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Nancy Drew: The White Wolf of Icicle Creek
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Product Description

Nancy Drew: The White Wolf of Icicle Creek is another exciting and dangerous mystery starring Nancy Drew. She's at Icicle Creek Lodge to investigate a recent string of suspicious accidents. An eerie howling wolf keeps everyone up at night and terrorizes the guests. The wolf also appears at the site of accidents and then mysteriously disappears when the police arrive. As Nancy makes her way to the cozy lodge, an explosion rocks the quiet night, destroying a bunkhouse. A wolf howls mournfully in the distance. Nancy has barely set foot on the premises and already trouble is afoot! Can Nancy solve this mystery before all the guests leave and Chantal is left out in the cold?

  • Play as Nancy Drew and do double duty as a maid and detective as you clean for clues
  • Cook up savory meals such as omelets, hamburgers, and salmon
  • Ride across the rolling snow in a snowmobile and avoid deadly hazards
  • Take aim in snowball fights and explore in snowshoes
  • Play Junior or Senior detective level and erase mistakes without starting over

Customer Reviews:

  • White Wolf of Icicle Creek--best Nancy Drew game ever!
    A great adventure! You could almost feel like you were being hit by an ice ball and it sounded like real explosions were going off! It was a lot of fun figuring out the fox and geese game. ...more info
  • Fun!Fun!Fun!
    This game is alot of fun. The graphics are super and mystery is great.

    Appple 999...more info
  • Cannot rate...doesn't work on my computer
    I have never had a problem with any of the other Nancy Drew Mystery games (I own them all) except for this one. I can load the game unto my computer, hear voices and sound effects, see some text at the bottom of the screen, but everything else remains black. No video. I am VERY disappointed....more info
  • Great game, if you like to think!
    This, and all Nancy Drew games are great IF you like to be challenged. These games require you to think and remember things. Great fun for the right person....more info
  • Not bad at all
    I was pretty impressed with this one. It isn't my favorite, but it's one of them. It was pretty exiting, had a great storyline, senory, and the characters were pretty cool. The only thing that bugged me was all the duties that nancy had. It would have been better if she was just a normal guest instead of a worker at the lodge. ...more info
  • Not the Best ND Game, But Still Worth Playing
    In "The White Wolf of Icicle Creek" you, as Nancy Drew, are hired to find out who (or what) is causing the string of accidents & explosions to occur at a remote resort Canada - as well as why a lone white wolf tends to show up at the scene of each disaster right after it occurs.

    Because you have to go undercover for this job, you're actually hired as the maid/cook - so each day you have to be sure to be back from snooping in order to cook the meals & clean the rooms at the appropriate times.

    While solving this mystery you'll also find yourself doing such things as riding a snowmobile, dodging & throwing snowballs, solving puzzles & more!

    I have been playing games from the Nancy Drew series for several years now - and I have to say that when I compare "The White Wolf of Icicle Creek" to the others, it doesn't quite measure up (in fact, if it was possible I would have given it 3.5 stars based on this comparison). The reason for this is that, although some of the new activities were really fun, this game didn't have near as many places to explore, items to pick up & use and people to talk with - and because of this it was also much shorter. Also, I found several of the puzzles/games to be just plain frustrating!

    Overall, if you like playing Nancy Drew games this one is still worth playing, but I'd wait for it to go on sale!

    ...more info
  • Best ND game yet
    This is my favorite ND game in the series. I LOVED it

    Nancy gose undercover to Icicle Creek Lodge as a maid/cook as of request by Chantel the lodge owner. Strange events have been happining and a white wolf appears every time a accedint happens.

    Plot 4/5

    Suspects 5/5

    Graphics 5/5

    ending 3/5

    this may not be Her Interactives best but compaird to Danger By Design and Creature of Kapu Cave this is great...more info
  • Some improvements over the last few disappointing ND games
    I've played all of Her Interactive's Nancy Drew games, and the last several games were a disappointment to me (Nancy Drew: Danger by Design and Nancy Drew: The Creature of Kapu Cave in particular). Danger by Design at least had a fascinating backstory, but the weak, ridiculous ending ruined any good feelings I might have had. Kapu Cave was just...bland. Boring from beginning to end, there was NO compelling story and the "puzzles" were mind-numbing (sorting of bug poop and making endless shell necklaces to earn more money), with nothing "spooky" about the "mystery."

    White Wolf of Icicle Creek is more engaging than the last few Nancy Drew games. This time, Nancy's in the Great White North at a skiing lodge owned by Chantal Moique. Mysterious goings-on like food poisoning, guest injuries, and explosions have been scaring off Chantal's guests. To add to the mystery, a white wolf has been seen (and heard) at the time of many incidents.

    The cast of suspects includes Ollie, the lodge's handyman, Lou, a college art student from California, Yanni, a champion skier from the Eastern European nation of Freedonia, Bill, a Canadian construction worker who's here to ice fish, and Guadalupe, a mysterious birdwatcher with a secret. As the game progresses, you'll discover hidden secrets and motives about each one through snooping through their personal belongings; after all, Nancy's taken on the job of maid and cook, so you're responsible for housekeeping every day.

    Which brings me to the first major flaw. Ever since Secret of Shadow Ranch, ND games have featured the annoying (and time-filling) element of "chores." Generally, these seem like things that adults thought would be fun for kids. Generally, these are a nuisance rather than being fun, and White Wolf is no exception. In fact, White Wolf forces you to clean rooms once a day and cook three times a day for the entire game. This is tedious and cuts down on available time to explore, as does a feature from one of the first ND games, Nancy Drew Treasure In The Royal Tower: the frostbite factor. Every time Nancy goes outside, you have to closely monitor the "frostbite" bar at the top of the screen. If Nancy gets too cold, she freezes to death. This also means that she can only be outdoors until around 5 pm every day, forcing you to advance the game to the next day unless you enjoy wandering for hours inside the lodge. Like several earlier games, you use the alarm clock in Nancy's room to advance the game.

    Since this is the sixteenth ND game, I suppose it's natural that several puzzles feel recycled. Many are easily solvable and intuitive for the most part, except for the most frustrating puzzle I've ever played: Fox and Geese. A board game similar to checkers, you are forced to beat it not once, but three times. Even with a walkthrough, it literally took me several frustrating days. I was so frustrated that I nearly walked away from the game for good.

    You do get to interact with the white wolf, who helps you to solve several puzzles. This is a definite improvement over befriending the killer whale in Nancy Drew: Danger on Deception Island, as you can actually give the wolf commands and have her help you solve the mystery. The wolf graphics were generally quite realistic, and game graphics were good overall, especially the outdoors scenes when you're walking through the snowy mountains.

    I didn't see the villain coming from the clues throughout the game, so Her Interactive did a good job with the "a-ha" factor. I felt like there were limited exploration opportunities, which made the game feel claustrophobic at times, particularly since you are trapped indoors at night due to the cold. But there are definite improvements in storytelling and puzzle execution since Kapu Cave, and the next game,Nancy Drew: The Legend of the Crystal Skull, looks to be one of the best ND games yet.
    ...more info
  • Ducks and Geese and Foxes and Owls
    Some of the games included in the story take too long to figure out and I lost patience. I bought it for my children, and they were able to finish it but I was bored trying to get the FOXes and GEESE or whatever to do what they were supposed to do in order to move on. I dropped out in the middle and don't think I'll be back to finish. It would be good for anyone who likes the other Nancy Drew games, since it is pretty much like others....more info
  • thanks A.Gooding
    Thank you so much a.gooding. I really want this game but didnt know alot about it.All I knew was that you travel to canada to solve who has been sabatoting the lodge.None of my friends have it.(Thats who tells me if the game is good or not.) So I was sorta feeling I dont know a squat about this game and how fun is it.But your review is really wonderful.You said all of the stuff what you do, The characters background, what it looks like, and how fun it is.Thank you so much for writing this review I have made my chose and am going to buy the game when I get my laptop....more info
  • Nancy Drew: The White Wolf of Icicle Creek
    These games keep getting better and better. There is something for everyone at almost every level, ages 10 and up. Learning subjects, intricate puzzles, action, mystery, challenge and awesome graphics....more info
  • Very Frustrating!
    I love Nancy Drew games, but this one was the worst. During the whole game I thought it was okay, but that snowmobile chase made it the worst game ever. I still have yet to beat it! Plus, it's rather hard to beat it when your computer screen keeps flickering and blinking. I think it was doing that because I have a HP Vista laptop. Even though the game is suppose to run on Vista, it wasn't running properly on mine. Hopefully the next ND games will run better on Vista & will have a better ending than that dumb snowmobile chase....more info
  • Not as Good...
    I have played all the nacy drew games and have enjoyed them all but this one i am having a really hard time getting into. some of the puzzles have been illogical and the cooking in this game is severly repetitive and disruptive. you have to cook all three meals everyday of the game and in a certain time frame. you have to stop whatever you are doing to do this boring task before the meal is over and you cant make the food. Anyways if you have played all the nancy drew games i would get this one also but if its your first time at nancy drew i would recommend danger by design, creature of kapu cave, curse of blackmoore manor, train to bluemoon canyon, shadow ranch and ghost dogs. :) ...more info
  • An "Icy" Surprise!
    Nancy Drew: The White Wolf Of Icicle Creek (16)

    -Before I Begin...
    My review will be spilt up into sections and have a in-depth look at that topic. If you hate reading medium/long reviews or just don't have the patience I would not continue reading, but if you want to learn the most about the product before you buy it you'll continue.

    The interface of this game has changed quite a bit compared to the last ones. The Book Menu has disappeared and starting the game only needs one click, which is nice but if you want to load your saved game you have to click the icon instead of a menu. And that can be difficult when Nancy Drew is showing you her room and introducing herself. I like how easy it was to start a new game with almost no clicking. The text when talking to people pops out into a semi-transparent window, which means less scrolling up & down through text. The Inventory, Checklist, & Notebook are now viewable in semi-transparent boxes as well, and can be viewed while moving around, solving puzzles, talking to people, dialing numbers on the phone (very helpful), and anything else you can think of. The Notebook is organized so you don't have to read paragraph after paragraph to find what your looking for. On the top of your screen is a view of the clothes you are wearing, a in-game clock, and when your outside a hypothermia meter is present. Overall the interface has improved quite a bit but maybe a small menu (like "Please select: Load Game or New Game") should be present before we head up to Nancy's bedroom.

    This time someone has been causing quite a ruckus at Icicle Creek Lodge, from food poisoning, slashing tires, breaking windows, exploding bunkhouses, gas leaks, deadly icy stairs and a howling wolf that arrives at the scene of each "accident". Chantal, the owner of the fine lodge, wants you as Nancy Drew to find out who is causing all these strange events, by stepping in as the new maid and cook. This has been one of the most exciting plots that Her Interactive has made, every secret unveiled twists into another one. They certainly kept you on the edge of your seat a lot. Then there was a sub plot that centers around Trapper Dan, the builder of the lodge and a nearby monument. Trapper Dan created the hunting lodge which may have been smuggling goods, hence there are some secret passageways in the game. The main plot is very exciting and it connected fairly well with the Trapper Dan story without leading you off track on the case.

    Finally our character interaction has improved! The last two games CRE (15) and DAN (14) have been a disappointment in character interaction, but this game has proved to be a step forward. There was a good variety of characters in this game. They all had interesting backgrounds and there is a bit of incriminating evidence toward each and every one of them. There is Yanni, a foreign skier; Bill, the ice fisher; Guadalupe, a bird watcher; Ollie, the handyman; and Lou, the college student. There is also a little girl named Freddie (who is Ollie's daughter) that only spends her time in a snow fort at the lodge. The guests actually move around, not a lot but they do move around, in fact two of the guests check out of lodge later. You will enjoy learning secrets and talking to these characters for sure.

    -Setting & Graphics
    The graphics keep getting better and better! And more detailed! The snow is so realistic and the lodge is so cozy, the passageways are eerie (not to mention very green). Her Interactive has outdone themselves again. I loved how they included much more animated scenes. You definitely felt like you were in Canada! Personally, I love the hotel/B&B industry, and I thought that working as a maid and cook was fascinating as well as the lodge atmosphere. The snow would crunch under your feet and the lodge was beautifully decorated in a nature theme. You'll actually feel like your there, until you see lime green lines that is... Yes I hate to say it but there are annoying green lines that outline everything that you are supposed to touch, manipulate, or look at. It will annoy you at first but I got over it, hopefully CRY (17) won't have this problem.

    Another thing to look forward to is the puzzles in this game! They are very original and fun. Some puzzles include commanding a wolf through vaults, jumping from ice floe to ice floe, deciphering a journal, a Chinese checkers like game, driving a snowmobile, filling out a survey for Tino (Yes I mean Tino Balducci from TRN [13]), and ice fishing. However every day in the game you have to clean the guest rooms and cook three meals a day. You won't get tired of them because you get to snoop in the rooms and overhear a conversation. The maid duties are really easy and at a certain point in the game Ollie will do all of the cooking for you. Some peole get over dramatic about these chores and say that you have to abruptly drop whatever you are doing to complete your daily duties. I disagree, when you have the chores it makes the game more realistic and add to the overall setting. You do not have a super tight schedule with the cooking, you have plenty of time between meals to do other things outside the lodge.

    Very interesting ending, after finding the room under "Trapper Dan's Needle" you run into two of the suspects and find belongings of another one (no this does not mean there is more than one villain). You'll still be guessing who the culprit is until the very end. This time the ending was not as abrupt as the last two games. Catching the culprit is almost exactly the same as CLK (12), you have to chase the culprit down and the culprit looses control of what they are driving. I thought that they could have been something more creative. Catching the culprit actually took a long time and you can find yourself careening out of control into trees and snow, but it was not impossible. The wrap up after confronting the culprit was thorough but there were a couple loose ends about the other characters.

    This game was very good. I thought that it was way better than the last two games and Her Interactive is definitely back on track with their games. The game was neither too long nor too short, it was about the length of The Secret Of Shadow Ranch. The game was very exciting and there were a lot of red herrings(false evidence) which kept you guessing to the very end. I would definitely buy this at the $20 it asks for. It is so worth the money. I think that ICE has been a redemption for Her Interactive's past two games (which were good but were definitely lacking compared to the much earlier games). However, I'm sure long time Nancy fans will be heartbroken because of the edited interface, but Her Interactive was right to keep up with new technology. If people miss the old game interfaces so much they need to play the old games over and over again, all things change sooner or later. You need to buy this game, whether you are an avid Nancy Drew fan or not!

    Add all these up and divide by 6...
    5 *'s (Interface)
    5 *'s (Plot)
    5 *'s (Characters)
    4 *'s (Setting & Graphics)
    5 *'s (Puzzles/Activites)
    4 *'s (Ending)
    = 28 Stars Divide By 6 (Categories) = 4.6 = Rounded to 5 Stars

    -Recommended Games
    The White Wolf Of Icicle Creek (This one!)
    Danger On Deception Island
    Last Train To Blue Moon Canyon
    The Secret Of Shadow Ranch

    Thanks for reading my review!
    ...more info
  • Fun Family Game! Recommended!
    "The White Wolf of Icicle Creek" is a very solid addition to the Nancy Drew game franchise. We are fans of the Nancy Drew games and up to now have played all of the other games.

    The game pretty much follows the format of the most recent Nancy Drew games. This time Nancy has to solve a fairly challenging mystery in a lodge filled with an interesting array of guests/suspects.

    What we liked:

    * Great plot and story line
    * Longer game play than recent Nancy Drew games
    * Fantastic graphics, the best so far
    * Really good puzzles and challenges

    What we didn't like:

    * Repetitive tasks, Nancy's cover is as a maid (and cook) so you have to clean rooms EVERY day
    * Limited exploration time

    This Nancy Drew game is a step up from recent installments and was a lot of fun for us!

    Recommended!...more info
  • Nancy Drew PC Game The White Wolf of Icicle Creek
    So far we have purchased all the Nancy Drew series PC games... Each one is fun and challenging.... we can't wait for new ones....more info
  • love ND games!!!
    I have all the ND games from #10-#19. I have the Vista OS. I have not encountered any problems loading any of these games except for The Legend of the Crystal Skull. Directions for loading that game I found on the HerInteractive site. I absolutely love playing these games. They are not easy. I have had to get a walk-thru at some point on every one of them. I plan on purchasing all of them. I do check to make sure that the game is Vista compatible. I think some of the older ones have been reissued so they run smoothly with Vista. Anyone who likes solving puzzles, some easier than others, will enjoy playing these games. My sister and I are hooked!!!!...more info
  • Fun but different than the other ones
    The format has been changed on this one so it takes a little getting used to. Not as difficult to solve as other Nancy Drews....more info
  • Game Broken
    I have been playing the game for several days and as I have gotten closer to solving the mystery, the game locked up on me. I sent a message to technical support at the company that makes the game and it has been 6 days and I have received no response as of yet to help fix the game. I was enjoying this alot as I do all the Nancy Drew games, but the game breaking is very frustrating to say the least....more info
  • Careful! This game won't work on older computers. No returns.
    This is probably a very good game, but I wouldn't know it because . . .

    while all the other Nancy Drew games work fine on my computer, this one won't play. It turns out that I have the wrong kind of driver. One of my computers won't do anything; the other one has a totally scrambled picture. I can't return the game since it's opened (except for the exact same game, which won't help).

    You should check the tech support page of (Post titled "Driver Card" ) and follow the instructions to see if it will work on your computer before you buy it. Considering that I just threw $18 down the toilet, I thought I would warn others who don't have the newest computer. For me, the game stinks.

    I hope you can get the game to work on your computer. It looks like fun....more info
  • Nancy Drew: the white wolf of icicle creek
    This one was the best I am hoping to see more nancy drew games soon....more info
  • A Small, Very Small, Step Up...
    I own and have played all of the prior Nancy Drew games, but hated Creature of Kapu Cave to the extent that I almost didn't buy this game. I enjoyed this game, but found it to be lacking in some very important areas. If you are new to the Nancy games and are trying to decide which one to buy, I would not recommend you start with this one. Choose any of the games from #2-11 and you will understand the publics infatuation with these games. Anyway (now that I'm off of the bunny trail), here is what I think of The White Wolf of Icicle Creek.

    Plot-B+ I am all FOR saving the wolves, and preserving them. That being said, this game sort of went to the extremes of trying to educate the public about them. Long, pointless phone conversations with different individuals just about the endangered species can get rather dull. I really do approve wholeheartedly with the message trying to be made, but being subtle about it would have been better.

    Graphics- A+ I really love snow, and walking around in a whole lot of snow was really pleasant even if everything did look exactly alike. Indoors, the graphics were just as excellent as any of the other games. In fact, they looked almost real!

    Puzzles- C+ The puzzles in this game were reminiscent of... chores? Yes, that is exactly what most of them were! Shoveling snow off of the ice skating rink (and you don't even get to skate!), making three, yes three, meals a day for the guests (not really a puzzle, just a time filler), making beds and cleaning rooms (again a time filler), solving a mind numbing and challenging (not in a good way) board game four times to get four tokens... the list goes on and on! There were a few genuine puzzles to solve, but they were unremarkable to say the least! I really like the chores that were in The Secret of the Scarlet Hand because most of them pertained to solving the case in some way or the other, but not in this case!

    Ending- A- The ending was good in that I had no idea who the culprit was. The game kept me guessing right up until the end. The bad thing about the ending was the final challenge (I guess we can call it that). I don't want to spoil it for anyone, so I will say that it took a great deal of dexterity with your hands to be able to do it. And it was way to easy to die. I don't know how many times I died! Not bad, but the ending could have been better.

    Content- A++ There is no objectionable content to even mention. It is a clean game for all ages (but don't get fooled into thinking that it is only for kids!). There are no scary things that would upset younger children, and I guess the only violent thing is that Nancy gets knocked out with an ice ball. (No blood, nothing. You see stars and wake up a minute later.)

    Overall- B+ It was a good game, just don't try to compare it with the others, because it just doesn't compare!

    Hope I was helpful... ...more info