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The Runner's Handbook : The Bestselling Classic Fitness Guide for Beginning and Intermediate Runners (2nd rev Edition)
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Product Description

If you're a runner, or would like to be one, The Runner's Handbook will answer all your questions. Fitness expert Bob Glover-who has trained thousands of runners-shows you how to devise a training program and keep at the top of your form.

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent comprehensive guide for new runners
    I picked this book up just as I began running and found it the best overall information source for all of my questions about running, racing, nutrition, stretching, injuries, etc. Well written and amusing! After only ten weeks I went from being fairly sedentary to running four miles at a stretch, and am training for my first 5K....more info
  • A very good book for beginning runners
    I've been running off and on for almost 10 years, running for a week or two, giving up, and then trying again a few months later. Each time I started, I didn't really know what I was doing. I wish I had read this book first - I could've saved myself a lot of time, pain, and aggravation.

    Bob Glover's book is inspirational and educational. The techniques and sample running schedules he presents are right on the dot, his information (which he draws from a variety of professional sources) is correct, and his writing style is very entertaining. Since I've started his book I've shaved a minute and a half off of my 5k race time, I'm running more often and farther, and my shin splints haven't acted up in the 8 months I've been following his advice. I've also lost 5 pounds (not that I wanted to) and feel terrific.

    Originally published in the 1970s when the running craze erupted, the book has been refined and updated to keep it in line with new information on health and nutrition and technological advances in shoe design and clothing. This book could be the only book you'll need to enjoy running as a hobby and a sport. It's that good....more info

  • Information for all types of runners
    Finally a book that was written to provoke interest and easy to understand. I had always been a "jump right in-eyes closed" exerciser who refused to ask questions or really listen to those more experienced. I really felt it took too much time. I purchased this book to get help on running my first race (5K). The result, I won my division. This book is full of information. Running had always been just exercise, now it's enjoyable and easier than most could imagine. (This coming from an ex-smoker and living in north eastern climates) My performance has doubled and I feel good when running. I've learned to love it and do it right....more info
  • Great for Beginner and Intermediate Runners
    If you are a beginner or intermediate runner looking to improve, get this book.

    I consider myself an intermediate runner - I'm currently up to 20 miles/week and have never run a race of greater than 5 miles.

    I found this book to be a great inspirational tool as well as a valuable reference. I'm flirting with the idea of running a marathon and will certainly use Coach Glover's training program if I do. The best thing that I found was that the book is *readable* - so many self-help and non-fiction books seem like they were written to increase sales at Starbuck's.

    Since October, 2000, I've been logging my running (and recently weight) in an Excel spreadsheet where I also graph certain key statistics (total miles over a running seven day period and average minutes/mile over the same period). A number of people who know about this think that I'm insane (or a geek). Coach Glover recommends keeping a diary (though he doesn't address graphing), confirming my sanity (or his geekiness)....more info

  • Comprehensive guide; great help to beginners
    At first I hesitated before buying this book, but wished I hadn't waited. In the past I haven't been too keen on running, but wanted to add it to Taekwondo and some gym work for better fitness. This was the book to buy! It has some great programs for beginners -- before you know it, you're running 20 minutes non-stop and looking at local fun-runs. So far, it's helped me improve my running times and lose around 27 pounds.

    This book has put the 'fun' into my running, and helps set goals, stay with it and stick to good principles. From running in various weather to illness, other training and safety, it's all in the book. And if I ever feel a little un-motivated, I re-read the study how pigs were trained to run a mile in under 8 minutes, up to 5 miles a day!...more info

  • Runner's Handbook has a great plan.
    I cannot imagine being a successful beginning runner without a plan like those presented in this book. I have tried running before, but with this book, I have been much more successful. It was a great find!...more info
  • Best Running Reference Around
    Where has this book been all my life? I can't get over the comprehensiveness of this book! And the tone is cheery and motivational, too. Wow! I wish I heard of this book years ago!! Maybe I wouldn't have stopped running, who knows?

    I ran from 1981 - 1986, and haven't run a step since... until the beginning of this month. This book has been a blessing to a once-upon-a-time runner now struggling to get back into shape and lose a few pounds besides!!

    I heartily recommend this book to anyone, particularly beginners and getting-back-on the-wagon folks like me....more info

  • Still running with a Walkman
    The last time his book was revised was in 1996, and it really needs an update for the 21st century. Nutritional insights have changed, shoe and outerwear technology is evolving, and thirteen years is a long time. Training programs can be very different today, and there's no mention here of GPS running, MP3 players and the Nike plus system, or runners websites. Instead, there is a discussion on running with a Walkman.

    An illustrated set of streching excercises really should be added, and the wellness and psychological content should be critically evaluated.

    That's not to say this is a bad book, it's motivational and written in a pleasant, informal tone. But if this is the only running book you buy, you'll miss a lot....more info
  • Best Manual I've Found So Far
    I can't recommend this book enough. The beginner's programs alone are worth the cost. Like many of the reviewers, I've been running off and on again for years, building up, burning out, starting all over again - all because I didn't understand the basic training principles which are outlined so clearly here. I just started the advanced beginner's program; my goal is to build a 15-mile a week base, then start speed work and eventually run a marathon. The Runner's Handbook covers it all and the recreational or fitness runner really doesn't need to buy any other books. This is kind of irritating to me since I like to buy books, but that's beside the point. My only gripe with the Runner's Handbook is that it is written in the usual happy-face style, very perky and positive and upbeat, but that's just a reflection of my generally dark and cynical view of the world, I guess. Highly recommended....more info
  • excellent guide
    The book has been a great guide for me on how to recover the fit condition I once had, step by step, and without the risk of injury. I have recently started the training program and already feel improvement. The motivation and anti-excuse propositions the book offers for beginner runners really get you to move. A good compilation of medical and technical information support the suggested programs, so it gives you a lot of confidence in what you are doing and what to expect from the exercise....more info
  • Begining runner
    Wonderful book timeless information. I was running to get into shape but ending runs shortly after I began. I was dying, I was really our of shape after 10 years of only dancing.
    The information in this book shows how to start running , how to guage your effort so as to keep it enjoyable and to keep you from overexerting.

    Heck, I even bought a heart monitor to better understand how my body is operating. I will be running for a long time now and when it gets warm again I may enter a race or two. DAS...more info
  • The definitive guide for 1st time marathon training...
    I loved this book! Everything, I mean everything, you ever wanted to know about running is here. I just ran the NYC Marathon on 11-4-01 thanks to the Coach Glover (author) training program, and I finished in 4:49. I went from clueless non-runner to marathoner using this book. Following this program, I went into the marathon confident that I would do well and I would even enjoy running the marathon. This, coming from someone who used to despise running. Regarding the book, I especially enjoyed Glover's breezy and humerous writing style. It's not just for marathoning, so buy it even if you are just looking to get some fitness advice. You will get off to the right start and learn to love running. I am now ready for Glover's book for competitive running...more info