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Product Description

iBank 2 is an intuitive full-featured personal and small business financial manager. Manage bank accounts, credit cards and investments, analyze income and expenses with live updating charts, and plan your financial future with budgeting and forecasting. Wrapped in a beautiful Aqua interface, iBank 2 is a robust financial application able to meet the needs of casual spenders and online day-traders alike. Create budgets to plan your finances; Check how well you are sticking to your budgets with the Budget Monitor Scheduled transactions - Have iBank automatically enter planned or repeating transactions so that you don't have to Project account balances into the future based on pending scheduled transactions and/or historical balances Print checks using customizable templates Associate images with transactions, or organize groups by color, for easier visual management AppleScript support . Mac integration for safe, automatically backups

  • Track transactions for a given category, amount or date - and set Import Rules so that bank transactions are done YOUR way
  • Robust import engine for OFX, QFX, QIF and CSV files
  • Quickly analyze expenses and income with live updating charts
  • Set up an account in iBank for each of your real-life accounts, including checking, savings, credit cards, investment -- even liability and asset accounts
  • Support for multiple currencies, easily download exchange rates

Customer Reviews:

  • How does it compare to Moneyworks Cashbook
    I tried it out at Macworld 2009 but didn't get to far as the booth was small and crowded. I did try out Moneyworks Cashbook and was wondering if anyone made a comparison. Anybody??...more info
  • Awesome
    I love ibank. It is exactly what I want- a program on the Mac that lets me know where I stand....more info
  • Awful Mac App.
    Read Jan McAfee's review of iBank. (S)he is exactly right.

    I also switched from PC to Mac, and I was also looking for an alternative to Quicken for Mac because the reviews of the Mac version were so negative.

    But iBank is NOT the answer. It flat out stinks, especially for anyone who used Quicken or Money on a PC.

    I love my Mac, and I know it was slightly heretical to partition my hard drive to install Windows. But there are still two programs without Mac equivalents that I still need to run. One is Money. (iBank was THAT bad)....more info
  • Acceptable - maybe
    I read all of the reviews I could find of personal finance programs for the Mac and concluded that this was the best choice. That may well be true but after a month of using it I have decided to revert to my old copy of Quicken on an old PC. I found it harder to generate the kind of printed reports that I want using iBank and also harder to reconcile my checking account than with Quicken. The pie charts generated by iBank are certainly colorful and they update in a visually attractive way - but I do not find this eye candy to be useful....more info
  • Just Awesome!
    I recently bought the current version ( 3.4.2 (510) ). I have been using Quicken Mac (2007 version) for a number of years now. It's ok, but lacking in features, hard to use and written in Carbon API's (not rewritten for OSX).

    iBank is written specifically for Leopard (OSX 10.5) and takes advantage of a lot of new core features of the OS. It works just like you would think it should work and tasks that you thought might be complicated are actually really easy. Much easier than I was thinking it would be.

    IGG Software has created an awesome program with iBank. With it's current version, it is a MORE than complete replacement software for Quicken for Mac 2007. Also, as I have been trying out the Beta of Quicken FInancial Life for Mac (follow on to Quicken for Mac 2007), I can tell you that Intuit is on the WRONG track.

    Thank goodness for this small company for making a critical (for me) piece of software for my preferred Mac OSX platform.

    Five (5) stars, all the way!!!! :-)

    Michael McEuin
    Las Vegas, NV...more info
  • iBank
    I should have check for reviews before ordering.

    iBank is too confusing vs Quicken. I have not been able to set up as of this time.

    Regret ordering iBank....more info
  • Awesome Product
    I had Quicken 2007 for Mac and was loosing my mind over it. I discovered iBank and have loved it from day one!...more info
  • Doesn't live up
    iBank doesn't live up to it's claims. The search engine, doesn't work. It can't automatically download from your banks as it claims. Do yourself a favor and pass on this one. It was an expensive lesson for me....more info
  • easy easy easy
    this product is great i used microsoft money and just transfered over to mac . i have tried quickens
    and didnt like it i also tried a few other free downloads but i bank is by far the best and easiest iused
    i reccomend to new mac users...more info
  • ibank for mac
    Ok product simple entries only used for a month so far will have better idea of how it will work in 6 mos. or so...more info
    I ordered this because i wanted to stick with mac "everything" it's just okay, im going to keep it, but compared to ms money, it's not even in the ball park. Needs work. It's to 'quacky. although I think there on the right track. you have to use it for a week or so to get the hang of setting up, entering debits/credits. I hope they have an upgrade soon. i'm using ver 3 the latest version as of 7/31/2008. this program should be at least 15.00 dollars cheaper. try it for 30 days free before you buy it. if you had ms money and think this is even close forget it. ...more info
  • A great alternative to Quicken for Mac

    I have used Quicken since its inception and been happy with it, although it's gotten a bit top heavy in recent versions. But when I switched to the Mac, the agony began. Quicken for Mac is horrible. For two years I've searched and tried a number of other programs all of which had major difficulties. I finally had to do my taxes for 07 and 08 by hand by searching through receipts, something I hadn't done since the early 80s.

    I recently gave a fairly rigorous testing to Quicken Financial Life for Mac which is still in Beta. It may have possibilities as it settles down, but it won't do for my requirements right now--a crash a minute.

    I was about to give up in despair and order Quicken for Mac when I impulsively clicked on an ad for iBank. I downloaded it, began importing data, and immediately purchased it. I am ecstatic. It has many features I like, but the biggest and best is that it is written for Mac and makes wonderful use of Leopard. In three days I've had no crashes, no import difficulties. I've not yet had time to deal with investments so I can't speak to that. But I'll say this: I have checking and savings accounts at 3 banks in two countries and two currencies; I have 9 credit cards in 2 currencies. So far, iBank 3 has navigated faultlessly among them. I can't wait to start generating reports.

    I give it only 4 stars so far because I've not yet dealt with the portfolio. I'll update this to reflect my experiences with the investment module but so far iBank is a winner!....more info
  • Overall, very pleased
    I was not a prior Quicken user and so therefore did not have anything to compare this product with. I selected IBank for the Mac, specifically because it seemed like a good product and after investigating Quicken for Mac was concerned about the reports on lack of support and development for Mac. It took me a little time to get all my data into the software and also to get used to using the application. But now we seem to be in good shape. Our finances are not especially complex and so this works pretty well for our needs. The one thing that has stood out as a huge positive has been the support. The user forum for support related queries is excellent and if you ever get stuck, IGG software always responds via email with brilliant and helpful responses. The tech support (Jon the Tech) deserves a medal. Overall, this product does most things you need for a home-based accounting function. The interface is easy to use and the help toolbar simple to understand. The company seems open to suggestions and improvements for functionality that isn't there that you'd like to be. ...more info
  • Fine Product, Good Support
    I initially couldn't unlock the program. Turned out the wrong access code had been attached the the disk envelope. Emailing Ibank's site resulted in a speedy resolution of the problem. People there seem to be very supportive and helpful.
    Program operates smoothly. It's always painful starting and transferring data. However it looks like it will be a welcome replacement for Quicken. Setting up accounts and portfolio very straightforward....more info
  • IBank is easy to use
    Having just switched from a PC to a MAC, I need a product to help me do my taxes. I'm a self-employed management consultant and used Quicken to keep track of my business expenses. After reading the reviews of Quicken for the MAC I decided to give iBank a trial. It is not as sophisticated as Quicken for the MAC but it is easier to use.

    So far it is adequate for my purposes. I was able to download from my Citibank account and set up all of the expense categories I need. The real test will come when I try to export my data to Schedule C in TurboTax. ...more info
  • horrible!!
    This software is just horrible. The most obvious problem is that none of the banks or credit cards I use support OFX. I figured out how to download a qif file and then convert it, but it is cumbersome. None of the so called easy downloads and updates work at all if your bank doesn't support OFX. Many banks and cards are not even in their little list. You have to do everything manually to make it work at all. I finally threw in the towel when I realized that my credit card transactions were coming thru as though they were bank transactions. To reverse the positives and negatives by hand just took way too long after manually importing all the data. ( What I mean is that my balance on my credit cards shows up as a credit, so it adds it to my bank balance, making it look like I have way more money than reality.)

    After reading equally awful reviews about Quicken, I decided to try it. I am not thrilled with their product either, but at least it is more user friendly and able to use the file formats most financial institutions use. If you do like I did and go with the quicken, do yourself a favor and start from scratch. Don't try to import 10 years worth of data, just let it go. Same goes for the Ibank. Start from today and go forward. Save yourself the misery....more info
  • Great Mac Alternative to Quicken
    Except for a few minor quibbles, I switched to this program from Quicken 2005, which Intuit no longer supports. I had little trouble importing my Quicken data and my online account data. It takes a short while to get use to the differences, but now that I have, I am very pleased with the program. Integration with iPhone works well. A great entry into the Mac only program genre. Note: The product comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, but only if you download it from the developer's website....more info
  • Much improved, and a generous free trial
    I downloaded iBank to try, from the company's website, and I recommend to do this to anyone interested. The trial is quite generous, in a way that while you can only enter 75 transactions, you can try this all over again, staring a new file as many times as you wish. For example, you may want to try connectivity to your bank, credit card company, or brokerage, as I did. Even the 75 transaction limit is not as strict as it may sound - I downloaded 1,206 transactions from my brokerage, Scottrade (yes, it all went well!), and only after giving an opportunity to reconcile, iBank said I had exceeded the number of transactions - and now have 15 more minutes... So, you get the picture. Anyone can get a pretty good idea from trial whether or not iBank will work for them.

    iBank runs pretty well on my 4 years old G4 PowerBook - yes, even with those 1206 transactions imported. I was pleasantly surprised. The interface is nice, needless to say. If you crave that OS X-native Cocoa feel (and I won't judge ;) ), you'll definitely get it. It also connects to many financial institutions, has the option to tag entries with tax codes to export for use in TurboTax.

    To some institutions I tried, however, iBank could not connect directly, while Quicken for Mac 2007 did. Vanguard is one example. Here, I was surprised to how many iBank actually *could* connect directly, and that for the rest downloading and importing the data instead worked really smooth!

    If you look for the most functionality - including connectivity to banks and brokerages - you should consider Quicken for Windows, perhaps running it on your (Intel!) Mac through BootCamp (free) or using virtualization programs (some of which are free, too, check out what Sun Microsystems offers). For me, however, iBank just feels nicer as a piece of software, and I have more confidence in their support. Also, the cost will almost certainly be less than that of Quicken, over years. Overall, for many Mac users there is finally an able alternative to Quicken. Download a trial and see if it is right for you....more info
  • Best Finacial App for Mac out there. Awesome Customer Service!!!
    So as many of your probably have I switched from PC to MAC and quickly found that there is close to a famine of good financial apps available. Quicken for MAC is a lame attempt to appease a growing population of PC deserters. I had been using parallels and running MS Money inside XP but that was growing tiresome. Couldn't SOMEONE make a good money program for mac?

    Enter iBank.

    iBank is a wonderful, powerful, and easy to use, financial application. And there are plenty of reasons why as well as a free demo. All these are exactly what I was looking for but what I wasn't expecting was fantastic customer support. iBank is made by a company known as IGG Software and they are incredibly helpful, fast, and responsive. iBank is the best software out there for MAC and the fantastic customer support makes this decision a no brainer. ...more info
  • It's no MS Money
    I had online bill pay before there was an internet; remember Managing Your Money with CheckFree? I've been using various personal finance programs for over 20 years so judge my remarks in that light. I was hoping to move towards PC freedom with this product. The latest version of iBank will not run on OS 10.4 Tiger. The older version was included, but it was pretty lame. No online updating of accounts was my main complaint. The rest seemed clunky too, but that may have just been the learning curve. I sent mine back. If you have a later (Leopard) OS, this may work for you, but I hated it....more info