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West Germany, 1988. To avoid certain collapse, the Soviet army boldly advances into Europe. NATO responds only to be met on a second front -- a diversionary attack on the American homeland. You are a field commander, leading the era's most powerful military machines in the campaign to retake America's cities and suburbs. Unleash ground-shaking artillery barrages, napalm strikes, and awesome tactical nukes that turn the tide of battle. ESRB Rated T for Teen.

On November 9th, 1989 the Cold War was supposed to end…it didn't.

World in Conflict is the action strategy game where players defend their country, their hometown, and their families in the face of Soviet-led World War III, delivering an epic struggle of courage and retribution. You are a field commander leading the era's most powerful military machines in the heroic effort to turn back the invasion…one city and suburb at a time. This war isn't on television. It's on our soil and in our backyards.

Prepare yourself for the most intense strategy game ever created.


  • War is Coming Home
    - Fight in towns, suburbs, and cities based on real-life locations in America, Western Europe, and the USSR.
    - Experience a chillingly plausible single player campaign crafted by Red Storm Rising co-author and Tom Clancy collaborator Larry Bond.
  • Unmatched Visual Payoff
    - The battlefield explodes in a fury of cinematic action with World in Conflict's ground breaking graphics technology that supports DirectX 10 and DirectX 9.
    - Permanently destroy the environment - beautiful, yet deadly artillery, air, and nuclear strikes lay waste to the landscape.
    - View the conflict from every angle with amazing 360 camera control that can effortlessly get right down in the midst of combat or view the entire battlefield.
  • The Most Intense Strategy Game Ever Created
    - Choose the units you want right away and join the fight in seconds - its all about explosive action.
    - Employ breathtaking super weapons like ground-shaking artillery barrages, napalm strikes, and awesome tactical nukes.
  • Fast Paced Teamplay
    - Battle online with up to 16 players. Coordinate your attacks with VOIP support.
    - You'll master four different player roles; Air, Armor, Infantry and Support, in the ultimate online teamplay experience.
    - Drop in multiplayer allows you to join on-going games and immediately help your team take control of the map.
  • Unleash the arsenals of the great military superpowers in the gripping single-player story created by best-selling author and Cold War authority, Larry Bond.
  • The latest version of Massive's proprietary engine allows for a full 360 range of camera control, allowing you to get right down into the midst of battle.
  • Destroy every object in the game - crush cars, destroy buildings, burn forests!
  • Join on-going games and immediately help your team take control of the map.
  • Master four different battlefield roles; Air, Armor, Infantry and Support, in the ultimate online teamplay experience.

Customer Reviews:

  • RTS for the FPS generation
    Ever played Command and Conquer or Company of Heroes and wished that you didn't have the elaborate tech trees to flesh out? Ever wished that you could just go and in kick some [...]? World in Conflict is for you.

    True, a level of cerebal strategy is sacrificed. You can flank enemies, separate their forces with different units, and the like, but the strategy as a whole is more limited than in other RTS games. However, this applies mainly to the single player game (which offers fantastic cutscenes, voice work, and general ambience). Multiplayer games offer a greater chance to work your frontal lobes.

    WIC could also be known as Company of Heroes Express. It's a great game that really appeals to those of us who want to start playing right away, and it might be somewhat disappointing to those who want their RTS games to be like a protracted game of Risk....more info
  • Underated Masterpiece
    I've played many, many, strategy game in my day, and I have to say that this game rates up there with Starcraft and Total War. The camera controls are perfect (finally!), and the action is fast enough to satisfy even an FPS player. As for the "strategy" aspect, simply because you don't gather resources and build buildings doesn't mean there is none involved. There are plenty of strategies to learn and master.

    The really great part of this game though (like many others) is the multiplayer. That is why I was so distraught to see people giving the game a bad rating, solely based on the singleplayer campaigns. Playing online, you are very dependent on teamwork, as your army is joint controlled. The communication system is great, with many different markers to place on the map (e.g. move here, bring Anti-air here, place napalm here), and built-in voip.

    If you are still unsure if this game is for you, download the demo, its free. ;)...more info
  • Non-Gamer Review: This is the Ultimate Treat for Tom Clancy/Larry Bond Fans
    This title appealed to me because I am fan of Tom Clancy novels, particularly "Red Storm Rising." While not a big gamer, I have enjoyed the classic RTS games like "Age of Empires" and "Starcraft." Two of my favorite games as a kid were M1 Tank Platoon and Red Storm Rising. Nothing in any of these games could have prepared me for World in Conflict. Being able to fly the camera all over the virtual battlefield engaging in fast-paced, exciting skirmishes, with spectacular explosions, beautifully rendered landscapes, and a compelling single-player campaign is a treat.

    Any modern military history buff will greatly appreciate the accuracy of the unit functions and graphical details (for example, even the cargo planes drop flares as the fly low to release reinforcements, just as they would in war-time). This game would be the perfect gift for any non-gamer fan of Tom Clancy/Larry Bond novels.

    There are a few drawbacks:
    - Heavy system requirements: I have a 3 month old XP desktop (DirectX 9) and could only play on "medium" graphic level. Still looked spectacular, though.
    - The game is so much fun that the single-player Campaign feels too short. I was hoping for many more missions or to play as the Soviets. Here's hoping for a large Campaign expansion pack.
    - It's difficult to find/start the single player skirmish mode (had to go online to figure out how)
    - I would prefer if unit attributes were not the same for all three factions and more reality-based (for example, Abrams tanks should be much faster than Pattons or T-62s)

    Still, this game is fantastic and deserves a far higher Amazon rating than the current 3-star average. WiC is easily the most fun I've had playing a computer game since the original Starcraft.

    ...more info
  • Strong opening, weak ending
    It is good for ppl who doesn't own the original WIC, just $29.99 includes the expansion and the original game; however, for people who already owns WIC might find the expansion little bit disappointing. The expansion only has six missions, and 4 of the maps were from original WIC mulitplayer. Also, the soviet ending doesn't tell you much, and might leave you clueless. It is just feel like the later soviet side story is rushed to end(Strong opening, weak ending.) Cutscenes are top-notch like everyone said, it just need more contents. It is also sad many of those awesome WIC trailers video didn't make into the game....more info
  • Good
    Very good game.
    Fun to play with friends if they have it.
    Campaign is good....more info
  • A pleaser with some flaws
    World in Conflict managed to do something for me that no other "modern era" based RTS has done yet... hold my attention. Admittedly I have only played, and intend to play, the single-player portion of this game so take that under consideration.

    Strong points:
    Incredible visuals
    Richly written campaign
    Neat resource system
    Satisfying unit build
    Emphasis on mixed unit tactics and fire-support

    Weak points:
    Heavy handed mission objectives
    Demanding graphics engine

    Overall the game is a satisfying RTS that focuses on tactical combat and cooperation between field commanders and fire-support assets. A good system really lets this offering shine in the graphics department with lucious effects and highly detailed maps. Unfortunately the game is built around low-ranking officer tactics, with the usual strategic decisions left to the lead commander (objective giver really). This game is certainly worth a look....more info
  • Kirk
    This is a pretty good game and it runs well on the Vista OS. Graphics, sound, and game play are quite good. What I find to be particularly note worthy is the absence of resource gathering which proliferates most RTS games. Do well in battle and you are rewarded; throw away precious combat resources and you are penalized. This is a true original....more info
  • Very entertaining rts
    Real time strategy as you fight WW3 in the mid 1980s.
    If you saw the film Red Dawn, this is the kind of thing you see here, Russians invading the US mainland and you control a variety of troops to try to hold back the red hoard. You play the part of a lieutenant undertaking a number of missions, very similar to Company Of Heroes but with more modern weapons. Mainly you control ground troops, but there is one chapter where you command helicopters fighting above New York and the Statue of Liberty.
    Playing the single player campaign at normal level, I really enjoyed this. There is no base or structure building, this is about using your resources wisely, along with re-enforcements and artillery. The story jumps about a little, the US, Russia and Europe all feature and there is a backstory that links it all together.
    But controls are easy to use with nice graphics and you get involved quickly and easily and as the story unfolds you start to enjoy it more and more as you grow in confidence and ability with your troops.
    If you liked Company of Heroes then I have no doubt you would enjoy this too - great stuff.

    ...more info
  • Great game, but needs a lot to be great.
    This game is one of the best strategy games in the computer history ever (as the critics and developers say.)

    To me, I think it just a new strategic game that has some new features and ideas; which it makes it just a fun to play the game, nothing less nothing more. These new features or ideas to some people is good things to me is just normal, but for my cousin wasn't that good.

    The game graphics and game play is great, but there one problem about it; which it needs a high-end game machine to play. Due 2 core processor around 2.13 with 4gb 667 of ram and 8800gts video card it's not enough and I don't know why?...more info
  • Not my kind of game.
    This isn't what an RTS 'should' be. To that end, if you're a Starcraft/Warcraft fan, you'll find this game extremely close-ended and unentertaining. I became bored in the first 3 missions, and as impressive as the trailer or intro make it look, its much more dull and definitely not what you'd expect if you're used to base-builder RTS games like Age of Empires, Starcraft, Sins of a Solar Empire (the only good kind, in my opinion)....more info
  • No fun
    This game is a drag unless you are a serious strategy and tactics buff. My nephew (15) hated it for the slow play and lapses in action. ...more info
  • Horrible Gameplay
    If you like sweating in annoyance while playing a video game like it's a chore then you'll love World In Conflict. The single player is fairly good and entertaining, but once that's over and you hit the multiplayer you'll resent the time you spend playing this game. Every click and keystroke just leads you further into a pit of competitiveness where you rarely come out satisfied. Eventually you just need to learn to quit while you're behind before you get pissed, or waste your life like a World of Warcraft gamer trying to get good; where no matter how hard you try you'll always realize how much time you wasted or how much you suck....more info
  • Red Dawn 2
    This game is a blast to play. Being a Veteran who served in the 1980's, the Soviets were the biggest threat at that time and this game conveys that fact very well.

    The tutorial is entertaining; the Drill Instructor voice over is perfect. The game is easy to play and you don't have to spend a huge amount of time learning the controls. The game play and graphics are fantastic... I advise any potential player to read the box and make sure that your machine is capable of running the game.

    The only gripe I have is the load time between scenarios... a very minor thing compared to the overall game play. I highly recommend this game to any war buffs out there.... you won't be dissapointed....more info
  • Instant gratification, But slowly becomes a boredom after a week or two!
    World war 3,

    Great concept, fluid game, just not enough diversity!

    The aim of the game is to take 'Command points' these are circles that appear next to a house or building you must capture. Move your units inside capture the command point, rinse and repeat until you win!

    The Big picture strategy is simple, however you must hold thre command points for X amount of minutes before they are yours so you have to fight for them. However after you have mastered the basics there is no real strategy involved apart from organising your units into buildins, behind tree's or having your tanks or aircraft in the right place at the right time. You will of course get bonus weapons such as air strikes (and yes WOMD) to do away with your enemies but in the end all your doing is capturing Command points.

    Its an instant gratification game some people will find it tedious after a point and some will simply love it. I found it tedious but you may not try the demo borrow the game then decide.

    Good buy but no THAT great.


    Jack...more info
  • There's no problem that can't be solved with enough airstrikes
    That, along with my other favorite adage ("squishing guys with tanks never gets old") is a great axiom to keep in mind when playing World in Conflict. Wow, this game is quite a thrill ride- especially for fans of Larry Bond's work, or Tom Clancy's older wargames. The plot could have fit right into 'Red Storm Rising' and the top-notch voice acting in the single player campaign does it full credit. Pack in some superb graphics and incredible effects, and you have the definitive Cold War RTT.

    Note that the last letter is not a typo; this isn't Starcraft or Red Alert. You don't build anything, don't research anything, and don't even have any base to speak of. If you capture control points, some fixed fortifications automatically build, but these are generally quite weak and can hardly be termed a 'base.' Your sole resources, such as they are, are command points and tactical aid points. The former allows you to airdrop reinforcements onto a designated landing zone, and is replenished slowly as your units are lost. The latter lets you get down to the serious business, which is calling in all manner of wanton destruction on anything (and anyone) you see fit. From mortar strikes to airborne troop drops, heavy artillery to tac nukes, you have one heck of an arsenal available and can shape the battlefield- literally- with a few well-placed clicks.

    The single play campaign is pretty standard fare, with a linear mission and scripted objectives. It's well done and is enough to bring forth a tear from fans of the jolly old days when the Iron Curtain was more than just a history lesson. The campaign takes you on a brief tour of Europe as well as the US, and introduces you to the full range of units available. These units are generally subdivided into four categories: infantry, armor, support, and air. They work pretty much as they sound, and generally have a rock-paper-scissors relationship that should be familiar to any RTS veteran. Tactical aid is also introduced in all its crater-making glory, and you get a good feel for using it to best suit the strengths and weaknesses of your deployed units. Thus, while it does run a bit short and won't exactly knock your socks off, the campaign does a good job of introducing you to the style of the game.

    Since the terrain can be so dramatically deformed, and offers the full range of advantages and disadvantages you would expect (i.e. those trees making it hard to spot infantry, though they also burn plenty easily...) it's immediately apparent that battles can take sudden and sweeping turns. You control relatively few units, and the stronger your deployed units the fewer you can have at once. Additionally, even weaker units have special abilities that can briefly make them a match for much heavier forces, and of course there's no stopping a unit of heavy attack choppers even if you have a whole brigade of main battle tanks. There are three different factions- the USSR, US, and NATO- but the differences are largely cosmetic. That is, a T-72, Leopard, and M1 are pretty much identical. Tactical aid is similarly identical, though some abilities look different depending on your faction (i.e. the jets dropping that spicy napalm on your hapless foes).

    It doesn't take much longer than basic training for you to realize that this game could turn into one seriously frantic fragfest when taken online- and you would not be mistaken in the least. Tactical aid is what really makes the game fun, and it helps that spending tactical aid usually results in you getting even more (due to kills resulting in, say, that heavy artillery barrage you just spammed across the valley). With multiple people calling in tactical aid simultaneously onto the battlefield, and mixed units running around trying to secure objectives and destroy the enemy, it is fully as intense as any real battle ought to be. I wouldn't go so far as to call the game realistic- for one, there's no way anyone would even consider dropping a main battle tank out of a moving air transport- but once the daisy cutters start raining down you tend to forget about realism. As an added plus, players need not wait for a new battle to start, as is the case for pretty much all RTS games. You can simply join one in progress, and this generally works due to the small number of units you actually command.

    Some say that World in Conflict is only fun online; I respectfully disagree- it's a great single play game in itself, though admittedly the online component is at least as good and probably better. You can't play this game in the way you would play any other RTS, and the only other game I've seen that has similar mechanics is Ground Control (probably not a surprise, as it shares development heritage). If you're a big fan of resource management and base building, this isn't your cup of tea. If, on the other hand, you are a firm believer in the power of a good airstrike, then this is exactly what you want to see....more info
  • Excellent RTS!
    I was very pleased with the World in Conflict game, I couldn't stop playing it until I ended it. I am looking forward for the expansion "Soviet Assault"!...more info
  • World in Conflict
    This is my first time with this type of game, and I am thoroughly pleased with it. True the game uses loads of memory, but considering I have Vista to begin with it is not surprising. The on-line conbat is exciting and the single player mode is exceedingly challenging....more info
  • Amazing gameplay and graphics
    The single player campaign is long, so you don't feel cheated, and then the multiplayer games can keep you entertained for months. I'm certainly getting my money's worth.

    Although I have other games, this is the one I find myself playing most often. Both the online multiplayer and the single player campaigns are great. The battles are very intense, as you drive your tanks through artillery barrages and hope to miss the incoming shells, or fire the artillery yourself at places where you think there might be enemies. One great accomplishment in multiplayer is that each of the specialties (tanks, helicoptors, etc) are well-balanced, so that you find people using all of them.

    Each online multiplayer game takes about 20 minutes, which is perfect for me. As much as I enjoy games like Age of Empires, I just don't have the 1-2 hours that one of those games can take. ...more info
  • Ok game. Didn't live up to expectations
    As the other reviews state, very little strategy. They just throw wave after wave of things at you and you watch things blow up. There seems to be no way to really "lose" because as your units get killed you can just ask for more with your reinforcement points.

    This would be a good game to get on the second go around after a price drop. Hopefully upgrades and add-ons will add a little more variety to the game.

    I find this one WAY less addicting than C&C....more info
  • Gifts for Boyfriend
    I bought this game as a gift for my boyfriend. He absolutely loves it! And, delivery was extremely quick, only about 2 days even though I chose standard delivery....more info
  • Makes me miss the Cold War
    This RTS hybrid is a great take on alternative history. What if the Soviet Union had invaded Europe and eventually the United States in the 1980's? Before this game my only answer to that would be to go rent Red Dawn, but now I can actually take part in this great what if scenario. The gameplay is refreshing for the RTS genre and I like the reinforcement system, just order units and go. The story is absolutely great and with voice acting by Alec Baldwin whats not to like? The graphics are superb as well, environments can range from lush forests to cities to snow covered mountains and they all look great. The multiplayer component was fun for the limited time I spent on it and the mission editor is deep and requires some studying before attempting to use it. Overall a great game....more info
  • Quality game
    The game is must for anyone that enjoys RTS. The graphics are quite good, especially if you have a quality video card, but even if you don't you can lower the settings to get an acceptable frame rate.

    Wonderful replay value since you can try to win each scenario in a variety of ways. You can win in 10 to 20 hours depending on the level of detail you put in each mission.

    The only downside is that i have been having problems trying to play multiplayer over the internet.

    Buy the game! you won't regret it.
    JP...more info
  • Strategy *IS* is teamwork
    If you're not a team player, this isn't the game for you. If you don't like the idea of having to rely on others and having others rely on you, then this isn't the game for you. This game is all about teamwork, and if thats not something you're interested in, save your money: the novelty of the graphics, sound and game environment (all of which are simply stunning) will wear off sooner or later. At that point one should really concentrate on joining a clan (there is extensive game support for clans and regular clan-war events) and learning to use teamwork.

    There isn't much strategy to the game (as some have prematurely observed) *unless* you're utilizing teamwork. Most matches are 8 vs. 8. Each player can choose a role to play: armor, air, infantry or support (anti-air and artillery, basically.) Armor is weak versus air units, air is weak versus support units, et if you're not actively working with and covering the weaknesses of other players (and vice versa), you're going to be picked apart and blown away pretty quickly. There's no need for strategy in that situation since nothing is going to get done in the first place.

    However, when a team is acting as a cohesive unit, strategy becomes paramount--where to attack, and with what? Where to defend, and how tenaciously? How to exploit the enemy's weaknesses, and how to hide your own? What can you sacrifice, and what must you hold no matter what? In this sense, it can be compared to a giant game of three dimensional chess played by sixteen players at once.

    One can find this sort of cohesion on public servers on occasion (and as of writing this in mid-June, there are well over a thousand servers in all parts of the world). But again, getting into a clan and learning how to play as a team is going to make the difference between a disappointment and a whole lot of fun. ...more info
  • Great graphics, but terrible gameplay
    After being excited for several months prior to the release of this game, I was sorely disappointed after playing this game for the first couple of hours.

    The game is completely scripted and there is no deviating from the script. Each mission simply consists of you moving your units around to the designated spots so they can automatically shoot enemies for you. Simply put, there is no strategy in this game. The computer is looking for you to do something and if you do it, then you pass the mission.

    Those looking for a recreation of C&C should go elsewhere. Although the graphics are great and if you have DX10 you can run dual-monitors, it simply does not make up for the $50 you have to spend to move tanks and troops around in a pre-defined fashion....more info