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Set in a modern day survival-horror universe, the co-operative gameplay of Left 4 Dead (L4D) casts four "Survivors" in an epic struggle against hordes of swarming zombies and terrifying "Boss Infected" mutants. Developed by Turtle Rock Studios and Valve, creators of the Counter-Strike and Half-Life games, the latest AI technology allows for multiplayer games of one to eight players.

A new and highly virulent strain of the rabies virus emerges and spreads through the human population with frightening speed. The pandemic's victims become grotesquely disfigured widely violent psychopaths, attacking the uninfected on sight. As one of the "lucky" few apparently immune to the sickness, you, unfortunately, are also trapped in a city crawling with thousands of the bloodthirsty Infected. Alone, you're dead. But together with a handful of fellow survivors, you might just fight your way to safety.

Players can play as a Survivor or as one of four types of Boss Infected, each of whom possess a unique mutant ability, such as a 50-foot tongue lasso or a giant belly full of explosive methane gas. The gameplay of L4D is set across four massive campaigns. The zombie population of each mission is choreographed by an AI Director that monitors the human players' actions and creates a unique and dramatic experience for them on the fly.

  • Co-operative gameplay in epic struggle between survivors and zombies
  • Choose to play as survivor or 4 types of infected mutants
  • Set across 4 massive campaigns
  • Game creates a unique and dramatic experience based on players' actions
  • Multiplayer games for 1-to-8 players

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Fun...
    What do you get when you combine Resident Evil with Counterstrike? Left4Dead is mainly made for online play but does have a single player campaign to it, only drawback is there is no savegame feature to the single player aspect, you have to remember where you left off to start again from the main menu. It does run fine on a single core processor older computer, just make sure you have a decent video card. Just meet the minimum requirements and it will run fine, surprisingly as there is a lot happening on the screen. Overall a great action game with a Resident Evil feel to it, just can't understand the lack of a single player save system....more info
  • Left for Dead - zombie fun
    Valve does it again! Left 4 Dead puts you into a surival Zombie movie.
    Mutliplay allows you to become a bone muching Zombie - it does not get any better then that.

    ...more info
  • to short
    linear game play; all to quick. Compare to Wasteland 3 that is so open and many ways and hours of play...more info
  • buy it on sale.
    I enjoyed the game, but the fact of the matter is, the game only has four "movies", which is about three hours of gameplay on a normal difficulty. Playing with friends is a ton of fun, but the lack of level variety is disappointing. I bought the game on black friday and got it for only $20, an excellent deal. Paying $50 (Or $60 for the xbox 360 version) isn't worth it.

    Also note that you need to have Steam installed on your computer to install the game. Why not just buy it from them? You'll get it immediately instead of waiting for the game to arrive in your mailbox, and you don't have to pay S&H....more info
  • Fun
    The campaign centers around four "imune" survivors that must fight their way to safety. You are able to play the zombie side of the game in Versus mode...

    Pros: Tons of stuff to kill. Challenging. Plenty of secondary goals to achieve. Great graphics. Co-op is fun. You can experience the zombie appocolyse.

    Cons: Too short, there are only four campaigns that can be beat in less than 40 minutes if you know what you're doing. Some of the achievements are ridiculously hard to accomplish. The AI of the "bots" (when you don't have four real players) is horrible. They will constantly run in front of you while you're actively shooting your weapon. There aren't enough weapons. Some of the scripting for the zombie hordes is too predictable. Some of the dedicated servers will boot and ban you if your character talks too much.

    I would wait for it to drop in price, or wait for them to add more campaigns to it. Because there really isn't enough there to justify its price right now....more info
    This game is awesomely terrifying! It's just you and your buddies against the world. Literally. Who'd have thought the zombie apocalypse could be so much fun?...more info
  • Great Arcade-ish Co-op; and Nothing Else
    Before saying anything else, I feel obligated to point out that this game does have a single-player mode that can be enjoyed (the operative word: "endured" would be more like it) offline. Your allies will be three AI-controlled drones who don't know how to toss grenades, and thankfully will not even pick them up. There isn't even a pure LAN capability here. If you want to play with other people as Valve intended you to, you are going to have to be online and connected to the Steam console. Some people are picky about Steam, so be warned that this is a Steam game and there isn't any way around it.

    If that's fine by you, then you are in for a treat. This is both a co-op game and a versus game, and both modes are spectacular. In co-op you play as one of four survivors attempting to escape the zombie apocalypse through one of four campaigns, each of which take between forty minutes and an hour and a half to beat, mostly depending on what problems you run into on the way. You will make your way through diverse settings to hitch a ride by helicopter, boat, armored car, or plane; but after twice through each campaign you'll be seeing the same old things again and again, which is really the greatest limiting factor to this game: it is repetitive.

    Valve pulls some tricks out to delay your boredom, but the presence of an AI "director" that randomizes creepy music cues, weapons and health placements, and enemy attacks is not enough to justify the game having so little to see and do. There are six guns and two bombs in the game, five types of "special infected" zombies in addition to the normal running types, and not much to change things up after the initial fun has worn off. Well, maybe there is: versus mode.

    Once the vanilla co-op game has worn off, there's the brutal versus mode. In this mode you still play as one of four human-controlled survivors huffing it out of town, but there are also four zombie players whose entire goal is to mess up your game. One team runs while the other hunts, and then you switch. At the end of the campaign, the team with the higher score wins. Not only is this far more frightening when you know that a scheming human mind is behind the actions that befall your rag-tag band, but it is also far more dynamic. Rather than just being attacked, you are being assaulted and picked off by the zombies. If there's a flaw, it is that at the current time you can only play two of the campaigns in versus (though later this year Valve plans to change that).

    This game is recommendable because it is the best co-op gameplay that you will ever experience, bar none. If you don't mind learning the four campaigns really well and getting used to some nail-biting difficulty on later levels, then this game is for you....more info
  • good game
    Not the usual shooter but a good game nonetheless. Game is in short segments but has a lot of replayability. Demands are high for computer specs. No save game option but not all that necessary in this type of game. Overall good game but I think over rated by the so-called experts....more info
  • Surviving a Zombie Outbreak has never been such fun!!!
    Left 4 Dead is SUCH a good game, after you've beaten it countless times you'll be asking yourself, "Why isn't there a Left for Dead Fallout 3-type RPG?" "Why isn't this game longer?" "WHERE DO I BUY MORE MAPS????"

    SO AWESOME! The computer's that assist you are not only good, they're BETTER than YOU! Tired of the computers that destroy the realism by getting stuck on a chair or in a corner and then destroyed? NOT in this game. While the computer will never leave you behind (it's against their programming =) they will NEVER shoot you while shooting hundreds of zombies all around you with an M16, or even BETTER, sometimes the computer chooses the Sniper Rifle and with DEAD-Eye accuracy shoots zombies standing on buildings 200 yards away.

    A WELL programmed INCREDIBLY smooth game that just goes to show you, that like Blizzard Entertainment and Sid Meier's, Valve is one of the MOST trusted companies in the Video Sphere.


    NOW WE WANT MORE!!! I'd like to see a Fallout 3-type Left 4 Dead Survival Shooter where (instead of being some cheesy reporter) you and a few friends have to make your way Fallout 3 style through the undead landscapes of (insert major city). Maybe even make it all the way across the country? You could show major landmarks in their blasted undead state.

    All that being said, Left 4 Dead's single player campaign is incredibly short. It's cheesy movie-style storyline is AWESOME but in the next it would be OK if there was a Half Life 2 type play-through, ya know, I mean, if you guys have the time.

    Seriously? That's how good the game is. I hesitate even to offer suggestions for fear of Jinking the GENIUS that Left 4 Dead 2 could be.

    I took away 1 Star for Replayability because it's so short and there are so few maps (only 4), but even with only 4 maps I'm STILL Discovering things, for example (I just learned this). There are Propane tanks and Gas stations hidden throughout that cause HUGE explosions that people are not even noticing. I hit one and the explosions was HUGE!!! Burning Zombies (and allies, WHOOPS!) EVERYWHERE!...more info
  • fun stuff
    I really liked this game the campaign is fun and u can beat it but there are unlockable achievements and overall it is a lot of fun, just honing your skills is something i am trying to do and its an overall fun game that is basic enough and fun to play over and over again....more info
  • valve is my best friend
    - so immersive... i found myself holding my breath whenever the hordes were alerted. this happens alot. they just pour out like water!

    - who knew zombies could be so fun to kill. they crawl out of your surroundings like cockroaches and are found in every nook n cranny. they can climb in places you cannot (for a change). when they flood you'll yell out four letter words. its that overwhelming at times. by the end of the game you'll have killed between 1,200-2000 zombies among four players within 30-45 min.

    - best co-op by far... that's just what it was made for. it's fun to play single player, but better than that is playing with others online, but better than that is finding people you like to kill zombies with. you'll find yourself talking, planning, help each other at the edge of death.

    - this is the steam engine at it's best! visually this game has nothing to complain about(except on xbox). in combination with a dark room, your flashlight, and a splattered zombie via shotgun, this is a perfect screenshot. when you finish off a whole horde indoors, it's really a satisfying site in a creepy demented way.

    - my girlfriend likes gaming, but she's addicted to this game. she says she hates zombie games cause they scare her. after 10 minutes she was hooked. i hear her screaming and laughing throughout the house, and making L4D friends when she plays. me and her raked up a total of 39.3 hours in the last 2 weeks. yeah, we like this game!!!

    - i'd pay 150 bucks to have this much fun, man this is great! can't wait for future installments via download-able content :)...more info
  • Disappointing and strange
    I bought this game on a whim, having seen it advertised. The best way I can describe Left 4 Dead is it's like one of the newer shooters that has a multiplayer component which lets you replay the same maps you did in the single player campaign. Trouble is there really isn't a single player campaign, only four sequences of maps that are tenuously linked together.

    Supposedly the developers did this as they wanted to focus on replay value and found having a traditional storyline with cut scenes would hinder that. However, I was confused trying to figure out what was going on or who these characters are you were playing. You only have six shooting weapons and five types of enemies, and to be honest it gets boring trying to see how difficult a predicament you can get into.

    The graphics are great and the action when the hordes of zombies come at you is intense, but I would have much preferred the immersion of a traditional shooter where you have a story behind the action. (And it turns out the zombies aren't really that but some sort of mutagen infected people akin to 28 Days Later. Your troop is immune to the disease, but that's what I read, the game doesn't tell you anything.)

    A post-apocalyptic zombie setting could have spawned all kinds of improvised weapons, traps, and scenarios. Instead with the lack of variety this game didn't even take me a week to set aside. ...more info
  • Left 4 Awesome
    Great game. Never the same experience twice and so far they haven't even loaded new map packs yet. Great buy....more info
  • Good game, but can get old quick
    All around fun enjoyable shooter. However, the single player and campaign styles of play get old very quickly. The versus mode is good to keep interest in the game, however, with only two of the four campaigns to choose from versus mode gets tiresome as well....more info
  • Great game!
    Not only was I able to get this game at a great price (Here at Amazon!) ,but it's a fun game, able to be played with friends and people online. The campaigns are fun, and challenging. The finales themselves are action-packed, and it's a delightful feeling if you survive long enough to see you and your team get picked up by a helicopter, an armored tank, or even a plane! Recommended for anyone over 13, and those under who can handle the content....more info
  • COD 4 SHORT!!!!
    Me and my bro had such a blast playing this online with each other on a private server. Too many butt-holes on the public servers so steer clear of that unless you can fill out all four spots with friends.

    Towards the end, it did start to feel a little repetitive. We played it on one below the hardest level which gave the game some longevity.

    What would make this game great?

    Well, for one...they need more boss type mobs. In all reality there are only two bosses...and three "sub-boss" types and thats it. Come on, use your imagination!!!!

    Also, at first the "Movie" concept was cool but way too short. This would have been much better if it were one, long story line with an ultimate goal, say rescue...But to get there you uncover the source of the infection and have to fight some serious boss battles to move on. Formulaic? Yes...Tried and true? Yes.

    In retrospect, I did have a ton of fun...in hindsight, I feel the developers lacked the imagination to make this game truly great.

    With the success of this game, its easy to see that a sequel will be released. If it follows the same formula, I think I'll pass. In all honesty, for the price...Game packs should be released to compliment this short little ditty of a game....more info
  • The Dead are alive
    This is a greaat game and very realistic. As for action, you can't ask for more. Great graphics and the sound is awsome. Good game!...more info
  • A True Cooperative Experience
    Too often, a game will boast that it has online content and multiplayer options and then only wind up giving you some sort of vs. skirmish mode with no story at all a handful of maps, some sort of matching system all having next to nothing to do with the single player campaign. Left 4 Dead is a true cooperative experience for 2-4 players. There will always be four Survivors against the environment, and the AI for the remaining Survivors is adequate enough where you could play 2 players and have fun. It is a first person shooter so there isn't a lot of material to work with, but the guns, the strategy and the knowledge that if you loose even one of your fellow Survivors at key moments in the game, you are toast makes it a challenging games. I played the game for free for hours using Steam's promo so I wasn't able to finish the game but here are some highlights.


    Multiplayer: up to four in true cooperative mode

    Four sets of maps which changing mob location: the maps were stagnant but the couple of times we played the map, some of the more difficult opponents were not in the same location

    Drop in and out, one of our friends lost connection during the game: she was able to come right back in with no trouble at all. We waited for her but we could have continued easily.

    Varying difficulty levels that actually seem to vary: often times a game is too difficult on its normal mode, or too easy, the range here is great for a group to find whatever challenge they enjoy most

    A few game modes - we didn't play the vs. mode or the survival mode but the option there is great.

    Graphics: the game looked really good and didn't seem bogged down like some of the other games get when there is so much happen on the screen, very smooth playing on a variety of gaming machines including one that was a fairly dated backup machine used while my friend worked on his more current system


    Only four sets of maps, they take around 2 hours to complete at a moderate pace, and I would have no qualms playing them again, but more is always better.

    Not many weapons, the weapons each have a different play style to them and you can change them at several times during the game, but I just kept wishing there would be a few more hidden somewhere

    Gore: for some this is not a con, for me, I wish I had a setting to drop it down a little. The game play was too fun not to play but other games have blood levels so why not this one? I know this is a dark genre within the fps genre, so no worries, I didn't knock off a star for this reason alone.

    No Tutorial: I have enough experience with games to be able to pick them and just go most of the time, but other than a few directional hints on the map, there didn't seem to be much in the way of an introduction to someone new to gaming or the genre in general

    Last tidbit: I am hoping this kind of cooperative game play is only the beginning and that we will see several more like it and see better cooperative options in other genres as well.
    ...more info
  • Great gift for the man in your life
    I bought this game for my boyfriend's birthday and it was a great success. I know he's liked games like Half Life and Counterstrike so this fit with this genre of games. The multiplayer feature makes the game. The variety is really provided through the multiplayer. ...more info
  • Just a good bit of fun
    There's not much to say about this game that hasn't been said. It's a great addition to anyone's library. Take note though: to really experience this game, you gotta play it online and more preferably with people that you know. Single player is fun for a couple of times through, but playing with actual people makes for a much better experience.

    Also, another good thing about getting this game is that it's made by Valve. And Vavle supports their games long after they've been out. For instance, there is some new modes coming out real soon. Basically, you'll get your money's worth....more info
  • Zombie Apocolypse = AWESOME
    This game is awesome. Do not, if at all possible, buy this game for the XBox. You can only play 2 player split screen on the XBox as well, not 4 player which might be fun if they had it. PC graphics are prettier (if you can run it prettier mode), multiplayer is better, and all new content will be free.

    That being said, this game is slick, well done, and really good. It promotes group work and staying together rather than one rambo style guy running around. The mood is dark and scary.

    Playing with friends online is where it's at, co-op or versus. The problem with both of these modes are that unless you are with friends on your team, quite often you'll get paired with some douche nugget. You can all vote him off, but if you're with 2-3 douche nuggets, you might as well get the AI to play your cohorts.

    Game is fun. I gave it only 4 stars though because as much fun as it is, it's the same thing over and over and over. You want to survive to make it to the safe house, kill zombies, help others, etc. It's fun, but apparently not fun enough for me to stop playing Dead Space to come back to it. If you love FPS games to death though, I'd say it's probably 5 stars, and the multiplayer is great. Just avoid those douche nuggets....more info
  • Zombie Killing awesomeness
    Left 4 Dead is a rock solid zombie fest! First the technical stuff.

    As usual Valve's Source engine can pump out some visually stunning graphics even if you don't have top of the line hardware. Even having an older machine with just under the recommended settings the game looks beautiful. The audio and music are great. Since every time you play through the game it is different the audio is always changing to build tension and apprehension that the next zombie horde is just around the corner.

    Game play is simple and intuitive. Even if you are a new comer to the PC gaming world Left 4 Dead should only take a few minutes to get used to the controls. The built in tutorial is a wonderful and non-intrusive way to acclimate a player to the L4D control scheme.

    The premise for the game is simple. You are a human trying to escape. The zombies see you as a tasty snack and want to eat you. You kill zombies or become the next value meal at the local zombie burger joint. Gameplay is squad based and you definitely need to use voice chat to communicate. Straying too far from the rest of your group usually ends in pain.

    The object is to move from one safe house to the next until reaching an extraction point while avoiding the zombies. Help your teammates and keep moving quickly to the next safe house. Sounds simple but there is one catch. L4D will automatically adjust the level difficulty based on how good your health is and how fast you are moving. Move too quickly through the game and the final battle to escape will be one heckuva ride.

    Enjoy the slaying!...more info
  • Don't Buy
    Valve promised new characters, new weapons, new campaigns, new achievements.... and then they decided to release L4D2. Admitted in an interview, they started working on L4D2 IMMEDIATELY after L4D (this game) was launched. The lobby system is still bugged, and we are still waiting for the SDK (to allow user-made content) even though they were promised a long time ago. STAY AWAY FROM VALVE. They lie about what they have in store for their products....more info
  • Left 4 Dead Rules!
    I have no reason to say anything bad about this game. The SDK files should be released soon letting a person play their favorite zombie movie as a game. I can see no reason why anyone would not love it. Crossroads Mall is on its way!...more info
  • A Little Disapointed
    I was kind of disapointed in this game for two main reasons.

    First, the CD you buy is only a key to download the game. It's kind of a pain. I like to uninstall and reinstall games as I need them and this makes it impossible. If I get virus and need to re-format I will loose the game. If I understand correctly, I will have to buy a new key. I also don't like the fact that I must have steam on my computer.

    Secondly, the game is kinda repetative and lacking. There are only a handfull of weapons and only a handfull of zombie types. Even more disapointing is the lack of story and the repetitve nature of each level. "Run from A to B, wait for rescue, kill zombie army, get on escape veichle" I'd like to have more interaction with survivors, (there was none except for the guy in the church tower, and the other end of a radio).

    Overall though, this is an entertaining game....more info
  • I thought it would suck
    Then I saw a video review...bought it and though after 1 play...that was too short ...so i played it again..and again..and again and it jsut kept getting funner.....weird but true....of course you get the usually arseholes who care more about winning than fun...a lot of eliteists but hey thats in every game...now i can jibe at them over the mic.......more info

    The only thing more horrifying than the zombies in the game is the STEAM co (Steam is an online service offered by Valve Corporation). They take Total control over the game itself and you cannot deal directly with the Valve co. They have no phone numbers (well, one Dead one)!!!! No one to contact but steam on line. I have found they will not help you with any problems. I wish I read the problems other people had Before I bought the game. This is a Real answer they sent me:

    "Hello M,
    A staff member has replied to your question.
    We will not be able to assist you with this issue.

    The thing is, I sent them the problem and THIS WAS THE RESPONSE. They will not answer any more !?!?

    Great game but Do Not Buy it for PC.
    ...more info
  • well worth the money!
    As with any VALVe game, Left 4 Dead is intense, fun, and well worth the money you will spend on it. I bought this game because of my love for VALVe games, since Half-Life all the way through The Orange Box I've been following VALVe for a long time, and they have never disappointed me!...more info
  • Very! Very! Fun and Adictive co op zombie slaying gameplay:)
    So a friend bought this game for me .I read so many reviews about this game . I game quite a bit . My main game up until l4d was cod4 mp which i still play everyday but since ive got this game it has taken over my gaming priorities :)Me and my best friend lan this game everyday . Setting this game up for lan play was a little bit of a pain do to the fact that ther is no lan interface within the game . So after doing some research on the l4d forums i found out how to lan l4d with just one copy of the game without a internet conection . We also made a script in notepad that kicks the bots out of the game and lets us choose what character we wnat to be[im always Zoey]so its just the two of us playing . Thats right ! No iritating bots getting in the way anymore! The game is nothing less than perfect . The voice acting and sound is outstanding . Im contantly lmao rotf with some of the comments the characters say especialy in the hospital elevator. This game plays buttery smooth on my machine 2.33 intel duo , geforce 8800gt 256 bit with 512 of the gddr , 2 gig of ram with all the settings maxed out . Im sure it would run good on a lesser machine than mine:)All the scenarios are just awsume .The wepons are great [ i like the auto sghotgun for crowning the witch ]What i am really lovin about this game is the team Co Opertive aspect of it . I could go on and on about all the kewl things this game has going for it .This is definatly a 5 star rated game . Buy it and you will not be disapointed . Promise:)...more info
  • Fun time for all
    I got this game to play with my friends. It's really fun to play, especially if you play with 3 friends. There are only 4 "movies" to play (each movie has like 4 "scenes"), but there are 4 difficulty levels to play on. The game hasn't gotten "old" to us yet. Plus, the intelligence in the game means each time you play, even though a scene may be the same, the zombies come from different angles, places, etc so its not like you can just memorize the game. There is also a versus mode where you can be the zombies or the survivors and play in a competitive mode. You basically alternate between playing the zombies or the infected and you score points based on killing the zombies or infecting the survivors and the side with the most points wins the competition. Its very fun to play with friends online. I would recommend this game to anyone....more info
    Well, first off I read all the reviews and it sounds like a fun game so I decided to buy it. Now here's my problem and it could be partly my fault for not researching more. Because this game requires internet activation I simply can't play the game. I am currently stationed overseas and internet isn't the greatest. Had I know this from the start I would never had wasted my money. I was looking for a good shooter to blow off some steam and was left scratching my head wondering why I spent the money for this. Not even in the product description did I see any mention of internet being required. I realize you need it for multiplayer, but you can't play offline either...come on people. If I could give this a -5 rating I would just for the amount of disappointment I had....more info
  • Awesome!
    I ordered this for my son for Christmas. All I know is he's thrilled with it so that's good enough for me!...more info
  • More fun than you would expect
    It seems most people love this game, with a few dissenters here and there. I have to question if these folks have played this game online, where the experience is rich. There aren't too many great co-op games and this is one of them.

    Since I've purchsed this game, I've been playing it non-stop. While it is true that the Movie "chapters" are rather short, especially if played on Easy, there are several achievements in the game that make it fun to try and achieve with friends as a group.

    There is also versus (4 survivors vs 4 infected) mode that is very fun. It takes some practice to become good as the infected. There's something quite satisfying about completing a successful co-ordinated attack as the infected. Sometimes the difference between success and failure is one perfectly timed attack. I find it rewarding when I am able to create that opening.

    I'm looking forward to enhancements or add-ons to the game. I've spent over 50 hours online with this game already. I've seen the game on sale locally a few times that is cheaper than thru steam. So keep that in mind for the folks who have complained about the price....more info
  • Great save glitches
    I personally love the game - it's fast paced, fun, intuitive, and the top factor - tons of replay value. The only reason I can fault the game is the crashes. And no, it's not my computer - everyone I know who, by the way, has a perfectly LEGAL copy of l4d has experienced mid-game freezes and crashes. However, it's not the worst buggy game I've played, and I most certainly excuse it for the crashing. Other than that, Amazon got it to me quickly, well within the delivery window, and it's worked mostly perfectly....more info
  • fun fun fun
    while TF2 is without a doubt my favorite online game that Valve has come out with so far, Left 4 Dead Versus mode comes pretty close behind it. The class-based aspect of the infected makes playing that side probably the funner of the two, but it's a very entertaining game playing as the survivors (it alternates, as well).

    The only bad thing about it is that it is sometimes difficult to go through a game without having a person or people on one team leave (rage quit) and potentially end the game prematurely. This is a problem because of the 8 person per server limit, which means it doesn't take much to throw a whole team off when one person leaves.

    well worth the cash. buy it and love it....more info