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Roll Away
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Media Type: CD
Street Release Date: 06/26/2007
Genre: BLUES

Customer Reviews:

  • Back Door Slam
    This band is a really good Blues rock band.
    Half of the CD is Electric and most of the second half is acoustic.
    The acoustic side was a little let down but these guys are still great....more info
  • Back Door Slam
    In the tradition of Hendrix, these three kids (literally) have summoned the soul of 60's and 70's blues rock and are taking it to the streets once again. Give it a listen, if for no other reason than to hear their inspiration come through....more info
  • Fun new band
    This was a perfect gift for my husband. He really enjoys rock music that is not played much on the radio. I heard a few cuts from this CD and knew he would appreciate this innovative new band....more info
  • A great start but too bad.......
    This CD was so promissing but unfortunately I heard the band has broken up. Keep an ear open for more from Davy Knowles (guitars, vocal, mandolin, lap steel), Ross Doyle (drums) and Adam Jones (bass). Hopefully we'll get some future projects from these guys....more info
  • Fantastic Blues
    Great, just great. Lead guitarist and singer Knowles is like Rory Gallagher and Jimi Hendrix cross breed. The band is equally comfortable with down and dirty blues and chilled acoustic numbers. I am not a huge blues fan but I lvoe this record. Be sure to check em out live for a great show....more info
  • Making the best of getting back to basics
    "Roll Away" - Backdoor Slam's first release is a very satisfying drink of fresh water in world of brackish recycled runoff. This power trio takes the idea of blues/rock back to its origins. They play it straight and they play it right. The musicianship is exceptional. The vocals are clear. The lyrics are understandable and the groove is tight. If you are a fan of "Cream" at its journeyman best, you will love Backdoor Slam. I hope to hear more from them. Buy this CD!...more info
  • Amazing blues without the beard
    Amazing. I just saw this group at DC 9 and rushed right home to buy the tracks on iTunes. To believe that this kid who couldn't grow a mustache if his life depended on it not only penned these songs but was also the deep, rich voice behind them is a feat in itself. Classic blues that sound like they're from a seasoned hand, Back Door Slam's music leaves no doubt that this genre and sound is alive and kicking in the 21st century. Definitely worth the time and the dough....more info
  • Stop reading the reviews right this minute and go buy the CD.
    Go ahead, read the rest when you come back. I'll wait...

    I heard "Come Home" on the radio last week and thought it might be obscure Eric Clapton, but knew that wasn't quite right. I did a little research to find out who it was, and then downloaded the entire Roll Away CD immediately. Unfortunately it wasn't available for download on Amazon, so I had to resort to iTunes, but annoying DRM was a fair exchange for instant gratification.

    Simply said, this CD is authentic, blues-infused rock, alternately searing hot, sweetly acoustic, and downright funky. Even the softer songs unfold over a base of smokin' guitar and solid bass, with lap steel and hints of mandolin providing extra, delicious dimension. If you can imagine sizzling habaneros mixed with amber incense and black leather, you'll begin to get the idea.

    I don't know where these boys got the life experience to play with such heartbreaking authority, but they manage to effortlessly blend rock and blues together to form its own hybrid creature. Even my BHH (blues-hating husband) was quite impressed -- every song on Roll Away rocks. Now go buy it! You won't be disappointed....more info
  • Awesome!!
    We saw Backdoor Slam at Austin City Limits Music Festival and they were great! Big voice, amazing guitar talent - a cross between Hendrix, John Mayer and Kenny Wayne Shepherd. Buying this CD was the first thing I did when I got back to Colorado from ACL....more info
  • Back Door Slam
    I never heard of Back Door Slam a Blues Rock Band till read some of the reviews so bought Roll Away and thought it was great a well recorded CD with nice guitar & vocals so if they keep releasing great albums like Roll Away I'll continue buying their music recommended . ...more info
  • Modern Day Rock and Blues
    Back Door Slam has created an incredible album in Roll Away. The full track listing is incredible and enjoyable to say the least. It is truly sad that the band has since parted ways after their tour with Gov't Mule. Get this cd while you can. It is worth it....more info
  • Hard to Peg, But Wow A Real Treat from Today's Top 10
    This band Is hard to peg. It's a little bit rock a little bit Alternative Little more Blues a little Country Influence a little of a lot of things.
    Make up this wonderful sounding band. The production Is nearly flawless for them. They are top of my list to see Live If I get the chance.
    This whole CD Is an awesome listen. Get It from your local library If you have to but everybody should get to hear this album thats Into just good music. Gosh at a time when good music has been very lean as of late this CD Is well fresh and gives hope! The band deserves a Grammy next year for this CD. I don't have near enough time to review every CD I get from Amazon but this one has to get noticed any way It can. SPREAD THE WORD!...more info