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Rick Steves Packing Cube Set, Black
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Product Description

The flexible 5 deep design of these organizing gems means that you can sort piles of shirts, socks whatever Each closes securely with a 3-side perimeter zipper, and they collapse to nearly nothing when not in use. Plus, security and customs can check your bag wihtough going through a pile of loose laundry. KIVA's exclusive Rick Steves line of travel luggage and accessories is designed to be practical, durable and light weight - ideal for the frequent traveler, whether for Europe or cross-country. Each items' Rick tested features work to make every trip smoother and more enjoyable.

  • Made of polyester mesh
  • 5" deep design
  • 3-piece set includes 1 large (14" X 11" X 5") and 2-small (7" X 11" X 5") cubes
  • Collapse flat when not in use
  • Closes securely with a 3-side perimeter zipper

Customer Reviews:

  • Very Useful- Especially in Combo with Compression Bags
    These cubes were extremely useful in my recent trip to Europe. The two smaller cubes I used for 1) socks and underwear and 2) tech gear (laptop, camera, and ipod chargers), batteries, power cords, ethernet cords and my webcam. They were very useful to keep things neat and separated in my suitcase. I used these in combination with compression bags to make sure everything fit in my suitcase. They were a lifesaver in keeping everything accessible in limited space I had while traveling with a backpack alone in Europe.

    This is the best size for the money. Rick Steves also writes the best travel books if you are looking to go abroad....more info
  • Surprising capacity!
    These bags hold a lot more than I first thought when I received them. They worked great for keeping things organized, both in my suitcase and later in my (Rick Steves!) backpack. As an extra perk, the small one fits perfectly in all hotel/ship safes, so I was able to keep my valuables together. I'll be buying more of these!...more info
  • Combine with space bags for best results
    This is a great value for packing cubes, but when I first utilized them while backpacking, I found that they encouraged inefficent packing of my shirts and undergarments, and they served mostly as springy constructs to keep my luggage from closing at all. My solution: combine these with travel-sized vacuum "space bags" (whatever maker is fine-- I have Eagle Creeks) to squeeze these down a notch. The mesh construction helps the air to circulate out of the package, but the cubes themsleves help keep everyhing organized while they're all squeezed in there and keep the bags clean....more info
  • Perfect for Rick's Convertible Bag (or your bag!)
    We own two of last year's version of Rick's Convertible Carry-on Bag. Lived out of them for 2-1/2 weeks in Europe each of the last two summers. We also bought TWO sets each of these Rick Steves' packing cubes, which exactly fit inside his Convertible Carry-on Bag (2 large and 4 small Rick packing cubes perfectly fit inside his bag - or eliminate one small cube to allow space for your dopp or toiletry kit in the bag.) If you are familiar with Rick's travel philosophy (travel light and carry-on) these cubes are a perfect compliment to his bag - or any bag you pack. They are see-through for ease of finding what you are looking for, and add virtually no weight to your bag. They keep everything organized, which keeps you from unpacking the entire bag each time you need one item. For more on Rick's travel philosophy and travel suggestions get his book Europe Through the Back Door. Invaluable....more info
  • An absolute essential for packing now!
    I bought these for a trip to Europe when I wanted to lighten our suitcases. I couldn't believe how much I loved them. They are so much lighter than any organizer bag or lingerie bag. I'm going to buy more--I'm never traveling without them again. They are feather-light and collapse when empty. I wished I had more to pack my souvenirs in for the trip home. Such a simple, easy, convenient way to pack underwear, gloves, umbrellas, etc. and be able to find them in your suitcase....more info
  • Good Product
    I bought these based on the other amazon reviews and I havent been disappointed. These cubes helped me pack all of the clothes that I needed for my two week trip to Italy. Since I rolled my clothes and then packed them in these cubes, I had tons of space to bring extra items....more info
  • Easy packing
    This is a real time-saving product....especially when travel
    requires frequent unpacking. I WOULD LOVE LARGER SIZES AS WELL.
    These smaller sizes are easy to find. I need something bigger for "like items" such as dress shirts. Any ideas, Rick Steves?
    ...more info