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  • Track: 10: How I Feel,
  • Track: 11: Yeah,
  • Track: 12: Can I Have A Kiss,
  • Track: 13: Irvine,
  • Track: 14: Chivas (Hidden Track),
  • Track: 1: Never Again (1st Single),
  • Track: 2: One Minute,
  • Track: 3: Hole,
  • Track: 4: Sober,
  • Track: 5: Don't Waste Your Time,
  • Track: 6: Judas,
  • Track: 7: Haunted,
  • Track: 8: Be Still,
  • Track: 9: Maybe
    Media Type: CD
    Title: MY DECEMBER
    Street Release Date: 06/26/2007
    Genre: ROCK/POP

    Judging by the themes of anger and betrayal that dominate Kelly Clarkson's third disc, My December, perhaps 'Jagged Little Idol' would have been a more telling title. According to interviews, the massively successful artist wanted more creative control with her music going forward; as a result, unlike her previous CDs, Clarkson contributes as a songwriter on every track. The final product is not nearly as catchy as Breakaway, but is far more introspective and honest. My December's overall sound brings a harder musical style than fans might expect, with acerbic lyrics to match; the disc's first single "Never Again"--a dark rock song slamming her ex-boyfriend--is certainly a tip-off. The compelling chorus of "Hole" finds Clarkson singing "There's a hole/inside of me/it's so damn cold/slowly killing me" over a melody that is far more Tool than top-40. "Haunted" and "Judas" are wrought-over tracks that veer into Evanescence territory, while the wonderfully sparse "Maybe" is a highlight within which Clarkson's pleading voice is perfectly showcased. My December's final listed track, "Irvine" (prior to the hidden bluesy acoustic ballad "Chivas") sounds far more Cat Power-meets-Corinne Bailey Rae than Clarkson, but it is certainly one of the most captivating songs on the disc, and serves as yet another reminder of just how versatile her voice is. Fans of her previous radio-friendly releases may well be divided on her new direction, but it appears to be the path Clarkson is likely to continue to travel. --Denise Sheppard

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    Since U Been Gone

  • Customer Reviews:

    • "Never again" Kelly, make an album like this!
      Well... This album wasn't very good with about two exceptions.
      1. Never again
      2. One minute

      Kelly Clarkson is/was one of my favorite artists. She slipped greatly with this album. All of the songs she was mad and screaming!
      I was very glad to hear "my life would suck without you", as it seems she has gotten her pop sound back. I am very much looking forward to All I ever wanted, and hope it will be as good as Breakaway was.

      ...more info
    • Where does she go from this?
      I like this album. I don't think it was a great as Breakaway, but still good.

      Never Again-5/5 This is a good rock song.

      One Minute-5/5 Fun and catchy in an album of darker songs.

      Hole-4/5 At first I really didn't like this song and it gave me a headache, but it's not too bad.

      Sober-10/5 My favorite, it's starts off slow and at first it was a little boring, but the last third is amazing and the beginning is good too.

      Don't Waste Your Time-5/5 Another favorite, it's catchy and upbeat.

      Judas-4/5 At first I didn't really like it. But the chorus is cool and it's an okay song.

      Haunted-5/5 Probably my second favorite. It has all kinds of cool background effects and great words.

      Be Still-5/5 Slow and gentle, a really pretty track.

      Maybe-3/5 I just don't really like this track. It's kind of boring and slow and it never really picks up.

      How I Feel-5/5 Cool, fast and catchy, one of my faves.

      Yeah-3/5 Not so sure about this one. It's okay.

      Can I Have a Kiss-4/5 It's a good song, but the beginning and other verses are just a little weird, although I love the chorus.

      Irvine-4/5 I like the first part, slow and sad. Then there's a whole minute of silence, which I usually skip through, which is a shame because the second part is good too.

      But where does Kelly go from here? Will she keep writing her songs or what?...more info
    • Kelly's best album.
      You know, as I sit here reading the reviews that are given for this album, I am really in shock. This album needs to be given more recognition by people who know how to spell. All of Kelly's albums were great, and yes, Breakaway was the one that made her famous, winning her two grammys. I for one LOVE my December. If you really wanted to get to know Kelly, just listen to this album. As you all may know, she wrote/co-wrote every song on this album, all from personal experiences. I swear, when I listen to Irvine, I feel as if I shouldn't be because it's so insanely personal to her. If you don't know the story behind that song, you should read up on it, because it will give you a new insight on Kelly and her personality as a whole. And then Chivas comes on, and I love that she ends the album on a light note. Some people think this album is depressing, and maybe it is. But, it's also inspiring, because she's saying: "Okay, this is what happened to me, now I can move on to the next bump in the road." It all depends on how you look at it. This girl may have come from American Idol (which I still don't see why that is such a big deal, that's where Kelly got to show off her versatility factor and gained a permanent fan base), but she still is one of the sweetest, nicest stars of our time. With one rockin' voice! Trust me, this girl can sing Happy Birthday, and it will go #1....more info
    • Amazing...why hasnt it sold millions???
      Definitely more introspective then the last two. Thats what I love the most. It takes a lot to put your self out there like that. This cd is amazing. The different levels she can bring her voice to...all i can say is....WOW!! My favorite cd of hers so far and I can't wait for more. ...more info
    • Mixed
      I thought it was really great that Kelly fought for her rights and co-wrote all the songs on this album. The result is a little mixed, and I suspect it's because Kelly still isn't very established at the whole writing thing. This is why the album has only some listenable songs. Tracks 1 - 6 are really good. Then, the album starts to drag until we get into "How I Feel" and it becomes a little better from there, though the last track "Irvine", is rather forgettable.

      But all in all, this is a good album and I'm sure there'll be more from where this came from...more info
    • great cd
      This cd is great. she wrote most of it and spent alot of time on it! It is always in my cd player because I can relate to all of the songs on it. Please let her next cd prove that she is the only American Idol to deal with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
    • "My December" is her best yet, showing massive potential..
      for phenomenal song writing to complement her steel vocals. Sure, it not the most commercial or radio-friendly offering. That does not necessarily mean that its not great music. Think about the great music that isn't aired on mainstream radio or music video outlets. To anyone with a musical ear and penchant for introspective and smart lyrics that make you think and feel..give this CD a listen. Albeit not "pop" as her multi-platinum sophomore CD, but it will be even more addictive after the 3rd/4th listen. As my favorite CD of 2007, I hope that "My Decemeber" is a glimpse of Ms Clarkson's future body of work. Great vision and execution, Kelly. Thanks....more info
    • Rougher Edges. Eclectic Influences. Compelling Album.
      Kelly Clarkson's sophomore effort Breakaway was a pop breakthrough, ruling the sales charts and airwaves of the world for nearly two years with it's hit parade of infectious singles. Yet, that's the best that can be said for the disc - it was so full of hit singles that it fell flat as an album, sounding instead like a prefabricated Best of Kelly Clarkson mixtape.

      My December couldn't be more different. It's a strong, moody album full of honest tunes with sharp edges. In other words, it is not packed with obvious singles.

      What's more, from start to finish it is unequivocally a rock record, even when it offers A/C-friendly fare. Huge rock records fronted by women have been few and far between in recent years - Evanescence and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are the only two acts that fit the bill. And, it's been even longer since a notable solo effort by a woman in rock caught fire with fans and critics. PJ Harvey? Sheryl Crow? Alanis Morissette?

      Pat Benatar?

      You can hear a little of all of those acts on December, especially in its incendiary guitar tone and whiskey-tinged, less-girlish vocals. The zenith, and Clarkson's definitive application for membership into the sisterhood of chick rock, is definitely "Hole." For a few seconds it actually quotes a YYY's guitar tone ("Y Control"?) before dissolving into a loose, circular riff that would have been raucous enough even without it's seesawing, sometimes-discordant keyboards.

      By the time Kelly rips into the chorus, wailing "There's a hole inside of me!" you would be forgiven if you forgot that the song found its way to your ears via the results of American Idol. Breakaway had its share of crescendos, and of wailing, but not once did it sound this tangibly dangerous, this rock'n'roll.

      It's "Hole" and other edgier tracks of My December that are putting a scare in record execs and radio programmers alike, but the fear is misplaced. Maybe intentionally? The guitars are loud, but not loud enough to obscure solid all-ages entries like "Can I Have A Kiss." The titular sentiment is disarmingly reductive - especially after vicious kiss off of "Never Again" or, for that matter, of hits like "Behind These Hazel Eyes" or "Walk Away." "Don't move," Kelly vainly pleads, "I need to remember you just like this."

      Similarly, "Don't Waste Your Time" could have turned out fiercer but keeps its rage under wraps, both vocally and in a restrained pop-punk guitar arrangement. Even the chorus files down its edge, admonishing "don't waste your time on me" before emphasizing "my friend."

      If that understated sweetness seems too dissonant in comparison to the jilted, rebellious Kelly Clarkson on display elsewhere on the disc, consider that the widely-reported original inspiration for the disc was the unlikely Patty Griffin. Most people credit Patty as a top-notch songwriter and the country/folk troubadour behind the acoustic Living With Ghosts or the delicate 1,000 Kisses, to which Kelly's ballads "Sober" and the superb "Irvine" owe debt of inspiration. However, the standout in her catalog is the amped up, mostly-electric Flaming Red, which lent a heavy edge to her simple, devastating compositions.

      My December doesn't share Red's songwriting chops, but Kelly is directly channeling its sentiment and production, which emphasized a blend of sweet and sour. "Maybe" starts with a pinging, countryish acoustic riff and slowly accumulates some background vibes before finally letting its rhythm section and dramatic strings kick in halfway through, just as the vocals get a little desperate. It's not the best song on the disc, but it might be the most fully realized.

      As a solo rocker writing with a band Kelly is slightly more prone to missteps than on a disc helmed by a dozen varied co-writers to whom songwriting was a science. Some arrangements feature unnecessary extra riffing when a simpler formula would connect more strongly, as on the choruses of "Never Again," as well as the entirety of the too-frantic "One Minute." And, sometimes while chasing a specific sound Kelly disappears into it, as on Evanescence-esque "Haunted" (retreading the "Addicted"/"Hear Me" duo from her last disc).

      However, Clarkson's co-written lyrics trump the clich®¶s handed to her by pro songwriting teams over the course of her past two discs, even on the disc's weaker tracks, such as anony-rocker "Judas." The verses of the slight "How I Feel" hint at Kelly breaking out into Rent's "Out Tonight," but remains enticing for the increasing raspyness she slips into her delivery, and the simple two-part harmony on the bridge - a relief from the relentless stacked and heavily-processed vocal chords on the hits of Breakaway

      The real misstep here are the two songs that were discarded. Tinnily recorded secret track "Shivers" (or, per Kelly's pronunciation, "Chivas") is a simple acoustic regret that hearkens to Fiona Apple's playful blend of sass and smarts. "So much for true love," she laments, "I'll take the shivers instead" (adding later, "instead of your bed"). It's a terrific song that easily holds its own against "Sober" and "Be Still" - why waste it?

      Even worse, "Dirty Little Secret" rivals "Hole" for rock and approaches "SUBG" levels of life-altering catchiness by the time it reaches its slinky, syncopated ... actually, sort of arousing bridge, but it was left off of the disc as an iTunes-only bonus track. Kelly, Kelly, Kelly - what's up with that, dawg?

      The reality is that Kelly will never stop being the winner of American Idol, which is maybe a promise that no solo disc will go without a hint of the quintessential, occasionally campy songs that won her that contest. Here they're represented by the secular gospel/funk/rock of "Yeah" (almost descending into INXS's "Need You Tonight" during its bridge) and the simple chords and R&B tinged beat on "Be Still."

      The most idolized of all Idols or not, Kelly Clarkson's My December isn't Breakaway, and with it she has become something more than a pop singer. Whether management, media, and fans are ready for that transformation remains to be seen, but it's no longer just inevitable - it's here....more info
    • Not what I was expecting
      From all the talk surrounding it, I was really expecting a loud, angry rock album a la Alanis Morissette style. I was disappointed to find only a couple "let it out" kind of bitter songs on this album and the rest I found sad and mournful. An entire album? Really Kelly? It started to depress me and then just bore me. Had I known, I'd have just downloaded singles "Never Again" and maybe "Hole"....more info
      I wanted to like this CD, really I did. After BREAKAWAY, where Kelly gave in to RCA & produced a carbon-copy Avril/Ashlee/Christina type girl-pop standard teen-radio CD, I was really looking forward to seeing her get the chance to put her own artistic stamp on something. She made her label a lot of money (as have several of the Idol alum) & deserved the chance to do her own thing. But I grudgingly must admit that in this instance, that moldy old coot Clive Davis was right. BREAKAWAY was a masterpiece compared to this unmitigated mess. I've listened & listened for a catchy hook, deep original thought, or just the Kelly voice I loved on Idol, & all I hear is track after track with no discernable melody, cliche-riddled lyrics, & lots of screeching. Most of the songs are like the ramblings you'd find in a teenage diary. Her life is over because of one month-long bad relationship??? I'd hate to hear what she comes up with when someone really hurts her down the line. But at least she's trying & expanding her horizons, right? The softer tracks SOBER & IRVINE show a glimpse of what Kelly could become. But now we hear that she's back to toeing the line, kissing Clive's [...] & recording BREAKAWAY Part 2. How sad. It will probably be lucrative for all if the kids haven't turned away from her, but it's disheartening to face the fact that money conquers all & that RCA probably won't let her grow into her full potential for a long time to come after this financial & artistic disappointment....more info
    • WTF
      What was she thinking this album was pure garbage, absolute garbage with the exception of the first two tracks "Never Again" and "One MInute" but other than that this ablum was a total waste of my money and the time I wasted trying to listen to it....more info
    • "Feel how cold I am"
      Kelly Clarkson really came into her own as a songwriter on this album. She wrote/co wrote more songs on this album than her others. If you are expecting any light, fluffy songs...this is NOT you cd. It have more of an edge to it. It pushes more towards rock than the previous. The only song that I thought was ok but could've been better was Yeah...I felt that any 1st grader could have wrote it lyric wise. My favorites are..Chivas, Irvine, Be Still, Haunted, and Sober. Sober is a breath of fresh air. Her voice hits it perfectly. Sad that it haven't been a radio fixture. ...more info
    • Okay, single Remix is better
      Not Kelly's best work. The Remix to here single, " Never Again" is better then the whole CD. Hard to say that since I am a big fan of Kelly's since I my girlfriend and I meet, had to say that for a bro....more info
    • So disappointed!
      I really wanted to like this CD but I didn't enjoy it at all! I love Kelly Clarkson and I think she has an awesome voice but this CD did NOTHING for me. I really gave it a chance and listened to it twice but I won't be playing it again....more info
    • My December/Kelly Clarkson
      Too much, Too fast!

      This one lacks the vibrancy and emotion her priors exhibited. Rushed?
      NOT impressed at all.
      ...more info
    • Contrary to Popular Belief...
      This CD is good. By now, everyone knows about the crazy media ruckus that surrounded the release of My December. Being a huge fan of Breakaway (Since U Been Gone is in my top 3 favorite songs of all time), I can't deny that I was more than a little worried. However, Kelly didn't disappoint and My December just as strong song for song as Breakaway, despite the massive hits. I definitely recommend buying the entire album, but for those who are just looking for specific tracks to download on iTunes, here's a quick rundown.

      The Standouts:
      One Minute: A frothy concoction of electro-pop that makes me want to jump when I hear it. If you like a New Wave-ish techno beat, this track is for you.

      Hole: One of my early favorites from the album. It's much more edgy than anything Kelly's done before, with a fiercely catchy guitar loop and addictive chorus.

      Sober: Probably the best song Kelly's ever recorded and my hands down favorite from My December. Amazon's clip doesn't do it justice. The song is a slow, hypnotic build to an absolutely arresting vocal performance by Kelly at the end. If you buy only one track, this is definitely the one.

      Maybe: I have loved this song ever since I heard Kelly sing it on tour. It's another slow burning track that builds steadily over crunchy guitars as the song progresses. The key here is the lyrics, which are amazing and utterly personal.

      How I Feel: No Doubt meets Cyndi Lauper, with vocals by Kelly. Seriously, this song is unbelievably catchy, both lyrically and musically. It had the potential to be a huge hit, so it's a shame it wasn't released.

      Irvine/Chivas: An absolute masterpiece. Irvine is about as personal and raw as it gets, to the point where it's sometimes tough to listen to. It's beautifully crafted though and comes with a huge payoff: Chivas. Chivas is the hidden track which starts about a minute after Irvine ends. It's a hilarious kiss-off to a bad lover that's infinitely singable. I would have bought the CD for this song alone.

      Honorable Mention:
      Dirty Little Secret: This isn't on the CD; it's only available as a bonus track on iTunes. However, it's completely awesome and one of my favorite Kelly songs of all time. Kelly sounds--dare I say it--lusty when singing, with a seductive purr on the verses and an all out wail on the chorus. This song really does rival SUBG in its infectiousness.

      Overall, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend any fans of Kelly's previous work or just casual music lovers in general. It may lack some of Breakaway's polish, but it's an important step in the evolution of Kelly as an artist and one of the best albums of 2007.
      ...more info
    • Jumping on the Kelly fan train
      I was one of those people that stayed away from Kelly Clarkson because she *just* an American Idol. Kelly, I apologize. This cd kicks major @$$. Great lyrics - extremely personal but I think that's why so many people can relate, tight sound, edgy, everything I was looking for when I bought this cd. ...more info
    • More than what i thought it would be
      Honestly i only bought this item because it had the songs Never Again, and Haunted but when it arrived i listened to the full CD and is been about a week and i like alot of songs from it specially Judas thats my favorite song from that CD i really like this CD and im glad i bought it....more info
    • One of my favorite albums ever!!!
      To be honest, I didn't like Kelly Clarkson at all prior to this CD. The first time I heard "Never Again" sold me as a fan. When the CD came out, I was never happier I bought it. Every song is good and "Sober" is probably one of my favorite songs in the world. I heard little to nothing on the radio from this album which is disappointing considering how good it is. Definately a refreshing change from the same R&B crap that plays over and over again. I now am going to have to buy another copy of the CD because the one I have is scratched and worn from listening to it too much. Buy the CD!!!...more info
    • a breakup album with an obsidian beauty
      It took me a few listens to actually get use to this album. Firstly, it's very different from her previous albums, with more emotional depth and strength that it will take time to digest the raw passion from her vocals. Anyone who has been through a break-up can relate to her agonizing lyrics, and the pain is the clear link that threads all of her songs together. It's quiet admirable for her to take such a large step outside of her proverbial pop soap-box. I'm completely amazed at the diversity she pulls through her various sounds. She's not just any pop-princess, she has soul, and the control over her voice/words is a clear indicator of her growth. After a few listens, you will be able to appreicate the care she has put into this album....more info
    • Very Disapointed
      I'm very disapointed by this cd. I first heard Kelly on the dvd of The princess diaries 2 and bought her album Breakaway soon after. Now that is an amazing album. So I thought I should give this one a try and wow, I was surprised at how bad it was. Overall I only like 2 songs on this cd. I think the main thought I had while listening to it was: It's not because you can sing loud that you need to do it constantly....more info
    • I Was Disappointed..
      I've been a Kelly fan since her Idol days. "Thankful" and "Breakaway" or two of my all time favorite albums, and I thought without a doubt that "My December" would be as well. I bought it the day it was realeased, and I'm sad to say I was disappointed. The only really good songs on the album are Never Again, Don't Waste Your Time and Judas. All the others sound the same, are slow songs, and are just plain BORING. Kelly has an amazing voice, and she's a good song writer, but this album never should have been. Every artist has an album that is a fan-least-favorite, and I think this is Kelly's.

      I will continue to be a fan and hope the next one is better....more info
    • Finally we are seeing Kelly for who she is!
      As an adult man who has been a fan of Ms.Clarkson since her "Thankful" days, I am thrilled by this album, which remains my favorite album of hers. With all the controversy around this one and all the negative fan reaction, I expected to be disappointed and in some ways was. If your expecting the radio friendly, catchy tunes of "Breakaway" you've come to the wrong place. But with "My December" we finally see who Kelly is as an artist without a team of people directing her to songs. After many listens it is clear this album is artistically leaps and bounds over her previous work. And after all isn't it exciting to see an artist (particularly one who came from nowhere) grow and evolve? I think so. So here's how this breaks down:

      (1) "Never Again" - 8/10 The first single of this album certainly is no way to predict the album's direction. I believe this one was added as an attempt to please her key demographic. It was certainly made to be a radio anthem.
      (2) "One Minute" - 5/10 After several listens this one doesn't stand out to me and gets lost in the shuffle.
      (3) "Hole" - 8/10 This is where the creative juices begin to flow for the album. Certainly a more harder rock Kelly than her younger fans will embrace. But I enjoy Kelly rocking out here.
      (4) "Sober" - 10/10 Here we arrive at the most beautiful song Kelly has ever performed. The understated quality to this song is its greatest victory. A voice never sounded so pure while holding back so much. The song is a beautiful progression that reaches a crescendo that pleases the ear.
      (5) "Don't Waste Your Time" - 8/10 Initially I passed this one as after "Sober" it seems transparent but I have since changed that opinion. The song is quite catchy and seems like something that could have made it on "Breakaway".
      (6) "Judas" - 10/10 One of my favorites after one listen. Again Kelly is showing a harder rock side to her that feels more like Amy Lee than P!nk. The chorus is very easy to get into.
      (7) "Haunted" - 10/10 Without any doubt the highlight of the album. This one is powerful musically, lyrically, and vocally for Kelly. It amazes me that the record label could overlook this one.
      (8) "Be Still" - 8/10 Another one that had to grow on me. Features Kelly in a subtle tone similar to "Sober". I really appreciate that Kelly is allowed to sing this without too much processing to her voice. Overall a very beautiful and pure performance for Kelly.
      (9) "Maybe" - 10/10 Okay so maybe this one is my favorite on the album. I love the acoustic feeling of this song. Two-thirds of the way in Kelly really rocks it out and her voice soars to the end.
      (10) "How I Feel" - 9/10 Be careful because this one will definitely get stuck in your head. The chorus isn't as strong as the verses but a good song.
      (11) "Yeah" - 7/10 This one may have to grow on most who are previous fans of Kelly. Its a very different sound but the chorus is big.
      (12) "Can I Have A Kiss" - 6/10 Another one that may have to grow on you. Seems forgettable based on the quality of previous material.
      (13) "Irvine/Chivas" - 10/10 One word: brilliant! Now this is artistry! From the somber acoustic "Irvine" into the quirky "Chivas" a magnificent ending. "Chivas" in particular stands out to me with its lyrics ("It wasn't even good, trust me, I must have been so so so lonely, you are crap") she's basically saying screw you I'd rather have this shot of whiskey...priceless

      While it may not be the cup of tea for her younger teen fans, this album is for music lovers. It features tremendous artistry and maturity that you just don't see from pop stars today. The failure of this album was its lack of support from the very people who released it. Lack of promotion and horrible choices for singles led to its lack of commercial success. I probably would have released these songs: "Haunted", "Sober", "Judas", and "Maybe"....more info
    • Her best one
      With AIEW out now, it made me think about when My December came out (I may of reviewed when it first came out, I don't remember now.) I think the reason this album did not do as good was the record company did not give it the support it deserved, and as others pointed out what was clive thinking when he said there would be no hits. How I feel, Can I have Kiss, Sober, all would of made fine radio singles, even sober with being so slow but it is an amazing song that grabs you. This album shows her talent the most from her singing to her songwriting talents. And you can here the emotion in her voice when she sings, essp with Irvine, I wanted to cry the first time I heard that song. I connected on this album on a deep personal level it was almost scary. This album is way underrated. It is is a true gem, that her most loyal fans will always appreciate. ...more info
    • I own the fantastic U.S. release...
      and downloaded the track, Fading which I will review at the very end.

      NEVER AGAIN . . . A great mid-tempo that's angrier than ANY of Kelly's previously released songs. Her first single. 8/10

      ONE MINUTE . . . A great up and down track about a lover who is so f'd up emotionally. "One minute you laugh," Kelly confesses. "...then next minute you're slowly, sinking, into, something black!" A bit better than NEVER AGAIN. 8.5/10

      HOLE . . . Previously my favorite track by her ever! Now that SOBER owns that title, I must say that this great mid-tempo is still THE hardest track (rock-wise) that she's ever managed. Powerful vocal, emotionally delivered. :) 10/10

      SOBER . . . Very inspiring yet kind of sad all in one. It's dramatic ending builds and then soars. One of her most powerfully-written tracks. Love ya, Kells. ^_^ 11/10

      DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME . . . Didn't care for it much until it became a single (her official 3rd single, second video). After that, and not cause of the video, I was listening to it a bit more and gave it an actual chance and like it now. Some friends just never "hear" you. 8.25/10

      JUDAS . . . Another track I didn't originally like much. I did care for the lyrics but Kelly just seemed to scream and scream. I get it now. :) 8/10

      HAUNTED . . . Everyone likes to compare this with Breakaway's Addicted. I still see next to no connection and previously, like the two other tracks mentioned beforehand, didn't like this one much either. Couldn't relate too much and it just wasn't my cup of tea so I would more or less skip them all in a row! Now, Haunted is in the top 3 best vocally-delivered tracks and has great emotions, demonstrated vocally. 9/10

      BE STILL . . . Great ballad that I loved from the get go. Still one of the better tracks on MD and will remain to be. Super-relate-able and a slow jam. 10/10

      MAYBE . . . Great lyrics and yet again, very real. Another mid-tempo which seems to plague her CD (not in a bad way, mind you). Very honest here and lovely. Third best mid-tempo here (HOLE and SOBER are superior). 10/10

      HOW I FEEL . . . Nice quick guitar riffs. Funny but sad. It's about being single, trying to find someone, but falling flat because every guy you run into is tied to another. Yet again. "Babies; everywhere I look. Trophy wives; with their little black books." An obvious favorite. 9/10

      YEAH . . . Kinda funky. It's different and Kelly makes it her own. Also, previously my favorite track (every song seems to switch up once in a while) but has been taken by HOLE and SOBER. 9/10

      CAN I HAVE A KISS . . . Even though it's not a single this gets played where I work, which I'm guessing is on some satellite radio. Could be mistaken. Either way, it's another mid-tempo (surprised?) that shines, showing Kelly's desperation for affection. "I tried to warn you, been a mess since you've known me, I can't promise forever, but I'm working on it; If I can't hold you, can I have a kiss?" 9/10

      IRVINE . . . To say that this ballad is not only heartbreaking but heart-wrenching would be an understatement. Everyone seems to cling to this song and it's for great reason. It's so sad, and shows how low Kelly was on tour in Irvine. "I don't have long, before I fade completely." she slowly croons. It's sweetly-delivered but has brought out many tears I'm sure. Novelty runs a bit thin after you hear it 30x though. 10/10

      CHIVAS . . . It's actually a part of IRVINE, 1-2 minutes after it goes off unless you own the Japanese version of MD or another that may have it split. The Japanese version is the only one I know of that has them split. But CHIVAS is kinda funny. It's a kiss off too. Not the best that I've heard but still good. "It wasn't even good, trust me. I must've been so so so so...lonely." She admits. It took me forever to hear this because I didn't own the album until a few days after the album came out and I bought it. Still not disappointed in that decision. No doubt that Kelly's CDs will continue to be a part of my collection. 8.25/10

      FADING . . . Should've made it to the U.S. release. JUDAS is decent but it basically repeats what DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME already catchily delivers. So in a sense, JUDAS could've been left off, and FADING, added right before HAUNTED cause it would have fit greatly! But now that I have heard this, I love it. If she's talking about herself then this song gets more points from me! "Amongst these faceless others, underneath the surface, everything's so backwards, it's all a lie". 9.25 + .5 = 9.75/10

      All in all some of it really had to grow on me. I heard NEVER AGAIN when I saw the video. It seemed slightly darker and much more angry than the light stuff on Breakaway was. But it didn't necessarily catch my attention then. I downloaded the songs (minus CHIVAS) online and I found that I loved some of the other tracks and that's when NEVER AGAIN started to shine.

      137.75 °¬ 15 = 9.183333333333

      9.18 = 4.59

      4.59 stars.

      If you're angry or sad AND that type of music helps you heal then let it grow on you. Most of it should. Some think it was rushed or just shouldn't have been released at all! I agree that everyone is entitled to an opinion, but their opinion IN MY OPINION is wrong, and sorely mistaken at best!

      Rock on, Kelly. Nice to see her get a bit harder musically. One of the best pop stars of the new ages.

      EDIT: I'm now next to positive that FADING is of her friend who so sadly killed herself...4/7/08: Kelly admits on a youtube video that Irvine was written about how she felt while touring in Irvine. She also says that she only delves so deep, and the rest is a secret. Probably too painful. ...more info