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Altec Lansing BXR1121 2.1 PC Music and Gaming Speaker
List Price: $27.99

Our Price: $12.96

You Save: $15.03 (54%)


Product Description

The three-piece BXR1121 system features the most power in its class. It lets you enhance your listening enjoyment and get the full spectrum of sound. Two separate satellite speakers improve perception of both gaming action and stereo recordings. The ported wood subwoofer adds a new level in gaming realism. Treble and bass controls and AUX input are built in. MP3 player cradle included. Quality stereo Gaming, music or movies? your PC will come alive! Satellite Speakers - 4 Watts @ 8 ohms @ 8%THD @ 100Hz - 20KHz / 2 channels loaded Subwoofer - 7 Watts @ 4 ohms @ 10%THD @ 30Hz - 100Hz - 1 channel loaded Total Peak Power - 30 Watts SATELLITE SPEAKERS Drivers (per Satellite) - One 2.5 full range driver Speaker dimensions (WxDxH) - 4.4 x 4 x 7.9 inches (113 x 101 x 201 mm) SUBWOOFER Woofer - One 4 woofer Cabinet dimensions (WxDxH) - 7.9 x 7.9 x 8 inches (200 x 200 x 202 mm) Altec Lansing 1-year limited USA warranty

  • Rock your MP3 Player too - A second jack allows you to connect your MP3 player without disconnecting your PC / Universal MP3 cradle included!
  • Built-in Controls - Power, volume, bass and treble are all at your fingertips
  • Headphone Jack For private listening
  • Shielded Satellites For use near video monitors
  • Total Continuous Power - 15 Watts RMS

Customer Reviews:

  • we keep buying them
    Our high school has been buying this set of speakers for our classroom computer carts for years and it's worked out nicely for everyone - no complaints. To date, Amazon has the best pricing....more info
  • Good value
    For a very inexpensive price, these speakers perform as well as can be expected. They're not high-end, and they don't sound like it. But they're not bad, either. The bass speaker is larger than I expected it to be, about an 8" cube, so it took up a bit more space than I would have liked. Probably had I read the specs a little better I would have known that. The two smaller speakers are very light weight and tend to move around when the cord gets bumped or pulled. Controls are convenient except the power switch, which is on the back of the bass box....more info
  • Very difficult to turn on and off
    What I hate about these speakers is that you can't turn them on and off from your desk. The switch is awkwardly placed behind the subwoofer which they suggest putting under your desk. Everyday I have to crawl under my desk, then feel behind the subwoofer for a switch I can't even see. Other Altec Lansing speakers have an on off switch on the actual speakers so I don't know why they did this. I wish I had bought different speakers it such a pain turning them on and off....more info
  • Great for the price
    For $11.11+10.30S, you can't beat the value. My only complaint would be the wiring on these types of units. They tend to solder the connections into each piece instead of using connectors (probably saves them a few cents) which makes it harder to route them where you might want them. For instance, if you wanted to drop the wiring thru a desk hole and back up another, you couldn't do it because you can't disconnect the speakers from each other. I'm quite happy with the unit....more info
  • Beware Altec Lansing - Poor Customer Service
    I purchased an iM600 system for my iPod a bit over a year ago. At the time, it was advertised as being upgradeable through the purchase of a subwoofer also made by Altec Lansing. I was unpleased to discover that the product had been discontinued by Altec Lansing, but that they hadn't updated their info - in fact, advertisements for the subwoofer came in the product box!

    I recently contacted Altec Lansing hoping they could recommend a compatible subwoofer, and they steered me to the BXR1121. Well, they were wrong. I now have an open-box 2.1 set that I have absolutely no use for and I wasted $16. I will never again purchase an Altec Lansing product. False advertisement was bad enough, but their Customer Support people are either hopelessly ignorant, or they are liars trying to con consumers into buying products that do not perform as promised.

    Buyer beware....more info
  • Best bang for the buck
    If you are simply looking to replace or add computer speakers, look no further. You will not find a better pair of speakers for the price -- which, at $9 and change, is an absolute steal. (Heck, it costs Amazon just as much to ship them!)

    If computer speakers are your only means of listening to music, you might want to consider something more high-end. But if computer speakers are your only means of listening to music, you are probably not a high-end audiophile. And these speakers will do, in spades.

    I have bought two, count 'em, two pairs of these. The first pair I bought for my office computer. I only bought them because they were the cheapest speakers I could find. I was quite impressed given the money. I keep the volume fairly low in my office, which would normally lead to losing the low end, but with the subwoofer I get a little oomph and punch even at low volume.

    The speakers I'd been using on my home computer -- a pair of four-year-old Gateways -- suddenly seemed a bit weak by comparison, although they had always seemed more or less fine for what they are (i.e., computer speakers!). I've now replaced those Gateways (and given them and the computer to which they were connected to the kids) with these Altecs. There is quite a difference.

    First, the Gateways -- which were pretty state of the art for computer speakers in their day four years ago -- only put out 3 watts per channel. The Altecs put out 4 watts per channel and 7 watts in the subwoofer. Second, the frequency response of the Gateways is 90Hz - 20KHz. Thanks to the subwoofer, the frequency response of the Altecs is 30Hz - 20KHz. That difference between a 30KHz low end and a 90KHz low end means A LOT.

    In short, you can't go wrong with these speakers unless you are looking for a high-end, higher-powered set-up as your primary speakers. ...more info
  • best pc speakers
    great speakers, for any pc, great sound quality, i had this for years that's why i had to buy more, and give my sister and my father as a gift....more info
  • Over-powered for the price
    My fiance and I had been looking for a set of Zune speakers/dock for at least a year until I decided "Screw it, a set of PC speakers will do!"

    I bought these locally on that very whim and I have been seriously impressed to the point where I bought two sets. One for the kitchen and one for the bathroom. They pump MORE than enough sound to fill a room with NO distortion while providing great sound quality.

    I wasn't expecting 5.1 sound out of these. I expected the same kind of crap sound I get out of the speakers I'm used to on my eMachines POS. It's not 5.1 - but who needs that for wanting to fill a single room? I've now been able to enjoy my podcasts while either in the shower or doing dishes. I can't rave about this set enough!

    If you're looking for MP3 player speakers look no further, these will EASILY meet that demand. Don't waste your money on some speaker dock thing regardless of your MP3 player. You will not be dissapointed... and this coming from one hell of an audiophile :)...more info
  • Pretty good for the price
    These were about 30$. My son's using them on his computer in his room. They're more than adequate. The sound is pretty impressive. Bass is pretty clean. The ipod "docking station" is pretty useless. Just a piece of plastic you can rest the ipon on. Would have been better to have included a wire, but it's convenient to have the socket to plug into....more info
  • Great sound
    Great sound, for the price! No complaints on the seller. I WISH however that it would CHARGE your i-pod, but no such luck. And, as others have mentioned, the "craddle" (holder) for the i-pod is a waste of plastic, really.

    I took back a 40.00 system that sounded HORRIBLE, and ordered this instead. (My son got his @ Wal-mart, but I could never did them there) ...more info
  • great sound
    this is a great product, it has the sound i've been looking for. Thank You...more info
  • Speaker set up
    For the price of this product and it coming from ALtec Lansing they have always produced superior sound for the price. ...more info