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The Bourne Identity
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  • `...I think I'm in the shipping business'
    Sure you are... ummm
    Now, this film couldn't fail because so many things work for it. The cast... top notch. Surprise factor... check. Simply... it's not what you'd expect. Damon as an action [anti]hero?, techno-drama in technicolor, gritty european adventure, short to-the-point witty yet realistic dialogue. Fast, brutal violence. No BS. Franka Potente as an accidental girl-friend, her bright girly sarcasm balanced against Bourne's straight thinking. Haunting score, symphonic mixed with electronic, sometimes nostalgic the other times pumps you up with drum&bass.
    From the perspective of bad guys (scenes in the agency shot through brownish warm filter look very nice) it's an example of `your sins are gonna hunt you down'.

    Hard to say what influenced Doug Liman here but film noir for sure. The Matrix (during action sequences)? Maybe...

    I'd take half a star away there for the `funny' ending. Not a bad ending at all... just felt a bit campy. Although, alternative ending doesn't fit too well either.

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  • I loved the book and still liked the movie!
    The Bourne Identity is one of my all-time favorite books. I couldn't see how a movie could capture the depth and detail of Ludlum's best book. Fortunately, they didn't try. They took the basic premise of the book and delivered a solid action-packed thriller. It's hard to make a good movie from a great book, but they probably did as well as could be expected taking on Ludlum in two hours....more info
  • Second to Bond
    The Bourne Identity is a superb action movie. The plot was well thought out and it keeps the viewer guessing what is going to happen next. Meanwhile, Matt Damon (as Jason Bourne) has no clue what is going on. All he knows is that people are trying to assassinate him. Towards the middle of the movie it became very intense. Bourne's agency sent out three agents to kill Bourne. At this point Bourne must combat these guys. Each guy is fought in a different way, separating this movie from the typical action movie. The first agent is fought through a stealth type mission out in an open field. Both agents crawl around the field, unaware where each other is. It seemed like Metal Gear to me. Next he fights another agent through a hand to hand combat followed by a straight shoot out.

    This movie is a combination of action and drama. It is not a non-stop action thriller but yet is sure to keep your interest because you don't know what is going to happen next. ...more info
  • Ludlum's Best Novel - Exciting Movie
    If you've read Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Identity, you won't see too much similarity to the book once Jason Bourne is fished out of the water. The only Carlos in this movie is in the (fortunately) deleted alternate opening.

    Although the Richard Chamberlain tv mini-series was more faithful to this book (at least until the last few minutes), this movie is much more exciting and likely to keep you on the edge of your seat. You don't want to miss it.

    The extras on this DVD sounded quite good, but were more pr for the movie than anything else. If you have a different version of the Matt Damon movie, don't pick this up just for the extras.

    If you haven't read The Bourne Identity (Bourne Trilogy, Book 1) be sure to pick up a copy. It's great reading....more info
  • Excellent
    This movie will keep you on the edge of your seat. I never thought of Matt Damon as an "action hero" type until I saw this movie. It just keeps getting better with the sequels....more info
    It may be Mat Damon himself. Surely the leading man in a film of this kind is important, but at first glance, Damon has none of the obvious traits. He isn't killer handsome. Neither has he the body of a circus ariealist. What he's got, it seems to me, is the ability to remind you of a younger brother who enlisted in the Navy and somehow wound up in the Seals. Nobody had any idea. One minute he's the hot-shot of the High School Baseball team, the next minute you're watching him get his papers at a graduation ceremony, dressed in whites. You're so proud of him, even if you don't know what it is he does, and all your family loves him.

    So, as I say, no International Lounge Lizard with nouveau riche tastes, or a necklace of Euro-Trash beauties around his neck.

    But, when the movie begins and they haul him out of the sea, nearly dead, you see it. And as he recovers from his wounds, it becomes clearer. He's one of the brightest and the best; clean as a whistle, sharp as a tack. Dad's favorite boy, memory clouded, somehow, and on a mission even he doesn't remember. And whithout making any judgment about it, you've got a great deal invested in him; in seeming him safe and his enemies identified and routed. Therefore, when the action begins, and it does immediately, one watches him negotiate the thorny mazes of predicaments of incredible complexity and menace, with ingenuity and dispatch. One of the best demonhstrations of what he can do happens when he arrives in Paris, after getting his money and passports out of a Swiss bank. ANd himself and a German girl of some sort with a car, out of the American Embassy trap. Well, an assassion crashes into his Paris apartment before either of them can catch a breath, and there's a life and death flght which ends when the failed assassin thorws himself out of the window and dies on the sidewalk below. That is the prelude to as brilliant and harrowing a demonstration of trick driving as I've ever seen, as Borne and the girl drive her Cooper Mini through the mazes and tangles of fast, congested Parisian traffic, followed by police cruisers and motorcycle mounted cops. Thrilling! And that's just the first third of the film.

    Rather than describe the remainder of the story in detail, I will say, instead, that the director does not allow the project to make any fatal mistakes. He doesn't flirt with us; doesn't try to seduce us into liking the movie with mugging or stupid action jokes. He doesn't use kids that way. Or animals. Or any people. There are no faux literary pretensions anywhere. Although there are people of different racial and ethnic backgrounds in the film, there's no ethnic or racial humor. There are no shameful and insincere attempts to conjure up a facile moral to the story by juggling religioius symbols. The sexual attraction of the hero and heroine to one another isn't either lewd or tricky, but grows inevitably out of the inter-reliance that builds between them as they cling to life and avoid discovery. What attracts her is his freshness, frankness, fearlessness and his determination to protect her from enemies that are really his alone. Their care for each other becomes as artless and as inevitable as sunrise.

    The sound track is good and the intercut POP music is as one would expect it, but the music is never distracting.

    Seems to me I've watched this show 3 times now, and it looks better and better every time. The complex entity that IDENTITY is has been handled with such deftness and skill that no shot or sequence appears to have been derived from any shot or sequence in any other film. And the editing is flawless. Flawless!
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  • Unhappy customer
    This item will not play on our new Sony HD DVD player and will be returned for credit. Very unhappy....more info
  • The only things preserved are a few names
    As far as a shoot-um-up with the obligatory car chase goes, this movie did it quite well. And like many of the other "1984" (book by George Orwell in which to satisfy the proletariat they had a machine mass produce formula pulp fiction) type machine churned out films for the proletariat, the title and a few names bare the only resemblance to the Ludlum story. Quite a few of the characters that give this story depth and mystery are left out of the movie completely.

    Fortunately or unfortunately it is easy to get wrapped unpin technology as assume that high definition (HD) or even 3D is going to take the place of Carlos and the search for his real identity.

    Now let's not compare this quickie in shoot-up land with the well thought out book "The Bourne Identity" by Robert Ludlum or the much better portrait of the story portrayed in the Mini-Series "The Bourne Identity" (1988) starring Richard Chamberlain and Jaclyn Smith; then we can enjoy what is left.

    A sailor on a fishing trawler spots a human body in the water. After retrieving it we find it is alive. Helping this stranger back from the near dead we find a couple of bullet holes and a mysterious capsule under his skin. The capsule displays what the fisherman recognizes immediately as a Swiss bank account. The man can not remember who he is. Now we follow along with his journey to Switzerland and find out if he will recover. In the mean time someone is out to kill him. Why?

    The Bourne Identity (TV Miniseries)...more info
  • great movie!
    It is a very good dvd set! Love the quality of the picture and the sound! And of course Matt Damon is always so nice to look at. haha......more info
  • Who is Bourne?
    A great introduction to the series. I liked going in not knowing how the plot would turn out. I also liked how Bourne was much more vulnerable and less all-powerful at this point. Not unlike Neo (Keanu Reeves) in the first Matrix movie. Although I must say the damsel constantly in distress started to wear thin on me.

    Also look for Clive Owen barely recognizable as himself. ...more info
  • Bourne Idenity
    This is a excellent video, I am very please to see this much action in just over ninety minutes. The plot is a bit hard to follow in some places however, if you like Matt Damon this is a truly great movie....more info
  • Class act

    I am late getting on the "Bourne" bandwagon. I just watched the first two films in the series for the first time last weekend after years of avoiding them. My impression? That so far, the "Bourne" films deserve all of the praise and success that they've received.

    "The Bourne Identity" manages to take a story with a myriad of cliches (the super spy, the spy with amnesia, secret government experiments and cover-ups, etc, etc, etc) and still make a film that's fresh, exciting, intelligent and engrossing.

    So the question is, why does this film excel when so many other action films fall flat? First, the film utilizes an excellent cast. Matt Damon as Jason Bourne is the thinking man's action hero, bringing a complexity to the role that flies in the face of the typical cocky, wisecracking American action hero. Veteran actors like Chris Cooper and Brian Cox bring gravitas to their supporting roles, and Franka Potente brings an international, quirky sex appeal to her role as Jason's love interest.

    As great as the performers are, the script and direction also really deliver. Although the action scenes are all wonderfully executed, the film makes sure not to sacrifice character development either. Jason Bourne is a man who has lost his identity, and as a result is able to regain the humanity he has clearly lost in his previous life as an assassin....more info
  • Hand Helds
    The constant screen jitter from hand held cameras was enough to make me walk out of the theatre mid-movie....more info
  • The Bourne Identity (Full Screen Extended Edition)
    Great Customer Service from this seller. Item was received in a timely manner and was exactly as described by the seller in his posting. I would purchase from this seller again. ...more info
  • A great start
    I don't have time to review this exhaustively, but want to be as thorough as I can. I'm also working under the assumption that you are interested in "The Bourne Supremacy" and "The Bourne Ultimatum" as well as this, the first movie in one of the best trilogies ever made. Opinions as to which movie is the best are well within the limits of personal taste; for me, this movie is the second best behind "The Bourne Ultimatum"; however, like the Beethoven symphonies, one of a great set has to be the least.

    TBI starts in the middle of the sea; the Mediterranean, we find out soon enough. An Italian fishing boat finds a body left for dead in the middle of the night. The ship's surgeon is skilled and equipped sufficiently to remove some bullets and, in the process, fish out a diode that blinks what appears to be a Swiss bank number. The man, an American (Matt Damon, of course) regains consciousness, realizing that for the time being, he is among friends. He is able to remember how to speak, dress, play chess, read, and other daily skills, but has no idea how he ended up in the Mediterranean, much less shot, wearing a wetsuit, or anything else; he cannot even remember his name. Eventually, the fishermen leave him ashore with a small stipend to get to the Swiss bank, where the man finally learns what his name must have been -- Jason Bourne -- but not much help with who he is, except that he has a ton of cash, a portfolio of fake passports, and a gun. Except for the gun, he takes the treasure on his journey to find out more about Jason Bourne, no longer able to find buddies like the fishermen -- the Swiss police and the American Embassy security are both interested in detaining him, if not worse. His last friend is Maria, who gives him a ride to Paris for $10,000 so he can put together clues from his last known address. Meanwhile, some American federal agency (CIA? FBI? NSA? the issue doesn't press front and center) is trying to fix something that went wrong with Bourne. By "fix", we get the idea that keeping Bourne alive is not a high priority with the feds.

    TBI was the only Bourne movie directed by Doug Liman, rather than Paul Greengrass. So we don't have the latter's hand-held camera sequences, and that's good and bad. The hand to hand combat scenes are a little less intense, but easier to watch. The car chase in Paris is top-notch.

    My favorite part about TBI, and the other Bourne movies (or this new species of action movies, in general), is the dichotomy between the policy wonks, surrounded by their computer geeks in monitor-loaded command centers capable of generating impossible intelligence (apparently every intersection in Europe is now covered by a remote camera, no matter how remote) and the rubber-hits-the-road robot assassins, each receiving his assignments by way of a video cell-phone that was probably a bit hipper in 2002 than I'm remembering. For me, TBI belongs to Conklin (Chris Cooper), Bourne's trainer and supervisor, and apparently the one with the most to lose now that Jason is making noise all over Europe. He reports to another fine spook, Abbott (Brian Cox), but Conklin just gets me with his short-sleeve dress shirts and ties that make him look like an aluminum-siding salesman. I got the idea Conklin never did grasp the depth of the hole he'd fallen into, especially when he told Abbott "We will burn for this," and Abbott has an expression on his face like Tonto thinking "Whaddya you mean we, Kimosabe?"

    Besides Abbott and Costello (I mean Conklin), there are some other good supporting performances, with not a lot of lines, from the other assassins. Of course, we know none of them can be as good as Jason, but cleaning up Jason involves some messy work. The best of a good group is Clive Owen as the "professor"; probably his last role this small, he foreshadows questions Jason will ask in the future movies. But the best other character is Maria (Franka Potente), whose action chops can't be doubted by anyone who's seen "Run Lola Run". Her instinct to trust Bourne when her life depends on it is spot-on, and when you see her buckle up her seat-belt, you might want to make sure your own doors are locked.

    The Bourne Identity is a slick, solid, well-written action flick, and is great both standing on its own and as the first movie of a great trilogy....more info
  • Matt Damon's firsr foray into action is a winner
    The Bourne Identity is a better film than I thought it would. Matt Damon makes a believeable action hero and Doug Liman does the atcion thing very well. The car chase sequence is one of the best from 2002. If you haven't seen this check it out it's good entertainement....more info
  • Great movie even greater on HD-DVD
    I am a big fan of the Bourne movies. Seeing them in HD makes them even more enjoyable to watch. If you are Bourne fan you really need to check these movies out on HD-DVD. Can't wait for Ultimatum to come on HD-DVD. ...more info