been killed as effectively as Jason Bourne's earlier memories......more info
  • Definitely Not Ludlum
    It's definitely not in the style of Ludlum. It's difficult to read a book where the author/s have not bothered doing some basic research. Anyone with even a modicum of science in their background will cringe when things like successful "eyeball transplants" take place in an underground lair... or a "small stainless steel square" triggers a detonation many miles away. Sure, new contacts could give you a somewhat matching eye colors but won't people notice the sudden "lazy eye" you've developed? (uh....the transplant recipient won't be able to see out of it either). I could go on and on with this book. Maybe I get too hung up on accuracies - but it's one thing that made the Tom Clancy's novels immensely popular, (Ludlum was also somewhat careful) Hire someone to do a little research.
    Also, get rid of some of the vulgar slang, take out the unnecessary sex scene, and you might have a decent read.
    ...more info
  • hard to put down!
    i really enjoyed reading the bourne betrayal, i thought it was much better the the bourne legacy, sure, you'll need to suspend belief and watch out for those pesky typos and grammer glitches, but after that the story and action picks up speed, big time! i'm looking forward to reading the bourne sanction, which i just ordered from
    read this book if you're into fast paced thrillers! happpy reading!
    ...more info
  • The Bourne Betrayal
    I've read all the Bourne books, both by Robert Ludlum and by Eric Van Lustbader. Ludlum was an excellent author that instilled a lot of suspense and excitement in his writing. His three Bourne books are all excellent. I've enjoyed Van Lustbader's Ninja series, although I only read the first three. I haven't been able to locate the others. That being said, his first Bourne book, the Bourne Legacy, was quite interesting and it took a different turn from the previous books. However, this latest Bourne Betrayal was quite a disappointment. There was not much excitement or plot twists, not to mention some of the characters we have become accustomed to are no longer present. The previous plot lines involved Jason Bourne's family and history, whereas the Bourne Betrayal seemed like just another spy book based on a developed character. This book may have been enjoyable if it was a completely different character, but since it was Bourne, I expected some references to his past....more info
  • Ridiculous
    This was the most ridiculously stupid book I've ever read. It would have made a better comic strip for Superman. Nothing in it was even remotely believable and each chapter brought another over-the-top scenario. I couldn't wait to finish it....more info
  • An unlikely story, written extremely well
    Jason Bourne has very few friends. Martin Lindros is one of them. When Martin goes missing in Ethiopia, tracking down uranium and other weapons of mass destruction, Jason is determined to find him and bring him home. The only way he can do this is by working with CI, an agency he detests and distrusts.

    There are countless plot twists and turns, endless betrayals and/or seeming betrayals by almost anyone that Bourne has any interaction with, and lots and lots of violence. Not much sex. Bourne finds himself in danger on almost every continent in the course of THE BOURNE BETRAYAL. His ability to bounce back from beatings, knifings, and shootings is amazing.

    Throughout THE BOURNE BETRAYAL, Jason's memory of a specific incident keeps tormenting him. It is the thread that holds the story together in its wildest moments. It gives motivation to the villains that goes beyond pure terrorism and gives them human emotions, thereby taking them out of the realm of cardboard cut-outs.

    For those who enjoy international thrillers, espionage, and intrigue, THE BOURNE BETRAYAL will be a wonderful book. Van Lustbader knows how to keep the momentum going; his ability to keep a reader turning just another page and then another and another is quite remarkable.
    ...more info
  • A very good read!
    I can't wait to seen if there will be another sequel! I enjoyed this book VERY much1...more info
  • Its not Jason Steed, I dont know what to say?
    I thought this would be like Jason Steed. He has been called the young Jason Bourne and Fledgling Jason Steed is the bestbook I have read, So I moved onto this, BIG MISTAKE. I should have read the reviews, I will read Robert Ludrums books next, as the reviews say that they are okay.
    I don't wish to be negative, but how could the publishers allow this to happen? Aweful, slow and boring. I am not venting, it just was....more info
  • The Bourne Betrayal
    Seemed to read like a movie with a lot of special effects. Not all necessarily plausible....more info
  • Sooooooo boring!!!
    I agree with all the negative comments made and disagree with all the positive ones. This book is very very bad !!It is not even worth a star but a big Zero !!!...more info
  • "Bourne" more of a stillbirth
    The Bourne Betrayal betrays more than the lead character. We the readers are betrayed by a poorly researched and edited novel. Mr Lustbader needs to find someone to read his manuscript for flaws, which are frequent in this book. The medical scenes, of which there are several, have numerous errors. The editor should have picked this up, too, when looking for inconsistencies.

    Mr Ludlum was betrayed as his character is put through paces poorly constructed. He would have never allowed such a thing.

    Mr Lustbader has been a fine novelist. I have enjoyed most of his work. This is a great disappointment. I know he can do better.
    ...more info
    An avid Ludlum fan, Lustbader's continuation of this series is disappointing, inaccurate, and poorly researched. The storylines, while mildly entertaining, are so far fetched, it makes Ludlums novels appear to be Historical Fiction. The flaws with Marie's family components which several other reviewers have listed are accurate as well.

    Lastly, several components are just simply poorly reasearched. I.e. Marine Rangers in East Africa. Rangers are from the Army. This poor and rushed product is indicative of several components in this book, and all reflect poorly on the writer, editing staff, and publishing house.

    As was previously mentioned, unless you addicted to Bourne, you can definately skip this fairy tale.
    ...more info
  • A terrible Bourne book
    OMG!!! Lustbader has officially destroyed every-thing that Robert Ludlum has created as Jason Bourne. At the very beginning of the book it says "finally it happened. all the elements of bourne have turned into one person." That is not what Robert Ludlum created! Jason Bourne is supposed to have all of the multiple personalities! Because David Webb can't deal with what he has to do so he turns into Jason Bourne. No more delta one, no more David Webb, just Bourne. The author got lazy. I am a HUGE fan of Jason Bourne. Ludlum's Bourne was my favorite book series to this day! And to see him be destroyed like that kills me inside. Now Lustbader's Legacy wasn't a terrible book. It isn't as good as the original three but it is a hell of a lot better than this one. Trust me if your a big Jason Bourne fan DO NOT read this book! It'll just make you mad....more info
  • 5-Stars for Lustbader--but just 3 stars as a Ludlum novel
    Okay...nobody writes like Ludlum--NOBODY...least of all Eric Van Lustbader. However, this is far from a bad book. We need to take a step back and judge this book (IMO) on whether or not the character of Jason Bourne has been handled the way Ludlum would have had this been in his expert hands (and truth be told, the last 4-5 of his novels, and by that I mean the ones he wrote BEFORE he died were seriously lacking from what his earlier books had been). Since I am not an author, I suppose you can take this with a grain of salt -- which is probably what you ought to do anyway -- but I found the Jason within the pages of The Bourne Betrayal to be pretty darned similar with what I have come to expect from him in previous works both by Lustbader and Ludlum.

    This may come as sheer blasphemy to some, but I rather enjoyed The Bourne Legacy, and found this one to be equally as entertaining--but only as far as you can compare what happened with Jason himself. As far as comparing the writing style of Lustbader with Ludlum, well it just simply isn't quite as good. Face it: we will probably never have another author who can use the Cold War to convey as much entertainment as Robert Ludlum MAY happen one day, but probably not. If we want to constantly compare and shred every sentence of Mr. Lustbaders attempts at continuing this incredible series and second guess every paragraph, the arguments will be ongoing for a mighty long time to come (and rest assured they WILL be) but what good with that do, seriously? None. I say if you begin one of these two sequels KNOWING from the get-go that if you try to compare them too closely to Ludlum you will ultimately HATE them both -- why even begin? But if you start them with a cautiously optimistic view that this beloved character is living on, while not quite as great as he could possibly be, the storyline is still worthwhile even so, I believe you can enjoy the book a whole lot more.

    Let me raise one additional gripe: I noticed one other reviewer who made the same observation...the gadgetry found here goes beyond Super Spy and very nearly crosses into the Star Trek realm of impossibility. Stretching our ability to suspend our belief is one thing, but tresspassing into Sci Fi territory was not exactly the smartest choice, but again, if that doesn't bother you, then you will most likely enjoy The Bourne Betrayal a lot. Overall, I would have to say that I did, and wonder whether or not we have seen the last of Jason Bourne...? ...more info
  • Horrible
    I know we're talking about fiction, but this is comic book stuff. I finally stopped reading when the main terrorist character "became" Bourne's good friend Martin Lindross, fooling Bourne and everyone else whi knows Lindross into believing it was really him. Please. Until then I was able to keep going, hoping that the many logical inconsistencies and improbabilities would subside into a good solid story. I have rarely stopped reading a book only a quarter of the way into it, but this book is rare in its awfulness. I'm as willing to suspend disbelief as the next guy, but don't insult the readers' intelligence. Can I have my money back?...more info
  • ...what?
    lol thsi bok is awseome.

    Anyway, to be serious, this book is a good read if you have to pass time. For example, if I were stuck on a long air plane trip (and decide not to order rum with my fruit drink), I'd bring this book along with me. But if I was home with a good working computer, this book would be my $15 dead weight that keeps my table from leaning towards the right.

    As a fan of reality, I just can't accept this book. The fact that he is suffering from disabling mental flash-backs and being able to save the world by dodging fire from left to right... while managing disarm "big bombs" is just overwhelmingly retarded for me. How is he able to save the world again and again? First of all, he has to have disabling mental flash backs. Without the flash backs, he wouldn't be able to magically speak fluently in almost every known language. He also happens to be immune to bullets, and anything that can kill a normal human being two times over. For those of readers that play any games with cheat codes, Bourne pretty much waves his hand, left-left-right-down-up-left-R2-X everytime he's in trouble....more info
  • Exciting Novel (listened to on Audio Book)
    It could be partly due to the excellent audio narration of this book, the sound effects, background music, etc. that set the tone for the book but my imagination really went wild with this book and the scenes really came to life with the vivid descriptions given in the book. I found this book tense, yet relaxing, exotic, exciting, and jam-packed with good story-telling and action all 'round. I would listen to this book in 1-hour segments going to and from work each day and the sheer number of settings (all around the world) and characters made it all very exciting and colorful. I enjoyed the settings in Ethiopia, Odessa, Turkey, and Afghanistan the most.

    The sequence with Bourne and some guy (don't remember his name) running through the woods and eventually plunging into freezing water beneath the ice was vividly written and I could completely picture myself there in the snow covered woods. I also found some of the cultural references to the tribal chieftains in Ethiopia being called "Negus" enlightening & intellectual-candy since I had recently been studying the ancient Nubian people and had learned that their kings were customarily entitled "Negus," and that title was used up until the early 1900s but then dropped out of use (or so I thought) in referring to kings. If the book's details are accurate the title has now transferred to various local tribal cheiftains. That's not a detail you can find easily in an encyclopedia and so I applaud Lustbader for that extra detail, and perhaps reveals some first-hand knowledge of the region & culture. The part of the book with Bourne in Odessa on the beach at night was also heart-poundingly engaging and the fight sequence next to the sea was expertly written. It was one of the most exciting points in the book to me.

    Another part I found amusing was when Bourne posed as the pilot of the plane that carried one of the main villians in the story, and the scene was taut with suspense since Bourne's presence was not a secret - and whether Bourne was aware of that at the time or not was left tensely ambiguous. The motorcycle sequence with Bourne in the "ghetto" was also very entertaining and quite interesting with a sexy and hostile female on board. Some parts of the story could have been better written such as the memory erasure part and the escape from Odessa (or maybe I was just sympathizing with the pain of Bourne a little too much for comfort), but overall I enjoyed the book very much. And I DO recommend listening to the audio version if you can get your hands on it. The music and sound effects only add to the quality of the story. Aside from from one of Ian Flemming's James Bond novels, this is the only other audio book I have ever listened to and I enjoyed it immensely, and I'm normally the reading type. But overall I thought it was a great novel I remember thinking to myself "I haven't 'read' [experienced?] such a great novel in a long time." Five stars. ...more info
  • Stick with the Bourne movies
    The Bourne Betrayal had its moments. Good fight scenes, vivid descriptions of locations around the Middle East and a lot of action. But it is a disappointment.

    The Plot: One day Wikipedia will have under the definition of clich¨¦: A book, movie or TV series that has a plot of a Muslim terrorist group getting hold of a nuclear bomb. (I assure you, this is not a spoiler because the plot is obvious a few pages in). What made The Bourne Identity & Supremacy so interesting were their original plots. And they're other things that happen in the book that I won't say here but if you've ever seen 24, James Bond or made for television movie in your life, you'll see it coming like a semi-truck on the interstate.

    Bourne: I have no problem suspending disbelief for an action novel, but when the hero is omniscient it makes the book less enjoyable because the main character no longer seems human. In this book Bourne speaks, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Mandarin, Ukrainian and Amharic like a native. I'm assuming he can still speak French, Italian, German, Spanish and Portuguese fluently as well. Learning all these languages at such a proficient level, when would he have time to develop the skills to be a stunt level motorcycle rider, ace pilot, expert with the guns of the entire world and a sensei level fighter? He's almost like "Neo" in the Matrix movies.

    Dialogue: Lustbader has better dialogue than Ludlum ever did. I wish I had a dollar for every time Marie called Jason, "darling" in Ludlum's books. Having said that, as a black person, I often cringe when a late middle age white man like Lustbader tries to write dialogue for "ghetto" black folk. He must have used J.J. from "Good Times" for research. I was expecting at any moment the character Tyrone to shout "dyno-mite"! Word to future writers, just because a person calls a phone "a celly", in his POV, it's still a phone.

    Antagonist: The terrorist group, the Dujia, have the resources and technology of a wealthy country. The CIA would be hard pressed to do everything they do. And since it's stated in the Amazon review, I'll comment on the twist that Martin Lindros turns out to be an imposter. Completely implausible, even if the book took place 50 years in the future. You may be able to surgically alter a person to look like someone else. But to imitate a person's voice, body language and habits for days and nobody notice the difference? Especially at the CIA, a whole agency of spooks? In movies, every once and a while you'll hear great actors like Russell Crowe, Hugh Jackman or Ewan Mcgregor native accents slip into their dialogue. Does it seem possible for a man raised in the Mid East (granted he had European education) to speak like a man from N.Y. and NEVER slip up? If 9/11 and the tube bombings in London on 7/05 have taught us, terrorists can do a hell of a lot of damage without billions of dollars in assets.

    The last few chapters are action pack with a lot of suspense. However, you find you really don't care as much as you'd like. In summary, the Bourne series is one of the rare instances in which the movies are a lot better than the books.
    ...more info
  • Bummer!
    After trying to get through The Bourne Betrayal, I know that Ludlum must be turning over in his grave. This book is not worthy to carry his name , or the Bourne name. I could not stay with it. Instead of passing it on, I simply trashed it....more info
  • Successor to Ludlum Handles the Challenge
    Wow,I avoid reading the reviews, so they won't taint my opinion. The polarization on "Bourne Betrayal" is baffling. Even if it isn't the greatest ever, it certainly isn't the worst. Eric van Lustbader takes on a daunting challenge to continue a character that Ludlum endeared to readers. So many land mines, and he handles the material well.

    Ludlum's "Bourne Identity" got me hooked on thrillers, and van Lustbader is a worthy successor to carry on the battles. The action, characterization, depth of texture, villains, and plot are all up to the standards set by Ludlum. I'm a fan too of the movies. The franchise has life to it, that lets you still be surprised by the unexpected. The pace is equal, the intrigue meaningful, and the stories intense....more info