Nortech Security 2.4GHz Wireless Color Security System
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Product Description

Use this Nortech Security wireless system to keep an eye on things wherever you are. Position the Nortech security camera to monitor your children or loved ones and watch your door. System can be set up indoors or out, at home or at work. Infrared night vision allows the cameras to capture images in low light. The receiver connects to any monitor/TV or computer with an A/V cable. Package contents: (2) 2.4 GHz Wireless Color Cameras--Wireless Receiver--Remote Control--Power Cords--A/V Cable

  • Night Vision
  • Baby Monitor
  • Nanny Cam
  • Retail and office security
  • View digital images on any TV
Customer Reviews:
  • Annoying Problem
    The first thing I realized when unboxing these cameras is the fact that they dont pivot in any direction, only up and down. BIG problem when you're putting them on a wall and are trying to point them left or right. Funny how no one mentioned that. You cant flip the camera on its side because the image wont correct itself. So im going to either have to spend more money finding a decent swivel mount or ghetto rig something in order to have the cameras point in the direction I need them to point. BIG UPSET. Image is clear and IR works "ok". Color doesnt work unless camera is next to the base. (Which is a rip) Audio wouldnt work first time I plugged in. Had to unplug and replug a few times before it started to work. Not a good first impression of Nortech for me. Low end low budget cameras right here. ...more info
  • Junk
    The cameras only work from about 3 or 4 feet from the base station then start to break up with static. They initially interfered with my WiFi greatly, but I changed the channel on my router and it helped (although they do still interfere it is usable at this point). I put two of them in the same room about 4 feet from each other and put the receiver in the middle of them on the floor, then ran an RCA cable under the floor to my computer in the other room. They transmit audio and video, which is nice, and the audio is clear. They have a nice fairly sharp picture during the day, but the IR LED's night vision is pretty useless, all I can see are the license plates and headlights of the cars in my driveway (even with a light turned on,albeit a dim one), and the IR LED's will reflect at night if you plan on putting them behind a window. Don't waste your money on this system; for $250-300 you can get a real, fully working 4 camera wired or 2 camera wireless one....more info
  • It works fine!
    Just a few notes from an oldtechnohobbist:

    I got mine a few days ago and tested it out on two VCRs (one of them was a vcr and dvd combination). Dispite 'many' failed attempts at getting the camera's receiver to record on a vhs tape--I finally succeeded. It turns out my equipment was bad--the security camera and equipment work fine. My equipment chewed up two of my classic monster movies--well, need I tell you 'that's that for them'! I chugged on down to one of those big boxes 'marts' and got a brand new Magnavox VCR/DVD player. I recommend them ($53.00) because I've had a ton of trouble with DVDs.

    As an old techno, I won't take that from a machine. So I got one basically designed to take the dust coveroff so I can hand clean the Laser reader head on the's the ONLY fix...with a Q tip and a drop of rubbing alcohol.

    Now, to the reason I'm writing this review. PROS and CONS;

    1. It works fine, night and day.
    2. In my ten by ten foot bedroom, in near total dark, it lights up nicely.
    3. Easy to put to gether.
    4. Easy to install.
    5. VCR recording is simple (that's a star right there).

    1. Uses something like a 'infinity focus' so it can focus on objects a few feet away to longer distance. I feel this is a mistake, after twenty feet, the image becomes fuzzy. Even my computer camera has a 'twist' focus lense I can focus on something close, or refocus on something futher away (sharper image this way). (no loss of a star here).
    2. Yes, it is in color--BUT, if you have direct sunlight it will wash out the image...making your lawn appear white. (no loss of a star here either.) You know when the sky is milky colored from smog or high humidity--with the sun behind a house but still facing the camera--and causing the sky around it to glow white--these particals of reflected light will wash out your image and change its' color.
    3. When the sun starts going down, twilight, a dozen or so round holes on the camera's front light up red with LEDS. Not something you'll want to wake up to some early morning (a big red eye staring at you unblinking). -- no big thing, the diodes (LEDs) aren't bright.
    4. I want all of you (who don't have one of these cameras) to remember--Wirless doesn't mean 'no wires. It means you don't run a wire to the Receiver. You still have to plug the cameras in, they are not battery operated.
    5. The instructions are a little short--but direct to the point. They do not tell you how to plug it into a VCR, or that the image can be taped. (It can).

    That's basically it, for now. It is worth the price, the unitssmall and kinda 21st century in looks--silver in color. As an oldtechno, I don't think you'll beat the price for quality. I have noticed the 'brick' (that's the part you plug in) does seem to get a little warm. Oh yes, as another reviewer mentioned, can't place these things up against a windowpane, it will reflect its' own image back when night time comes and all you will see is that 'red' eye.

    Finally, the red cable plugs into the audio on the front of your VCR. The yellow cable plugs into the video (that's the other plug in on the front of your VCR--at least on my model) Your tv must be set to AV for you to get an image from the cameras on it and to record the image. If you don't understand that, it means plug the security receiver into the same place you plug a camcorder.

    If anything comes up, I'll post it below here.

    BYE!...more info
    I just bought these items. And they work decent enough. Not real clear, but decent enough for ID most likely. But they are canceling out my wireless router (internet) 100%. Trying to find a way to get around it. ...more info
    This security system is super easy to install, set up, and start using. Since its wireless- You can change the position of the cameras whenever you want without hassle. Very easy- plug the receiver into the av inputs of the tv.

    I was so pleased with this item, I bought a second set....more info
  • Great Security Cameras!
    Super easy setup - Plug it in, watch the monitor. It that simple. The display is relatively clear, the night vision works wonderfully, and you can hear sound perfectly. No negatives here. ...more info