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Black & Decker CTO6301 6-Slice Convection Toast-R-Oven, Stainless Steel
List Price: $99.99

Our Price: $69.99

You Save: $30.00 (30%)


Product Description

Extra large toaster oven. Toasts up to 6 slices and will cook a 12" pizza. Electronic toast controls included. Broil function, nonstick interior, and a slide out crumb tray. Control panel has push buttons and digital controls. Pre heat function and a 120

  • 120 Minute Auto-Off Bake Timer
  • Non-Stick Interior and Slide Out Crumb Tray
  • Dual Position Oven Rack
  • Digital Display, Soft Touch Buttons
  • Audible Bake and Toast Signal Bell

Customer Reviews:

  • Good value for what it does
    We have had this oven about a week and it's a good value for what it does. As a convection oven, as well as for baking or broiling, this oven is very good. Various foods came out well, including broiled hamburgers, hot dogs, and baked stuffed sole. As a toaster it is definitely slow, however, the bread and bagels were evenly toasted. The bagel setting is good because the bottom burner heat is reduced 50%, thereby toasting the top and keeping the bottom from burning. The convection fan is noticeable but not loud. The burners (heating elements) only buzz in the first few seconds that they start up. We have yet to try a pizza but we anticipate good results. ...more info
  • VERY NICE unit !!
    This convection oven does it all! Comes with all the pans you need to cook just about anything, from pizza to chicken. It takes a little tech savy to get it going -and have still not figured out how to make toast yet.. it's not just turning dials anymore. But you put a couple of potatoes in and press "potato" and VOILA ! ..baked potato!

    It is a very clean, attractive unit -and I highly recommend it.

    A little disappointed in the excessive time it took to get it shipped after order was placed. It took a LONG time to arrive; NOT what I am used to from ...more info
  • Love it
    I was afraid it was going to be to large for our kitchen. But this is the perfect toaster. It really works as a second oven when you are cooking multiple dishes. It's great with things like frozen sweet potato fries. The convection cooks them nice and crispy....more info
  • Good oven
    It works fine but does get HOT. Would be nice to have a means of delayed start so you could set up in morning and have dinner ready when you get home. All necessary trays included nice touch. Even heat and cooking. ...more info
  • Worth the Money!
    I purchased this convection oven to replace the smaller toaster oven I have. With a family of 5, the smaller toaster oven I had was just too small to really ever use. This toaster oven is a nice size and can cook a 12" pizza too. So far, I've used the machine to bake chicken, toast bagels, and bake potatoes. So far, so good. The only complaint I have is that there is only one shelf to bake with. A second shelf would of made this machine a 5 star product. I purchased this at a locat Target on sale for $69.99 org. $89.99. I like that it has the push button features so you don't have to mess with chinsy dials. This machine is so much more energy effiecient then heating up the entire oven just to make rolls, or garlic bread! I find with toaster ovens, you get what you pay for, this machine is worth every penny! Great Product! I highly recommend! ...more info
  • Great Toaster Oven
    We have used our toaster oven for over a month now, we have used it strictly for baking and it works great. The oven's description was accurate. We are looking forward to trying the convection feature. The oven has been easy to use and the directions are clear. We hope using the toaster oven is going to make a difference in our electric bill since this was the main reason for buying it. ...more info
  • Not Bad For the Money
    The oven works nice. I just got it, but I wish it didn't have all those buttons and electronic thingys to it. I just prefer a knob to turn. It will hold a 9 x 13 bake pan without any hinges, and it's a nice size, but so big that it hogs up counter space. They have one with a rotisserie but I didn't want that one. So far so good, and it toast too, but I have a toaster and haven't used it for that....more info
  • Can someone measure their's & post the dimensions?
    I'm thinking of buying this, but the dimensions aren't listed, & I've got space constraints. Thanks!!...more info
  • Best toaster oven ever
    I've probably owned at least 15 toaster ovens over the years ranging from the cheap ones that are barely usable at all up to a couple of very expensive ones. So when my sister came up with this B&D with the funny bump one the back and more buttons than the average microwave, I wasn't impressed.

    However, it actually is a great all-purpose substitute for a stand-alone oven. It actually heats to the selected temperature, is fantastic for rewarming even french fries and onion rings (instead of getting them warm but soggy in the microwave) and even makes good toast. I haven't been able to master the timer, but I'm not sure if that's the fault of the timer or me. I recommend it highly.

    ...more info
  • Best I have ever owned
    This Black & Decker Toaster Oven is the best oven i have ever owned. Yes you do have to read the instructions the first time but they are easy and understandable. This oven bakes and even toasts to perfection. I love it....more info
  • Newby using an electric convection oven
    Got mine today at BB&B in the clearance rack:

    Someone opened the box.

    I got mine for $55.00 less of course my 20% coupon for $44.00 overall before tax. Was not looking for a convection oven but I thought that it seemed like a good deal.

    Most reviews concur. And I needed an all around toaster pizza heater top oven.

    The 1500 watts is good for cooking.

    Hope the B&D lives up to the reputation of B&D products though it seems a bit flimsy, not as solid as the De Longhi I saw, but the brand name and price made it worth the risk.

    Seems like a decent bargain, read the manual prior to making a chicken leg plus thigh.

    Overall just what I need.

    ...more info
  • Great product, but hmmm ...
    Yes, what eactly is that 'hmmm' sound coming from this unit whenever it's plugged in? Has anyone else heard it? Appears to be some kind of transformer or power supply humming that energizes the display, which should be the only thing on, when this device is OFF, right? Hmmm....

    Aside from this minor annoyance, all I can say is this is a terrific product, replaces my old B&D toaster oven "Dining In" oversized, white unit. The white was looking more yellow than white (due to age & heat), so it was time to upgrade to the new black & stainless look. And look good it does, blending well with other newer appliances. The push button quick settings are awesome, it even sets the appropriate time for perfect toast, bagels, pizza, potatoes, frozen foods, and yes, a 12" pizza will fit comfortably inside. Another great feature, the slide out crumb tray has no edges (where the crumbs invariably get stuck) so this is an easy wipe clean affair. The front glass is convex, along with the rear oven wall, so as to maximize interior volume. The beeps associated with the buttons are a bit loud, so you late night snackers, beware, you will wake up the heaviest of sleepers, and you'll hear "...eating again? Get back to bed!" for sure.

    Overall, I am very pleased and recommend it highly. As for reliability ... hmmm .... we'll see ...
    ...more info
  • great product
    The black & decker convection oven I purchased from you last month
    certainly is a great product. I really have been pleased with
    everything I cooked in it. Thanks. ...more info
  • Better than my full-size oven
    I read all the reviews, and decided to buy this oven. I had bought what seemed to be a great deal at Macy's, but it was trash and we gave it away within 2 months. Previously, we had had B&D toaster ovens that served the purpose adequately. This oven far, far, far exceeded our expectations. Everything we have tried has turned out great -- crispy things come out crispy without being overcooked. Casseroles come out just like you would expect from a full-sized oven. In my case, much better than my regular oven.

    I find that the B&D allows me to cook everything at the temp and time stated in the recipe and it comes out great every time. I strongly recommend this unit.

    Several people complained that the outside of the unit gets hot when it is cooking. That is true -- it is an oven. I would not put it where small children can get to it, and would make sure that the cord doesn't rest against the oven. Both of which are basic safety steps you would do with any heated appliance.

    Use this oven exactly as you would a full sized oven and expect the same results.
    ...more info
  • Very Happy !!
    This is a very nice toaster oven, the first I have owned so I don't have any thing to compare it to. I was leery of buying this because several reviews stated how hot it gets but in the end I am very glad I did!! Yes it does get hot but it needs to in order to bake at 400 degree temp (or whatever you have it set on) & just use common sense about touching it & keeping it away from anything that could melt!! I'm very happy with this toaster oven, it heats up very fast so i don't have that long waiting time of my full size oven heating up. ...more info
  • Favorite toaster oven I have ever had.
    I've been through my share of toaster ovens, both convection and non convection, from every brand imaginable and this is hands down my favorite. For me the key to a good toaster oven is the oven, not the toaster. There are only two of us and I do most of the cooking, and this appliance is a must. I have never made toast in this oven, but I have cooked several meals and each one came out perfect. The convection setting speeds things up a bit but mostly is useful for the distribution of heat. No more worrying about rotating the food every 5 minutes! The preset functions work well, particularly the pizza setting which produces a perfectly cooked pizza every time. I highly recommend this oven, tho' I can't speak to it's toasting ability....more info
  • Nice unit but...
    Purchased this yesterday and tried it out. Most everything works fine, but a couple of the preset buttons don't operate properly. When you select a preset item, you are suppose to be able to change the temperature setting provided you do so within the limited time frame. On most of the presets, this works but, on a couple it just does not respond at all. You can, of course do all the settings manually but, you're paying for the preset programming. Since this is a computer or programming glitch, and the unit is computer controlled, it is not an acceptable flaw. Also, as noted, it gets hot on all sides, top and bottom! Be very careful about clearances and childrens reach....more info
  • Awesome First Time Experience.
    I own a cheesy black & decker toaster oven and would use it to cook everything. But, it took forever and it was unpredictable. I live in a loft style apt. with no real oven or stove so I figured I would invest in a convection unit. And, this morning after taking it out of the box I made blueberry muffins and they were perfect! No burnt bottoms or tops, but pure golden bliss. I look forward to cooking many more things! Finally a single serving meal doesn't have to suck! Oh, and I can bake! I am excited.

    On another note, I found this unit at Sams for $66 and I didn't read the instructions. It is pretty self explanatory. It comes with a pizza pan, casserole, and a broiler insert. ...more info
  • good oven
    would definetly recommend this oven. my only complaint so far is the digital readout on the front is not illuminated. makes it difficult to read in low light....more info
  • kitchen plus
    written reviewBlack & Decker CTO6301 6-Slice Convection Toast-R-Oven, Stainless Steel
    This toaster oven is new to us but we have been able to use it for all of our toasting and oven need.
    Thank you Black & Decker....more info
  • Outside of the unit WAY too hot!
    The oven functions well enough, but the exterior get way too hot. I think it could easily melt anything too close to it. Gotta go back....more info
  • One Black & Decker oven worth considering--here's why
    After my horrible experiences with the Black & Decker TRO700S 4-Slice Toast-R-Oven, Stainless Steel, I swore I wouldn't buy another Black & Decker toaster oven. But when I was checking out several toaster ovens at Bed Bath & Beyond, low and behold there was this particular model available. Compared to the other models around, this one had the best combination of features and size for the price. The Krups convection oven felt cheaply made, unwarranted for the price. The other oven I considered, a Kitchen Aid convection oven, was very well made and looked great, except it did not have a convection feature and the elements were poorly exposed. I wanted to check out the Sanyo SK-VF7S Digital Convection Oven, Stainless Steel Finish that has been getting great reviews, but unfortunately this store didn't carry it. So, I decided to take a chance on "fool me thrice, shame on me". At least I could take it back to the local store if it didn't work out.

    This Black & Decker oven is much better made than the TRO700S. It's also a bit bigger and has more solid feeling controls. It's also digital, so you don't have an annoying ticking sound while cooking. It also seems more robust than the Sanyo, potentially delivering more value for the money.

    The Good: Excellent design, versatile tray system, non-stick inner surface, decent crumb guards over the heating elements, great capacity (it'll even accommodate a 12" pizza), wide viewing area, and even cooking. There are a lot of nice functions, including "bagel"--the bottom heats at half the top temperature, so it doesn't crisp the bottom of the bagel too much (nice). The exterior does get hot, like most toaster ovens, and its even worse with a brushed steel surface; however, the right side (where the convection fan operates) tends to keep cool. The BROIL mode works well, despite not having the convection feature functioning. And although the toasting function takes long to work, it does brown the toast evenly.

    The Not-so-good: The digital controls are confusing and take some time to figure out. The directions are OK, not great--but you definitely need to read them. The display does not have a clock, as one usually finds on digital appliances, but this is OK--once you realize it. The unit beeps at you when you select a cooking function, and it's rather loud. The convection feature only works in BAKE mode, not BROIL--I found this strange and disappointing. When you use it, there is no count-down indication of cooking progress; you just have to trust that it will stop at the right time. Lastly, this product is designed more as an oven than a toaster--a single piece of toast takes about 50% longer to toast than in a conventional toaster. However, the workaround is to move the shelf to the upper position and then just flip the toast once it has browned on one side. Only a minor inconvenience.

    Overall, I give this unit a thumbs up... for now. I trust that since I didn't find any initial defects, it should operate well going forward. It is not a perfect oven, but then it seems NO company out there is bothering to perfect the convection/toaster oven. Sometimes I think I should go into product design, as I see so many flaws that can be easily avoided. Anyway, you won't go wrong getting this oven. :-)

    NOTE: I really recommend seeing a toaster oven in person before buying it. This way you can get a sense of how it looks, feels, and operates. It's that tangible experience you just can't get on-line. Also, you can save more buying it in person (I paid $67 with tax, at BB&B with a 20% off coupon). However, if you aren't able to get to a store that has the appliances you're interested in, then you have to rely on what you see on-line. I hope my review helps you in your decision....more info
  • Thumbs up for this appliance
    This little oven does wonders. It cooks fast and even without taking too much counter space up. It is a wonderful alternative to using your regular stove oven, especially in the summer time. Be careful though, the outside of the oven does get hot when using so make sure to put in a place where there is ventilation....more info