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Billy Madison the dim-witted son of a millionaire wastes his life guzzling beer and devising obscene pranks until his father threatens to leave him nothing. In order to earn his father's respect Billy who bribed his way through school must pass all 12 grades in six months or see a sycophantic assistant get his father's fortune. Billy struggles with the aide and his own idiocy to make good in this gag-filled farce.System Requirements:Running Time: 90 Mins.Format: DVD HD Genre: COMEDY Rating: PG-13 UPC: 025193294128 Manufacturer No: 61032941

For Adam Sandler fans only, this dopey comedy features the former Saturday Night Live star as an overindulged rich guy whose father insists he repeat grades 1 through 12 before taking over the family business. The scenario is perfect for Sandler's infantile leanings (which he has fortunately outgrown in more recent movies), and for the most part the jokes about being too old and too big for the experiment are obvious. Chris Farley and Steve Buscemi turn up in uncredited cameo appearances, but otherwise the film is pretty dismissible, except for those diehards who can't get enough of Sandler. --Tom Keogh

Customer Reviews:

  • One of Sandler's BEST.!
    Title speaks for itself, but you might want to read other reviews! Due to the fact this is only my opinion....more info
  • One of the dumbest - and funniest - movies ever.
    Adam Sandler's first major movie after joining the cast of Saturday Night Live has a very simple and somewhat unrealistic plot. The title character Billy Madison is the heir to the Madison Hotel fortune, but he's also a lazy and immature 30-year-old living off his father's money. So when his father decides to give the company to his rival, Billy makes a deal that if he repeats grades 1 - 12 to prove he's not an idiot, he can claim his inheritance. As Billy makes his way through each grade, getting an over-the-top party for each graduation, the low-brow comedy is delivered non-stop. Perhaps most notably, he goes on a class field trip, with Chris Farley as an obnoxious bus driver. Some of my favorite scenes, however, take place before he starts going back to school. Early in the movie we see Billy and his dopey friends pulling the old 'flaming bag of dog poo' prank, but with a hilarious new twist. And throughout the movie, there are many memorable quotes. This 'special ed-ition' DVD includes a number of new bonus features. Director Tamra Davis gives a feature-length commentary, and there's a half-hour of deleted scenes and outtakes. Overall, this is a great comedy that you don't have to be immature to enjoy. It has my seal of approval....more info
  • Good Movie
    Billy Madison (Full Screen Special Edition) This was a gift for my granddaughter. She was delighted to get it as it is one of her favorites. I have seen it before also -- it is a good movie....more info
  • Hysterical!!
    Billy Madison is one of my all-time favorite Adam Sandler films. It will keep you laughing, that's for sure!...more info
  • This film is weird
    Billy Madison (Adam Sandler), an immature adult, is forced to go back to school and repeat every grade in the space of 6 months, in order to prove to his father that he is capable of taking over the family business.

    I am not an Adam Sandler fan and I probably would never have seen this film had I not stumbled across it on TV one night and seen the penguin. That's right, there's a giant, 6 foot, penguin in this film, which pretty much tells you what you're getting yourself in for if you watch this film. "Billy Madison" looks like your standard, mainstream American comedy, and in many ways, it is, but scattered throughout the film are all of these really weird scenes, reminiscent of something out of a Savage Steve Holland film (he wrote and directed "Better Off Dead" and "One Crazy Summer" - if you haven't seen these films, then you should), that make you wonder how this film ever got the green-light and make you want to hug whomever it was that did approve it. These weird scenes elevate this film to greatness, and even if you don't find them funny, they certainly make this a memorable film.
    ...more info
  • Billy Billy Billy
    Come on guys! You know you like this one!!! This is easily the greatest movie he made so far. (Next to Wedding Singer I guess) Get this one! You won't regret it! Veronica Vagun SOOO hot...want to touch the hiney! Ha ha. Get the movie and find out what that means! This is a good one! AHHHH!...more info
  • LIGHT IT! it's poop again!
    This is my favorite Adam Sandler movie. He plays a spoiled heir to the Madison hotels dynasty. Billy like to drink soda, Ms. Lippy's car is green. Eric is a scumbag who wants the hotels. O'Doyle rules....more info
  • If only adam sandler kept making movies like this
    Adam Sandler in Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, all those flicks and the others are Adam Sandlers best. He is really funny in this film. This is like his first film and what I have to say is wow, what an appearance! This film basically every comedian would want this part.(I would)Either way no one could have done a better job then him. Na John Belushi could have done better, know. Anyways this movie, and happy Gilmore should have a special addition DVDs. I hate it when it only has the trailer. So should Tommy Boy and Black Sheep........more info
  • A disgrace to the movie world
    This movie was the worst and most disgusting movie I have ever seen. The cast was a nightmare. I can't believe that Adam Sandler would ruin his reputation by being involved in this movie. This movie made me sick, and should be erased from the market all together. And to top it all off, there's a male principle that is hitting on Billy Madison. All in all, I absolutely hated this movie and I recommend never watching it....more info
  • Four and a half actually
    Look at this retarted Adam Sandler. He does a much better drunk than Ozzy Osbourne is in real life. This movie will keep you laughing and some of the scenes are just classic. You'll love Sandler's new language (as seen when Eric makes fun of Billy). This movie is hillarious, funny, pure comedy, and most of filled with laughs. This is an
    INSTANT CLASSIC...more info
  • This movie rocks
    I love this movie i love that huge penguin it is so hillarius and i cant get enough of adam sandler movies...more info
  • Adam Sandler is a genius
    I was watching Billy Madison on tv today and I remembered how great it was. It is hard to believe this movie came out 9 years ago; funny how time flies. I was 11 at the time and in the 4th Grade. The things that Adam Sandler was talking about to those kids was like the things me and my friends talked about. The simpleness of Sega Genesis MK Vs. Donkey Kong might be lost on todays kids.

    Adam Sandler delivers a performance for fans of common people comedy. He doesn't try to deliver an Oscar quality performance for the uppity reviewers, just for people who understand his humor. What Sandler gives people is a funny movie with a great story, though improbable. Sandler's character Billy is a bum of a son who just sits around all day at his rich business dads mansion and parties. When he finds out his dad is retiring and the company his dad runs is going to his enemy, Billy has to take action. Billy makes a deal with is dad to go back to school, to prove his worth, by passing each grade over a two week period for each grade, graduate by June, and he gets the company. Not as simple as it sounds.

    The things that happen to him by going back to school teaches him a lot of lessons, funny lessons at that. Watch the movie if you want to know all the adventures of Billy. Good times....more info

  • This is Sandler at his best
    Adam sandler is at his best in BM this is a great movie, buy it!...more info
  • Adam Sandlers BEST
    This tops my list of Adam Sandler movies by a long shot. This is absolutely his funniest movie. I laugh from beginning to end every single time I watch it. And everyone I know quotes lines from it constantly. Yeah, it's a dumb movie - but it's supposed to be.. and that's what makes it so funny.
    Adam Sandler plays Billy Madison - the bum son of a hotel-tycoon-millionaire who wants to prove to his dad that he is capable of taking over the family business. So, he packs up his books and goes back to school, determined to complete each grade 1st thru 12th in within two weeks each. Along the way, he finds love in his hot 3rd grade teacher, Veronica Vaughn, makes friends with a bunch of elementary school kids, and has to save his fathers company from being given to the evil Eric.
    Everyone should have this movie as a part of their DVD collection. It is a must have!...more info
  • Adam Sandler at his most inane and comical best
    Billy Madison is the most hilariously inane character that Adam Sandler has portrayed, and while I don't consider this one of Sandler's best movies, it is easily one of his funniest. A lot of the comedy seems to have come directly from the set of Saturday Night Live; it was funny there, and it is funny here. Even a few SNL buddies, namely Norm MacDonald and the late Chris Farley, turn up to revel in the infectiously entertaining silliness. Sandler plays Billy Madison (of course), the son of a filthy rich hotel magnate. He spends all of his time lazing around the pool, drinking copious amounts of alcohol, and pawing over nudie mags; his only hobby seems to be lighting bags of poo on fire on the front porch of people he doesn't particularly like. Even after his infantile behavior at a big business meeting, he is shocked to hear his father say he is giving the company to a particularly annoying executive rather than turning it over to him. He swears he will do anything, even go back to school and actually earn the diploma his father bought for him, to make his father change his mind. Monday morning finds him camped out in a first grade classroom, where he actually fits in pretty well. Every two weeks, he is tested and bumped up another grade. Billy really enjoys his time in third grade because he makes some good friends among the children and laps the elixir of knowledge from the fountain of the gorgeous Veronica Vaughn (Bridgette Wilson). As time goes by, Eric starts sweating and sets Billy up for a fall. Only the disciplinarian love of Veronica and the support of his new childhood friends can pick Billy up and get him back in the game.

    I think Sandler is a comic genius, and few comedians could make such a silly, silly movie a real success. I mean, Billy does things like chase imaginary giant penguins around the house; that kind of thing just doesn't fly with any other actors. I should point out that there is actually a strong human element to this story as it progresses, though. Once all the alcohol is out of his bloodstream, Billy is a nice, good-hearted fellow, and the reliving of his old school days makes a profound impact on his character. I'm still not exactly sure what Veronica sees in him, but true success pretty much requires a good-looking woman to be there to kiss you at the end. Perhaps I should just say a final word to the parents of teenaged boys: while this movie does provide a strategy guaranteed to make any young man study his heart out, it is probably not something you will want to sanction in your own family life....more info

  • Fun Sandler
    Just a lot of fun and typical Adam Sandler. Got movie for a night of laughs....more info
  • very touhing moving experiance.
    well not so much touching and moving as hilariouslyfunny and no real value. This is a great party movie. its about this guy whos so stupid he has to go through school all over again. its good....more info
  • Best Adam Sandler Movie
    This by far is the cream of the crop when it comes to Sandler's movies. Sandler acts like a child in this movie and perhaps thats why he fits so well with the plot. Sandler, or Billy is sent through k-12 education once again to earn his fathers respect and company. His childlike behavior can make everyone laugh. This movie is so filled with catch phrases, (stop looking at me swan; Erics pregnant, etc) that you may soon repeat them as well. There are also some cameo appearences by Chris Farley and Norm McDonald. IT also pokes fun at some of Adam Sandler's SNL characters (lunch lady song). The reason why this movie is 5 stars in my opinion is because it is all together a pretty good comedy, and at the end of the movie it does what every comedy should do, make you feel good....more info
  • Not my favorite Adam Sandler movie...but soooo hillarious!
    This movie has such an original story line. Brian Madison is founder of Madison Hotels and is retiring and is wanting to leave the company to his son, Billy. However, Brian thinks his son is too irresponsible to run the company. Billy agrees to go back to school, 1st grade through 12, to prove himself.

    Although this is not my favorite Adam Sandler movie, it is still so hillarious. The characters in this movie are so funny, and there are many funny situations in which Billy finds himself in. All in all it's a pretty great movie!...more info

  • Goes to show a five-minute comedy sketch can't be lengthened
    Billy Madison (1995) Adam Sandler, Darren McGavin, Bridgette Wilson, Bradley Whitford, Josh Mostel, Norm McDonald, Mark Beltzman, Larry Hankin, Theresa Merritt, D: Tamra Davis. A spoiled and lurid slacker-who spends most of his time getting wasted-must repeat grades K-12 in order to become heir to his family's hotel business before his scheming opponent does. Weak, moronic calamity shows off Sandler's infantile behavior while keeping the drunk/stoned and flatulence jokes alive, which mostly lose fuel over a single, on-running situation that is elementary school funny. Sandler's comic buddies from the SNL skits, Steve Buscemi and Chris Farley are unbilled. Running Time: 89 minutes and rated PG-13 for crude and sexual humor, language and brief violence....more info
  • Good Movie
    This movie is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen a must have for comedy lovers! Will apeal a lot to the younger generation....more info
  • A great movie
    Billy Madison was maybe one of the funniest movies ever made. Its about a 26 year old going back to school, and having the repeat all of the grades (K-12) in 2 weeks. This movie is a favorite of mine. I would recommend this movie to any one who likes comedies, or likes Adam Sandlar. Enjoy...more info
  • Overall Great Movie
    Billy Madison is the hilarious story of a 27 year-old millionaire who goes back to school to prove to his father that he is capable of running a fortune 500 company.
    Adam Sandler's performance is one of the funniest of his career, and other actors add to the humor of the movie as well, such as a cameo appearance by Chris Farley.
    The movie itself can be hard to stand at some points, mostly because of the stupidity of the entire situation, and Adam Sandler's character can get annoying at times.

    Even so, this movie is one of my favorites, and I recommend it to any Saturday Night Live fan, Adam Sandler fan, or just anyone who is looking for a good laugh....more info

  • Classic Sandler through and through...
    Any comedy fan's going to have this and "Happy Gilmore" in their collection. The story is fairly nonsensical but honestly, what do you expect? The famous bath scene (Shampoo vs. Conditioner) is a favorite along with heartwarming takes on the facts of life (the field-trip pants wetting scene where Billy makes wetting pants a trendy thing). I suggest this for your DVD purchase unless you are planning to buy for your conservitive elderly family member....more info
  • Billy for President
    The only reason that I rated this movie four stars is because the beginning isn't that great. I almost didn't watch the movie because the beginning was so [bad], but once I got to the scene where Billy (Sandler) is singing to Boy George and dancing on the stairs I was hooked. The premise is that Billy Madison has to fully complete 12 grades of school in a certain amount of time to take over his dad's company. He's working against a corrupt employee of the company and his own issues. It's so funny to see him with the kids in elementary school...and then stuck in the 80's when he goes to high (hike) school. Adam Sandler is such a funny actor and I LOVED the rest of the movie.

    It's very funny, but it also has a few "aahhhhh" moments in it too. Just'll see. This is a keeper....more info

  • Back to School Billy...
    In 1995, Adam Sandler played one of his best roles ever as a movie star. This movie, Billy Madison is funny, stupid and a good movie for the whole family to watch.

    The movie starts out with Billy Madison (Sandler), the idiot son of a hotel tycoon (Darren McGavin). Billy is a lazy, stupid, fall-down drunk that chases invisible penguins. One night, Billy's father plans to retire and wants to give the company to Billy but one of his father's executives, Eric (Bradley Whitford) convinces him that Billy is too stupid to run a company. So Billy tries to prove to his father he can run the company by: First grade - Twelth grade all over again, complete each grade in two weeks.

    So Billy goes back to first grade and starts to have a lot of fun being a kid again. Then he goes on to third grade where his teacher is his dream girl Veronica Vaughn. Now Billy gets farther and farther to completing school and Eric black-mails the school principal, Max, into publicly announcing that Billy only passed because he paid Max $5,000 to pass. So it came down to Billy and Eric in an Academic competition.

    See who gets the company. Will Billy go from being a drunk to a hotel president or will Eric run the company? See what happens....more info

  • Back to school!
    Billy Madison was the funniest Adam Sandler movie I have ever seen! The movie was about Billy Madison, a young, rich kid who does nothing but have fun. But then, Billy learns that his father thinks he is stupid, and couldn't handel the family business. So, what Billy does is go back to school! From grades 1-12, you will be laughing so hard your stomache will hurt! I recommend this movie to everyone, cuz this movie will make anyone laugh!...more info
  • Sandler At His Best
    Adam Sandler is in the top five of all my favorite comedy actors and this is one of his best movies. Spoiled rich kid with no responsability who never graduated from high school. Sandler is at his best when acting a fool and he does plenty of that durring this movie. Bridgette Wilson plays one of his teachers ,as he goes back through school, and his love interest. I don't need to tell anyone who has seen Bridgette in a movie but she is beautiful, and not a bad actress. If you love silly then buy this movie....more info
  • Best movie
    Adam Sandler plays a 28 year old fool who wants to take over the family buisness. He makes a bet with his dad that he will repeat grades 1-12 in 12 weeks. With the help of his friends and taecher he does. If you like Adam Sandlers stupid roles like i do you will love this movie. It will keep you laughing with many memorable lines....more info
  • Excellent
    Billy Madison was the dumbest role that Adam Sandler did and I LOVE IT!...Nothing was funnier than Billy Madison. If you thought Jim Carrey was dumb in "Dumb and Dumber", you obviously haven't seen Billy Madison. It's non stop laughter here.

    Sandler plays a spoiled 28 year old, drunken, moron who is heir to his father's Hotel dynasty. In hopes that his only son would take over the family business, his father is shocked to realize that his own son is so stupid that he had to pay his way through school. After all, who spells Rock "R-O-K"? Determined that he should take over the family business, Sandler makes a bet with his father that if he goes back to school and scores good grades in each grade in a week (1 grade, 1 week), that he should get to take over the family business.

    Along with his best friend Norm McDonald and the help of fellow SNL Alumni Chris Farley and of course the help of his classmates and sexy teacher Bridgette Wilson, Sandler makes Billy Madison the most fun and funniest movie that he has on his bill so far. I assure you, you will laugh until it hurts with this one. Get Billy Madison and have yourself a total laugh!...more info

  • 5 Star Funny
    True, it is silly and maybe "dumb", but so funny. Great, memorable scenes. You will remember moments from your own elermentary school years - for sure!! Sandler is a genius!
    Rent it first, check it out, then buy it here on Amazon[.com]!...more info
    AND THE FUNNIEST!!!I love this movie, no matter how many times i watch it(currently 12 times in counting) this movie is the best masterpeice w/ great adam sandler acting.My second favorite movie by adam is waterboy, 3rd happy gilmour gilmour, after that mr. deeds, 5th is big daddy, and 6th is wedding singer.....but their all great movies. The funniest parts of this movie are the "o doyle rules!" scenes, the scene where the kids dare billy to touch mrs. fauns boobs, at the end of the movie, and many other brillant scenes.COMEDY FANS MUST BUY THIS!!!This also has great dvd features along w/ all of this....more info
  • O'Doyle Rules!!
    This is the 2nd best movie that I have ever seen in my entire life(Happy Gilmore is the first).But this movie is not far from number one.Here is what the movie is about:

    Billy Madison is someone who must go back to school or else a total mean person named Eric gets the company.

    One of the funniest characters in the movie are the O'Doyle family.They beat everyone up and say "O'Doyle Rules".If you are looking for a seriously funny movie,then get this movie.Trust me,you will have absolutely no regrets.

    Peace Out....more info

  • great movie
    this movie is great it is adam sandler at his best it is so funny although some of it may be stupid but it is a good stupid {u know what i mean} i loved it i recamend it for 12 and up for alot of bad words and somes sexual parts....more info
  • One of Sandler's best movies!
    Billy (Sandler) is a kid who goes back to school to save his father's company. He plans to run all the way from kindergarten to 12th grade! I think Sandler is at his best in this comedy. I laughed for hours watching it! If you are an Adam Sandler fan, I DEFINATELY recommend this movie to you!!! ...more info
  • Before Adam Sandler turned stupid...
    This is one of Adam Sandler's first movies and it is great. It has Chris Farley as the deranged bus driver as well. It is a slap stick comedy in which Adam Sandler shows his early work off, prior to stupid movies such as Zohan, and Click. This is the Adam Sandler I fell in love with; weird humor, drunken old frat boys, and lighting poo on the front porch....more info
  • Billy Madison
    In the movie Billy Madison and immature, lazy man must repeat grades 1-12 in order to inherit his father's hotel empire. It has stars in it like Adam Sandler and Chris
    Farley.It is about an hour and thirty minutes but it is entertaining. Overall it is a pretty hilarious movie and viewers can see their favorite stars on DVD. This movie will make you laugh!!!

    David B ....more info
  • Adam's Best!
    This is Sandler's best flick imo...

    Some of his later stuff bores me, but this is classic!...more info
  • Classic Sandler
    While we wouldn't want out children to grow up thinking billy madison is a role model, we still laugh at him because he's funny. Chris Farley is funny as always, and Veronica Vaughn really is so hot and are right, we all want to stay in her class forever....more info
    What can I say?.....I like this film. It is juvenile, but Sandler and friends are very funny in this goofy movie. Sandler plays a rich 30 something kid who will lose control of the family business and his inheritance if he doesn't go back to school and complete kindergarten through 12th grade in a short amount of time. The plot is pretty thin, but it rolls along with many familiar faces from SNL trading punches through out. The DVD transfer looks good. ...more info
  • Could have been better...
    This movie was not as funny as I had heard it was. I laughed out loud only once or twice during the whole movie. I think that Adam Sandler has been a lot funnier in other movies...this just wasn't his best....more info
    This movie is very funny and great, but I personally think that this is an awfully embarassing special editon. The only featuers are a director's commentary, deleted scenes, outtakes, and production notes, which isn't too much! If you were one of the victims who believed this and got home to realize that is really wasn't, well, at least the movie is great. Another related problem is the Happy Gilmore dvd....more info
  • Funny and stupid, good for a laugh
    My 4 year-old loved the battle between shampoo and conditioner....more info
  • "Back to School, Back to School"
    Billy Madison is the son of a wealthy businessmen, and spends his drunken days in the sun. His father's due to retire, and is going to give the business to Eric Gordon, a man Billy doesn't like. Billy is hurt, but is determined to prove that he could run the business too. His Dad disagrees, Billy didn't even pass high school, or even get through the spelling bee without bribes. Billy is more hurt, yet even more determined. He'll go back to first grade, and complete every year of school in two weeks, and if he graduates he gets to take over the company. So grade by grade he goes...

    Though I don't like all of them, "Billy Madison" is one of my favorite Adam Sandler films, along with "The Wedding Singer". It covers a lot of interesting school moments, and has memorable characters and lines. It's a little crude in parts, but its okay....more info
  • one of the funniest movies
    this movie is hilarious...this is adam sandler at his best...a true comedy classic!...more info
  • classic
    This movie is for any person that considers themselves an Adam Sandler fan. For some of those people, it is his worst, for some, his best. It all depends on if you like a completely random movie that involves: burning dog poo and the human response, people on fire, three drunken losers, pickle racing, peeing your pants, sloppy joes, dodgeball, an invisible penguin, and jibberish. In a nutshell, if you do not think that a scene involving Billy talking about how cool it is to pee your pants and an old lady replies, "If peein' your pants is cool, then consider me, Miles Davis," and Billy replying, "That was the grossest thing I've ever heard, LETS GO!!!" funny, then you will not like the movie. Basically it's a classic that any Adam Sandler fan should own, whether it's too stupid for your taste or not....more info
  • Best Adam Sandler movie, period.
    I know plenty of people will be completely shocked that I find Billy Madison to be Adam Sandler's best movie to date (most argue with me that it's Happy Gilmore but I could not disagree more). Billy Madison is a perfectly silly movie that requires no thought and need not be overanalyzed. It's an Adam Sandler movie for crying outloud, not a ground-breaking documentary, so get over it. If you enjoy Adam Sandler and have somehow missed Billy Madison, you need to go get it right now. Billy Madison (Adam Sandler) has coasted through life on his father's dime. His father is preparing to retire and wants to leave his hotel empire to his only son, but Billy just wants to drink in the sun all day and live the good life (can't say I blame him). However, due to Billy's lack of responsibility and drunken penguin-chasing ways, his father can't in good conscious turn the company over to Billy. Plus, his dad admits he paid off all of Billy's teachers from the first grade on to let him pass. His dad wants to turn the company over to a man named Eric who has worked for him for years, but Eric's an evil guy. Billy doesn't want Eric to gain control of his father's hotels so he throws a log on the fire - he comes up with an idea to return to school and take each grade over again in order to take over the company. And of course, this is where the movie takes on new silliness. I'm not saying this is an Oscar-winner or anything like that, but if you've had a bad day at the office or just need something mindless and amusing to zone out to, Billy Madison is the movie for you. Adam Sandler has some great movies out there, but Billy Madison has still remained my favorite one, even after all this time. Absolutely recommended!...more info
  • A Film for Sandler Fans; Others, Steer Clear
    You have to understand: I am not an Adam Sandler fan. I didn't like him on Saturday Night Live. I don't like his stand-up comedy. I didn't like Happy Gilmore. I didn't like Waterboy. I didn't like Mr. Deeds. (Though... I did like the Wedding Singer, but I take that as the exception that proves the rule...) It was to be expected, going in, that I wouldn't like Billy Madison. And, I didn't.

    But maybe you *are* an Adam Sandler fan, like the friend of mine who convinced me to take this chance on Sandler. If so, you'll probabaly really like this movie (it's his favorite of the Sandler films). I'd say that, if you're a Sandler fan, you can add two stars to my review for a total of four.

    Sandler is really himself in this film, doing his schtick. For instance, early on he sings a pointless, off-key ode to sunscreen. Sandler fans find that kind of thing funny; I don't. I think that's the barometer for this movie--ask yourself: guy singing about sunscreen, just 'cause. Funny? If so, get this movie.

    To get into specifics, Billy Madison is about the title character (Sandler), heir to his father's multi-million dollar corporation, who is in danger of losing out on his inheritance because he's uneducated and unmannered and, in general, a big layabout who spends his days sunbathing and drinking (and singing about sunscreen). Billy makes a deal with his dad that the business will go to him if he manages to pass each grade, 1-12, with 2 weeks for each grade. I hope I'm not spoiling too much to say that: Billy wins in the end, gets the girl (a very hot elementary school teacher) and sticks it to the bad guy (an unscrupulous businessman, scheming to "steal" the business away from Billy).

    I found the plot unrealistic. What the hell does it mean to "pass" 12th grade in 2 weeks... and more than that, Madison starts out unable to spell the word "rock" (his version: "rok"); do we really believe he could turn that around so quickly? I found Sandler's character inconsistent. One second he's a spastic moron, the next he's a relatively decent, sensitive guy, and there's no real reason to believe they're the same person. I found the humor lame--jokes revolve around ugly homosexuals finding Billy attractive and little kids pissing on themselves.

    None of this will matter to the Sandler fan, but those on the fence might take note.

    Some positives include two of the supporting cast--Norm McDonald (who needs to work more) and Chris Farley's brief appearance (who is missed). Also, the teacher/love-interest *is* really hot.

    Sandler Fans: 4 Stars.

    Everyone Else: 2 Stars....more info
  • Funniest movie ever!
    I've seen this movie and it is great and hilarous!Whatever you do see this movie!Rated PG-13 for language,sexual content,and crude humor....more info
  • I love this movie
    Billy Madison was a very good movie. Infact i own the movie i like it so much, and if you have the special edition dvd it is even better. Adam Sandler is laugh out load in this movie. I would deffinetely watch if i were you. ...more info
  • This is the funniest movie of all time.
    Most of Adam Sandler's movies are crap but this is without a doubt the funniest movie, ever. Like when they throw a sandwich at Chris Farley, or when the scary lunch lady serves them sloppy joes, or my favorite, when the dog on tv says "Speak For Yourself, Moron!" This is silly unique humor in the style of Monty Python and Family Guy. And it is good....more info
  • Beyond stupid
    This movie sucked. It wasn't funny in the slightest. Sometimes stupid humor can have it's charm, like in "Dumb and Dumber." But this movie had no charm at all. It was so stupid I couldn't bear watching it anymore and turned it off. ...more info
  • Very funny!
    I really like Adam Sandler and all of his movies and this one was hilarious! It's about this kid who's stupid and he's going back to grades 1-12 all over again to impress his dad. This was a hilarious movie and anyone would like it!...more info
  • Back to School
    Billy Madison is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. Every time I watch it, it makes me crack up. This movie never seems to get old. This is one of Adam Sandler's best movies. He gets help from Norm McDonald and Chris Farley, who help make this movie so hilarious. The jokes are funny every time, even though I have seen this movie dozens of times. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes to watch fun, goofy comedies....more info
  • A great start to Adam Sandler's movie career!
    I just saw this today, and it was one great comedy!

    INTRO: BM was one of Sandler's first movies, although it was ignored by the "professional" critics, (that includes the annoying Amazon editorial reviews) many others enjoyed it. AS has made many other movies since then, all cult classics.

    PLOT: Billy Madison is a 27-year old who is quite a slow learner. His father is the owner of Madison Hotels, and he wants to retire and needs an heir. However, Billy is his only son, and Billy is "slow", like I said before. His father says if he can make it from 1st to 12th grade, being in each grade two weeks, he can own the hotels. But he also has a rival, Eric, who wants to be the owner, too.

    MY OPINION: What a funny premise this movie has. This movie is quite entertaining, and very amusing. Just watch it and see!...more info
  • This movie is so-so
    No offense to Adam Sandler fans who loved this film, I love goofy movies myself. But this film fell a bit short of my expectations. First of all, the romantic attraction between Billy and the teacher should have been further developed upon (the scene of her punching Billy in the pool is most curious). Sandler should have added more jokes (he practically played one), and he should have added more dialogue. The movie could have been better, I think.
    I love Adam Sandler films, my favorites being HAPPY GILMORE, LITTLE NICKY and THE WATERBOY. But this film is not his best, unfortunately. However, unlike the critics who trashed it, I will do this movie some credit. The scenes of Sandler singing in the pool and yelling at the students that he hates them and will never return to school (after making a spelling error), are hilarious. There ARE funny moments, but the real ones are sadly far and few (much like Will Ferrell movies). A decent film, but not Sandler's best....more info
  • Reviewer: Big Zach NOT A KIDS REVIEW! although a kid!
    This is one of the top ten funniest movies Ive ever seen! It is hilarious almost every single moment of it makes me crack up! This is a laugh out loud comedy hit! This is one of adam sandlers greatest movie and performances. Highly reccomended if your looking for a hilarious movie!...more info
  • Top Stuff
    A lot of people think this movie is lame and unfunny and a lot of other people think that the main jokes in the movie are the only funny ones, but i believe that it is the subtle jokes that make this movie so great. The smaller jokes like the o'doyle rules joke and trisket crackers are some of the funniest things ever. I recommend this movie to everyone....more info
  • Today Junior!
    I saw this one on pay per view and was really dissapointed. It wasn't funny like I thought it would have been. The plot is very simple, being about a metally challenged man named Billy that needs to retake the 3rd-12th grades to be able to take over his father's rich company. As I said, it's simple and funny at first because you see a grown man in class with 3rd graders and so forth. But, then it just got really stupid. It had 3 hilarious jokes but besides that it was just terribly stupid and pointless.
    Here are the only 3 good jokes so you don't have to rent this mess:
    1. Billy says "Tooodaaaaayyyy Junnnniiiiooor" when a small boy in his class keeps on studdering.
    2. Billy gets really mad in 3rd or 4th grade because of a story. In the story, a little boy gives up looking for his missing dog after only around 30 minutes of looking. Billy then says: "I'd get off the couch and go find my fu***** dog!" in front of many 3rd graders.
    3. Billy completely "kills" little 3rd or 4th graders in a game of dodgeball.

    There you go. Those are the only funny jokes. Now I just saved you a couple bucks so you don't have to rent ths stupid movie. Now you can rent yourself a funny comedy with that money. Good Sandler comedies are Little Nicky, Happy Gilmore (the 1st time you watch it), Anger Management, Big Daddy and The Wedding Singer. ...more info
  • Humour Knows No Boundaries 1
    With this movie I learned how to appreciate Shakespeare work and how to steal lunch box!...more info
  • A comedy classic like no other!
    One of Adam Sandler's best movies, Billy Madison is the absolutely hilarious film that sparked Sandler's long reign as a romantic comedy box office draw. Exhibiting a sharp wit, combined with a touch of sensitivity for the fairer sex, the former Saturday Night Live standout successfully distances himself from the lewd and crude comedy path and creates a nice medium between outrageous and lighthearted comedy. It's a path he would later follow with box office hits Happy Gilmore, The Wedding Singer, The Waterboy, and Mr. Deeds. In Billy Madison, he follows that same path to perfection...

    Billy Madison follows the life of a character by the same name (Adam Sandler) - a 27-year-old unemployed heir to a hotel fortune who lacks all ambition. The opening scenes capture Billy lying by the pool with his friends, hungover and completely out of his mind, and they set the tone for a movie filled with humorous antics and great one-liners. But Billy's life of laziness is turned upside down, when his father (Darren McGavin) decides that he's going to retire from running his multimillion dollar hotel empire. He appoints his arrogant and condescending assistant Eric Gordon (Bradley Whitford) as heir apparent. The appointment comes as a shock to Billy who thought he would automatically inherit the reigns upon his father's retirement. But when Billy's father reveals that he paid all of Billy's teachers from kindergarten to high school to give his son a passing grade, the young man begins to understand why. Billy quickly offers a deal to his father that if he can pass grades K-12 all over again, then he will inherit control of the hotel empire after all. His father agrees.

    As Billy goes through each grade, he meets a number of new friends - mostly third graders. He also falls in love with his beautiful third grade teacher Veronica Vaughn (Bridgette Wilson) who is quick to condemn Billy as a lazy, self-absorbed, screw-up. However, she later recognizes his sensitivity and special way with children, and she develops an interest in him as well. Also interested in Billy is the gay elementary school principal Max Anderson (Josh Mostel). When Eric Gordon sees that Billy is going to successfully pass each grade, he blackmails Principal Anderson. If Anderson doesn't go on TV and tell the world that Billy paid him for a passing grade, he'll tell everyone about Anderson's hidden past as a pro-wrestler named "The Revolting Blob" who accidentally killed another wrestler in the ring.

    When Billy's grade school friends come to his aid, it's determined that Billy and Eric will fight for control of the hotel empire via an "academic decathlon". Now, only Billy's wits can win him what he most desires...

    Billy Madison is a movie with a number of hilarious scenes. In one such scene, a third grader accidentally "pees his pants" and is afraid to get on the bus during a field trip. Sandler throws some water on his pants and tells the other children that "peein' in your pants is cool"! thus saving the child from embarrassment. In another scene, Billy calls ex-classmate Danny McGrath (Steve Buscemi) to apologize for picking on him as a kid. After the phone call, Danny crosses Billy off of his master list of "people to kill". Later, Danny comes to Billy's aid.

    Overall, this is a fun movie. If you like lighthearted comedy with just a touch of outrageous behavior, then you'll enjoy this breakout Adam Sandler hit. Billy Madison won't be found on anyone's list of Academy Award winning all-time great cinema masterpieces, but it's just as entertaining as any film that would be. That's why I rank it as a must-see movie. Make sure to check it out...

    The DVD Report...more info
  • Mental but funny
    This movie was mental. It was inappropriate,but Adam Sandler was great and funny. It was about a slow man named Billy Madison who was rich and was to take over the Madison hotels, but one of his father`s workers or something,I fell asleep probly, said he would take over the Madison hotels, so for Billy to get to take over the hotels he has to do school all over again first grade to 12th grade all over again. Each grade in 2 weeks. It`s really stupid so don`t buy it. I mean if you buy it you`ll return it. Trust me I bought it and my dad and I never watch it. It may be funny, but it`s really mental. You`ll turn you watch it. Please take my advice and do not see it or buy it....more info
  • A Fun, Yet Flawed Film.
    First of all, I love Adam Sandler movies. They are some of the wittiest and goofiest movies around. This is no exception.

    That said, this film has a lot of offensive content. It is full of crude jokes, profanity, and the like.

    I left it feeling like I had just come from a very fun party, but done something wrong in the process.

    ...more info
  • ONE OF SANDLER'S BEST MOVIES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE THIS ONE. This is one of my all-time favorite movies, it's hilarious, interesting and fun to watch.
    I love the part of Mrs. Lippy reads the story "The Puppy Who Losts His Way" and when she finishes Sandlers says "YOU MOVE YOU A** OUT THERE AND YOU FIND THAT F***ING DOG!!!!". I almost die of laughter on that part. There are many more parts that are as good and even funnier than that one. You watch this one no matter how or what you do.

    ADAM SANDLER ROCKS!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Makes us laugh like a comedy should
    This comedy does exactly what it should-a charismatic funnyman is presented with an amusing plot device (rich boy has to repeat all his schooling at an accelerated rate), and all of the expected gags are mixed in with a few unexpected gags (such as a hallucinated giant penguin). Sandler's shtick gets old after awhile, and the movie misses the mark of truly great comedies by failing to come up with any real warmth or drama, but the jokes keep coming and keep us chuckling. ...more info
  • The movie that made a comedy great
    Before Happy Gilmore, The Wedding Singer, and Big Daddy, there was Billy Madison. Adam Sandler captured Billy Madison perfectly and since then he has went on to do great things. There are some funny parts in this movie and they are just simply classic. The Valentine's day part and the penguin halucination are among them. A comedy classic!...more info
  • Billy Madison (1995)
    This movie is about a spoiled brat who doesn't know what he is doing. He gets jealous over the idea of his nemesis Eric owning Madison Hotels, so he creates a plan that he discusses with his father to get ownership. We see Billy go through school, but Eric tries to foil his plan by having the school's principal go on TV and lie about Billy.

    This movie is stupid, but "That Veronica Vaughan is one piece of ace."...more info
  • One Hilarious Movie

    Billy Madison turns out to be a hilarious film in which Adam Sandler really begins to show some of his acting talent. Although it's one of Sandler's first movies, he shows complete control over his character and his techniques for creating characters no one has really thought of before. He does a terrific job playing the role of a drunken idiot as well as a hardworking student in the movie.
    The movie starts off with Billy's father retiring from the family business and deciding whether to give the business to Billy or to a deceitful employee named Eric. When Billy's father decides it's safer to give the company to Eric, Billy becomes determined to show his father he is not a fool and can run the company. Sandler does a hilarious job acting as the ages of all the different students in school as he goes all the way back to kindergarten and tries to repeat every grade through high school. This movie contains a comical love story as well as good times and fun school memories that no one could forget.
    Billy Madison is a must see for anyone who has experienced and loved Happy Gilmore, another one of Sandler's comedies. The two movies, which are now sold as a pair together many times, go hand in hand and really show Sandler in some of his best roles. Some of the other movies Sandler has been in are The Wedding Singer, Punch Drunk Love, Anger Management and 50 First Dates. I recommend all of these movies for anyone who can't get enough of Sandler. Billy Madison will most likely be a movie that will stand the test of time.
    This movie, aside for a bit of cruel language, is perfect for the whole family to enjoy, and even though I can say I've watched it way too many times, I wouldn't hesitate to watch a few more. If you're unfamiliar with Adam Sandler, this is a great movie to try out and see some of his crazy antics as an actor. Billy Madison will make you laugh over and over again and will only get funnier every time you watch it.
    ...more info
  • Adam Sandler... The Beginning!
    There is more here than meets the eye. BILLY MADISON has its sophomoric and predictable plot and characters. However, the film's driving theme is that underlying fear that all adults have nightmares about; that is the very thought of having to relive your school years over again. This is what Billy Madison has to go through to prove to his father, a Hotel Chain Chairman Brian Madison (Darren McGavin--A CHRISTMAS STORY), that he is not the idiot he is perceived to be and he is capable enough to take over the hotel chairmanship when his father retires. The audience is given the privy information that his father had to pay all of Billy's teachers in order for him to pass high school. In one hilarious moment, before his father gives the blessing for Billy go back to school, the elder Madison recalls a spelling bee in which Billy spells the word 'rock' "r-o-k". At which Billy exclaims "Yeah, so what's your point?!" At the same time, one of Brian Madison's sidemen Eric (Bradley Whitford--tv's THE WEST WING) is scheming to take over that chairmanship by trying to sabotage Billy's foray back into the school system. Adam Sandler had made a couple of films prior to this, but this film and HAPPY GILMORE established his screen persona and enhancing his SNL popularity. Sandler is hilarious (in the eyes of Sandler fans only?) with his child-man persona that only he can pull off. Also, there are some hilarious cameos that help the plot along (i.e. Steve Buscemi, Chris Farley, and Norm McDonald). As with a lot of Sandler's films, there is always that underlying theme of the main character's devotion to family members no matter the conflict (i.e. HAPPY GILMORE, the grandmother; THE WATERBOY, the mother) and in this film, its the father. The children characters he meets as he is going through the grades are not too annoying or smart-alecky (Adam Sandler fills that void to a degree) and a few of them are engaging. Another funny aspect of the film is, as Billy passes each grade (from kindergarten to high school), he is thrown a big outdoor party at his father's mansion. Overall, a typical Adam Sandler effort that has alot of funny moments, funny characters, a thought-provoking plot of having to go back to school, and a very attractive co-star, Bridgette Wilson (Mrs. Pete Sampras) as Veronica, one of Billy Madison's teachers....more info
  • Best of Adam Sandler
    This is by far my favorite Adam Sandler movie. The plot is outrageous, Sandler is hilarious and the supporting cast is fabulous. With cameos from some of the Saturday Night Live regulars such as Chris Farley and Norm MacDonald, this is a laugh-out loud movie.

    Hilarious and funny. A must see!!!! ...more info
  • This is the second funniest movie ever!
    This is the second funniest movie on the whole planet. The only thing that beats it is Jackass: The Movie. Okay, this is Adams best movie ever. What I don't get, is that theren't aren't hardly any special features on the DVD. There aren't any deleted scenes. Hold on, I remember a kickaball scene from when I saw this on T.V. But it is nowhere on the DVD. Weird. Here is my favorite quote. Old Man: Who the h*ll is it and waddya want? Dagnabit, its one of those flaming bags again. Wife: Don't put it out with you boots, Ted. Old Man: Don't tell me my bussines devil woman! Call the fire department, this one's outta control. (Stomps on bag, takes of shoe and smells it.) Awesome movie!...more info
  • Wow
    Adam Sandler plays Billy Madison who is over 20 years old son of a very rich man. Billy is lazy beyond belief and he is unemployed. When his father wants to retire and wants to hand over the family business to Billy but his vice president Eric protests thinking that he deserves to be in charge of the business instead. Billy is not happy about Eric taking over his father's business at all so his dad makes a deal with both, Eric and Billy.
    Billy has to go to the school again and if he passes all the exams then that's when he'll take over his family business. But will Billy actually succeed???

    Extremely funny like every Adam Sandler's movies...more info

  • "I want a snack pack!"
    Billy of the funniest movies in history. From the beginning when Billy jumps out of his pool with suntan lotion in the form of a smiley face on his abdomen yelling "Nudie magazine day!" to the end, I was laughing so hard that my ribs ached. I personally thought that everything that had to do with the silly penguin was the funniest, but Billy's maid was hilarious, too. If you've seen Big Daddy, then this is a must-have. Having a pickle slice race on the window of a restaurant looks like a lot of fun...I'll have to try that sometime. ^_^...more info
  • Back to School
    I couldn't stop laughing starting after the first two seconds and stopping when the credits started. If you love down right hilarious movies, then you'll love this....more info