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Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Version 11 [OLD VERSION]
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Product Description

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate combines the new release of the best-selling consumer video editing software, Studio Plus Version 11, with popular professional audio and video tools. It has the latest technology such as a complete HD workflow, with native HDV and AVCHD editing and HD DVD format disc burning & Hi-Fi audio music capabilities. True video enthusiasts will harness the power of the latest technologies without compromising ease of use. Pinnacle Studio Ultimate includes SoundSoap audio cleaning tools, professional level special effects from ProDAD VitaScene, precision Panning and Zooming with StageTool MovingPicture & a ChromaKey green screen backdrop. The BIAS SoundSoap Pinnacle Edition audio noise cleaning tools & complete Dolby Digital 5.1 audio encoding ensure your movie creations will sound as good as they look. The sleek new user interface is perfect for working on today's wide screen monitors and the new Web publishing feature makes it easy to share your movie creations publicly or privately. Scorefitter music generator creates soundtracks, with 40 source tracks & 48k audio samples Simplified Web publishing - share your video creations on the Web publicly on Yahoo! Videos or privately Improved speed and performance - installs and exports faster files Windows Vista compatible

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate lets you take control of your video quality and style. This Windows Vista--compatible full-featured application helps video enthusiasts harness the power of HD DVD AVCHD, Hi-Fi audio, and automatic Web publishing without compromising ease of use. Pinnacle Studio Ultimate includes BIAS SoundSoap, ProDAD VitaScene, StageTool MovingPicture, and a green screen backdrop.

The BIAS SoundSoap Pinnacle Edition audio noise cleaning tools, plus complete Dolby Digital 5.1 audio encoding

proDAD VitaScene provides the tools to add the kind of professional effects such as rays, blurs and more that really give your movies flair.

StageTools MovingPicture lets you use the same tool the professionals use to create precision pans and zooms.

Create Professional-Caliber Movies
Pinnacle Studio Ultimate helps you harness the power of the latest in technology--HD, Windows Vista, Web Publishing and more. Additional fully-integrated pro audio and video tools give you complete control over the quality and style of your video for superior results.

Your Life in Your Control
Import your videos from most video devices including DV, HDV and AVCHD camcorders, as well as digital still cameras. Pinnacle Studio Ultimate automatically detects scenes and creates clips. Choose from a wide range of keyframe-able effects and transitions, titles and more--all with real-time full-screen previews.

Your Life With Style
Show your personal flair with advanced effects such as Picture-in-Picture, Surround Sound editing and Chroma Key with the included green screen. Automatically generate a soundtrack or import your favorite music. proDAD VitaScene and StageTools MovingPicture give you precision tools to add professional-level video enhancements, while BIAS SoundSoap audio cleaning ensures your movies sound as good as they look.

Experience Your Life Like Never Before
Create professional quality DVDs or HD DVD format discs with multiple menus and animated backgrounds on standard DVD media. Enjoy your movies on your Sony PSP, Apple iPod, DivX certified players, and more. Use the Web upload feature to automatically share your creations publicly or privately with family and friends.

New Audio and Video Tools
The combination of Pinnacle Studio Plus version 11 with highly-acclaimed pro audio and video tools create the ultimate solution for video enthusiasts who want to take complete control of the quality and style of their movie creations.

New--From Capture to Editing and Disc Burning
A complete HD workflow with HD DVD format authoring on standard DVD media--Pinnacle Studio Plus edits native HDV or AVCHD footage and then authors HD DVD format discs that will play on the latest HD players. You can even combine projects that mix SDV, HDV and photos that are then "up-sampled" to HD resolution.

New--Now With Cutting-Edge AVCHD Capabilities
Pinnacle Studio Plus users can now import and edit the latest HD format, projected to become the primary HDV format for Camcorder leaders like Panasonic and Sony, allowing for more HDV content in half the space.

New--Windows Vista Compatibility
The perfect companion to the new Windows Vista operating system, Pinnacle Studio version 11 provides full compatibility and a sleek look while it offers advanced video editing tools to do more with home video content.

New--Scorefitter Music Generator
Automatically generate soundtracks, now with 40 source tracks, which include greater variation and 48k audio samples for higher fidelity and increased accuracy than previous solutions.

New User Interface
Pinnacle Studio's interface is scalable, making it perfect for working on widescreen monitors or adjusting the windows to get close to the task at hand while keeping all the tools at your fingertips.

New--Simplified Web Publishing
Anticipating people's desire to share their video creations on the Web, Pinnacle Studio makes Web publishing automatic. Users can now post their movies publicly on Yahoo! Videos (more to come) or privately with just a few simple clicks.

New--Improved Speed and Performance
Pinnacle Studio Plus now installs faster and exports files of any type at speeds double* those previously possible. (* an average; results may vary)

Advanced editing, effects, and integrated DVD authoring, all within an intuitive interface. Users can master more sophisticated video effects such as HD editing, custom key frames, Surround Sound editing, graphic overlays, scrolling titles, Picture-in-Picture or ChromaKey (green screen), and more.

The included Green Screen backdrop helps you create professional looking ChromaKey effects without the big studio.

Studio Version 11 Product Comparison Chart
Orange Text Indicates New Features
Studio Studio Plus Studio Ultimate
Capture from analog and digital sources ?
Assisted movie creation with SmartMovie ?
Video and audio restoration tools ?
Pan & Zoom for animation of still pictures ?
Real-Time effects with preview ?
Works with Windows Vista
Convenient scaling User Interface ?
HiFi Music Generation ?
Instant transfer from tape to DVD with Instant DVD Recorder ?
Built-in DVD Authoring and Burning ?
One-click Web Upload to Yahoo Video ?
Private Web Sharing with ?
Export videos to iPod, Sony PSP or DivX ?
HDV & AVCHD native editing ? ?
HD DVD from standard discs ? ?
PIP and Chromakey effects ? ?
Keyframeable effects ? ?
Dolby 5.1 Encoding ? ? ?
Powerful Film looks and FXs ? ? ?
Advanced Sound Cleaning ? ? ?
Precision Pan & Zoom (Ken Burns) ? ? ?
Green screen ? ? ?

  • Achieve sophisticated effects and transitions featuring light rays, color matching, artistic film looks and much more
  • Add drama and documentary-style motion to high resolution stills with StageTools MovingPicture precision pans and zooms
  • Create multi-layer effects like Picture-in-Picture, Chroma Key or A/B editing with two video tracks
  • Automatically create background music to fit the length of your movie
  • Select from hundreds of real-time, key-frame-able 2D and 3D effects and transitions to give your movie polish and style

Customer Reviews:

  • Waste of money
    I have never been a fan of Pinnacle Systems but I saw this version that had some included special effects programs that I thought were worth the price. I soon discovered that it was the same old Pinnacle story. They make their editing programs overly complicated and full of glitches.

    As always, Pinnacle put emphasis on transisions instead of solid editing and it shows. I unistalled the program, put the disk away and chalked up the cost as a waste.

    Phil S....more info
  • Its hard for me to say but Windows Movie Maker is infinitely better
    I've used Windows Movie Maker which is allright, I wanted to get something better to edit some movies which WMM could not open. I got the Ultimate version thinking it would be semi-professional at least. Turns out, this software is for beginners, if you want to make a movie that has balloons popping out in a 1996 graphics kinda way this is for you. All the transitions, graphics are cheesy and lame.

    Another thing you'll find common(read some of the other reviews) is that its buggy, tends to crash and the buttons are very uninformative. The 'Transitions' button has a flash symbol and right below it is a button with a big 'T' which stands for all the balloon popping, Its a Birthday kinda graphics.

    Ok, heres my biggest gripe. I got the $120 Ultimate and all it has is: the $80 studio, one cd with a noise canceling software(which is OK) and another cd with "lots of special effects, graphics and music". Turns out that all the extra special effects and graphics are locked and you have to pay $10 extra to unlock individual effects. Imagine paying 10bux to unlock a graphic that has "Its a girl" in bright green, hell I can make one better in MSPaint or something.

    I'd say don't buy it this software is almost like getting robbed. Hey wait....I got robbed...more info
  • Good Product
    Havent totally got into this software completely, however I would HIGHLY recommend the tutorial CD you can buy for this....For newbies, its not totally user friendly, however after purchasing the "how to" cd, it definitely helps on how to utilize this product......more info
  • Studio ultimate no better than previous versions
    Very slow on start up, attempts to connect to the internet each time program is started. I deny it, seems to take forever to load. Attempted to make a simple video slideshow from photos, kept getting "not responding", would just hang there..... (vista os) Spent about 4 hours attempting to use the PIP feature, never was able to get it right....... I give up, going back to adobe photoshop and premier elements....more info
  • Easy to Use, but exceptionally buggy
    If you are an amateur videographer and are looking for software that is simple and easy to edit movies and add simple effects with, then Pinnacle Studio 11 is fine. However, if you plan on rendering a movie over 5 minutes, then its not. I have used many low-end video editing software titles, but I have never had rendering problems like this. A few minutes into the Render it just hangs. I have applied multiple patches, but have not been successful in this endeavor yet. I was introduced to Pinnacle by a co-worker who uses Avid, the professional version of the software and it worked really well. However, this is really garbage. I have also used Sony Vegas Studio Platinum, Roxio (this was the first tool I ever used, but it is painfully slow and clunky), and I have dabbled in Adobe. After using all of these different titles, I would recommend them over Pinnacle Studio 11 Ultimate at this point until the day comes when Pinnacle releases a patch that can actually allow you to fully render a long movie. After being miserable with this product for a few months now, I have given up and been using Vegas Platnum. My experience is so positive with it, that I just upgraded to the professional edition. Each editing software has some advantages and disadvantages over others, and you will often be in situations where you can justify using two editors for one project, but I can say that it will be a long time before I ever include Pinnacle in one of my projects again. After this review, you may wonder why I gave Pinnacle 2 stars vs 1 star. The reason is that the overall software has the potential to be good, the user interface is fine, its pretty easy to use and learn. If the rendering problem is fixed, I would give it 3 stars. ...more info
  • Studio 11 Ultimate Impossible!
    Pinnacle Studio 11 Ultimate - What a horrible product! I have been successfully working with video for 5 years. I had Studio 8, which was satisfactory. I got a new system with lots of space and power. I run Windows XP Professional. I have spent the last 7 days trying to get this thing to render. No luck. I uninstalled, reinstalled, loaded every patch known to humanity. I rendered without even breathing. I rendered in most all formats. The last 30% of any slideshow refuses to render. Period. Support is a repetitive, cruel, circular trip to Hades. If someone paid me I would never use Pinnacle again. I am cutting my losses, and mailing the thing gratis back to the company with my opinion...not that they will ever find someone to actually read it....more info
    If I was able, I would give this worthless program negative stars. Go ahead and buy it if you desire a program that:
    crashes at random intervals

    replaces the videos that you placed in your creation with ones that IT choses.

    changes the timing of slides and transitions on whim....after you have set them.

    did I mention crashes?

    if you like restarting your computer mutliple times while trying to create presentation.

    spending at least four times as much time as needed creating a simple program due to crashes restarts.

    hangs up while playing it's own files!!!!!

    This program is terrible. It was apparently written by crack smoking monkeys who were hung over and in need of a fix.

    DO NOT BUY IT !!!!...more info
  • Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Version 11
    I found the product to very good. I owned the previous version and wanted more features. User friendly, however, you have to purchase the additional transitions loaded on the program. I would give this product a good rating because it works for me....more info
    I usually don't take the time to rate software but I can't believe Pinnacle has this version on the market, it is the buggiest, most unstable software I have used in 10 years. Studio 9 was more stable than this. If you contact tech support they tell you your operating system is corrupt (when it is not) and they tell you to reinstall your OS!!!!!

    I seriously don't believe that Pinnacle can release this trash with a straight face -- and furthermore, do nothing to support it. Save your money and more importantly the hours of frustration you will experience if you get this. ...more info
  • Most bang for the buck!
    I have used several movie making programs - this one's the best. I have had it crash a few times, so I make sure the work I do is backed up frequently. But, it is a simple matter to restart the program and continue from where you left off.

    Many excellent features!...more info
  • it crashes
    Nice features, and, indeed, it is more stable than the previous releases. But is not accettably stable yet.

    The overall behaviour is giving the impression that the application is fatiguing through the various tasks. However, what I find really problematic are the several crashes that, despite the improved stability, still occur. Be ready to accept to invest time in recovering the works after the various crashes rather than focusing in the actual creative process. For those who, like me, don't have the luxury of doing this as a full time job, every minute counts, and it is easy to have unproductive sessions for quite a few times.

    ...more info
  • Much better free software available
    I wont dwell to long on this review. If you are serious about your editing then STAY AWAY from this product. Horrible at handling large files, which if your into HD video this can be a serious issue. To be completely honest there is free software available that will load and partially encode a video before Studio even gets the same video loaded after selecting it. Once it does load things do not get any better.

    This software is fine for someone who does not know better and any good reviews will be from those exact people. Save your money and look around for free, faster alternatives....more info
  • OK but cooler stuff you have to buy
    Really easy product except if you want the really cool transitions and effects. You'll have to spend $50 each on the packs of transitions and or effects packs. I like that it comes with a green screen so you wouldn't have to paint the walls. If your use to other programs (which I still have Ulead 10)it's a little stupid. Haven't really used it for any real editing, except for a photo show. So what I've been doing with it isn't much. I'll have to spend more time on it or more money. Which I will not do. Making DVD on this is a little trickey, but easy if you click on the right buttons. So I'm not judging this as bad product, just a very expensive investment in video and picture editing....more info
  • Awful. Just Awful.
    Pinnacle cannot render itself out of a paper bag. Not being able to correctly render your own project files is pretty pathetic........more info
  • Tricks to using Pinnacle Studio 11
    Studio 11 lets you work at the level you want. I finished a short movie 2 hour after installing PS11. Simple to do after watching the introduction video PS11 provides. I liked PS11 Plus so much I then bought Ultimate to get the additional plug-ins (mainly "Sound Soap".)

    To be a more accomplished movie maker, also buy and READ Jan Ozer's "Visual Quickstart Guide to Pinnacle Studio 11." Jan tell how to setup PS11, how to use it, how to avoid problems, everything each version includes, and how to take better movies. The PS11 online help, and the printed manual PS11 provides are junk!

    I resently upgraded my PC and video card. PS11 and many of its' plug-ins worked OK on my old PC (but quad hardware lets you get to the stars faster.) I am now using 64 bit Vista and PS11 works well. I loaded all the disks, downloaded the updates, and unlocked the plug-ins in less than 1 hour....more info
  • Still The Industry Best
    Unlike the posts above, I'm actually going to talk about Studio 11, instead of previous versions of Studio that had a few big bugs.

    I have tried several video editing software programs, Sony Vegas, Corel, and Pinnacle and I have to say, all of them have some bugs, but Pinnacle ultimately is the best. Ultimate is my favorite version as it comes with lots of nifty special features their competitors don't have, plus it comes with a free green drop cloth for "green screen" filming.

    I specifically like Pinnacle over the other video editing software programs because of the user interface, which supports both dual and widescreen monitors. Personally, I find it the best looking and very well laid-out. I also like the pair of buttons labeled "Show Video" and "Show Photos", which allows you to import your media files quickly and easily. These make only the media you're currently working with visible, unlike other programs.

    Bottom line: All home video editing software has problems, but Pinnacle Ultimate is the best out of all of them - hands down....more info
  • oh, all the hours and money I'd like back!
    I began a recent project a year ago. It was a 30 minute long movie and it should have taken a month to edit. First, version 9 was what I was using and that screwed up sound and had really jerky and disfunctional playback. Then I blew money on 11. It definitely seems more stable than version 9, the playback is better and the sound works better in edit mode, but when burning it totally screwed up the sound balance of my movie. I worked on it way too long and spent more money on sound cards and the different sound options trying to get it to work. When the sound problem wasn't enough, it also decided to not burn the last minute of movie every time I tried to burn it. It even doesn't work when I break it up into 10-minute pieces. I am really tired of dealing with this software and would not recommend it unless you want to have heart problems, anger issues, and hair loss. Good luck finding something good- I'll probably be looking too!...more info
  • No Capture Card
    I was told that this software also came with a capture card for recording of devices via xbox 360 and of the sort, but it did not. Just wanted to let everyone know that you would have to spend an extra $50-100 more on a capture card. ...more info
  • Pinnacle Studio 11.1 Ultimate
    Not perfect, but good. Very rich feature set, espcially for the price - much better than Adobe. Nice interface, easiest to learn and use of any I have looked at; steep learning curve nontheless.

    Older versions were famous for constant crashing; this one is much better in that regard. However, program is prone to hanging during the render process. Always at the exact same frame, over and over, for no apparent reason. This is very bad. Very bad. Bad enough that you might want to wait for another update before buying. ( Currently 11.1 is downloadable. )...more info
  • Shame on Pinnacle and Avid
    I have been using Pinnacle's Studio Products since Version 5 I think. It's kind of like have a very bright kid with lots of potential but they are not living up to it. I still keep hoping with each upgrade that they will get right. Well, Version 11 doesn't do it for me. Rending is a major problem. It doesn't matter what kind of cool effects you can do it if you can't rending properly. Support just told me another "work around". Copy and paste my project into a new file... that didn't work either. Shame on Pinnacle and Avid!...more info
  • Watch Out - Their Drivers Stop Working at 2 Years
    Pinnacle's Serial Numbers and Activation Keys expire after two years.

    This applies to all Pinnacle software, not just software downloaded online. Activation Keys bought online AND Serial Numbers for software bought in retail stores only work for two years.

    It's in the fine print - which you can't even see until you rip open the box (thereby forfeiting your right to a refund) and click the "Yes, I Agree" button during installation.

    If you have to reinstall the program (or any part of it) two years and a day after buying it, you will have to completely repurchase the software.

    What's especially fishy about Pinnacle is how it will suddenly start crashing at 2 years after initial installation. My video drivers stopped working at a point, I'd later realize, coincident with the 2 year anniversary of my having installed the Pinnacle software.

    In trying to fix the suspiciously-timed program crash I was mystified to learn that a number clearly printed on a CD sleeve was suddenly "Not a Valid Serial Number." The Activation Keys I'd bought online, and had on file, were suddenly incorrect.

    I contacted Pinnacle, who informed me of the two year statement in the agreement. Here is an excerpt from their email:

    "The reason you are not able to obtain a redownload of your purchase is
    that the Extended Download Service was not purchased with your download
    and the time to purchase this service has expired. Unfortunately, this
    means that in order to obtain the product, you will need to repurchase

    Keep in mind - I was asking Pinnacle for no software. All I needed was a Serial Number and Activation Keys, because the Serial Number printed on the CD sleeve itself, and the Activation Keys I'd received two years earlier no longer worked.

    Just something you might want to keep in mind before buying Pinnacle software....more info
  • Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Version 11
    Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Version 11 I've been using this product for about a month now. I used version 9xx for several years. Version 11 is much more stable; it maintains the same intuitive user interface; and in general, makes a rather complex process relatively simple. One caution: pay close attention to the RECOMMENDED system requirements (as opposed to the MINIMUM requirements). Any video editing package must necessarily utilize a lot of system horsepower and resources. So - unless you have the required system components - look to a more basic editing package....more info