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Superman III
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  • The Beginning of the End for the Man of Steel...
    Warner Brothers apparently doesn't know how to tell when a franchise is about to fail with the release of one terrible installment. It seemed the Superman franchise was destined for greatness from the beginning with A-list director Richard Donner leading the way for the Man of Steel's adventures on the big screen; however, after Donner's replacement during the filming of "Superman 2" by director Richard Lester things quickly went down the tubes. "Superman 2" though not completed by Richard Donner, it was still an excellent film that expanded wonderfully upon the original. Sadly, though this greatness was not destined to continue as "Superman 3" would all but kill the man of steel's further adventures on the big screen. One can only wonder why the "powers that be" at Warner Brothers would allow this terrible movie to make it to theaters let alone be completed during filming. Everyone would have been better off if this particular version of "Superman 3" would have been scrapped and replaced by something better, I mean with Superman having adventures in the comics since 1938 there really is not a shortage of material for earth's greatest hero.

    "Superman 3", also known as the worst Superman film ever to be made, finds Superman (played again, to his credit, by Christopher Reeve) falling under the influence of a manufactured Kryptonite which brings out his dark side and instead of helping people he causes pain and suffering. Now, this premise sounds like it holds the promise of being a great film, which may be how Warner Brothers thought it was a good idea to let people see this movie. Instead of being a serious exploration of Superman's darker side, we are left with basically a comedy film, wrapped in Superman's classic colors. Richard Pryor, who by the way never should have been allowed near this franchise, plays one of the films crappy, worthless villains. Many of the first two films characters are not seen here or merely make cameo appearances; such as, Margot Kidder as Lois Lane and Marc McLure as Jimmy Olsen.

    One great thing this movie did have in it was a very entertaining fight between Clark Kent and dark Superman, somehow they were split into two beings (I don't remember how this happened, not that it matters). This fight happens about two-thirds into the film, though how I got this far in this movie is beyond me, it is the best scene in the movie and it's interesting to see how the goodness of Clark Kent allows him to overcome the all-powerful evil Superman.

    A terrible film, surprisingly though this did not fully kill this franchise but it came really close though. It was another four years before "Superman 4" was released to theaters. This is the reason that the currently in production "Superman Returns" picks up after the events of "Superman 2" and completely ignores "Superman 3" and "Superman 4".

    "Superman 3" is rated PG for violence and language....more info
  • I like it!
    I know that many people dislike Superman III. I've heard all of the complaints about this movie, but IMHO it's a GOOD TIME. Superman III and Supergirl (the Director's or International Cut ONLY) have both highly entertained me. SUPE III IS FUN!...more info
  • Disapointing but has its moments..
    Well the credits at the end of Superman II warned us, Coming Soon Superman III. Well here it is, Superman III and would it be a worthy addition to the Superman saga? Well.. not exactly. But that doesn't mean it's a total loss.

    There were a lot of problems with this film. Everything that was great about the first two just wasn't anywhere to be found in this edition of the movie. Richard Lester now had full control of the directors seat and the movie was turned into a total humor and childish story that just didn't seem to fit right in the Superman universe. Margot Kidder's role as Lois Lane was reduced to a few minutes at the begining and end due to her still being steamed about the original Superman: The Movie's director Richard Donner's being replaced. The bad guy this time around wasn't Luthor but a billionare who even though he had no reason to be a bad guy, thought it was good to just be bad with the help of computers. And the story at points was pretty ho-hum, with Clark's old flame from Smallville, Lana Lang (Annette O'Toole) along with her son take the place of Lois Lane this time around. The biggest addition to this film is comedian/actor Richard Prior who played, Gus Gorman, being the main focal point that this movie would be devoted to, that could be good or bad considering if you liked the path this movie took.

    Gus is an out of work bum who takes a few classes in data processing only to discover that he is a natural wiz at computer hacking. He uses this skill to steal thousands of dollars, by making the computer give his check all the half of cents that are disregarded in paychecks by the payroll computer. When the head of the company Ross Webster (Robert Vaughn) finds out about this, instead of firing him or calling the police, he decides to use this ability Gus has to tamper with computers to his advantage. Gus is sent to Smallville to gain access to Vulcan, the weather satelite and has to reprogram it to cause bad weather, rather then just report it. After ruining the coffee crops in Columbia, Superman flies in to save the day and restores all the crops and fixes the weather there, much to the disgust of Ross.

    A lab made batch of Kryptonite is created and handed to Superman at a festival in his honor. Instead of killing Superman, the home made Kryptonite turns Superman twisted and selfish and evil. He is no longer the superhero the world remembers but goes around causing trouble like blowing out the Olympic Torch and pushing the leaning tower of Pisa straight again. With Superman out of the way Ross and Gus go to work by having the oil tankers aimlessly wander the Atlantic Ocean to cause oil shortages and eventualy they build a master computer of Gus' design that will be able to do anything they want. Including..the ability to kill Superman.

    The movie has a lot of fun moments but also leaves a lot to be desired at many other points. A lot of situations were meant to be funny or humorous but come off as silly and lame. A good example of this is when Gus is trying to get into the Vulcan satelite via a computer uplink he is busy tampering with other things in the process. So we have the Don't Walk icon getting into a fist fight with the Walk icon in the traffic cross walk light. Then we have someone's Bloomingdale's bill become hundreds of thousands of dollars and the husband pushes a grapefruit into his wife's face when he sees this. The whole opening sequence as well was pretty awful. A chain event of situations is caused as the main squeeze of Ross, Lorilei (Pamela Stephenson) walks through Metropolis and catches the attention of a few onlookers and hijinx ensue. In a scene that even Reeve's groaned on in real life, Gus in a pair of skies, losses control on top of the roof of a building and skies off the side of a building casualy landing on the street and skies away. And on and on and on.. this movie was full of many things like this that just weren't that amusing even though they so wanted to be. A definite change of pace over what the first two films were.

    But there were some pretty good moments as well. The moment that most people love of this movie is when, Superman after affected by the bad Kryptonite turns into a bad version of himself until he finaly screams out in terror only for Clark Kent to show up before him as he splits into two versions of himself. The two now battle it out in a junk yard where it's Evil Superman vs Clark Kent destroying everything in their path as they try and out do the other. Christopher Reeve truly shines here as Superman playing both roles at the same time and playing both characters as if it were second nature. It's classic when Evil Superman is swinging Clark Kent around and says "You always wanted to fly Kent, well now's your chance!" only to send him flying into the air. Also a moment that may have actualy scared a lot of people as kids was when Ross' sister Vera (Annie Ross) gets sucked into the Supercomputer at the end and becomes a robotic version of herself with all the abilities of the computer and the look to match. Superman against the computer itself wasn't as good as it could have been but still is suspensful enough to lead to a good climax.

    A lot of people say this movie killed the Superman Movies franchise but I think that while it wasn't as good as previously it isn't horrible either. It definitely lacked big time when compared to the first two, as it relied more on slapstick and uncreative moments then thrilling battles and a fun love story. I can easily see it from both perspectives. That while on one side we have Richard Prior in a ridiculous role and very unfunny moments, we also have some good Superman type elements like the man of steel flying off and freezing a lake to lift up and cause rain to fall over a chemical plant that is under fire. And some cool graphics where they have a computer like game that is being played as real rockets are being fired at Superman from the supercomputer. If you look past the bad jokes and sight gags and see what it does have , you will find a not to bad edition of Superman here.

    Overall I say why not add this? Ok maybe it's not the best movie to ever have the Superman name on it, but you can do a lot worse and it is funny to at least relive the past and the early 80's through this film. It has the token annoying little kid, and the rich guy wanting to get richer at any costs and the bully from High School too. But it also has a certain charm and fun factor that I can't quite put my finger on. For some reason it's just fun to watch this movie. It's not often you will see a pretty girl sitting atop the Statue of Liberty and have Superman come in saying he won't save her "Cause he doesn't do that anymore" only for her to make seductive passes at him.

    Check it out, it's good for a laugh, and not only due to the jokes that fill this film. Trust me, it's really not as horrible as it could have been. The italian guy in Pisa who breaks the Tower of Pisa figurines due to Superman making the Tower straight thus making his leaning figurines worthless, is just classic Superman humor. You can't make this stuff up....more info
  • An old friend visits again.....
    I just rented the VHS copy of this movie for my sons, (ages 13 and 15) who have never seen this film before, and what a blast it was. Their comments, aside from their laughter, were, "How cheap was that?" and "That was corny!" referring to the special effects.
    However, I know deep down, they actually enjoyed the movie since they stayed in the room the entire time with their eyes glued to the set. Of course they are going to notice and laugh at the special effects, the film was made over 17 years ago. Their comparing the f/x to the latest Hulk, Spiderman, and Star Wars films. Thats what they have come to expect. I would critisize this film too if it was released last year.
    I first saw this film on a date with my fiance' and I thought it was far better than Superman II. I didn't like Margot Kidder cast as Lois Lane to begin with. I thought she was much to unattractive for Reeves, and her part much to large in #II. I am probably the only person to think this but, I liked Lana Lang, (Annette O'toole) much better as Clark Kents love interest. For this reason I liked the very small part Kiddder had in this film. Richard Pryor was good as the unsuspecting villian and comic relief.
    What super-power should Superman tangle with in this film? He has already battled evil genius, Lex Luther, and 3 former inhabitants of Krypton with physical powers like his own. Why not fight himself? The synthetic Krypton that causes this sickness or multi-personality disorder in Superman is a great idea. Theres no better way to evolve the story line. How many times have any of us struggled with good and evil within ourselves.
    The evil super-computer at the end was good too. Can anyone say "Terminator III".
    Overall, I love this movie and rank it 2nd in the series with #II and IV battling for last place. Of course the first Superman will remain everyones favorite.
    Just to let you know, after the movie was over, my 13 year old asked if we could get a copy of our own. "Sure thing." I said. I thought it was like an old friend coming to visit....more info
  • Energy shortages, Toxic chemicals, and AI monsters.
    The opening scene starts with a shot where, Mr. White, and Jimmy busy setup the Travel photo shot - bingo winner promotion at the Daily Planet. Gus Gormon plot to control the weather satellite will spoil the luck winners Wedding trip too South America. Lois is departing for the tropical islands for her next assignment. Clark and Jimmy are on assigned too Smallville to write an article about class reunions, "the prodigal son and his photographer going home".

    Gus Gormon is a computer genius. Gus, receives $143.80 a week. Gus invents "Salami Slicing" routing ? cent unpaid transactions "floating around" in the computer into his expense account. Ross Webster's accountant GL reports trace the 85k of missing to Gus. Ross calls Gus a "naughty genius". Ross never wears the same socks twice. Ross wants Gus to help him to corner the coffee market. Ross tells Gus, jail is for rapist and robbers and the rapist rob the robbers, implying a torturous option for Gus. Russ wants to create an artificial scarcity and control the price of coffee by destroying the Columbia harvests positioning him too "dictate the economy of the free market". How? Russ wants Gus to reprogram the Vulcan satellite to cause weather disturbances: rainy seasons, hurricanes, and tornados, in Columbia. Gus says he will need a small Mickie Mouse terminal to do the work. One is found in the city of Smallville.

    Coffee scarcity is short-term, eventually an greenhouse method of supplying coffee would meet world demand. Russ's dream of controlling the free market was a deception.

    On bus route to Smallville, a Chemical fire interrupts Jimmy and Clark journey. Jimmy wants exclusive pictures telling Clark, "Danger goes with the territory, Mr. Kent". Clark transforms into superman, the pumphouse fails, and the firemen are without water and the fire threatens a storage unit of corrosive solid acid which is about to become vapor; acid vapor that can eat through steel/everything and destroy all life on earth. Superman blows compressed currents of cooled air at a nearby lake, then he lifts the lake to the fire, and drops it, and the ice changes to water from the heat and extinguishes the flame. One fireman exclaims, "that man is a miracle.

    At the reunion, Clark is anti-social and he carries on a dull dialogue with an aged teacher. Clark sees Lana and says, "Lana Lang, it is great to see you!" Lana reciprocates commenting to Clark that this is the first time since the death of his mother that he has returned to Smallville. Brad Wilson wishfully harasses Lana but Lana wards off his social interactions. Lana tells Clark, "I always wished that you would talk to me". In the comic strip, Lana was a insect superhero. Lana envy's Clark's adventures in Metropolis calling it the "the big apricot". Lana says, "Clark you never married", "I guess that's one that got away". Clark learns that Lana has a son name Rickie. Lana feels sorry for Rickie telling Clark, Rickie is the "only kid in town without a father". Lana invites Clark to Rickies birthday party and the group bowling activity. Rickie is a terrible bowler. Brad steps in and wants to showup Clark, embarrass Rickie, and overpower Lana bragging to Clark that he is a champion. Clark bowls a strike that destroys all the pins.

    Gus reprograms the Vulcan satellite too cause a five years coffee crop recovery by a 250 mile/hour hurricane. Gus complains to Russ that just as the destruction started "Superman began doing his thing", "Superman is bad". Russ brainstorms and decides he wants to create an oil shortage. Russ wants Gus to reprogram the computer telling the oil tankers to converge at a certain place in the Atlantic Ocean. Gus needs to stop Superman. What can stop Superman? Kryponite. Gus says, the planet Krypton blew up; there is Krypton debris floating around in space; and Gus can use the Vulcan lasers to analyze the composition of Kryponite and synthetically reproduce it on earth. Gus wants to share in the profits telling Russ, "I'm not making enough money for this gig". Gus has manufactured a near perfect replicate of Kryptonite but 5% is an unknown element. Smallville mayor awards Superman the key to the city of Smallville. Gus impersonating a General offers Superman the Kryptonite replica, but no effects are visible. Eventually, Superman becomes evil from the influence of the Rock. Gus convinces Russ to build a supercomputer that can think. Gus uses the computer to order all the oil tankers to the Altantic, command the pumps to stop pumping, and cause irreversible damage to the computer systems. The 1970s resent of the rich oil companies is rhetorically eluded too: "Someone is always getting richer", "who suffers?", "the Small guy". Rickie yells at the evil superman, "tell them you will be getting better", "your just in a slump", and "you'll be great again". Superman recovers, defeats Gus's supercomputer that can find anyone's weak spot, and restores oil back to an energy-starved world.
    ...more info
  • Not the best, but still worth a watch
    The best Superman movie was the original from 1978. From there, the films got progressively worse and more corny with each release (Superman II being enjoyable, Superman III being the one where you wonder what the producers were thinking making a third enstallment, and Superman IV being laughably cheesy and cheaply done). Still, Superman III remains somewhat enjoyable because it strayed from the norm. Unlike Superman I, II, or IV, Superman III is nearly Lois Lane-less. Instead, Clark Kent goes back home to Smallville to see if he can't spark something up again with childhood lover Lana Lang. In additon, there is no Lex Luger. The special effects were noticably done with a lesser budget than the ones from the first two movies of the franchise, but they don't completely ruin the film. There's a junkyard fight scene that is particularly engaging. And finally, although Richard Pryor was a questionable choice for this movie, he delivers some great one-liners and actually does a fine job with the role he plays.

    The Best Quotation From the Entire Film: "I asked you to kill Superman, and you couldn't even do that one simple thing!"...more info
  • not quite the worst
    This film didn't destroy yhte Superman mythos but its overreaching attempts at humor fairly made it a bad thing to be committed to celluloid. I am the Superman fan so it was a big deal for me and it needed to be a little more - lot more - sincere. The villains were comedians, the subplots were less than engaging, in fact the only good thing were the action sequences and Reeves' affable charm as the innocent Clark and the MoS. Pryor should not have mugged so much, the Producers should not have been so desperate to make a few bucks on the franchise that they would neglect their core constituency. I can only hope that the next attempt at Superman will remind us of the 1978 original and not anything after Superman 2......more info
  • This is not `Superman III'
    This is not `Superman III'
    This is NOT `Superman III'. If you watch this DVD expecting to see `Superman III' you will be very disappointed. This is not the `Superman III' which played in theatres or was released on VHS.

    The DVD is about 30 minutes short. Several scenes have been shortened or deleted altogether without explanation. Nowhere on the DVD does it mention that this is a new "shortened" version of the film.

    What's wrong: Most of the missing footage is of the inner circle of the Webster villains.

    For example the scene where Vera and Lorelei shack hands angrily is missing, leaving us to wonder why they are standing there is pain

    The scene where Ross Webster threatens Gus Gorman with prison is shortened to only the two meeting. Leaving a huge plot hole as to why they are meeting. In the actual scene Ross introduces Gus to Lorelei as his "aerobic astrologist". Lorelei shows how she has bought the toy penguin which caught fire in an earlier scene. As Lorelei plays with the penguin Ross threatens Gus with prison is he does not destroy Columbia.

    Gus's description of Superman saving Columbia is also shortened.

    The Websters working out in the gym is also shortened.

    Most of the edits consist of single lines. For example when Vera tells Gus to stop the oil pumps, Ross says, "Tell him the part about the pumps. I know the you love the part about the pumps." Missing!

    When Gus shows his sketches Lorelei comments they are the plans to a computer. After getting odd stares she cover this up with, "A hairdryer?"

    There are many other scenes as well. While the film does not rise or fall on these scenes my point is that it's very annoying that the DVD makers would simply edit out these lines thinking the audience wouldn't notice.

    This is not `Superman III'.

    While most DVDs boast containing bonus footage some DVDs have now started editing out footage for a shorter running time. Yet there is no mention on the `Superman III' cover box that this is any type of alternate version.
    ...more info
  • "I can't have anyone with me who isn't with me"
    The third Superman movie is very underrated and is better then Superman 2. Although Lex Luthor{Gene Hackman} is gone Ross Webster{Robert Vaughn} is still a good villian and he said my favorite line of the movie which I said in the title. Richard Pryor is good as Gus Gorman the clueless computer man but that role might have been better if played by maybe Steve Martin. I think the whole part with the "cyborwoman" is stupid but the first Superman had stupid things in it also like that creepy poem that Lois Lane says. What I don't get is that Vaughn played the Gene Hackman like part but he isn't top billed like Hackman. This movie is a lot of fun and makes a good saterday night movie to watch with friends....more info
  • You Will Believe Pryor Can Fly ...This Film Into the Ground!
    When the movie poster first came out to promote SUPERMAN III with the illustration of Superman flying while carrying a distraught Richard Pryor, it was suspect. When the film was finally released, all suspicions were true. Director Richard Lester (A HARD DAY'S NIGHT)did such a great job on SUPERMAN II making it a straight action adventure film, but SUPERMAN III was just too campy. From the poster, we go to the opening credits. As they roll, a sequence of "Rube Goldberg", slapstick, domino-effect, accidents happen around a clueless Clark Kent walking through the streets of Metropolis. Somehow the audience knows that this is going to be a different Superman film. Richard Pryor (as Gus Gorman) is a computer whiz who is caught electronically embezzling from his conglomerate boss Robert Vaughn (Ross Webster). Instead of turning him in, Webster offers Gorman a job to help him rule the world by controlling a weather satellite (through Gorman's computer skills), and building a super computer. Superman gets in their way and they devise a plan to kill him with a bad batch of Kryptonite. Instead of killing him, the kryptonite turns Superman evil. He mostly flies around neglecting himself, the people of Metropolis (and of the world), and doing juvenile pranks (i.e. straightening out the Leaning Tower of Pisa). Richard Pryor is not bad in the film, but more of a distraction. The movie-going audience is not used to seeing him in this type of film. British comic actress Pamela Stephenson (whose talents were wasted during her one season on Saturday Night Live--was hardly used or seen in any sketches--but she was brilliantly hilarious on BBC's sketch comedy series NOT THE NINE O'CLOCK NEWS) is wasted and miscast in her role as Lorelei Ambrosia, Vaughn's/Webster's mistress. The special effects are decent for the pre-digital age. Some of the action sequences are excellent (i.e. when Superman has to fight the super computer). Also, the Smallville sequences with Clark Kent rekindling his frienship with Lana Lang (Annette O'Toole) are noteworthy. However, most of the film did not work due to the casting of Richard Pryor, other casting decisions, some cheesey sequences (some involving Pryor), and unnecessary humor! As John Lennon's appraisal of the Beatles' film HELP! (also directed by Lester) to paraphrase, "it was a movie about frogs with snakes in it!". That seems to be the case with SUPERMAN III....more info
    I like Superman III it gives you a insight to Clark Kent's
    childhood in Smallville and.Richard Pyro is funny to.And Robert
    Vaughn's character is no Lex Luthor but just as good or just as
    bad.And the Bad Superman VS Clark Kent is a good fight I really
    enjoyed that part...more info
  • The Man of Steel Gets a Bit Rusty
    Poorly conceived and misguided second sequel to 1978's "Superman" aims towards campy comedy and misses. Clark Kent (Christopher Reeve) returns to his hometown of Smallville for his high school reunion and is reunited with his childhood sweetheart Lana Lang (Annette O'Toole). Meanwhile, an unlikely computer genius (Richard Pryor) is recruited by an unscrupulous industrialist (Robert Vaughn) to reprogram a weather satellite so that it can create disastrous weather that will effect commodity prices. When Superman foils their scheme, the bad guys try to synthesize kryptonite to destroy him, but they get the process wrong so it instead splits Superman's personality into good and evil halves.

    The plot and tone of the film is reminiscent of some of the sillier "Superman" comic books of the 1950s and 60s. Reeve gives another good performance as Superman and Clark Kent, and even gets to stretch as an actor by playing a Man of Steel with a bad streak. As a love interest, O'Toole is a pleasing alternative to Margot Kidder's Lois Lane, who only has a cameo. But they cannot save this disappointing mess of a movie, which suffers from a miscast Pryor, the absence of a compelling story or villains, and too many jokes which are simply unfunny....more info

    After the brilliant first two films there was alot of pressure for the Salkind Brothers to produce another great Superman film but sadly in Superman III's case it failed & quite miserably.

    The main problem lies with the script, the arch villain Ross Webster could have been stopped by the FBI with his plan for an oil monopoly so why on earth would he be a true villain to Superman is anyone's guess.

    Even the supercomputer,just send a few F15 bombers & lets see how its super defence deals with that.

    The only true challenge for Superman comes in the middle of the movie & that was with his evil alter ego & should (I believe someone said this earlier) have been the main story instead of this silly super computer story.

    Although there were some problems concerning pre production (Margot Kidder had a row with The Producers & therefore only appears for around five minutes in this film) but the casting of Annette O' Toole didn't really affect the film as she's one of the stories strongest characters.

    Apart from the Superman Vs Clark fight, & the Lana & Clark scenes, there is not much worth watching & the title joke sequence at the beginning is really cheesey.

    And Richard Prior in any film let alone a Superman film is a big enough joke.

    ...more info
  • Superman 3: Back to Smallville!
    Gus Gorman is an out of work, down on his luck nobody with no clue of what to do with his life. That is, until a shot at some on-the-job training helps him discover his natural talent for computer programming. Suddenly, Gus is making money again, but not nearly as much as he'd like. When he learns that a fraction of a cent out of every employee's paycheck is discarded by the computers that dish out the wages, he comes up with a plan to have all that spare change paid out to his name. Soon, Gus is living high on the hog, but his carelessness makes it easy for the big boss, Ross Webster, to pinpoint the employee who's been embezzling from the company. To Gus's relief, Webster is not looking to prosecute his newfound computer genius. Instead, he puts Gus's talents to work on his plan to control the world's weather, thereby giving the already filthy rich Webster control of the world's cash crops as well!

    Meanwhile, mild-mannered reporter for "The Daily Planet" Clark Kent convinces his boss, Editor-In-Chief Perry White, that his upcoming Smallville High class reunion would make a great story for the world-renowned newspaper. He soon finds himself on a bus with friend and photographer Jimmy Olsen, heading back to his hometown in Kansas, and making a brief stop along the way so that Superman can take care of an out of control fire at a nearby chemical plant. Once Clark is back home and reunited with his old flame, Lana Lang, at his class reunion, romantic sparks begin to fly. Clark is having a great time playing hero to Lana and her son Ricky, both in and out of his tights, and he even gets to befuddle local bully Brad from time to time too. Yep, everything is going hunky dory for Clark Kent, until Superman interferes with Ross Webster's plans to corner the market on coffee. Webster quickly realizes that if his next plan is going to work, Superman must be taken out of the picture first. Together with his sister Vera, girlfriend Lorelei, and lackey Gus, Webster plots to kill Superman by synthetically making his own clump of Kryptonite. Unfortunately for them, upon analysis, there is an unknown element in Kryptonite's chemical make-up. Gus foolishly uses tar to fill in the gaps, with no idea of what the result will be. Then, in full military garb, Gus presents the hunk of unknown mineral to Superman at a Smallville festival in his honor. Things don't go exactly as planned, but the little deception still seems to pay off for the dastardly group. After his encounter with the strange, synthetic kryptonite, Superman begins to grow more and more apathetic. Eventually forming into outright bitterness and anger. The man of steel soon cares about no one but himself, and is miserable with contempt for his own good-natured secret identity. While the new, downright rotten Superman, clad in darker shades of red, yellow, and blue, goes about causing trouble in the world instead of saving the weak and helpless, Ross Webster and his cronies are free to put their next plan into action: taking over the world's oil supply! However, this time Gus has a condition that must be met before he will agree to any computer hacking for Ross Webster's self-serving purposes. Gus wants a computer, a super-computer; one that even Superman would be powerless against! And, even if Superman knew of Ross Webster's greedy plans, he first has to deal with the villain within himself!

    Starring the ultimate Superman, Christopher Reeve, pitted against the nasty Robert Vaughn and legendary funnyman Richard Pryor, "Superman III" is an all too underrated piece of the 4 film Superman franchise of the 70s and 80s. The film is much lighter than the first two Superman films, but why does that have to be a bad thing? "Superman III" is far from an out and out comedy, but, in essence, harkens back to the classic corniness of the Superman TV series with its take on humor, while still being completely substantial as a contemporary feature film. One is reminded of Christopher Reeve's own statement about how he tried to play a bit of early Cary Grant in his innocent, goofball take on Clark Kent, and the humor of "Superman III" plays on that fact quite well. The opening credits scene with the snowballing mishaps is fantastic! With key characters reprising their roles, a focus this time on Superman's conflict with his own dual identity, and a charming homecoming to Smallville and the girl Clark Kent left behind, "Superman III" is a wonderful part of the film series that any true fan should enjoy! Richard Pryor is at his funniest, Robert Vaughn is pure sleaze, and even in her most wishy-washy moments, one still can't imagine how Clark let Lana (Annette O'Toole) get away. The film takes a hilarious stance on the computer revolution of the 1980s, along with the greed of the corporate world, but I'm sure it's the Clark vs. bad Superman fight that most of us remember from this classic film! As for the whole Superman vs. Super Computer thing and the lack of Lex Luthor or other recurring Superman villains, what's the big deal? Superman shouldn't face the same ol' trouble makers every outing! The theme of Superman vs. machine in this film takes me back to the old Fleischer cartoons from the 1940s! Great stuff! "Superman III" didn't have it easy following the fantastic first two Superman films, but it fits nicely into the franchise as another fun-filled Superman adventure! The DVD doesn't offer much in the way of extras. All you get is the theatrical trailer and some cast filmographies. Still, the film itself is a must own for fans of the last son of Krypton! Don't sell it short! "Superman III" packs plenty more punch than it was ever given credit for! ...more info
  • Another Really Cheesy 1980s Movie!
    Get "Superman III" and "Supergirl" by the Salkind folks and you'll have the cheesiest evening ever! In fact, Superman III nearly beats Supergirl in the "pure cheese" category. And if, like me, you're a fan of such movies, you'll absolutely love this DVD.

    The story - Clark Kent/Superman goes back to Smallville for a school-reunion and meets up with a really lovely Lana Lang (Annette O'Toole). Unfortunately, there's this businessman and his bimbo girlfriend and his sister who hires Richard Pryor to mess up the world-weather (and Columbian coffee) with computers. Superman turns evil after touching some green crystal (Kryptonite mixed with tar) and gets drunk, then ends up sleeping with the aforementioned businessman's bimbo girlfriend and even pushes the Tower of Pisa straight. Finally, a supercomputer designed by Richard Pryor turns evil and transforms the aforementioned businessman's sister into an evil, mechanical sister. Superman fights them all with acid and then proceeds to make the Tower of Pisa a leaning tower again before soaring off triumphantly. Movie ends. Roll credit.

    I hated this as a kid but watched it again last night and absolutely loved it. It's the nostalgia thing again. I knocked one star off my rating for it because there's this scene where Richard Pryor skies off a skyscraper, lands on the street and DID NOT die!...more info

  • Hear me out!
    There are a great number of people who have written reviews trashing Superman III. I realize that the film took a break from the usual story but why is that so terrible? Is it really a big deal that Superman III does not include Lex Luthor or much of Lois Lane for that matter? I thought this movie had a good bit of humor in it. Sure, Richard Pryor has probably had better roles but he did not do a bad job playing his character in Superman III. It was kind of neat seeing Clark Kent fight his opposite personality. The cyberwoman thing was not a big deal but it was somewhat interesting to watch that lady get turned into an outer cyborg of some sort. Come on people! Give Superman III one more chance. If you watch the movie for what it is and not compare it to the other Superman films, you won't be disappointed....more info
  • Am I the only one?
    Sometimes I feel like the only one who liked Superman III. Casting Richard Pryor wasn't a mistake, as a lot of people thought, this is one of 2 movies that I liked him best in (besides his concert films). I thought he was pretty funny in this, especially when he put that big foam cowboy hat on and did that drunk routine with that security gaurd. As for the story, it was pretty good. It wasn't great, that's for sure, but good. It was kind of campy and silly, but it was fun. The beginning sequences let us know that this wasn't going to be the same Superman movies we were used to with the chain reaction of funny accidents on the street. It made you smile. Fighting a super computer? Ok, that's a little ridiculous. PUtting out that chemical fire was preety cool. When he splits into good Clark and bad Superman? No, I can't forgive that one because that was pretty bad. Too obvious.

    I think what turned people off from this movie was the fact that it went another direction from the previous Superman movies where he was taken out of Metropolis, dealing with other villans than Lex Luthor, and having another love interest besides Lois Lane (apparently Margo Kidder was off her meds and had her part cut for her bad behavior). I think it was pretty funny when he turned evil and bedded that bimbo myself, but I guess a lot of people didn't see it that way. And Superman drunk?!?! Blasphemy! Still, it's a Superman movie and I adore Superman movies, this included....more info
  • What were they thinking?
    Really, this film should have been called Gus Gorman I, after Richard Pryor's character. When a performance like this is enjoyable, they are accused of stealing the movie. Well, I don't know if Pryor stole the film, but the writers and director certainly stole my time.

    There was humour in the first two Superman films and genuine warmth. But here it's just turned silly.

    Gone is Gene Hackman's delightful comic Luthor. Also MIA are the menacing Phantom Zone bad guys. And worse of all, Kidder's Lois Lane makes the briefest cameo. Instead, we have Richard Pryor and Robert Vaughan as the bad guy (a hapless character and a hapless actor). [Superboy girlfriend Lana Lang isn't as bad an addition, although oddly the same actress would play Superman's mother in the 2001 Smallville TV series.]

    This illogical, tired, campy script is like the kiss of death to the franchise. Richard Donner and Tom Mankewicz kept the first one-and-half films from descending to this level.

    And Christopher Reeve ... fine enough, given the inferior material he had to work with. And what is really a supporting role in Richard Pryor film.

    The DVD only offers a trailer. But I'm not sure what could make this movie "special" anyway....more info

  • Disappointing Sequel
    Superman III is the turning point in the Superman series as it concentrates solely on Richard Pryor's way of acting. I dislike the direction Richard Lester has taken to Superman III, the plot is somewhat lacking. Christopher Reeve is again the shining light of the film and I still think there are several decent scenes in this film:- for example, the battle between Clark Kent and the evil Superman and the powerplant explosion etc. However, some of the film is quite dull and boring, mainly due to the fact that it has a largely un-interesting storyline.
    Anyway it brings back memories for me when I was younger, therefore I feel it deserves to be in my DVD collection. Superman III = 3 stars (just!)...more info
  • Superman can be better
    Without Lex Luthor, this film rather suffers. But it was an attempt to create an original story instead of returning to the same old theme, which, let's be honest, can get exhausting.

    This also got me interested in psychology as a child, because I thought the whole notion of two sides of the same man duking it out was fascinating, to say the least.

    Besides, Richard Pryor is a scream here, though what he does on the computer intuitively instead seems to be very close to what a skilled hacker can do today.

    This film has one other great idea: Clarke should forget about Lois and start dating Liana. Liana is much sweeter, and unlike the Superman-obseesed Lois, Liana only wants her old friend, Clarke? And, she's smart enough NOT to put herself into deathtraps....more info

  • Superman III is just an awful film
    Superman III was the start of the "falling down" in the Superman films starring Christopher Reeve. This film is just painfully ruined by the slapstick humor approach that director Richard Lestor and screenwriters David & Leslie Newman threw in. Plus, using the movie to practically showcase Richard Pryor's comedic skills is just absurd. These factors ruined the movie. I never liked Richard Pryor's character Gus Gorman being a computer genius who creates the super computer plot at all, nor the film's bad guys either, like Robert Vaughn's character Ross Webster. They just never thrilled me.

    Plus sides of this movie include scenes with Annette O'Toole playing Clark Kent's old high school sweetheart Lana Lang, Superman stopping the fire at a chemical plant, the evil Superman, and the dual battle between the good Clark Kent and the evil Superman at the junkyard are the only things that were good about Superman III. Also, Margot Kidder was reduced to a cameo as Lois Lane at the book ends of the movie.

    This film is just awful, and I find it hard to sit and watch. This film's failure must go to the producers, Alexander & Ilya Salkind, for the falling of the Superman films. They are the producers, and they should have realised that Superman III's slapstick approach was a definite no-no. Instead, all they cared was about making money from a franchise they hoped would thrive with every film, and could care less about the quality of the stories....more info

  • Not as bad as some people say...
    The first 2-films of the "Superman" saga were the best which is for sure. But somehow, nobody liked the 3rd-installment to this action-packed, thrilling series. At times, it's a little boring but later throughout the film, it gets better.

    Gus Gorman is a professional computer hacking genius who is hired by the evil greedy Ross Webster who wants to control the entire planet's oil-supply. Superman is back in beusiness though, and foils Webster's plans at wiping-out all of Columbia!!

    Now, Webster wants revenge, and the only way to defeat Superman once and for all is the high-tech SUPER-COMPUTER!!! A computer with all the deadly traps and surprises which await our hero. Elsewhere, Superman is split into good/evil personalities after receiving a strange, mysterious stone from Gus.

    Superman must first defeat his dark ego, and then stop Webster from controlling the world before it's too late. Does Superman have what it takes to defeat the evil that lurks within himself? AND can the man-of-steel actually defeat the machine with a mind of it's own??? All is revealed in this exciting and interesting sequel that didn't make as much as "Superman" I and II.

    But if you've been a fan of the D.C. super-heroes for many years, I highly reccomend this! It's got less action than part 2, but it's Special-FX will blow you away!!!...more info

  • Oh No!!! Superman and Clark Kent
    This movie is bad, but there is one redeeming plot line - the internal struggel of Superman with his alter-ego, Clark Kent. The personalities split in a junk yard fight that is truly fun and intriging; however, beyond that - the movie is a waist. Richard Pryor is poorly used and Robert Vaugne is too camp....more info
  • Neurons in rest!

    The script is extremely pretentious, although the charismatic presence of Richard Pryor be the dramatic axis as the computer wiz who will alter the normal coordinates of a world in progress.

    As comedy it's Ok.
    ...more info
  • Not as bad as some people say...
    The first 2-films of the "Superman" saga were the best which is for sure. But somehow, nobody liked the 3rd-installment to this action-packed, thrilling series. At times, it's a little boring but later throughout the film, it gets better.

    Gus Gorman is a professional computer hacking genius who is hired by the evil greedy Ross Webster who wants to control the entire planet's oil-supply. Superman is back in beusiness though, and foils Webster's plans at wiping-out all of Columbia!!

    Now, Webster wants revenge, and the only way to defeat Superman once and for all is the high-tech SUPER-COMPUTER!!! A computer with all the deadly traps and surprises which await our hero. Elsewhere, Superman is split into good/evil personalities after receiving a strange, mysterious stone from Gus.

    Superman must first defeat his dark ego, and then stop Webster from controlling the world before it's too late. Does Superman have what it takes to defeat the evil that lurks within himself? AND can the man-of-steel actually defeat the machine with a mind of it's own??? All is revealed in this exciting and interesting sequel that didn't make as much as "Superman" I and II.

    But if you've been a fan of the D.C. super-heroes for many years, I highly reccomend this! It's got less action than part 2, but it's Special-FX will blow you away!!!...more info

  • no title
    Superman facces a new set of villians in the third installment of the superman film. Also margo kidder plays a cameo role in this film. Superman also meets his Highschool sweetheart again in this film....more info
  • Not as good as Supes 1 and 2, but good.
    A nice way to bring the Man of Steel back. The film could have been produced a little better, but it was well written and the addition of Richard Pryor brings out the comedy side of Superman....more info
  • The Superman movie saga hits new lows. HOWEVER...
    Although I thought `Superman III' was kinda dumb, I also thought it had potential that was never realized. Sure, it featured many moments of goofy slapstick and more than a few stupid sight gags (e.g., the walk/don't walk signal fisticuffs). But it showcased a few great Superman gags and concepts, like freezing the surface of a lake & then lifting & dropping it on a raging chemical plant inferno. There were also the cutesy moments that were kinda cool in their own way, like Clark helping to improve the bowling score of his high-school crush's son. Then there were those truly bizarre & somewhat surreal moments, like the "bad" Superman splittin' into two personalities, then both of `em dukin' it out in a junkyard. But topper to the list of the many pretty good ideas that were realized here is the fraction-of-a-cent computer program scam, which I believe was based on a real-life program! And, as most cult-flick geekoids are aware, this little high-tech scam would pop up again in the 9-to-5-world satire `Office Space'!

    Sadly, this potential was bogged down by quite a few not-so-great gags & concepts, as well as poor execution of some of the better ones. Who could forget the ridiculously overdone silliness of the opening credits sequence? Or the turned-evil Supes that commits such heinous acts of mischief as straightening out the Tower of Pisa and blowing out the Olympic torch? And let's not forget co-star Richard Pryor, whose presence in a flick usually was a kiss of death back when he was still relatively lucid. His familiar weirdly-stammerin'-whilst-scared-stiff routine doesn't do much to lift this Big Blue outing from the depths of cinematic mediocrity. And his character's change from a total slacker loser to a super-hacker in an instant kinda stretches the plausibility a bit too far, even for a superhero yarn!

    Still, even with all these problems, I do somewhat enjoy viewing this flick on occasion, if for nothing more than the cheese factor. And besides, as bad as `Superman III' is, it doesn't even come close to the horror of `Supe IV'! So if you ever have a hankerin' for a dumb-yet-somewhat-entertaining superhero flick, the silliness and camp of this particular celluloid nightmare just might hit the spot!

    `Late...more info

    The third installment in the Superman series, while not as thrilling as its predecessors, is nevertheless a fun movie to watch. It's important to know that this movie has an entirely different feel than the other two: a bit more lighthearted and without the Clark/Lois romance. The plot has Superman, fresh from defeating General Zod, going up against megalomaniac industrialist Ross Webster (Robert Vaughn). After he foils Webster's first plan, Superman gets exposed to Webster's synthetic kryptonite which turns him into an evil thug. But when Webster threatens the world using a destructive supercomputer, can the Man of Steel fight off the evil which has corrupted him to save the day?
    Comedian Richard Pryor is the bumbling Gus Gorman, a computer whiz, whose talents are exploited for evil by Webster. He provides some funny moments, but at times doesn't seem to quite fit into this kind of movie. Annete O'Toole is Lana Lang, who coupled with a spirited performance provides a great love interest. This film also had some really good scenes. The two best are the chemical fire and the junkyard duel between Superman and Clark Kent (wait and see why!!).
    This movie is great fun, so sit back and enjoy it!...more info
  • no title
    Superman facces a new set of villians in the third installment of the superman film. Also margo kidder plays a cameo role in this film. Superman also meets his Highschool sweetheart again in this film....more info
  • Superman III Is a Sad Disappointment
    When I first saw "Superman III" as a child, I thought it was cool. I love Superman films and love Richard Pryor. But as I look at it today, I can see that it is an abysmal mess of a movie. From the very beginning, I could see that even the visuals looked bad. Everything looks as if it were shot in soft focus. The plot about a satellite controlling the weather and a computer powering itself is pretty implausible, even for a superhero movie. That kind of story should have been left in a comic book. Also, the special effects are awful. In the third act, where Supe dodges missiles, it's laughable. I don't know what the Salkinds were thinking when they made Supe III. The absence of director Richard Donner is evident. Though, Christopher Reeve is still great as Clark Kent and the Man of Steel....more info
  • How Terrible Is This Film? Let Me Count The Ways...
    Despite the directorial struggles that plagued the simultaneous shooting of Superman I and II (Richard Donner being ousted in favor of Richard Lester), the films did very well financially, prompting a third effort. However, instead of the epic feel and formula of the first two films, this one falls completely flat for numerous reasons:

    -First, the direction of Lester. After watching this film, I am now convinced that Richard Donner really was the mastermind behind the success of the Superman film franchise, as Lester's "Superman III" is riddled with stupid humor and sight gags that do nothing to enhance the film viewing experience. Ironically enough, Donner was supposedly booted from the director's seat of Superman II due to too much farcical humor, but Lester is much worse in that department in this film.

    -The actors also seem to be sleep-walking through their roles, or were completely miscast in the first place. The new villain is wooden and doesn't hold a candle to Gene Hackman's Lex Luthor, while Richard Pryor's "funny" antics only make the whole film seem like a farce. Even Christopher Reeve, the centerpiece of the Superman franchise, turns in a sub-par performance both as the "heroic" and "bad" Superman. Not until the last few moments of the film does he seem to snap out of his acting doldrums and become the heroic character I remembered from the first two films.

    -The special effects are also a big step down from the previous efforts. At one point, the wires holding Reeve in the air can be clearly seen, while Superman's landings at times are not as smooth as they were in the earlier films. Once again, in this area "Superman III" could not recapture the greatest of the majestic special effects of the first two movies.

    -Finally, the two main plots in the film fall as flat as the acting, casting, and special effects. The "bad Supes" thread could have been done much more effectively (think of the good Kirk/bad Kirk in the old Star Trek: Original Series), and the same can be said for the "supercomputer" angle (Captain Kirk talking a computer into submission is much more compelling by comparison).

    Sadly, then, this film fails in nearly ever aspect of filmmaking. Instead of sticking with the lofty ideals and walking the fine line between heroic and cheesy that Donner did in the first two films, Lester tried to make a campier version of Superman and failed miserably. The only reason I would "recommend" this film to anyone is to show them how horribly wrong a film franchise can turn. Hard-core Supes fans will watch this film regardless of what I say, but to the casual fan I say that you can EASILY skip these two hours of boredom and not miss a beat in your Superman viewing experience....more info