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Kroo Camera Case for Canon Powershot Camera Digital Camera + Bonus Bundled with Universal LCD Screen Protector Kit + Cloth (Many Color Available)
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Nicely fits Canon Powershot Sd40 Sd30 Sd400 Sd430 Sd500 Sd550 Sd600 Sd630 Sd700 Sd750 Sd800 Sd900 Sd1000 Nylon/Eva inner dimension: 4.13 x 3.13 x 1.3 inches Slim Eva inner dimension: 4x2.5x0.9 inches

  • Safely carry your camera with this Digital Camera Case design for small and medium size digital cameras. Padded shell case protects your camera from bumps, shock and scratches. Dual zipper opening allows easy access to camera. Velcro strap holds camera in place inside the case and prevents camera from falling when you open the case. Inside pocket holds additional memory cards. Comes with a carabiner so case can be clipped to your belt loop, travel bag or backpack.
  • Regular and Slim Version Available. Regular Eva and Nlyon Case Approximate interior dimensions: 4.13 x 3.13 x 1.3 inches. Slim Eva case inner dimension: 4x2.5x0.9 inches.
  • Package includes universal screen protector. Screen protector prevents your LCD screen from getting scratched. Film is totally clear - no haziness - no bubbles - no glare. Screen protector does not interfere with PDA stylus. Measures 3 X 2 1/4 in. - Cut to fit your screen - One sheet can cover many more than one screen. Screen protector is non-adhesive and removable, but will stay attached to screen
  • 30 days warantee by seller bestpricecenter

Customer Reviews:

  • Good points and bad points
    The case is compact, sturdy, and lightweight, and the carabiner is a great way to carry it hooked to my belt. Depending on how you use the case, though, there can be a problem. My previous camera case was soft-sided, but it held everything upright, so battery and memory cards didn't fall out, even when the case was unzipped. I am trying to retrain myself to always zip this case closed when it's not in use, because I've already had a close call with things falling out. For me, the other design works better. ...more info
  • great little case
    This case is sturdy and perfect for my Kodal camera eventhough it was made for a different camera. The cleaning cloth is very handy too....more info
  • Great
    This case is extremely durable! I love it, It fits great in my purse not to mention the color makes it easy to identify in my purse or if its sitting on the table at an event! ...more info
  • Not what I ordered !
    I ordered a red nylon camera case to go with the camera I bought as a graduation gift. The case that was shipped to me was bright orange !! not even close to being called a red. I was disappointed but didn't have time to return the case for another one before graduation....more info
  • Very durable protection
    I am very pleased with this purchase. The case has proved itself already when I dropped it in the street. Even the case remained undamaged. The pocket is nice to keep a spare battery and photo card. The screen protector was a nice addition. I even had some left over to use on my cell phone....more info
  • camera case
    This is a great camera case. It is small yet protective. I especially like the hook on it to attach it to my clothes, purse,backpack, etc. I also like the colors selections. It is a great product. I bought one and bought another for my husband....more info
  • Never arrived!!!
    This was supposed to be a gift to my friend in Manila. She never received it. I tried contacting the seller but I never received any reply. I want my money back!...more info
  • Canon Powershot Camera Case
    No one even knows its a camera case. Every time someone sees it they think its a make-up bag! It definitely helps protect my camera well! ...more info
  • Handy case
    Really like the way this case attaches to a belt loop. My husband loves it! Like that it is a hard case in case it gets dropped. Screen saver was difficult to get on.
    ...more info
  • It was too big....
    this camera case is too big for my camera.i have a CANON SD 500, and this case is too big for the camera....more info
  • too large
    I have a Canon SD600 and I felt this case was just too big for this very compact camera. There's about an extra inch of length and width inside the case....more info
  • Eva Black camera case
    I just realized that I did not get the screen protector as a bundled bonus along with the cloth. Is it at all possible to receive it yet from the company. Otherwise no complaints. They delivered very quickly. I also was under the impression that I would get a strap to attach to the case so I could wear it over my neck. The case will be perfect for me especially if I could receive what was not sent. I hope to hear from you....more info
  • Love this case!! It's perfect!
    I love this case, it is exactly what I was looking for. I needed something durable, yet slim that I could carry around in my purse everyday. Great product!!...more info
  • Great case
    This case is very slim, but it lets me keep all the extra storage and my camera together.
    It has a handy belt clip for convenience. ...more info
  • almost.....
    Product is great, however I did not receive the cloth or lanyard as described in the item description on this page. No big deal, but someone needs to do a little more QC on the orders shipping out. ...more info
  • All's well !
    I hate the color, but it's my daughter's choice. Good product, well delivered, and on time....more info
  • Black..the new Pink
    Its a beautiful little case. Originally they sent a black one but we worked it out and the pink one arrived before I knew it....more info