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  • Strangelove Redux?
    Just as Dr. Strangelove bordered on the impossible (or did it?), this movie follows an implausible track and makes one feel more unsafe by the day. No Peter Sellers black comedy here. Remember also that this film was issued 4 years prior to 9/11. The true irony is that today in 2007, many people,I suspect, would feel safer with Harrison Ford in the Oval Office and having George Bush and Dick Cheney in a mid-air shootout with subversives over the European plain. In any kind of gunfight, take a Texan and a Wyoming man every time....more info
  • A movie I could watch again and again
    President Jim Marshall (Ford) has just taken a powerful stand against genocide in Russia. US Special Ops along with Russian units have captured General Raddick, who is responsible for a reign of terror and hundreds of thousands of deaths. In his speech, Marshall admits the USA had waited too long and that they won't do this again---because it is the 'right thing to do.'

    The Prez isn't exactly returning to the USA in triumph, though. His National Security Advisor doesn't agree with him and the 'doves' among the Administration are thinking this is an open call of war.

    Ivan Korshunov (Gary Oldman) and a team of Russian bad guys manage to sneak onboard Air Force One and take over the plane. They believe the Prez took the escape pod and left his staff, wife, and daughter to die. What they don't know is that Marshall (a Medal of Honor winnter) is still onboard and is working to take back his plane.

    Action is almost nonstop in this 1997 Wolfgang Peterson film and if you can believe Air Force One can withstand the beating its taken, you can also believe the US could have a hero as a President. Still, this is a film that you can re-run whenever you need a taste of action and adventure. Nobody does heroics like Harrison Ford. ...more info
  • Will make you wish James Marshall (Harrison Ford) were prez!
    One of Harrison Ford's better and least appreciated performances, Air Force One is a thrilling film that makes the most of its action hero star and his unique bond with movie going audiences. In Air Force One, Ford plays the role of President of the United States. In the same way that it's near impossible to envision any other actor in the role of Indiana Jones, it's difficult to envision anyone else as president for this film. Ford projects the image of such a strong, honorable, and likeable leader that the audience is immediately rooting for him.

    Originally released in 1997, Ford plays President James Marshall, a Vietnam vet turned president who makes it clear in a stunning speech at a Moscow dinner that America will now pursue a "zero tolerance" policy on international terrorism (sound familiar?). Boarding Air Force One for the return flight home from Moscow, Marshall is joined by his wife Grace (Wendy Crewson) and his daughter Alice (Liesel Matthews). He's also joined by a contingent of Eastern European journalists led by Ivan Korshunov (Gary Oldman).

    Unbeknownst to the President and his fellow Air Force One passengers, the group of men aren't journalists at all, but instead an elite team of terrorists bent on taking the president hostage. With a Secret Service agent (Xander Berkeley) collaborating with the terrorists, Korshunov has intimate inside knowledge of the procedures and safeguards deployed to protect the president on Air Force One. When Secret Agent Gibbs (Berkeley) opens the onboard weapons cache of Air Force One, his terrorist friends carry out a methodic plan to eliminate the president's security circle.

    At the sound of gunfire, President Marshall is hurriedly raced below deck to an escape pod so as to avoid his capture. With the pod jettisoned, Korshunov is enraged that the original plan failed. But his original goal remains intact, and the terrorist decides that the president's family and the remaining passengers will make do as hostages. Negotiating with the acting Vice President (Glenn Close) in the President's absence, Korshunov demands the release of General Ivan Radek (Jurgen Prochnow), a communist hardliner who Korshunov believes will bring back the Soviet Union and restore the intoxicating glory of its empire years. With a well laid and executed plan, Korshunov's demands are met and arrangements are made to release General Radek. But what Korshunov doesn't know is that President Marshall is still onboard, having jettisoned an empty escape pod, and he's intent on freeing his family and kicking the terrorists off his plane...

    Filled with action and some memorable one-liners, Air Force One is a classic Harrison Ford action thriller along the lines of Patriot Games and Clear And Present Danger. In addition, prior to filming Air Force One, the producers were given unprecedented access to the real thing. The result is a film that displays the inner sanctums of Air Force One with stunning accuracy, providing the audience with a glimpse into the actual traveling life of the most powerful man in the world. Overall, this a must-see movie that you won't want to miss...

    The DVD Report...more info
  • Absolutly Incredible!
    I swear, if Harison Ford was elected for our nations president, hell yes i would elect him. The are with no doubt no noticableness in fakeness in the special effects. Everything looks real and none of it looks fake. This is one of my Top 5 favorite movies....more info
  • Awesome and TIMELY! (RELEVANT)
    People don't often celebrate this movie for its timeliness and relevance but as world events unfold, it is steadily becoming more and more relevant in my humble opinion. This particular version doesn't necessarily add anything to the enjoyment of the movie. But to be honest it's hard to add to sheer perfection. This movie is well-plotted and very believable, even in the moments when you find yourself going "NO WAY!"

    Some have written it off as saying it depicts the "cowboy mentality" as if that's a bad thing. Some say that it's a training manual for terrorists that might wish to harm our own leadership.

    Personally I think it's merely a good action movie with a good moral to the story. Good will only triumph over Evil when Good learns to take its head out of its scared hind end and actually be willing to stand up for what's right.

    Until we are willing to have a back bone, the list of countries that are going to run right over is is ever growing. This movie cautions us not to let that happen. It's up to us to either listen or ignore this stark warning. ...more info
  • Maybe we should vote for Harrison.....
    Ford plays a president whose toughness nobody can deny! When his plane is hijacked by terrorists, he sends everyone else to safety, including the Secret Service, and goes after the bad guys himself to rescue his wife and daughter. Harrison kicks major(...)and his furious, grated line, "GET OFF MY PLANE!" will forever be a classic. This one is not to be missed. Move over, Han Solo....Ford outdoes himself here!...more info
  • Great Action flick wrapped in honor
    There are some unrealistic elements to this movie, but only when you stop and think about it. It's an action movie and there will always be some stretches of reality. Harrison Ford delivers as does his supporting cast. It will pull you into the story without any real trouble, you will find yourself routing for the President and telling the evil guys "take that". In the end, you will feel good about it and you may even be inspired by it. Enjoy!...more info
  • Air Force One
    Harrison Ford should have been a President... He is great in this movie and could save the world.......more info
  • My Husband loves this movie!
    This is a good movie and will keep you watching all the way through. Harrison Ford is excellent in this and the supporting cast is good as well. The plot is revelent with all the current world situations. The ending makes you want to cheer!...more info
  • Effective Action Flick!
    Harrison Ford continues his top billing streak with this exciting film about terrorists hijacking the President's plane. He proves his star power in the title role. Gary Oldman is errie as the leader of the rag-tag group of thugs. He is one of the best villans in Hollywood today. Check it out!...more info
  • Air Force One
    Air Force One
    I ordered this for my grandson as I could not locate it anywhere in the stores. I was so pleased to find it on Amazon, and at a reasonable price. This was the gift my grandson really wanted and it was easy to make him happy by ordering through here. ...more info
  • Where's AIR FORCE TWO?
    This is one of my favorite Harrison Ford Movies!!
    If you like action movies, you'll like this one!!
    I would rate this movie a 7 from 1to10!!...more info
  • Fun Packed action!!
    I only watched this movie because Gary Oldman in it and I was not disappointed. He acts circles around the so called "star" harrison Ford!...more info
  • Mislabeled as wide screen
    This is not a review of the movie, rather Amazon's misrepresentation. The description for this movie clearly says the aspect ratio is 2.35:1 -- that is wide screen. A few lines above that is says:

    Format: Closed-captioned, Color, Dolby, Full Screen, NTSC

    So "Full Screen" is buried. I get the DVD and to my great disappointment it says "1.33:1". Yes, it actually is full screen.

    Amazon lied! I will be returning this DVD immediately.

    These descriptions should have a big red: WARNING, FULL SCREEN -- INCOMPLETE MOVIE ENCLOSED! to keep people from being tricked into purchasing full screen movies....more info
  • Combat in the sky...Harrison Ford to the rescue...
    As action thrillers, go, AIR FORCE ONE has enough of a plot to keep you watching closely as terrorists take over the presidential plane, a sleek beauty of a craft that makes a gleaming set piece for this kind of adventure in the sky. And who is better qualified to take care of things than HARRISON FORD, somewhat less impressive without that hat and familiar stubble as Indiana Jones. (Well, maybe KEVIN COSTNER who was originally slated for the role).

    GLENN CLOSE makes a very commanding presence as the Vice President, seemingly never at a loss in moments of distress, and GARY OLDMAN handles his Russian accent and menacing villainy with his usual aplomb. It's just that if you stop long enough to take a breath while all the action is going on, you might see that underneath all the fancy pinnings this is regulation stuff that's been time countless times before--and sometimes with better results.

    The cast is impressive with WILLIAM H. MACY and DEAN STOCKWELL on the prez's team and Jerry Goldsmith providing another one of his dependable, if unmemorable, action scores.

    And although Wolfgang Petersen does a nifty job of directing, turning the president of the U.S. into an action hero performing stunts that seasoned stuntmen must have been hired for, does stretch credibility a good deal for the climactic moments when airborne peril is at the max for a cliffhanger ending.

    Not bad as an action thriller, but just don't expect it to be any more substantial than a sleek new video game.

    ...more info
  • The president fights back!
    Harrison Ford plays a US President that has traveled to Russia to make a deal with the Russians to fight terrorism, and to seal the fate of a rogue ultranationalist, former Soviet general. When terrorists supporting that general slip aboard and then take over Airforce One, the president and his family are in danger.

    The action is good, and the bravado of Ford as the US president is exciting. I have to admit, however, that the believability of the entire story is pretty sketchy. There are quite a few holes in the plot, the largest being the lack of an explanation about why a top secret service agent, the one over the President's security detail, would ever help terrorists.

    Even so, the drama and action are good.

    Those things together make for a good, but not completely outstanding show.

    4-stars...that's it...and perhaps a rather weak 4 stars at that....more info
  • Very Scary Movie!
    In this age of terrorism, this is an intensely scary film. Imagine Al-Quada doing what these Russian terrorists do on this plane. Harrison Ford is good in these types of films and gives a very good performance. The violence was hard to watch, but it is not difficult to imagine this kind of hatred esprecially from Islamic or other militant and closed-minded terrorist groups.

    Hang on to your seats, this is a good one.
    ...more info
  • One of the dumbest and fakest movies ever made
    This is the kind of movie that should have never gotten to a studio once the script was written. It's so fake and it would never happen.

    Harrison Ford is the president and he's kidnapped aboard his plane by a terrorist Gary Oldman. He's negotating for the release of some of his comrades to the vice president played by Glen Close. Ford won't give up without a fight and he's determined to save his family and friends without Oldmans plans being met.

    The movie is so fake it's sad. The plane would have been destroyed by pressure. It gets laced with 100's of rounds of ammo. Come on you have to make is somewhat believable. Wolfgang Peterson should be slapped upside the head for putting something like that in a movie.

    Glen Close is horrible. Her dramatics are over the top. The fact that her character negotiates for the president is stupid. We don't negotiate with terrorists and the fact that they put that in his dumb. It's so fake.

    The refueling plane blowing up is dumb. There are so many saftey devices in place that would never happen like that. You have to mkae a movie at look least real if your trying to make an action drama like this and it's not.

    Russia would never give up dangerous men either. They'd tell us they felt bad for the president being in danger and would tell us to shove are demands where the sun don't shine.

    This movie is way to fake. I couldn't enjoy it because it would never happen. I enjoy action dramas and this is one of the worst ones I've ever seen. If they had decided to make this more a drama and not so much action I might have been able to go along with it. The cast is awesome for the movie and a drama could have worked. The cast and talents are wasted. Why this made so much money I don't know. I guess people are stupid enough to follow the story. Don't waste your time or money on this one....more info
  • Once upon a time....
    ... USA was the only country in the world where this kind of story (although farfetched) could be happening. Especially when you remember the JFK's fighting history (maybe it's one of the reasons why he was assassinated). But now, when you see the Bush family history, the only war record of the grandfather (at the same time JFK was patrolling in the Pacific) shows his best achievement was building the family's fortune by catering for the Third Reich's financial needs. And I can imagine the present Bush pounding Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on the head with a bible (to show him it's better than the coran), and telling him "Get out of my world". As well, USA lost all credibility when he got RE-elected : One mistake might be understandable, but, as the Romans said "Errare humanum est, sed perseverare diabolicum" (to err is human, but to persist is diabolical)....more info
  • Finally, released on Blu-Ray in the US!
    This is a great film, and it will be even better on Blu-Ray. I am excited that this is finally being released on Blu-Ray in the US.

    Harrison Ford turns in a great role as the President.

    The TrueHD Audio should sound awesome - especially the action scenes.
    I highly recommend....more info
  • Excellant
    This is my favorite Harrison Ford movie and I am a big Harrison Ford fan....more info
  • Who thought this movie up?
    Who decided to write this plot? Its boring! Although I am not expert, wouldn't the President's plane just have a bit more security? I mean, this is the president where talking about. Everything in this movie just seems so pat and set, there's always going to be an out, and surprise! Guess who's going to do it! Yes! Harrison Ford! Our president is going to kick (...)!

    Doesn't that bother anyone? This movie screams Hollywood and follows it so faithfully its scary. In real life, for that is what we are trying to portray, would the president jump out of a falling plane, try to save his rogue commander or any of the other numerous things that never stop happening? Maybe...maybe not. Obviously on Air Force One he's a superman, because he is able to do all these things.

    Air Force One needs to come down out of the clouds and have some reality shot into it. Other than that, this movie is a rather decent action thriller. Just for action mind you. That, and fans of Harrison Ford should apreciate his superhuman role.

    I didn't, but there's no saying you won't....more info
  • His last real success
    Waiting for Indiana Jones IV to come to pass, it is always time to reflect on the sad state of Harrison Ford's career, and as we flip through the years it seems to me he hasn't had a bona fide hit since 1997. (2000's WHAT LIES BENEATH probably made money, but few credit Ford's presence in that thriller for its success; possibly it was a hit due to the well-tuned script and the expert direction by Robert Zemeckis. In any case Michelle Pfeiffer--another star of the 1990s whose career has gone sadly awry--deserves half the credit as well.) Otherwise it's like a list of one disaster after another. K-19 THE WIDOWMAKER? Dead in the water. HOLLYWOOD HOMICIDE? Not a bad show but the public stayed away in droves. RANDOM HEARTS? When you look up "catastrophe" in the dictionary you get a still from this movie. SIX DAYS SEVEN NIGHTS? Awful. WATER TO WINE (2004)? Even his fans don't know what it is! I'm not sure FIREWALL will break the curse either, it sounds like a re-tread of an earlier Ford flop called FRANTIC.

    So when we look back and try to find the last good patch of Harrison Ford's once invincible streak, we come up with a thump against this indisputable box office sensation, which rules the theaters world wide for a brief spell in 97. The critics thought it piffle, but it answered a need in the US public, maybe to see a strong president defying the Russians one last time. Reactionary? No two moviegoers will read its plot the same way, but there are certainly cimilarities to the FOX TV hit "24," which it foreshadowed in so many ways, even down to the canny use of amiably sinister Xander Berkeley, the husband in SAFE. And of course the death defying traumas that occur to Air Force One in both programs.

    Most of all, I think people long for a president who's more like James Marshall here, than the one we had in 1997 or the one we have now. He's a father figure, he's still vigorous and sexy, he's got a good sense of humor, knows his way around a gun AND he protects us from the threat of Glenn Close.

    AIR FORCE ONE itself was a sort of comeback project for the beleaguered Ford, whose previous films had been major disappointments--the terrible SABRINA remake and the muddled IRA thriller DEVIL'S OWN with Brad Pitt. I think at that minute we really needed Harrison Ford to start thinking about how to sustain a career. Instead he just must have said Ah Screw It and switched the remote to a then-new TV show called ALLY McBEAL. The rest is film history....more info
  • Harrison makes a fine President
    At a conference in Moscow President Marshall vows that he will never negotiate with terrorists. This is tested immediately up his arrival at Air Force One. Gary Oldman does a masterful job playing the terrorist leader. Him and his co-horts take over the most secure airplane in the world. They make it seem realistic and fairly believable. Oldman has always been one of my favorite villian actors. Unfortunately some actors are typically typcast. One villan show and you're set for life. Oldman sets this mold in this movie. He's entirely believable as the Russian nationalist willing to do anything for his cause.

    Harrison Ford, one of the quintessential actors of our time, was the perfect match as the battling President. When called upon, he fights back with the best of them. When push came to shove he shoved back real real hard. You can really believe him as the President of the U.S.A ready to risk it all to save his family.

    Glenn Close is equally riviting as the female V.P. "You're Commander in Chief has given you a direct order. DO IT!!" Some of the reviewers criticize the movie for her role. She's the Vice President. When the President has a gun to his head she is SUPPOSED to take charge. She IS SUPPOSED to something. To do anything else would be a sure sign of weakness. As for the bullets being shot, you'll notice that all of the bullets were shot at people. Also, it's widely known that Air Force One is not your ordinairy run of the mill 747's that regular citizens ride. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to find that the entire shell is bullet proof, with bullet proof glass. Even bullets from machine guns can't penetrate the armor of armored cars. Air Force One probably has the same material all around the main cabin. Do do any different would put the leader of the free world in serious jepoardy.

    The acting is crisp, the suspence taunt, the script well written, and the storyline fairly believable. The refuling plane scene, contrary to what some might say, is believeable. A large refueling tanker is a very dangerous job for the exact reason that is shown in the movie. There are safe guards, yeah. But a huge plane taking a sudden dive, with the tanker not diving has a good chance of causing the results in the movie.

    Don't just listen to the 1 star reviewers. Think of the cast. Gary Oldman, Harrison Ford, Glenn Close, and others. Think of the director, Wolfgang Peterson. This is a great movie with great acting. SEE IT!!!...more info
  • What would they have called the sequel?
    Air Force One (1997) Harrison Ford is the President of the United States. Gary Oldman is a hardliner Russian who has just hijacked the title vehicle, and off we go in the new thriller from director Wolfgang Petersen (In the Line of Fire). Although it obviously has echoes of a Die Hard movie, with ex-Special Forces Prez Ford playing cat and mouse throughout the plane with Oldman's minions, this one stays sharp, smart, and entertaining, thanks to a good script and sure footed direction. Also helping is a fantastic cast, including Glenn Close, Wendy Crewson, William H. Macy (Fargo), Xander Berkeley (Terminator 2: Judgment Day), Dean Stockwell (Blue Velvet), Jurgen Prochnow (Das Boot) and Timothy Carhart (Beverly Hills Cop III). The action and suspense are plentiful, though it possibly goes on slightly too long, maybe sticking in one crisis too many before the end credits. Still in all, that's a minor quibble, and this is still a fine flick to check out! ...more info