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Pinnacle Studio Plus Version 11 [OLD VERSION]
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Product Description

Pinnacle Studio Plus Version 11, the newest edition of the best-selling editing software, is all about innovation. It provides users with a complete set of both automated and advanced video editing tools in an easy-to-use interface. This full-featured, accessible tool helps video fans tap into the latest technologies -- without compromising ease of use. The scalable user interface is perfect for working on today's wide screen monitors. Pinnacle Studio Plus includes the latest technology such as a complete HD workflow, with native HDV and AVCHD editing, and HD DVD format disc burning. Improved performance and speed, a sleek new user interface, Hi-Fi audio music generation and automatic Web publishing also come together in Studio Plus Version 11, for a video editing experience like never before. Advanced editing, effects, and integrated DVD authoring, all within an intuitive interface Master sophisticated video effects like HD editing, custom key frames, Surround Sound editing,graphic overlays, scrolling titles, Picture-in-Picture or ChromaKey Windows Vista compatible

The newest edition of the best-selling Pinnacle Studio video editing software, Pinnacle Studio Plus Version 11, is all about innovation. This full-featured, Windows Vista¨Ccompatible application lets true video enthusiasts harness the power of the latest technologies and formats, including HD DVD, AVCHD, HI-FI audio and Web sharing, without compromising ease of use.

Create Impressive Home Movies
Pinnacle Studio Plus version 11 helps you harness the power of the latest technologies--HD, Windows Vista, Web Publishing and more--without compromising ease of use. Enjoy a full range of automated and advanced features to meet all your video editing needs.

Your Life in the Timeline
Directly import your digital videos, photos and audio into Pinnacle Studio Plus from a wide range of devices including DV, HDV and AVCHD camcorders, and digital still cameras. The software automatically detects scenes and creates clips to get started.

Your Life. Enhanced.
Choose from a wide range of keyframe-able effects and transitions, titles, and more, all with real-time full-screen previews. Or try advanced effects such as Picture-in-Picture, Surround Sound editing, and ChromaKey green screen. Automatically generate a soundtrack or import your favorite music. Pinnacle Studio Plus uses background rendering while you create for faster results.

Your Life in Movies. Enjoyed Your Way.
Create Hollywood-style DVDs or HD DVD format discs with multiple menus and animated backgrounds on standard DVD media. Enjoy your movies on your Sony PSP, Apple iPod, DivX certified players, and more. Use the Web upload feature to automatically share your creations publicly or privately with family and friends.

New--From Capture to Editing and Disc Burning
A complete HD workflow with HD DVD authoring on standard DVD media--Pinnacle Studio Plus edits native HDV or AVCHD footage and then authors HD DVD format discs that will play on the latest HD players. You can even combine projects that mix SDV, HDV and photos that are then "up-sampled" to HD resolution.

New--Now With Cutting-Edge AVCHD Capabilities
Pinnacle Studio Plus users can now import and edit the latest HD format, projected to become the primary HDV format for Camcorder leaders like Panasonic and Sony, allowing for more HDV content in half the space.

Windows Vista Compatibility
The perfect companion to the new Windows Vista operating system, Pinnacle Studio version 11 provides full compatibility and a sleek look while it offers complete video editing tools to do more with home video content.

New--Scorefitter Music Generator
Automatically generate soundtracks, now with 40 source tracks, which include greater variation and 48k audio samples for higher fidelity and increased accuracy than previous solutions.

New User Interface
Pinnacle Studio's interface is scalable, making it perfect for working on widescreen monitors or adjusting the windows to get close to the task at hand while keeping all the tools at your fingertips.

New--Simplified Web Publishing
Anticipating people's desire to share their video creations on the Web, Pinnacle Studio makes Web publishing automatic. Users can now post their movies publicly on Yahoo! Videos (more to come) or privately with just a few simple clicks.

New--Improved Speed and Performance
Pinnacle Studio Plus now installs faster and exports files of any type at speeds double* those previously possible. (* an average; results may vary)

Studio Version 11 Product Comparison Chart
Orange Text Indicates New Features
Studio Studio Plus Studio Ultimate
Capture from analog and digital sources ?
Assisted movie creation with SmartMovie ?
Video and audio restoration tools ?
Pan & Zoom for animation of still pictures ?
Real-Time effects with preview ?
Works with Windows Vista
Convenient scaling User Interface ?
HiFi Music Generation ?
Instant transfer from tape to DVD with Instant DVD Recorder ?
Built-in DVD Authoring and Burning ?
One-click Web Upload to Yahoo Video ?
Private Web Sharing with ?
Export videos to iPod, Sony PSP or DivX ?
HDV & AVCHD native editing ? ?
HD DVD from standard discs ? ?
PIP and Chromakey effects ? ?
Keyframeable effects ? ?
Dolby 5.1 Encoding ? ? ?
Powerful Film looks and FXs ? ? ?
Advanced Sound Cleaning ? ? ?
Precision Pan & Zoom (Ken Burns) ? ? ?
Green screen ? ? ?

  • Experience your movies on DVDs, the Web and more
  • Quickly import and organize photos and video from a wide range of devices
  • Create multi-layer effects like Picture-in-Picture, Chroma Key or A/B editing with two video tracks
  • Automatically create background music to fit the length of your movie
  • Select from hundreds of real-time, key-frame-able 2D and 3D effects and transitions to give your movie polish and style

Customer Reviews:

  • pinnacle
    Pinnacle Studio Plus Version 11 Have used version 9 & 10 previously, this is is the best so far....more info
  • Wow - Pinnacle Studio FINALLY Works
    I purchased Pinnacle Studio 8 a while back, upgraded to Pinnacle Studio 9,and now I've tried Pinnacle 11. I've always been impressed with the video effects in 8 and 9 but the crashes were HORRIBLE and frequent to the point that I pretty much gave up on it. Pinnacle 11 I took a chance on and it is very stable. Now maybe it's the fact that I'm running it on Windows Vista, with an AMD dual CPU with 2 gb of ram but in any event it's stable and does what I want to do. It's crashed only once in the past 2 months I've used it. I'm using it only to capture but the capture is good - straight to mpeg2 with no lost frames. I'm not doing a whole lot of fancy editing yet but it is capable of that. Anyway the crashes have finally been resolved (at least on my system). Thank you FINALLY Pinnacle!!...more info
  • Good editor, bad file conversion
    This program has a good editor for HD video. However, the file managment of this software going cfrom the camera to the computer, and file conversion from DVI to Window Media Player video is terrible. A ten minute video may take 30 minutes to upload. A file conversion from DVI to Window Media Player video can take hours. Very difficlt to be prodcutive with this software with HD video....more info
  • Don't buy this software!!!!
    If I could give it a zero star rating, I would. It is a horrible program. It keeps freezing on me all the time, I could not finish editing one single movie since I owe it, I am returning this to Amazon. A huge waste of money and your time....more info
  • Beware
    Beware! Beware! Beware! Beware! Beware! Beware! Beware! Beware! Beware! I can't say it enough.

    This is the first review I have ever posted, because I need to warn everyone not to buy this.

    Only buy this product if you want crashes, frustration, to reinstall your entire system, poor customer support, and to waste a lot of time, lose a lot of work.

    I have spent over a week of work time trying to get this to work, as a solo business owner this has cost me a lot, in both time and money, trying to produce a DVD for students.

    Pinnacle should not be allowed to sell this product, and they should be embarressed to do so.

    It won't even uninstall properly, after running all the uninstall programs, (inculding one you have to download) it leaves 43.5MB of files and data on your pc. Hah! try and delete those if you can! ...more info
  • Got what we expected
    I got this for my husband so he could spend more time editing his videos at home than the 3 hours a week at a studio. He's mostly happy with Pinnacle; this version is an upgrade from the one he uses at the studio. The only problem is that for a mid-range consumer program, it hogs a lot of resources. We have to kill all processes that don't involve running the operating system (antivirus, firewall, startup programs, Internet)- basically one step up from safe mode. If we don't the software locks everything up.
    It also took a little trial and error to get it actually get it installed. We updated the software immediately as others suggested. Otherwise, we got what we wanted, considering it was under $100....more info
  • Buyer Beware
    I have had Pinnacle Studio plus Titanium Edition installed on my computer for a while now. I have a stack of media piling up because this software will not perform even the most basic functions. You know... play a video. It continually freezes and stops responding requiring a Ctrl+Alt+Del to get out of it.

    My system is built for video and photo editing. 3.4GHz Pentium4 2GB DDR2 RAM and NVIDIA 6600 graphics accelerator with 256MB dedicated video RAM. Even with Studio locked up, I can bring up other software that will run perfectly, so it is definitely their problem.

    I have been in contact with their technical support staff (who don't seem to understand English very well) and they keep telling me to try the same old stuff. Reboot, reinstall, reboot again. They insist that you try it all before they will tell you to install some other piece of non-functioning software by these jokers. Usually after about 4 hours of help chat, they tell you that their shift is over and you will get an email. This will be the last you hear from them.

    To put it mildly, Pinnacle makes Microsoft software seem pleasant and enjoyable to deal with. At least Microsoft wants your software to work until the make it obsolete in a year. Pinnacle is, by far, the worst software I have EVER tried to use.

    The feature set of this software is extremely attractive, and if any of it actually worked, I would love it. My sessions typically play about 10 seconds of video then the picture freezes and it is done. In over a year, I have successfully created about 30 minutes of video output.

    Your money is better spent anywhere else! Please, for the love of all that is good in life, let these folks go out of business.

    I would have produced a great video review, but, alas, my $120.00 video software suite won't even play video much less edit it for upload...more info
  • Studio 11 Plus
    Easy to use and faster than previous versions. Program installs quickly but the bonus addon features disc took about an hour. I have used version 8 and 9, this version is quicker both to work with and render....more info
  • Works fine on XP
    I just got this on 2/6/08 and I love it, I had studio 9plus and thought this would be a more stable and powerful upgrade and it is. Once I got it all installed and ran the patches it hasnt crashed once. I thik the negative reviews are people with low end comps pushing there compters to the brink!!
    My Computer is a P4 dual core 3.2G intel proc. with 3 gigs ram and a 256meg video card. This software does not like crappy computers, im not being rude but if you got a computer for around $500 (DELL) or something then you prob cant handle this software unless you do some UPGRADES!! Video editing uses a ton of resources. On board video and sound cards wont handle this. Check min system specs for this product. They are very high at lest 2.2G INTEL not celeron and 256MEG video card or better....more info
  • Pinnacle Studio Plus v. 11 - nothing but problems :-(
    We've had nothing but problems with this program. We bought a brand new computer which met all the specs required and suggested for this Pinnacle program, and still nothing works as it should. Customer support simply tells us to check the FAQ online every time we email in a question, and on the phone no one is ever able to come up with a solution to the MANY MANY bugs the program has.
    The capabilities of the program itself are phenomenal...if only it would work right! THe picture-in-picture, transitions, menus, they're all great! But we have gone through about 25 DVD's now trying to get our movies to burn. But every time we get one problem fixed, there's a new reason our movie doesn't turn out. Everything from DVD's with only video no audio, to chapters that don't start in the right places, chapters where the entire first half is missing, the list is endless. We've burned only one successful movie, and every other time, it's a new problem or bug. Don't waste your hours of work creating a DVD with this program. Research some different ones as I'm now doing. ...more info
  • This product came a long way
    I've had several versions of this program and I'll tell you, having computer technical skills is a plus. However this version seems to be a lot more stable than the previous ones, the program is easy to learn but there is one problem I am currently working with, if I burn directly to a DVD, the finished product has no sound. I want to attempt a reinstall but I'm afraid to. My work around is to burn first to a video folder, then I use ImgBurn (a shareware) to burn the DVD, but other than that it's fast and easy.
    My system: Asus Cosshair, AMD 64X2 Dual 6000, 4G ram
    I'm not sure about jumping to version 12 I'm thinking more adobe if a reinstall doesn't work whenever I get around to it. . . nuf said.

    Review update 8 Aug 2008
    I brought the LG GGW-H20L Super Multi Blue - Blu-ray Disc Burner / HD DVD-ROM Drive w/ Lightscribe and it came with a blue ray/HD testing software for your computer to see if it's up to standard to play blue ray and according to the test, remarkably blue playing does require quite a bit of computing power including good processer, memory, graphic card and monitor. The graphic output along with the computer monitor also should have the new HDMI interface and for commercial movies should also support HDCP (High bandwidth Digital Content Protection) as some movies may not be viewable without it.
    But the good news is I have burnt a few single and double layer disks onto the new BD for testing purposes and they burnt with sound without reinstalling Pinnacle 11. Pinnacle I found is also keeping up with the changes including vista and BD support (ver. 12). My future budget planes are now leaning more toward Pinnacle ver. 12 as I slowly migrate toward HD burning.

    ...more info
  • Pinnacle Studio is AWFUL

    I am a Software Engineer. I know software. I know how it should work when it is well designed and I know when software is poorly designed.

    Pinnacle is the MOST disappointing software I've ever purchased. It is buggy. Its performance is erratic on multiple platforms. It does not install properly. It damages your system when it does install.

    And Pinnacle Help is horrific: they'll respond quickly but you'll be left with hours of useless tasks to perform exactly and without any real goal except to wear you out.

    AVOID THIS JUNK!...more info