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Dreamfall Game Of The Year collects two of the best-received games in one package, then adds an amazing soundtrack. Considered two of the finest adventure games ever, the original Longest Journey and its sequel Dreamfall: The Longest Journey deliver a spellbinding and powerful gaming experience. The stunning graphics & fascinating characters create unparalleled gameplay that's fantastic and powerful -- even spiritual. The beautiful soundtrack was nominated for an MTV award; it's included here on a separate disc. Go on an epic journey of exploration and adventure, as you venture through a thrilling and emotional storyline.

Dreamfall: The Longest Journey Game of the Year Edition combines the original, The Longest Journey, Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, the game soundtrack, as well as a bound collection of breathtaking images from the game. This edition compiles all the features that have won awards such as:

Editor's Choice Award - IGN.com
Best Adventure Game - IGN.com
Best of 2000 - Gamespy
Game of the Year - Gamespot.com
Best of 2000 - Gaming Age.com
Editor's Choice - Computer Gaming World
Best Music - Gamespy.com
Best Video Game Score Nomination - MTV
Adventure Game of the Year - Gamespy.com
Top 10 PC Game of the Year - Gamespy.com
Best Story - Gamespy.com
Best of 2006 - Gamespot.com
Best Voice Acting of 2006 - Gamespot.com
The Game of the Year Edition will take players on an epic journey of exploration and adventure as they venture through a thrilling and emotional storyline. Indulge in a fully interactive world where beautiful music, stunning graphics, fascinating characters and unparalleled gameplay variety promises to bring the adventure genre into a new era.

In The Longest Journey, the player controls the protagonist, April Ryan, on her journey through more than 160 locations, spanning two original worlds, and featuring a cast of more than 50 speaking characters. Dive into a journey of discovery, where you will solve puzzles, meet new people, face terrifying monsters, learn, grow, and live the adventure of a lifetime!

In Dreamfall, which takes place a decade after The Longest Journey, players can finally revisit the epic universe. Players will be introduced to the new protagonist, Zo? Castillo, who is about to get involved in a conspiracy that spans parallel worlds and hundreds of years. Zo? embarks on a journey, where she eventually discovers a magical world behind our own, she will need to make decisions about what's important to her and what she's willing to risk for the people she loves.

  • Stunning Sounds and Soundtrack ? Listen to an emotional and epic soundtrack in 7.1 surround as well as voice recordings of 50+ professional actors.
  • Unparalleled Gameplay Variety ? Use brains or brawn; be polite or rude, threaten or sweet talk; in Dreamfall you make the choice, resulting in unexpected gameplay.
  • Three Playable Characters ? Experience the story from three separate character's perspectives, and learn how their destinies blend together in an epic finale.
  • Three Worlds ? Dreamfall spans three beautifully realized worlds, multiple chapters and a stunning amount of detailed locations.
  • Unique World Interaction ? Dreamfall introduces a new focus field feature. Scan your environment and use information gathered to trigger remote gameplay opportunities.

Customer Reviews:

  • Avoid like hell
    The original game (The longest journey) was quite a decent game. It had some damned challenging puzzles, a ridiculous amount of great dialogue, and a good plot.
    This game, however, is a POS. It tacks on a useless combat system, dumbs down the puzzles, and ends with a 'to be continued' with impending world doom and your characters more or less dead/captured. It has some maddening 'missions' which consist mostly of running around and fetching. The overall sensation is somewhat akin to being repeatedly beaten with a crowbar, but less fun and more potential brain damage.

    Avoid with prejudice until they come out with the third in the series. Let's face it...2nd games in a trilogy are usually the worst and this one adheres to the rule well. ...more info
  • Dreamfall
    The game is fun. I really like the vibrant graphics. After playing Fall out 3 it leaves a little to be desired. My only real complaint is that the Amazon description said it included a booklet with pictures from the scenes and it was not in any of the 3 I ordered then returned. False advertising....more info
  • Overall a great deal!
    Since this is actually a set with two games instead of just one (which is what I thought when I bought it -not that I'm complaining!) I'm going to review the games seperately. Please note that I had never even heard of either game until I picked this package up about 2 weeks ago.

    The Longest Journey. (original game released in Nov 2000)

    -Story 5/5
    This is probably one of the best (if not THE best) storyline I've encountered. It's one of the few games where I was captivated from start to finish with no feeling of having to drag myself through boring parts just to find out what happens in the end. This game is worth playing for the story alone.

    -Gamecontrol 4/5 (given for the time)
    It's a 2-d setting (no camera moving) and point and click movement. Easy for even the most inexperienced gamer to grasp. While I thought this would annoy me when I first started playing (I'm used to having more control) it actually didn't.

    -Gameplay 4-1/2 /5 (given for the time)
    This game has the feel of a RPG, however it's not. This isn't a bad thing, but it changes the way the game is played. There is no actual fighting, it's based on "puzzles". The "puzzles" are trying to figure out what to use next to get out in a "real world" type way. It's very fun and challenging!

    -Graphics N/A
    Considering the game was released 7 years ago it's not fair to rate the graphics by today's standards. My ONLY complaint has to do with the 2007 GotY release, not the game itself. They should have been able to make a "windowed" mode so that we could have the option to play the game on a 800x600 window on the computer. This would allow me (and others who didn't play it when it was first released) to experience the game as it was meant to when it first came out. The images are very pixelated and it did make me miss a few smaller items because of the stretching that occurred.

    -Overall 5/5
    The game is almost perfect and the few things I had a problem with were not even enough to put a dent in the game. The game was (and still is) innovative and the story is king. Definately worth getting! :)


    Dreamfall (originally released 2006)

    -Story 3-4/5
    Overall I guess I'd have to give the storyline 3 stars, but the good parts are so great they deserve 4 stars. The story takes longer to suck you in, but once it finally does, it's great and I could just feel myself craving to finish the game. However the end botches it up. Not only with the huge cliffhanger at the end (as another reviewer pointed out) but the side plots are never cleared up either. If you actually let the end credits play through you get a little bonus clip at the end, but it doesn't do much other then indicate there might be a Longest Journey 3 coming out.

    -Gamecontrol 4/5
    I'm assuming the people who rated the controls as bad aren't used to the "WASD" movement that I am. I used to primarily play World of Warcraft and Guild Wars, both of which use this same movement system so it wasn't hard to adapt to it and I did not waste a lot of time bumping into the walls. However if you move straight from playing The Longest Journey to Dreamfall it does cause a bit of confusion. The only complaint I have is that they should have included a point and click option for looking at various objects, areas, and people. The other games I've played with the WASD movement include this to make it easier as opposed to tying to position your character just right so you can look at something. That was probably the most annoying aspect of the game.

    -Gameplay 3 1/2 /5
    Overall it's definately 3 stars. However, I give them an extra 1/2 for trying newer features that have been developed into other newer games... particularly fighting and "sneaking". Honestly... the fighting was pretty lame and except for getting the point across that you needed to figure out a different way to get out of that section, it served virtually no purpose and just was just awkward. The "sneaking" especially for this game could have been great, if it had been done right, but somehow it just wasn't. The defualt controls for it were hard (hold "ctrl" while walking) and uncomfortable. I just think there could have been a better way to "sneak". Another thing I didn't like was the character switching. I still do not understand the point of playing the Apostle. He seemed to have no purpose other then to show that the bad guys in Marcuria were not ALL bad and it wasn't very relevant to the story. Playing as April wasa bit weird. In some parts I understood it (when Zoe is trapped in the tower), but overall they should have just stuck to one character.

    -Graphics 4/5
    Considering the game came out about a year ago and 6 years after the original...the graphics are VASTLY better. However I've seen other games that came out earlier that have better graphics. (Sims 2 is one that comes to mind because the faces are very similar.) Some of the picking and holding up of items is awkward and looks VERY similar to the original. (Items going through the hand and floating through the air as opposed to being held. I understand this during gameplay, but during the cinematics it was annoying.) One thing I liked about Dreamfall (that actually bothered me about the first) is the costuming. In the first one April was ALWAYS wearing a midriff bearing shirt and capris even when she was given clothes in Marcuria...and NOONE else wore that. In Dreamfall Zoe is given quite a few changes of clothes and they are all relavent to the situation. (When she borrows Damien's clothes, while it clings to her, they actually made it look like a man's sweater, bc a single guy is not going to have women's clothing lying around.)

    -Overall 4/5
    I'm tempted to give it 3/5, but I'll be honest, I haven't played many "adventure" games and I was still engrossed in Dreamfall and finished it in three days (Technically two, but I didn't play on the day in the middle) this is rare that I want to find out what happens next that I must play (as I did with The Longest Journey) The problems don't have too much of an effect on the overall game, even if the original was far better. The only huge disappointment was the ending and all the cliffhangers.

    The set overall 4/5

    I definately recommend getting this set. As others stated it might be in your better interest to buy the games separately and used bc you could probaly shave $10 off the price, but I'm used to paying $30-$60 for a game (varies depending on the system) so a new game for $20 that turned out to be great was an awesome deal. It also comes with the Dreamfall soundtrack, which I haven't listened to it on it's own yet, but I did enjoy the music I heard in the game. (Both the score and the songs with singing) I did SOME research on it and it is supposed to include one song that you can't get from the free download off the site. So I suppose if you are a huge fan you might want to pick it up just for that reason alone. :)

    My only complaint is that my new shrink-wrapped copy did not come with a game booklet, while it was not necessary to have one, it would have been helpful for learning certain things particularly in Dreamfall. (I was over half way through the game when I finally figured out how to check messages on my phone...and almost done when I learned they did include a "diary" of sorts as they did in the first.) The key is "M" btw and it has the diary, recent dialogue, and messages.

    Also just a note on the rating...for parents (I have a 16 month old). The game is rated M and claims many things, but the main reason (I find) for the M rating is language. (They like using the "f-word" a lot.) The violence is not bad or realistic and there is no gore. I found I was able to play with my child in the room if I turned the sound down or the voices off. This goes for both games. It does have "suggestive themes", but is only voiced and not shown. ...more info
  • Misleading Product Information
    For the record, the game rating given is for The Longest Journey and not Dreamfall -- which I haven't started playing yet. It's installing as I type.

    This package does NOT come with the bound artbook as promised, which was disappointing. It also doesn't come with a manual for some bizzare reason.

    The Longest Journey is a beautiful game -- graphics, sound, voice acting, story, everything. I have high hopes for Dreamfall as well....more info
  • Best to buy both games separately to save money; Original one excellent, however, Dreamfall not in the same league...
    Firstly, its best to buy original one and Dreamfall separately...helps you save a lot of money. If you fish around for prices on the web you can buy both of them, separately, for around 5-6 bucks EACH, than buying this more expensive package.

    Like other reviewers prior to my review, I agree that this should have been labelled as one game plus the latter release being nothing more than a mere side bonus game because of the following vast differences, in my view:

    1. The storyline of original longest journey is by far the best and unbeatable by miles compared to the newer release Dreamfall. The original one truly deserves flawless rating like many critics have given... Dreamfall, on the other hand, is no where near the same legend status like the original story...so be prepared for a big Dream-"fall" when playing this one :o)

    2. Game control in Dreamfall is a real nightmare. There is no mouse pointer on the screen which makes the game movement very difficult and unnecessary time wasting, where the character ends up bumping into walls than actual doing what you would like her/him to accomplish. This takes away a lot of time and in actuality is one of the biggest let down of Dreamfall where the game appears to be intentionally look longer than it actually is.

    3. Original longest journey really felt truly long like its name, newer one (Dreamfall) is considerably shorter probably around three times in actual game play length including animation.

    4. Graphics of the original one were really breath-taking and atmospheric...although Dreamfall has beautiful graphics too but it just didn't feel the same. However, this point can vary between individuals.

    In conclusion: One should probably own both the games but just be prepared for considerable differences in the game play quality and length between the two so you don't get your expectations fall after playing Dreamfall :o)...more info
  • Excellent, but you'll need a gamepad controller
    I'm playing it with my 7 y.o. son and he just loves it. Actually, he's playing it and I'm sitting next to him helping him out with some of the harder puzzles. The graphics are beautiful, the music is good, the puzzles are solvable. So far I only had to cheat and search the internet for hints twice. The game starts slow but the action accelerates after about 15-20 minutes.

    The game is hard to control if you are using a mouse and keyboard, it must have been designed for a gamepad type controller. I had a much better experience once I switched to logitech wireless gamepad....more info
  • Why mess with perfection?
    I loved the first Dreamfall adventure game - this one mucked up the works by trying to add a clunky action game combat system. The good news is, you almost never have to use it. This game still has the atmosphere of the first one with more updated graphics.

    Overall, fun to play....more info
  • Thoughts from a newbie
    I just finished both games this week.

    As someone who is new to adventure gaming and one that is used to action games, my opinion of the two games will sound pretty different from most of the reviewers on here.

    First off, I loved both of the games, although Dreamfall was a bit more like half a game with nothing being resolved by the time the credits roll, but the half that I did get to play left me craving more, even if it did leave me unsatisfied as far as tying up loose ends goes.

    For me, the original was a bit too 'adventure' for me.. The point and click and then waiting for her to run all the way across the screen was just short of torture. I loved the story and the characters, but some of the tasks were more tedious than they had to be if April didn't have to slowly jog all the way across the current environment. If I forgot to pick something up on a previous screen, it almost made me want to quit to have to think about jogging all the way back. With that said, the in depth and beautifully written story is worth the wait.

    I know this is blasphemous for a lot of adventure game players, but I liked the controls of dreamfall 10x better. It was a free environment, and the graphics were so beautiful that I did not mind having to run across Marcuria, Casablanca, etc. The controls took a bit of getting used to, but with WASD, the movement, and the ability to explore, adds so much to the game and for that reason, I feel the controls are superior. Being confined to a linear space takes so much away from the environment, and after all, isn't the environment a big reason for playing adventure games in the first place?

    The combat was a bit ridiculous, but I can't deny that the fact that you can actually die in this game enhances the suspense of some of the encounters.

    As for the storylines, I can appreciate both. I love the way that the two stories tie together without really being a sequel. Some of the charaters remain, but the story of each stands alone. They intertwine without being the continuation of the first. But... like I said before, Dreamfall is more like part 1 of a two part story. They get you there, but they don't finish the job. You are just beginning to see where they are going with it, and where they are going is fantastic, then bad things happen, then the credits roll. *scratches head*--- Is that it? ---- Unfortunately, it is. I have become very attached to the characters and can't wait for the sequel!! Whenever that may be.. ...more info
  • Terrific
    Six years. Quite a long time to be waiting for a sequel to an adventure game. It is also quite a long time for graphics, hardware and gameplay to change. When the Longest Journey came out, it was heralded by critics as being one of the best adventure games a person could buy. It incorporated a terrific story, wonderful voice work and, at the time, good graphics that helped bring depth to the genre. Now, Dreamfall: The Longest Journey is out, a direct sequel to the events of the first game. Is it everything we could hope for? Well, that depends on what you're looking for.

    A lot of reviews out there, including here on amazon.com, have talked about various aspects of the game. The negative points discussed were the easiness of the gameplay, the bulkiness of the controls and the horrible combat. The positives have been over-whelming the terrific, complex and utterly addictive story and plot. So, depending on what you are looking for, you will either really love this game or really dislike it.

    AS far as the gameplay is concerned, I tried playing it with a mouse and keyboard but the controls felt wonky to me. I am a console player mostly and because of my lack of affinity with the mouse and keyboard for third person controlled games I spend a good deal of time walking into things and the walls. However, plugging in a controller, all of my complaints went away. I'd recommend trying a controller if you have any problems, as the game seems better suited to it (probably due to the fact it is also an Xbox game).

    The difficulty has been lessened from The Longest Journey. One one hand, this is definitely a valid complaint. However, my complaint with the first game was that there were times where the puzzles seemed utterly illogical and were very order-specific. I would spend a long time trying to get something accomplished simply because I didn't do it exactly how the game wanted me to. In that aspect, Dreamfall lessens any frustrations to allow you to enjoy the story more fully. That said, the puzzles do lack the depth of The Longest Journey and adventure games in general. I wish they were a bit more difficult or took a little more brain power to figure out what to do.

    The combat is a bit clunky. It is comprised of block, light hit and strong hit. A rock, paper, scissors type gameplay ensues where a strong hit will break through a block, a block defends against a light punch and a light punch can break someone from doing a strong attack. However, the controls are a bit wonky as well, making battles easy but unintuitive. You can also slide to the side, forward and back while blocking. While it's not up to par with fighting games like Dead or Alive, what do you want from an adventure game?

    Actually, calling it a game might be stretching it a little. And I don't mean this in a bad way. Playing this game reminds me of another fantastic adventure game called Indigo Prophecy, but without the simon says style gameplay. Here, you will move from place to place, work on puzzles, do some stealth and some clunky fighting. But the gameplay is there to pull you in and create an interactive story. A cinematic story that has you at the center. I like this approach.

    Graphically, I think the game is stellar. There've been complaints in this department as well, but I think the game is pretty stunning. While there's no way it could live up to the powerhouse of, say, Oblivion, what is here is terrific. The colors are vibrant and lush, the settings are absolutely beautiful. Casablanca, the starting city, feels like a mix of futuristic landscapes with a traditional Spanish-style living. Add to this the vibrant color scheme and terrific art direction, and I think the game is stunning.

    One department no one seems to be complaining about is the sound. From the beautiful music to the very competent voice staff, everything runs well. Some characters are a little lacking, not necessarily in their voices but in the direction. Sometimes it seems as if the voice actors don't know the context of what they are saying and stress words wrongly or don't have the excitement or fear that one would have in their situations. As an example, in the beginning someone is afraid of something (I'm being purposefully vague) and cries "No! No!" but it's almost as if the threat is a mere bother as opposed to a possibly life-altering event. Other times, though, the voice actors are terrific in conveying the emotion.

    The game scales really well. While I'm playing it above the recommended specs, there's nary a fault or bug that I've come across. There's no slowdown from what I've seen. It also scales terrifically well to fit your monitor. I've played it on a regular 19" all the way up to a widescreen monitor and it is terrific. The game was made to be played in 16:9 widescreen. Like I said earlier the controllers work terrifically with the game. I am using an Xbox 360 controller and I haven't had a single problem, save that the trigger buttons don't register.

    One confusing problem is the constant presence of loading screens. There are a ton of them breaking up cutscenes as well as action. It's a little disappointing. I'm sure part of the problem was to help make it playable on both the Xbox and the PC. But load screens are a normal part of our life now and even the "triple A games" like Half Life 2 utilize them. And the loading screens in Dreamfall, while frequent, aren't long by any means. So, to me, it is a minor nuisance that I completely ignored and only bring it up because of other reviews out there commenting that reviewers aren't bringing it up ;)

    All of this is simply the mechanics, though. What lies at the heart of this game, much like The Longest Journey, is a story. A story that is exciting, mysterious and emotional all at the same time. The Longest Journey was, at the time, probably one of the best stories I had seen in a video game. Dreamfall has, in my opinion, blown that story out of the water. People will probably argue this with me, but I think Dreamfall's story is definitely a bit better. It seems more urgent this time around. Partly, this is because of the fact its more of an "action adventure" game as opposed to a point and click game. Whereas in The Longest Journey there were instances where you were chased, you couldn't die. Here, things seem a bit more dire and urgent. The pacing of Dreamfall is also excellent and helps keep you moving from point to point. Ragnar Tornquist has a much better control of the story and spins a yarn fitting of a novel. I don't want to talk about the story at all in order to allow everyone a chance to view it with virgin eyes. To get the story across, there is a ton of dialogue. Much like the first game, Dreamfall allows its characters to talk and talk about their lives, what's going on in the world and the plot. While playing The Longest Journey isn't necessary per se, characters from it will show up in surprising ways, starting off from the very beginning. A small caveat about the story. Yes, the story doesn't end so much as set up events for a third game. However, if you look back at The Longest Journey, you would also find a game that doesn't end. It, too, basically explains what would happen in the second game and leaves so many threads open. Here's hoping the game sells well enough to merit a third game.

    So here lies the crux. The reviews here and your enjoyment of the game will come to this: do you want a game that puts gameplay above story or a game that places story above gameplay. If you choose the former, you probably won't like this game as much. However, if you are like me and enjoy the latter, I can't recommend any other game higher than this one right now. I can normally overlook most flaws or gameplay issues in a game, if it keeps me enthralled with a terrific story. I enjoy story-centered games a ton. So I feel confident rating this game as a five star simply because I never had a dull moment. I compare both The Longest Journey and Dreamfall to novels. Very dense and filled with backstory, characters and plot, Dreamfall isn't a typical video game. You have to really want to get to know everything and everyone in it to get the most out of the game. If you want to really sink your teeth into a story and know everything there is to know about a fantastical world, there's no better place than Dreamfall. ...more info
  • Solid adventure game
    Being forthright, I'm not generally a fan of adventure games. They tend to be puzzle-heavy, action-light, and not particularly fast-paced. These are all generally traits that end up getting me frustrated and in a cheating mood, which rather defeats the purpose of the game. I picked up Dreamfall quite a while ago, and to be honest the only real reasons I did so were the fact that there weren't any decent new games out (and Dreamfall had decent reviews), and that the girl on the cover was hot (shallow I know, but hey, I was bored). I started the game right off, found it decent, but got sidetracked by newer releases for a long time. Thus I have only recently finished it, and have found it to be a rather pleasant surprise.

    The main draw for this game are the graphics, plot, and voice acting. All are very well done- each of the areas is unique, and many are spectacular in design and ambiance. The story is (as one would expect from an adventure game) excellent and full of interesting plot twists that keep you going... or at least, once it picks up. The beginning is a tad slow, but after the first few areas it gets rather arresting. The pacing is also well done in general, with no undue amounts of backtracking, repetitive tasks, and long periods of time spent in the same area. The puzzles are generally not difficult to the point of frustration, though they are challenging enough to give you a sense of accomplishment when you pass them. Last but not least, the soundtrack is superb- one of the best game soundtracks I've ever heard.

    In general, the game's controls are very simple. You can move around, look at objects, and interact with them. The only 'hard' part in this respect is that some of the 'hotspots' that you must interact with are not easy to reach and sometimes it's not even clear they exist. This is somewhat mitigated by focus mode, where you can sweep an area for hotspots if they're in your field of view. You can also access your mobile, which is essentially a journal, and a simple inventory that rarely contains more than 5 items. Most of the game consists of speaking to people, finding and using items (sometimes with other items) and deciding what things to use where, or where to find an item you need. Combat is pretty rare and not challenging in the least, and I'm pretty sure that no matter what dialogue choices you pick, the show will go on. Some might not like the fact that the game is very linear in this regard, but this isn't that big a deal the first play through.

    In general, the game plays pretty much in the following way: you see a cutscene, quite a few of which are rather amazing, then you end up in control of one of the characters (almost always Zoe or April). You can then move around and explore a limited area, and are clearly shown that there is an objective to meet in this area (oftentimes nothing more than finding a way out). There are sometimes puzzles to be solved in the process, both of the traditional sort (pattern matching, mostly) and environmental manipulation of some kind. Though some of the puzzles have more than one solution, this is generally the exception to the rule. I suppose this simplifies matters to some degree, since they usually leave pointed hints as to what you're supposed to do. However, it absolutely cripples replay value- once you've played the game once, you literally know exactly what to do to beat it again. There's also not much in the way of secrets, extras, or random encounters. If you beat the game, even taking the path of least resistance, you will likely see and hear all it has to offer.

    Combat is a weak point of the game, so perhaps its a good thing that it's so rare. I've seen browser based flash games with better combat than this one: you essentially face your foe and hit one of two attack buttons until they go down. You can block some attacks, but this is generally a waste of time. It doesn't help that at least a third of the combat encounters are totally unwinnable- you have to avoid them altogether if you want to survive and continue. Bottom line- this is no action game; if you really care about that sort of thing, you might want to look elsewhere.

    Perhaps the only really big downer in the entire game is the fact that it leaves a lot of questions unanswered and a lot of threads dangling. This is obviously not the last game in the series, and it practically screams 'To be continued' when the credits roll. Considering how long it took for Dreamfall to finish development, it's also not likely we'll see the end of this story any time soon. The cliffhanger plot is enough to drive one mad.

    Though it does have its flaws, Dreamfall is a great adventure title. It doesn't require a whole lot of experience with the genre, just an appreciation for art and plot. You don't even need to have played the previous game in the series (I hadn't) though it might help explain the history of the characters you encounter. The production values, especially voice acting and music, are top-notch. If you can live with the weak combat minigame and lack of replay value, Dreamfall is definitely worth your time playing.

    ...more info