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Suncast Deluxe Large Dog House
List Price: $99.99

Our Price: $74.00

You Save: $25.99 (26%)


Product Description

29" x 37" x 31", Large, Deluxe Dog House For Dogs Up To 100 LB, Easy Snap Together Assembly, Durable Resin Construction, Vents Provide Air Circulation, Removable Roof For Easy Cleaning, Crowned Floor With Channel Around Inside Edge To Capture Fluids & Keep Pet Dry, Can Be Staked To Ground, Vinyl Doors Included & You Can Personalize House With Your Dogs Name Letters Included

  • Easy snap together assemble, no tools required.
  • Stylish Design
  • Easy to clean
  • Extemely durable
  • Vinyl door included

Customer Reviews:

  • More Like a Dog Room!!!
    I believe the term "Dog House" is a generous gift. Most houses that I have experienced contain no less than two rooms and at least one door. With the housing market going to shams, I would hold out a little longer before commiting to such an investment. In the mean time I suggest purchasing a Dog Bed. It is a much less risky investment, but provides all the security any canine could ask for. When asked, my canine struggled to form the most basic of responses. This was an honest attempt at creating homes for canines.
    ...more info
  • Rocky's Doghouse
    This plastic house is really adorable and fairly durable for our 90lb pit/bulldogg mix. He enjoyes laying in it. Its also really easy to put together and easy to maintain because you can just hose it down if it gets dirty. Great Amazon prices too!...more info
  • Large dog house
    It was a little frustrating to put together by myself since it was so large. Having 2 people would certainly help. Other than that, I am satisfied. Good product for the money....more info
  • Average
    This is a pretty good dog house for middle size dogs. I have a rottweiler and she can easily dismantle it when she is bored. It has no insulation properties so do not depend on it in the cold. If your dog is under 60 lbs its a good buy. Otherwise, go with something a bit more sturdy....more info
  • Very easy to put together
    This dog house was very easy to put together just make sure you read and follow the directions it snaps into place but you have to have it lined up right before snapping in each piece but very light and cute and the letters come with it so you can add a name to the front and it comes with clear doors that you can put on and take off easy I left them off but will put them on in colder weather all in all a great product for the amount you spend...more info
  • Economical purchase
    I have an older dog, so didn't want to spend a ton of money for something, not knowing how long it would be used (sadly), despite the other reviews, I wanted to find out myself. It was very simple to put together, I did not find it flimsy, maybe if all the tabs aren't locked into place. Someone said theirs blew away in a wind storm, but it IS recommened to be fastened down, which I did, made a frame of wood and fastened it to it, seems to be very sturdy. I cut a scrap piece of carpet to fit and my dog is now in HEAVEN! Yes it isn't insulated, but think that can be easily remedied by anyone who is a little bit handy. I think what I like the best is not having to paint it, wash it down and be done with it! It is also a very cute house....more info
  • Waste of money!!
    Dog house was assembled by 2 people and by the second day of use it had fallen apart. If I had my choice I would not give it any stars. Complete waste of money. Dog is now back in an old dome-shaped doghouse held together with duct tape. Duct tape would not even keep this Suncast heap together. My 85 pound lab was in it, but I don't think it would last with our 15 pound jack russell. VERY DISAPPOINTING...more info