TransTech Portable Wireless DVR System with Motion Detection and Internal Memory
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Product Description

You are looking at the world's First Affordable, Self-Contained DVR system with motion detection, our R series camera. This extraordinary DVR system uses the latest technology in surveillance. It's Unique because it does not require a computer, TV, VCR or any other device. All you need is two wall receptacles, one for the camera and one for the receiver. It is fully self contained and ideal for situations where a computer,TV or stand alone DVR is not practical. The recorder itself is about the size of a handheld calculator (5.5" x"4" x1") . It will fit on a shelf, in a drawer, in a cabinet or even under a stack of papers. If you want to know who has been in your garage, workshop, office or home when you are not there, this system will do it. You will not find a more practical and cost effective wireless DVR system on the market. Feedback on this new for 2007 product has been excellent. It comes with a High Definition Night Vision Camera. This is truly an amazing product. You will not find a more user friendly wireless DVR system on the market.!Fetures Include:Motion detection or continuous recording, Internal memory can hold 230 images or 50 video clips (at 10 seconds each at 5fps) DVR receiver can accept an SD card to expand the memory capacity to up to 2GB. A 2GB SD card will hold 28,800 images or 4,380 video clips (10 seconds each at 5fps) Images or video clips will not erase if power is shut off. Simple playback interface- To View on a TV ,simply plug the receiver into your TV. If you use the SD card option, plug the SD card into any SD card reader. Time/date stamped images. When the motion detection is triggered the receiver will automatically start recording images or video clips. For playback, simply plug the receiver into any TV/monitor and use the on screen programming to pick and view the images. If you choose to record on an SD card, simply plug the card into any card reader and view.

  • Wireless High Resolution Camera (420 lines per inch!)-Night Vision Range up to 45 ft
  • Completely Portable-Does not require computer,TV or VCR to record
  • Internal memory will hold up to 50 video Clips
  • Memory can be Expanded up to 2GB with an SD card (not included)
  • Adjustable Motion Detection Setting or Continuous Recording Option