Night at the Museum
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  • Great for the whole family
    I thought my kids would enjoy this movie but they absolutely loved it! They would watch it over and over if they could. My husband and I were happily surprised as well because it is a great movie and is very funny. It's nice to have a good movie that the whole family can watch together....more info
  • You'll never see a museum the same way again!
    What an exciting DVD! Adults and kids will love every minute of Night at the Museum. Not only is it a fantasy film with a great story and special effects, there's a love story, and a chance for the Dad to become a hero in the eyes of his son!

    This film has lots to offer, and if you haven't yet seen it, take a chance and buy it today. ...more info
  • Great movie
    Great family flick that will please all. It's a classic that can be watched again and again....more info
  • Ben Stiller Rocks

    ok, I admit. He's cute.

    But this one of the keeper movies we have.
    Innocent, action, laughs- it has it all. Limited potty talk and references.

    One I can watch with them over and over. If I'm not feeling well and and confined to the couch....more info
  • Pleasantly suprised!!
    I am admidtting to being very pleasantly surprised by this movie!! I'm not a huge fan of Ben Stiller, and after watching this movie, I have no idea why! This was terrific!! From the moment that it started to the ending, watching the trailer, which was lovely, I was nabbed!! Though I had rented this movie, now I have to buy one of my own, because, this movie is a keeper!!
    ...more info
  • Great fun and educational
    My son and I loved this movie, so I bought the DVD as a birthday present. I know he's going to enjoy watching it over and over. It was a great transaction; it was delivered quickly....more info
  • skip the beginning
    Night at the Museum is about Larry--a down-on-his-luck inventor (Ben Stiller) who needs a steady job so his ex-wife will allow his son to continue visiting him. So he takes a job as a night guard in a museum, only to discover that at night, everything in the museum comes to life.

    Once that happens, it's a pretty.... hmm... how to put it. I swear, I need to take a film class so I can learn the vocabulary of how to describe things I notice. It feels denser, somehow, after that point. Before that, the story was thin, and I wasn't all that involved with the stereotypical divorced dad who's a kid himself and the stereotypical divorced mom who's an uptight control freak. And the stereotypical kid, too. Maybe once we got into the museum stories, it felt richer because we'd left the stereotypes behind.

    Plus, then we got Robin Williams as Teddy Roosevelt and Owen Wilson as a teeny tiny cowboy, and they were both wonderfully fun.

    Mostly, though, it's that the story didn't really start until Larry got to the museum. Not only is that where all the action happens, but it's also where Larry discovers his self-esteem and determination, and where he loses and regains his son's respect, and where he falls in love (with a history student played by a very convincing Carla Gugino).

    The ending had a couple of really cheesy moments that didn't make a whole lot of sense, but that wasn't completely unexpected.

    All in all, a fun family movie with enough action and silliness for the kids and enough story for the adults. I just wish they'd condensed the first part by two-thirds and used the time gained to expand the later story lines. ...more info
  • An Awesome Film!!!
    It took me 3 years to finally see this movie! It's not that I didn't want to see it, it's that I never got around to it. I remember my parents seeing this at the theatre while I saw Hannibal Rising. This was on tv, so I decided to watch it and I thought it was really good and very funny! Larry Daley is a divorced dad who can't keep a job. He tries being a night guard at the American Museum of Natural History. He soon finds out that at night, everything comes to life, including a Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton, Theodore Roosevelt, Roman General Octavius, a little cowboy named Jedediah, Sacagawea, Neanderthals, Attila the Hun, Christopher Columbus, Moai and many others. When the Tablet of Ahkmenrah is stolen, Larry must get it back so the statues can continue to come to life. I highly recommend that you stay the NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM!!!...more info
  • Great Family Film
    A great film for the entire family. It's entertaining, fun and keeps your attention the entire way through. If you can get over the corniness of Owen Wilson then you'll love the whole thing. ...more info
  • GREAT family friendly movie
    I bought this video because we're getting ready to go to NYC and visit the American Museum of Natural History. The movie turned out to be a pleasant surprise. It is a genuinely cute movie that my whole family loved. ...more info
  • Kids love it
    A great movie for us and the grandkids to enjoy together. They enjoyed it so much they took it home, and I had to buy another copy....more info
  • A Crunchy Parental Review of "Night at the Museum"
    We were looking for a good movie to show for "Movie Night" at our house for a group of 9 to 10 year old girls. We read some reviews and decided to take a chance on "Night at the Museum".

    The movie is about Larry Daley (played by Ben Stiller) who is a divorced dad who cannot seem to hold a job, keep a place to live, or pay his bills. Even his own son has a low opinion of him. Everything changes when Larry gets a job as a night watchman in the Museum of Natural History. He has been hired to replace three old security guards played by Dick Van Dyke, Mickey Rooney, and Bill Cobbs. What Larry discovers his first night on the job is that an old magical Egyptian stone causes all the museum exhibits to come to life each night until dawn.

    This is where the movie becomes pretty intense. The first thing to come to life is an enormous dinosaur skeleton. After a lot of chasing around and destruction, it becomes apparent that the dinosaur wants to play fetch. There is a trouble making monkey who among other things, urinates on Larry, lions who want to hunt the other jungle creatures, and Huns at war with other characters. Larry's job becomes attempting to control and to keep all these characters and animals from killing each other and to keep them from leaving the museum. If all the mayhem were not enough, it's revealed that if any of the museum characters do go outside the museum, they will turn to dust at sunrise. We even witness this happening to one of the Neanderthals. The only help Larry gets comes from Teddy Roosevelt who is played by Robin Williams.

    The story grows when Larry brings his son Nick to the museum to spend the night. That is when a further plot to steal the Egyptian stone is uncovered. It turns out that the three old security guards are ruthless thieves who have been plotting this theft for some time. Attempting to save the stone, Larry and his son try to convince all the warring characters to band together to foil the plot.

    This movie is full of perilous situations. So much so that out of six 9 to 10 year old girls, four left the room about the time to jungle creatures came to life. When the dinosaur came to life at the beginning, most were hiding behind pillows. Of the two girls that insisted on seeing the whole thing, one had seen the movie already in the theater so was reporting to the other what was going to happen next.

    For those who love peril, this movie is for you. Seeing Dick Van Dyke and Mickey Rooney as heartless bad guys was quite a thing to behold (they were very believable). One girl couldn't believe that the "guy from Mary Poppins" could be so mean. Of course there is also some potty humor thrown in and a love interest for Larry (and for Teddy Roosevelt too). The movie effects were phenomenal, but for younger viewers, this movie is pretty intense.

    Anne (on behalf of Sandy) info
  • Mummies and monkeys and spears, oh my!
    "Night in the Museum" is a light-hearted, fantastic tale of a night watchman (Ben Stiller) in a natural history museum who soon learns, once the building's doors are locked and the lights are dimmed, that there's more than meets the eye when it comes to the museum's lifelike exhibits. In other words, maybe the exhibits aren't simply lifelike, but actually alive.

    This a funny, often wondrous movie that strikes exactly the right balance between real and make-believe. With its divorced dad (Stiller) trying to connect with his kid, the movie is grounded enough in reality that the fantasy elements stand out nicely when they occur. But the movie also has enough of a storybook quality that one doesn't feel the need to pummel it with questions of logic. In other words, the movie's tone kept me from asking too strenuously why no one has brought the secret of the museum to the attention of the museum's curator or board of trustees or whoever, so that the living exhibits could be shared with a public that would surely be eager to buy tickets to see them. After all, stories and fables often feature magical secrets that must be kept, so it's easy to accept the observance of that rule here.

    The film is well served by its DVD presentation, too. The image on the standard DVD is sharp and sparkling, which nicely shows off the film's generous and top-notch special effects. The sound palette is spacious with good clarity. I purchased the single disc version of "Night in the Museum", and the special features are limited to a couple of commentary tracks. But there's also a two-disc special edition with additional special features, as well as a Blu-Ray version that's also pretty loaded. But really, the standard DVD looks and sounds really good and should suffice for most people.

    If you enjoy comedy, fantasy, and adventure elements in your movie choices, give "Night in the Museum" a try. It's grand fun for both kids and adults, and once you see it you'll- like me- be looking forward to the sequel to eagerly learn where the next chapter goes. ...more info
  • Good family night
    An excellent addition to any family's collection, the movie looks and sounds SUPERB on Blu-ray. ...more info
  • Big museum fun!
    Cute, cute movie. My son (5 yo) begged to rent this at the video store and we must have watched it a billion times in five days. So, we got it for him for the holidays. It's fun, has believable special effects and is maybe a teeny bit educational. All good things in my book. The T-Rex fossil and the Easter Island head are two of the funniest parts....more info
  • Night at the Museum
    This movie is very entertaining for the whole family. My kids, ages 3 and 6, absolutely love this movie as well as me and my husband....more info
  • Family Fun
    I recommend this as a great family film to add to your library. Three generations of our family saw this at the theater when it opened, and everyone from the elementary-aged grandson to the middle-aged mom (aka me) to the 70-something grandmother laughed out loud and enjoyed being able to see a film together that entertained us all. We bought the dvd, too, and have enjoyed it quite a few times, and it always makes us laugh. It's a silly movie with a one-trick-pony plot (exhibits in a museum come alive at night--end of story) but there's enough fun to keep everybody watching. The kids love Rexy the bone-fetching dinosaur, my husband and I crack up laughing every time Owen Wilson comes onscreen as the tiny cowboy figurine with a Texas-sized attitude, and our parents love seeing old faves Dick van Dyke and Mickey Rooney still getting laughs. Buy this movie if you want a good family film that will make you laugh with no crudeness, cursing (I think the roughest word used is "doo-doo"), or sexual situations. Even if you don't like Ben Stiller (I really don't) there is plenty to like about this film....more info
  • Started slow, finished slow...
    Too many dropped logic chains, and slow action. Even the first night scenes dragged. The occassional scene was good, even emotional, but found myself paying more attention to my pizza and wine! Stiller did the best he could, but wasn't cast right. Robin Williams was great! ...more info
  • Family fun
    This movie is what one would expect a PG family movie to be. No real surprises, a predictable plot and watchable acting. Still the movie was humorous and enjoyable....more info
  • Anything that gets my kid excited to go to a museum...
    My 5 year old loves this movie. He still enjoys animated movies more, but this movie is the exception. He wants to go to the Museum of Natural History now and is convinced despite explanations that everything does come to life at night. Enjoyable for children and adults! We have watched it over and over....more info
  • This wasn't in the job description...
    2005's "Night in the Museum" features Ben Stiller as Larry Daley, a dreamy, down on his luck, divorced father who needs a job. That job turns out to be night watchman at the famous American Museum of Natural History, right next to New York City's Central Park. Larry gets a quick briefing from the three retiring nightwatchmen he is replacing (Dick Van Dyke, Mickey Rooney, and Bill Cobb in a marvelous cameo) and takes up his duties. However, Larry is stunned to find that as the sun goes down, the Museum's various exhibits come to life.

    Larry's first night is an hilarious panic-driven flight through the halls from hungry lions, angry Huns, and a mischevious monkey. Larry is saved by a wax figurine of Theodore Roosevelt (Robin Williams), who provides some vital advice and encouragement. Larry is ready to quit, but the need to prove to his skeptical son that he can be responsible brings him back to duty the next night, where his efforts to control the chaos are equally funny, but only marginally successful.

    Larry's third night will be his real trial by fire. Larry has invited his son to spend the night in the museum with him, but is badly embarrassed when nothing happens at sundown. Larry discovers that the three retiring watchman have stolen a golden Egyptian tablet that animates the Museum exhibits. He is able to retrieve the tablet just long enough to reanimate the museum exhibits but then loses control of the watchmen, the tablet, and the exhibits. In desperation, Larry must mobilize the exhibits to save the day.

    "Night in the Museum" is proof that CGI can make almost anything look believable. Among other challenges, Larry credibly interacts with a talking Easter Island head, a playful dinosaur skeleton, and hundreds of diorama cowboys and Roman legionaires. The humor is family-oriented as Stiller mugs and deadpans his way through a series of improbable, over-the-top situations. Owen Wilson has a nice turn as a frustrated minature cowboy, while Carla Gugino plays a sympathetic museum employee and potential love interest. Stick around for the credits to see Dick Van Dyke prove he can still dance. This comedy is highly recommended as good laugh-out-loud family entertainment....more info
  • I was entertained.
    I generally chose movies to be entertained and this one definately filled the bill. Although it might have been nice to see it on the big screen, it was a bargain to wait to see it at home. The plot was a bit weak as were the characters, but a good time anyway. ...more info
  • Lotsa fun
    This was more entertaining than I was led to believe by critics. Ben Stiller never fails to amuse me in just about anyhing he's done. It got a bad rap from critics, and, aside from a slow start to establish the premise, the resulting film is a riotous display of actors having FUN with their material. Probably would be enjoyed much more by kids, but there are good lessons (and education) to be learned, and that's always a good thing. The little guy who played the son was especially good, a real natural. Also, good to see Carla Gugino again. And Ben is as adorable as ever. Clever fun, and recommended for those looking for some escapist fare. ...more info
  • Waste. Of. Time.
    This must be the worst movie I have seen in a very long time. It is truly an act of aggression against the public in general, and the theater in particular.

    Two Questions:

    1. Who greenlit this?
    2. Why do they hate America?

    I would like these answered. Thank you....more info
  • Night at the Musuem
    I loved this movie and wanted to own it on DVD: so did my son, ehich gave me a great excuse to buy it!...more info
  • Welcome to Lilliput and have a big gigantic laugh
    Do not expect an intellectual and highly educational film. It is not. It is a sentimental comedy, all in all. You will learn that you cannot trust old people who are ready to commit a crime whose guilt will be attributed to someone younger, and that only because they want to make some money to expand their old age pension slightly. You will learn that you must not trust appearances and that what looks pretty dead is nothing but alive and what looks pretty alive is nothing but wax or stuffed artifact. You will also learn that when one wants one can always dominate a situation as soon as there is an emergency because any emergency will mobilize everyone towards the only goal of saving the day and seizing the chance that is going by. You will also learn that only a father can make a miracle when he is trying to impress his own son. And all the rest is nothing but trashy exhaust waste water, especially what mothers may say and mothers' boyfriends along with them. History and natural history are two very vivid and lively subjects even if their museums are generally boring and dying with and of boredom. But the film is funny, indeed, and it is full of surprises from beginning to end. It is true also that dinosaur footprints on Broadway or 5th Avenue help a lot to bring some visitors to a dead museum that everyone considers a wasteland till the day when some gigantic animal escapes from it. You will also love the Pharaoh. He is young, attractive and he even speaks Hun, if such a language exists.

    Dr Jacques COULARDEAU, University Paris Dauphine, University Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne & University Versailles Saint Quentin en Yvelines
    ...more info
    Okay, so I'm not really a Ben Stiller fan ... and some of the acting was over the top, sometimes rather pathetic ... but the animation and special effects are great. And isn't it great to see that Mickey Rooney and Dick Van Dyke are still around. All and all ... a fun movie that I've watched numerous times ... HEY, I LOVE MONKEYS, DINOSAURS, TOTEMS, AND BICKERING COWBOYS & ROMANS! THEY ALL STEAL THE SHOW!...more info
  • Exceeded My Expectations
    This movie was highly enjoyable. I reluctantly rented it but am now glad I did. Has a bit of everything: action, drama, and even the beautiful heroine whom Robin Williams as Theodore Roosevelt gets in the end. I truly loved the character of Theodore Roosevelt in this movie - the wise and confident guide - very strong performance indeed. Strong message indeed that really hits home:

    1. We all have a purpose and mission in this life that is much greater than ourselves as selfish and oftentimes lost individuals.

    2. Perform random acts of kindness, help and serve others and it will come back to you 10-fold.

    Rent this movie. You won't regret it. Also, Night At The Museum 2 is coming out in 2009. It will take place at the Smithsonian!...more info
  • pink!!
    The movie was cute, but had an over all pink cast. What's with that?...more info