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Street Release Date: 08/21/2007

Serenity offers perfect proof that Firefly deserved a better fate than premature TV cancellation. Joss Whedon's acclaimed sci-fi Western hybrid series was ideally suited (in Browncoats, of course) for a big-screen conversion, and this action-packed adventure allows Whedon to fill in the Firefly backstory, especially the history and mystery of the spaceship Serenity's volatile and traumatized stowaway, River Tam (Summer Glau). Her lethal skills as a programmed "weapon" makes her a coveted prize for the power-hungry planetary Alliance, represented here by an Operative (Chiwetel Ejiofor) who'll stop at nothing to retrieve River from Serenity's protective crew. We still get all the quip-filled dialogue and ass-kicking action that we've come to expect from the creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but Whedon goes a talented step further here, blessing his established ensemble cast with a more fully-developed dynamic of endearing relationships. Serenity's cast is led with well-balanced depth and humor by Nathan Fillion as Captain Mal Reynolds, whose maverick spirit is matched by his devotion to crewmates Wash (Alan Tudyk), Zoe (Gina Torres), fun-loving fighter Jayne (Adam Baldwin), engineer Kaylee (Jewel Staite), doctor Simon (Sean Maher), and Mal's former flame Inara (Morena Baccarin), who plays a pivotal role in Whedon's briskly-paced plot. As many critics agreed, Serenity offered all the fun and breezy excitement that was missing from George Lucas's latter-day Star Wars epics, and Whedon leaves an opening for a continuing franchise that never feels cheap or commercially opportunistic. With the mega-corporate mysteries of Blue Sun yet to be explored, it's a safe bet we haven't seen the last of the good ship Serenity. --Jeff Shannon

Customer Reviews:

  • Great movie. Great Blu-ray transfer
    If you're a fan of the Firefly series, you'll love the movie. Joss Whedon actually improves upon the classic series with better special effects, deeper character development, great action scenes and a top notch science fiction plot. If you've never seen the series, I would recommend watching a few episodes before you view 'Serenity'.

    The blu-ray transfer is fantastic! It looks every bit as good, if not better than it did on the big screen. I was pleased that this wasn't just a copy of the HD-DVD disc, and included features that were absent on the other format....more info
  • Top Tier audio/video for a Top Tier movie
    I could go on forever about how much I love this movie, but for those that haven't seen the movie or show I'll just say this:
    Watch FIREFLY (the TV series), fall in love and then watch SERENITY. The movie is ten times better when watched in proper order.

    This is my fourth purchase of SERENTIY, and I rarely double-dip, let alone purchase the same movie SEVERAL times. Two DVD releases and an HD DVD precede my ownership of the Blu-Ray.
    The HD DVD video transfer is pretty grand, with few complaints. This Blu Ray is ported directly over, as far as I can tell. The real winner with the Blu Ray is the DTS-HD lossless audio. SERENITY has never sounded better! If there's one thing I'm happy about Blu-Ray taking the leading crown over HD DVD is the extra memory space to allow such astounding audio!

    If you have previous versions, this is worth the upgrade if you have the audio set up to exploit it. Video is fantastic as well, especially if upgrading from a DVD.

    ...more info
  • great for the sci-fi fan
    If you enjoy the tv show, you'll love it. Basically ties up the first season and finishes where Josh wanted to take it. ...more info
  • hmmmm.......

    I thought this movie was great! Slightly wierd perhaps, but a really good ride and very interesting.


    I saw Firefly.

    And NOW

    the movie isn't as good to me
    it doesn't entirely make sense
    there is still so much missing that we never learn about. :(


    Since I watched the movie first when I didn't know it was related, I can still enjoy it somewhat, I just try (very hard) to distance it from the series in my mind. That way they are relatively unrelated and the movie didn't sck.

    (The movie didn't actually sck, but the series shouldn't have ended and there is still SO much missing that we never get to find out about, it's very disapointing, enough to cause a wee bit of movie dislike.)...more info
  • 3 stars out of 4
    The Bottom Line:

    A capable adaptation of the always-interesting, sometimes-brilliant Firefly, Serenity benefits from Chiwetel Ejiofor's exceptional villain and Whedon's wry humor; it's not a classic, but it's an effective movie....more info
  • Just another high quality Firefly episode
    This movie is wonderful, and is really for those who saw the episodes. I was completely satisfied with it after having seen all the TV episodes....more info
  • way cool
    I have to say I love this movie. The characters created through the original Firefly series have always been some of my favorites. The challenge that I have is that there are times when it seems the movie does not fit exactly into the series, but I still absolutely love the movie....more info
  • Spectacular movie
    Even if you aren't familiar with the tv series (BUY THE BOX SET), its an awesome and well-written movie....more info
  • The first rule of flying is "LOVE"
    I never thought I would fall so deeply in love with a bit down spaceship like Serenity. JAJAJ. I feel privileged that I was able to find Serenity. Never thought to be called a Browncoat but now I would be honored to. If you have not seen the series you are missing out big time. I was one of those gorram people that did not expect much but now I stand happily corrected. Go buy the series and the movie! I think the dvd series is one of the most 5 star rated dvds on amazon if not the best. Its a series with a 8 grade in imdb and a B+ in yahoo movies and #5 on rotten tomatoes 50 best tv inspired movies. You wont just be entertained but you will feel like you found a new bunch of friends. If you liked the series and movie please recommend it to all your friends. Lets make a sequel possible. LOVE IS WHAT WILL KEEP SERENITY FLYING....more info
  • DVD>BD
    Awesome fun! Upgraded from DVD to BD. If you like this you will probably enjoy Firefly!...more info
  • Could have been better
    This movie is good and the extras are nice but i still would have liked if it contained a digital version of the map of serenity valley that was available as in the other collectors edition.
    I am tired of 5-6 versions of the same movie but hey what ever sells i suppose....more info
  • This movie is awesome
    I had seen the movie before on tv but once I watched the series and then the movie I was hooked and wanted more. Maybe someday they will give us some more Serenity. Go Browncoats!...more info
  • BrownCoats Unite! (in HD)
    This is the movie + special features and upcoming BD Live stuff. Fans like me will love that the visuals are improved from DVD. I don't have a fancy soundsystem so I cannot personally comment on its upgrade on BD. Accessing the special features in-movie is great and a part of the format so owning this title on BD is a worthy upgrade for those BrownCoats out there!

    If you are watching this title for your first time, the BD version is a must if you have the choice. I was hooked on the Firefly 'Verse from this movie and I plan on upgrading my Firefly collection to BD this year.

    Give it a shot, you will not be disappointed! ...more info
  • Firefly revisited
    It seems that while Joss Whedon is a genius where it comes to writing TV series, it seems that his movies aren't always up to par. While it can be assumed that 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer - the move' was a flop since Joss didn't have much control of what was done to it, Serenity had no such excuse. Perhaps writing a plot which will fit a 90 to 120 minute feature film is much harder than writing one that will fit the 40 minutes or so of a weekly episode that can be extended throughout an entire season...

    Written to tie up the many loose ends of 'Firefly', my main disappointment with 'Serenity' was that it seemed too much like many other sci - fi X File style features. The plot itself was pretty perdictable (including the 'plot twist' at the end), and after a while I stopped wishing for something original to happen and just wanted the movie to end......more info
  • Serenity
    Joss Whedon is a brilliant story teller and this movie proves it. The characters, the action, the dialogue, they're all great. Loved the movie and the series. ...more info
  • You will LOVE this movie whether you've watched the series or not...
    I recently caught the series on Hulu. After 2 episodes I was completely hooked. I couldn't believe it when I got to the last one. This was such an incredible show. Character development was awesome!

    I finally got watch the movie. I was really concerned that it would not be as great as the series.

    I have to say, it's as great if not better!

    It stands on it's own and is incredible both in terms of characters, story line and action. It was the perfect SciFi movie.
    ...more info
  • Super Movie
    Serenity is a great movie! Be sure to watch the Firefly TV series first though. Each of the TV episodes builds a base of understanding that is important to really enjoy the movie. It's a combination of science fiction (better than Star Trek) and the old west. That's a strange combination, but it works for me. Give it a try. It's great!...more info
  • Thank you Joss
    I am so glad that Joss Wheadon decided to make this movie so that we the fans could have some closure after the end of a great show. The reasons behind the show ending were so infuriating, I am grateful that he kept us all in mind with this film....more info
  • Firmware Trouble Strikes Again
    This is NOT a review of the movie itself. The movie is great.

    I am not sure how the producers of Blu Ray expect us to continue like this. I have owned my Blu Ray player for a little over a year now and I upgraded my firmware twice due to not being able to watch a new release movie. I just upgraded the firmware last about a month ago. Now, one versioni later was released mid December and I can't watch this new release. My Sony player starts the loading process and then powers down and restarts again....more info
  • Serenity
    This is a follow up movie to the short lived, but deeply loved television series Firefly. If given a real chance, this show would be an all time hit series....more info
  • I recommend the DVD for the following..
    The series itself is phenominal and I would give it 5 stars.
    However just like they messed up a great series, fox also messed up the blu-ray package. They used a new copy protection on the blu-ray edition and it does not play properly on most blu-ray players. Even if the first 2 disks play, make sure that ALL of them play on your player. I was using a brand new player with the latest firmware that should have supported Fox's new copy protection and it still wouldn't play the last disk. Save yourself the aggravation and just get it on DVD....more info
  • One of the best movies, and the best format
    The movie is amazing. If you liked the series Firefly, this ties up the lose ends wonderfully. If you have never seen the series, you will still be able to follow the movie perfectly, and you will fall in love with the cast, then you will need to watch the series.

    The quality of the movie on this disc is amazing. Flawless. The sound is better than the DVD also. It's a shame that the inherently flawed and infinitely more expensive Blu-Ray format won the war. But rumor has it China is backing an HD-DVD format, so maybe there is some future for the best video format ever. I hope.

    R.I.P. HD-DVD - You may be gone, but you will always be the winner of my heart....more info
    Serenity is an awesome movie. It is based on the original sci-fi series Firefly. I recommend ordering the Firefly series and watching it before the movie, even though the movie stands on it's own. Firefly is a wonderful character driven sci-fi series and the movie captures the characters beautifully. I guarantee if you watch Firefly and Serenity, you'll be a browncoat for life! ...more info
  • Excellent Space Opera with Chinese-Western Twist
    Serenity is the final episode, as it were, of the Firefly sci-fi series. Since the show was cancelled after one season, over-whelming response from loyal fans of the show inundated the powers at be responsible for this Awesome show. Director, Joss Whedon, decided to make a theatrical version of the show that would make a final statement of a wonderfully written and original idea for a space opera that never had the chance to let the characters and the storyline mature to it's fullest. The CGI-special effects are excellent and and believable. The sets are well designed and the costumes are well suited for the atmosphere of the show. Not, distracting or taking away from the importance of the characters.
    If you are a fan or just like the Firefly series, I highly recommend this DVD. If you haven't seen the series and have seen this DVD or motion picture, I highly suggest you rent or buy the series Firefly. It will complete this whole brilliant concept in a storyline of Patriotism, Friendship, Family and outer space. ...more info
  • One of the Best S.F. Movies You Haven't Watched
    Thank you FOX for making sure that so few people knew the wonders of "Firefly," and thank you Joss Whedon and "Firefly" fans that made "Serenity" come into being. This is a good stand alone science fiction/action movie... but watch "Firefly" beforehand and this film is so much more of a joy to watch....more info
  • Serenity
    Reminds me of a past eternity that shows us our future eternity and one that is very probable....more info
  • One of the best sci-fi films in that last 10 years
    I watched this movie before seeing the television series Firefly, which despite being a huge sci-fi fan I somehow missed. I expected an average sci-fi epic with less than average visuals. What I got was probably my favorite science fiction film in a number of years. What makes this such an enjoyable film is that it doesn't take itself overly seriously. It has the same sort of unbridled enthusiasm for its subject matter that the original STAR WARS trilogy did back in their day. The plot is good, the acting good to great, and the visuals are remarkable for a film with the budget size of this one.

    The plot revolves around the crew of the cargo/smuggler ship Serenity and their adventures while protecting a renegade girl psychic and her older brother. Fleeing the totalitarian government known as The Alliance who had been experimenting on River, the crew of the Serenity take on a new level of risk, and are forced to decide between continuing to assist River, or turning her over to the authorities. Intermixed with the main plot are encounters with Reevers, space faring cannibals that terrorize human colonies. Eventually it is revealed that the Reevers, River, and the Alliance's interest in River are interrelated. As River is able to remember more and more of her past and the experiments she was subjected to, the truth emerges and sends the crew of the Serenity to the strangely empty colony world of Miranda which holds the key to the Alliance's undoing.

    The acting is very well done, beginning with Serenity's captain, a loose-cannon, military veteran named Mal Reynolds, immediately likable in the same sort of way as Han Solo. Played by the TV staple Nathan Fillion (LOST, DR. HORRIBLE'S SING ALONG BLOG), he is a very well crafted character who is at times honorable, others ruthless, and always entertaining.

    River, the psychic girl, is also very well cast. Played by Summer Glau, a relative unknown at the time (now starring in THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES), she is equal parts coolly efficient assassin, teenager haunted by frightening memories, and world-wise cynic. She is believable as all three, and captivating to watch whether wielding ad-hock weaponry ala Jason Bourne, or throwing out cleverly cryptic insults like the pregnant girl from Juno. There is an animal intensity to the way she plays River that is thrilling to watch.

    The other major rolls are filled admirably with another interesting performance turned in by the film's main antagonist who goes simply by The Operative. He is clever and intelligent, defying stereotypical enforcers from totalitarian regimes. "This is a good death," he tells the man responsible for River's escape as he takes his last few breaths impaled on a sword. "There is no shame in this." He is able to convey a sort of moral depth that gives his character a level of gravitas few cinema villains ever achieve.

    While clich¨¦ is present in the film, it is kept at a minimum through two very interesting methods. The first is the use of Americanized western-style dialogue that is free from the more painful bits of sci-fi jargon. This provides the film with a 'culture' that is distinct as well as entertaining. It's a joy listening to the dialogue, and makes the movie worth watching more than a few times since you pick up on new things you might have missed the first time through. The other thing that helps Serenity stay fresh throughout is the remarkable level of detail in the art direction. The sets in the film are just believable, be they the interior of the ship, the colony worlds where Serenity lands, or the surface of the mysterious world Miranda. There is a grittiness to the ship, the weapons, and even the hand tools that shatters any disbelief.

    As in just about any film, there are the inevitable plot holes and mistakes. However these are largely irrelevant to the main story which moves along briskly, with the exception of a possibly unnecessary love interest complication for Serenity's captain. While not the most original plot line ever conceived, it is more than adequate to let the best elements of the film shine: interesting, multifaceted characters, terrifically good writing, and beautiful art design.

    A fantastic sci-fi film well worth owning. 4/5 stars. ...more info
    SERENITY was so much better than almost any of the other sci-fi around- including the last three over-blown STAR WARS episodes. The characters were wonderful, the acting was solid, the action fast, and the special effects never got in the way of the story. A definite must-have for sci-fi lovers....more info
  • best HD version of the movie...
    ... in my experience. owning a blu-ray player (Panasonic DMP-BD10AK) but not having an HD player makes me hesitant to say this, but there it is.

    saw this twice in the theaters, and owned two copies on DVD, this blu-ray shows better detail in throughout the movie. the audio is better but still comparable to the DVD.

    with the Firefly blu-ray set, this makes for wonderful HD entertainment.

    ...more info
  • This calls for a sequel
    So like many people (thanks to Fox simply not marketing this show) I saw the moview in the Theatre's before I ever knew there was a show. The movie itself did not have much marketing, probably why it did not do so hot there. However after the movie, I wanted more right away. The story in this movie is so original, and yet something we can all relate to. A body of people, who for "our own good" create a society, where as long as we think and act as one, everyone will be fine.
    I have watched this movie (and the very brief series) countless times, I feel a major need for a sequel, i know bringing it back to the small screen is unlikely, especially with Fillion's new show starting soon (Castle) but, a return to either the big screen or a direct to DVD movie would be very welsome....more info