Philips Norelco arcitec 1050 Men's Shaver
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Product Description

Includes Charging Stand Cleaning Brush

Offering a 360 degree swiveling shaving head and a state-of-the art sleek design, arcitec is the most advanced Philips Norelco shaver yet. Compared to other Philips Norelco shavers, arcitec offers new flex & pivot technology, a more aerodynamic design, and an advanced tube trimmer.

The unique flex & pivot technology delivers an exceptionally close shave. Three individually flexing shaving heads are connected by a ball joint system making them swivel, rotate, and pivot with a full range of motion. The maneuverability allows arcitec to adjust to the contours of your face ensuring optimum skin contact and a closer shave -- even on the neck. The new arcitec Shaver is designed to push the boundaries of shaving and to conquer those hard to shave areas.

The arcitec 1050 comes encased in a premium black lacquered shell. Drawing inspiration from high fashion, the razor is loaded with black chrome and metal accents. A true state-of-the-art look.

Cutting edge innovation doesn't stop with the shaver. Now you can recharge your shaver while you store it, with the Power Pod travel case that plugs into the wall and protects your investment. While at home, you can recharge your shaver in its sleek stand and show off this modern addition to your bathroom shelf.

For those sideburns, goatees and moustaches, the new patented precision tube trimmer cuts hairs closer to the skin. This improved performance is due to the tube cutting system moving back and forth capturing every hair. All of these improvements and new introductions make it possible for you to conquer your neck to look and feel your best! Chart your course with the new Philips Norelco arcitec and be confident you're getting a perfectly close shave -- even on the neck.

Flex and Pivot Technology: Three independently flexing heads in a shaving unit that swivels 360 degrees for a full range of motion. This ensures optimum skin contact in curved areas, to catch even the most problematic hairs on your neck for a perfectly close shave, even in the hard to shave places.
State-of-the-Art Design: arcitec's 'central drive' technology makes it possible to design an ultra-slim ergonomic body that fits snugly in your hand -- making it more comfortable to hold and effortless to use. The central drive technology connects all rotary blades to the shaving motor using only one spindle (axle) for a more comfortable grip.
Triple Track Shaving Heads: with up to 50% more shaving surface for a faster, smoother, closer shave. The Philips arcitec has more blades than traditional single-track shaving heads for more chances to catch and cut hair on every stroke. So you don't have to go over the same area to get a really close shave.
Superior Lift & Cut? Technology: The dual stainless steel blade system gently lifts hair to cut it comfortably below skin level, for an ultra close shave.
Advanced Tube Trimmer: Extends out from the body of the shaver -- perfect for trimming your sideburns, goatee, moustache -- then slide it back into the shaver to keep that sleek clean look! The new patented precision tube trimming technology lets you cut off hairs closer to the skin. The outer tube has slots to catch hairs and the inner tube oscillates to cut these hairs.
Precision Cutting System: Ultra-thin heads have slots to catch longer hairs and holes to shave short stubble. The stainless steel shaving heads are made very thin so they lie closer than ever against your skin to reach every hair.
Washable: Simply rinses clean in seconds -- for the ultimate in convenience.
Other standard features include:
  • Multi-Purpose Display: Battery Full and Charging Indicators, Shaving Head Replacement and Cleaning Indicator
  • Charging Stand
  • Power Pod Charging Storage Case (ideal for travel)
  • Fully charges in 1-hour for up to 65 minutes of shave time or 21 days of cord-free shaving
  • 3-Minute Quick Charge
  • Automatic Worldwide Voltage
  • Electronic On/Off Switch
  • Hair Collection Chamber
  • Protective Razor Cap
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Every Philips Norelco shaver has a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee and a Full Two-Year Warranty.

  • Flex & Pivot Action: Three independently flexing rotary heads with a 360 degree range of motion to shave perfectly close, even on the neck
  • Triple Track shaving heads offer 50% more shaving surface for a faster and closer shave
  • Dual stainless steel blade system gently lifts hair to cut it comfortably below skin level, for an ultra close shave
  • Battery low indicator and full charge indicator
  • Rinses clean in seconds

Customer Reviews:

  • Quite Dissapointed !
    We currently own the Philips Norelco 7340 Men's Shaving System and were Ok with the overall shaving experience. Then we got prompted to buy the Philips Norelco arcitec 1050 Men's Shaver after we got influenced by the massive ad campaign of the new arcitec series from Philips. We went ahead and bought the same at $149 during holidays and were utterly dissapointed in the overall performance of the system. The biggest drawback is the tiny little trimmer, which is a joke and one does not realize it until one buy's the product and opens it. Just cant imagine the stupidity of the designers and can't understand the simple reason as to why they would change a good size trimmer from previous versions to an obscure one which does absolutely nothing. The second drawback is that it gives massive razor burns and after few days I could not even use it on my neck at all. Most of the times I had to use a conventional razor with gel after I had used the Norelco. I found myself shaving twice as Norelco arcitec did not provide a close shave and it was quite annoying. The product is not even worth 25% of its retail value as it does nothing but irritate the skin and mind. I wish Philips had spent money on designing rather than advertisements to offer a better product.

    We had to finally return the product back to amazon as I was not able to use it. Save your money with this one !!
    ...more info
  • Useless!
    Philips should be ashamed of themselves. This "shaver" is neither use nor ornament! I tried, for a whole year, but I gave up threw the shaver in the trash and went back to a blade. I had an old Philips rotary shaver for years until I dropped and broke it. I bought this because its the top of the line and I had been so please with the old one. What a huge mistake! I wasted $190. Never again will I purchase Philips products. Useless!...more info
  • bravo norelco 1050
    I just used the arcitec 1050 great shave. Great shaver very light super space age design very easy to use. Finally a new design I have been shaving with norelco for 25 years my last was a spectra good shaver but always missed my neck this did not. Bravo. Do not listen to the whiners on here maybe thery have a beard like the wolfman if you beard is like that get a straight razor and some foam. I have a pretty med beard and it works great. To bad about the power chord but everything changes after a while Bravo again norelco, just a tip you dont need three models 1050/1090 would be fine....more info
  • Awesome battery life
    I've had this shaver for over 2 months now and overall I really like it. At first, I didn't like the idea of having to clean and rinse it after each use, but really it only takes two seconds to do and I think this actually contributes to the long battery life -which is the one of the great things about this shaver (lasts for 2-3 weeks easy). Regarding the shave itself, it compares to every other norelco I've had, it gets the job done. The only reason I can't give this 5 stars, is because of how noisy it is... just a little too much for the morning. Overall good shaver and I wasn't disappointed. ...more info
  • The Edsel of razors
    I have used Norelco razors for years, so I looked forward to this top of the line new model. What a disappointment! The design is far out, way too far out! It gives a very poor shave and causes razor burn at the same time. I had thought that these two conditions were mutually exclusive, but Phillips has managed to put them both in this razor. I would not recommend the purchase of this product. The battery life is excellent between shaves, other than that it really is an inferior product.

    I replaced it with a Norelco 8240XL which is excellent and half the price.

    If I were Phillips, I would do what Ford did with the Edsel and withdraw it from the market before it damages their reputation any further....more info
  • Good Razer, but bad promotion on part
    Its a good razor, i liked it, but i bought this razor in february thinking that i will get $40 off. never got an email never got any confirmation of any sort about my $40 for future purchase. so if anyone wants to get this razor for the $40 off look else where because you wont get it. other wise its a good razor....more info
  • So Very Impressed
    This Electric Shaver is the very best shaving and ease of cleaning it after shaving experience I have ever had.

    Thank you Norelco and thank you Amazon for the best price for this magic facial hair removing instrument.

    Anthony L. Vitale...more info
    This thing is a piece of crap. I have 3 other razors that are about 1/8 the price of this one, like the cheap-o ones you get at walgreens and they all out do this waste of space. I have to go over the same area up to a dozen times to get some of the hair sometimes. It is by far the worst shaver I have ever used. It is comfortable but it does not shave for crap...more info
  • Postive and negitives
    My son's bought me this electric razor for Christmas 2008. Just want to rate the razor on the postive and Negitive's.


    Light weight
    Holds charge good
    Great stand with sucken cups
    Floating heads--Shaves great
    Love the color


    Don't like to clean after each shave, but it is a must.
    Not very quit as razors go.
    Cost---Way over priced.
    Don't like pop out trimmer. To small.

    My opinion only.

    Jim...more info
  • Stylish But Hardly Works At All
    I bought this shaver approximately 6 months ago. From day 1 the razor performed badly. It is very, very slow to cut on 1 day growth (for me) and virtually doesn't work at all on 2 or 3 day growth. My facial hair is not that hard to cut either. I have replaced the blades a number of times - they are expensive - with no improvement.
    The trimmer is a joke and also hardly works.
    I just bought a Panasonic ES8043SC Pro-Curve razor as a replacement - it works great - I am on my way to trash can after writing this review to dump the Philips razor - an expensive waste of money.
    Philips - shame - shame......more info
  • The 1050 is super! ! !
    I purchased mine about 5 weeks ago. It's great!
    Prior to buying, I read many many of the reviews and as a result was quite skeptical and leary about trying one. Since I new I could return it if not satisfied, I decided to give it a try. It's a fine piece of work. Clean, relatively quick saves; gets the long wiskers too; smooth face; no razor burn; long lasting (long!) between charges; the trimmer works very well; no fuss to clean, just open the three heads over the sink, they hold the shaved wiskers very satisfactorally until dumped (mini-minimal drops to the floor or my chest; no need to rinse but probably smarter to do in the long run; very pleased with it. Don't worry, try it for yourself. Push out, mon, and circle in the lift of life. Jaun Armostrongalis, Montpelier , Vt. ...more info
  • Nice Electric Shave....but.....
    I purchased the Arcitec 1050 12/29/08 and it arrived on the 1/7/09. The razor provides a very nice close shave smooth shave for me. It took no time to adapt to its shaving system which I attributed to having used a previous Norelco electric shaver. I have yet to get a razor burn on a nick with the shaver. It is still operating on its original charge; 11 days and eleven shaves. Each shave usually takes me 3-4 minutes.

    I like that it is easily cleaned in the sink every morning and the heads mold very well to my face as I shave.

    I do not like the cheap trimmer. It appears to be an engineering after thought. I suspect it was only added so that when one makes a comparison to other razors, the trimmer doesn't exclude the Arcitec. If your like me and try to stretch a periods between a haircut by using a shaver trimmer, you will need to by a separate trimer.

    The price was excessive, but was acceptable with the following:

    * Get $50 off a future purchase when you spend $149 or more on eligible Norelco, Sonicare, Bliss Philips, and Tresemme products offered by, including this item. Here's how (restrictions apply). Offer valid through January 31, 2009.

    (Have not received my Amazon Gift Card as advertised)

    * $20 Gift card from Philips Norelco to be used on the purchase of a Philips Norelco product.

    (Had to nag Philips Norelco for the $20 gift card, but it did come)

    I deducted two stars for the following reasons: Price & Trimmer...more info
  • This is a good shaver i like the desing
    Actauly I can say that Philips Norelco are the best electric shaver i had found.
    I have been used them for over 10 years,
    I use to have 7885XL, but I droped and it break
    so i find the Artic for repleacment my old shaver
    I can say that the Artic has a better design
    also it had a good shaver performance
    I am sure is quite better but how much better...?

    also this time I get the 1050 with out a display
    the display raeally doestn improve the shaver and I feel is not worty the extra $50 when the shaver system is the same
    ...more info
  • Happy Hubby
    Philips Norelco Arcitec 1050 men's shaver - My husband who is 78 was very pleased to receive this highly advertisied shaver. He is pleased with its performance, but does not believe it lives up to the advertising claims and the package was a real challenge to get into....more info
  • Didn't work for me
    The razor worked great on the beard on my face, but NOT AT ALL on the hair that grows under my chin! Like all other razors I have tried, it left an unpleasant rash and did not clip the hairs closely....more info
  • love at first sight
    The Arcitec razor offers a great shave; I don't get 3 o'clock shadow until about 7 pm. The flexible neck and the three independent floating heads make for a very smooth, comfortable and close shave. No razor burn either. Easy clean-up too. The sleek design gives you very good visibility of the shaving area. The charging stations are great. I use the tower at home and the pod when I'm traveling. Previously, I had two Braun razors, one Remington and used the manual shave (shaving cream etc.) No contest. The Arcitec wins hands down. A truly fantastic razor at a reasonable and competitive price....more info
  • great shaver
    this is a much better shaver than there earlier model i bought a few years ago. it has a cool feature how each head moves on its own to try and fit your face as you shave. only negative comment i have is the absurdly high price - i think it should really be around 100 dollars....more info
  • Very Satisfied
    I bought this for my husband and he loves it. He also is happy with the trimmer that is part of this razor. This is not his first Norelco, but it is the first Arcitec model that he has had....more info
  • Awesome!
    I have been using Norelco shavers for many years. After purchasing this one, I passed on my "cool skin" to my cousin which still works great.
    The Philips Norelco arcitec 1050 Men's Shaver gives the smoothest shave I have ever received, even better than the old fashioned shaving cream and razors!
    I read several comments about this product and those that were negative obviously were from competitors!
    The chin is the roughest part of my beard, and I do have a rough beard.
    This razor took the beard off with very little force and the best part is the way the heads conform to the chin area.
    I always say "you get what you pay for".
    Thank you, Norelco!...more info
  • it's ok but I would not recommend it
    It was tough to decide whether or not to give this product one or two stars, but I gave it two because it doesn't completely suck, it's just not as good as other razors that aren't as expensive The manufacturer recommends waiting 21 days before deciding to keep this product or send it back. I would also give the same recommendation to people who are looking at purchasing this. I bought it because I needed to replace my old razor. My old Remington titanium R9710 was a good razor but it ripped the hair out of my neck area and left me with very irritated skin. The thing about my old razor is that it had floating heads and it handled long hairs pretty well if I was lazy and didn't shave. This new Arcitec worked very well when I first got it but I really wanted to try it out and only had stubble on my face at the time. It worked very well with short hairs and left me with no irritated skin on my neck.

    Well I wanted to see what it would act like if I let my hair grow a little and it did not perform like I thought it would. It took a long time to shave and I had to go over the area multiple times in multiple directions and with different pressures just to get a few long hairs. This new head style has really been a downgrade because when you apply pressure, the heads seem to pull away from your face on the outside part of it and it makes it harder to shave. It was either that or the fact that it doesn't have a hair collection area. It fills up with hair rather quickly so maybe that has an impact on how well it shaves. Cleaning the unit was very simple but I think I would have the cleaning system of one of the speed XL models over this. You have to pop open three separate chambers rather than flip the whole head up to clean each blade. A nice feature of this razor is the tube trimmer. You can take the razor head right off and pop out the trimmer. There really isn't much else to say about the trimmer other than I thought it worked great.

    Overall, this is a very nice looking razor, but the functionality of the razor itself is pretty bad. It does come with a nice travel case and charging stand as well. The travel case is made of hard plastic and does not have room for the charger, but it does have the capability to charge the razor, so you do not need to bring along the charging stand. If you want to try this product I would say go for it because Norelco has such a generous return policy and maybe you will like it better than I did. If you think you like the functions of this razor but really aren't sure about it, I would not recommend it because it doesn't work like I think a razor should (it takes a long time to shave and it doesn't work well on longer hairs). It looks nice and has nice features, but I think its functionality isn't worth the high price tag.
    ...more info
  • Norelco Arcitec 1050 Shaver
    The razor itself shaves very close and leaves a comfortable feeling on the face. The included travel case protects the shaver very well. Just now using the charging stand for use when I (Lane) am at home and not on the road. Only two minor complaints: 1) The trimmer is not very user friendly compared to other Norelco shaver trimmers. You can't see where it is going to be trimming when using it. It's almost like they made it as an after-thought. 2) Charging electronics are not built into razor or charging stand/travel case. Must use charging power supply that you have to carry with you. I prefer the old, traditional coiled 2-wire cord system like my previous shavers had! Overall, though, it is a dynamite shaver and works as advertised!!!!!!!...more info
  • I like it
    I have been a Norelco user ever since I started shaving mostley a blade man but used when I did feel like useing the blade on my upper lip , I have only used a couple of times but I think it's the best shaver I have ever had, I would recommend it highley....more info
  • Phipips Norelco Arcitec 1050
    This shaver has replaced my Norelco 8825XL. I have found the Arcitec to out perform the 8825XL in the time it takes me to shave and shaving in tight shaving areas below the sideburns and upper lip. I did not give the shaver a five star rating because, I thought it to be a bit pricey....more info
  • Philips Norelco arcitec 1050 Men's Shaver
    I purchased this product for my son. I have an Philips Norelco arcitec 1050 Men's Shaver and really like it....more info
  • Great purchase which you should consider
    I purchased this razor instantly after a try out. It appears to me that most reviewers do not take into account that when it comes to (high end) electric razors, the question as to whether a machine is "good" or "bad" does mostly depend on one's own biological physiognomy, and not on the particularities of the brand. For decades, I wet shaved with the most expensive (and best) Gillette blades, because every episode with a Braun shaver resulted within a short period in serious skin irritation. A recent try with a high end Panasonic wet shaving model was also not very successful. That does not mean that the Braun or Panasonic models are bad, their technology does just not adapt to my skin and my hair. The problem was always, that a significant amount of my hairs was either to curly or to soft to be cut efficiently by the vibrating blade of those modells. As a consequence, the shaving required more mechanical pressure and an increased number of strokes, resulting apparently also in increased micro skin injuries, followed by typical skin burn or even rash over time. The Phillips machine uses rotating blades, at comparably low speed, and for whatever reason, the blade rotation technology (which is in existence for at least 50 years or so) cuts my hair much more efficiently than a horizontally vibrating blade bar. No burn at all. The shaving result itself is not quite as smooth as with a 5 blade Gillete, but it comes close. The nice thing is that after a while, the face of the skin developes a specific soft touch, which does not develop with wet shaving. So try it out, if you can. Cleaning of the machine is easy and very efficient, you just open the blade covers and hold them under running water. One final comment: According to the imprint on the razor, the machine is "Made in the Netherlands" - Hold on to your hat, if that is true: A quality consumer article made in a country where people get real wages paid and have social security and health care. Its possible! ...more info
  • The expensive razor that can't.
    I have had this razor since Christmass and what a disapointment. I have had Norelco tripple heads for years and they all did a great job except this one. If you miss a few days shaving forget it. This razor cannot cut longer hairs especially on the neck. It also takes for ever to do a shave. The only redeaming factors are the pivioting head and the long battery life.

    Considering the price this is a total dud and thus the one star. Save your money and buy one of thier less expensive razors that have the old fashoned blades that actually shave. ...more info
  • Lifelong Norelco User
    I am a lifelong Norelco user. as a matter of fact, I've never owned anything but a Norelco shaver. I bought the Arcitec 1050 when I broke my current shaver. It is not only the worst shaver I ever tried, It's the first bad Norelco I've ever tried

    It doesnt give a close shaver, even though I spent twice as much time shaving. It leaks chopped whiskers all over the place. The pop up trimmer cant be used without catching your hair in the shaver (that is if you're lucky enough to have hair!). it doesnt reach the top of ny moustache/bottom of my nose. It does a lousy job on my neck.

    I'm returning it to norelco and buying another more standard model!
    I never write reviews, but I felt VERY strongly about warning fellow loyal Norelco customers!...more info
  • Don't buy this one
    Outdated battery technology (1050x, 1060x, 1090x):

    If you leave the razor in it's charging bay when its fully charged you will deplete the battery live. The manual also states not only should the razor not be left in the charger but it should be charged when the razor is nearly empty or you shorten the battery life.

    This is a problem is you purchase the 1050x model as you will not know when the battery is empty until it's stops running.

    The other problem is the battery can not be easily replaced in any of the models.

    The 1090x costs as much as an ipod so I would expect it to at least have an intelligent charging system.

    Charging pod and charging stand:

    Why do I need two charging systems? I would prefer to have a stand and a way to connect the cord directly to the razor.

    Leave out the pod and give me a battery charging system all together. My toothbrush has a more thought out charging system. Ever hear of contact-less charging? Might be a good idea for something that gets wet.

    Poor design (1050x, 1060x, 1090x):

    If the engineers would actually use this razor they would notice that removing the abaility for you to connect the razor directly to the charging cable is a problem. How many times have you had to get to work and the razor had a low battery? Sometimes you need to use the shaver will it's plugged in.

    The only way to use it when the battery is dead is to hold it in the charging bay while trying to shave.


    This unit is louder than the old (9170XL) style units. This isn't really a problem but I would think that is something they would improve from razor to razor.

    Shaving quality:

    I didn't notice much difference between this unit and the old (9170XL) style when it comes to the quality of the shave. You still need to go over the same areas multiple times. The head design is very similar to the old (9170XL) one so I didn't expect much difference.


    There aren't any. At least that I know off. The Braun shavers don't provide as good as a shave from my experience so I'm stuck with this crap. The only reason I got this new one in the first place was because the 9170XL I have broke (plastic piece of the head broke of because of cheap design).

    Can someone please design and build a better electric razor?

    If you have to get one go for the next model up 1060x. 1090x is not worth the money....more info
  • Looks Pretty, but Shaves Poorly
    I bought this thing to replace an older floating head style Philips Norelco that I dropped and broke. Considering the price tag and sleek design, I figured I was in for a good shave. Boy, was I disappointed. This is my third and most expensive Norelco, and it doesn't come close to either of the previous models I have owned in terms of performance. It does okay (not great) as long as I shave every day. For more than 24 hours of stubble, I have to break out the shave cream and disposable razors. I have to admit, though, it looks slick, like modern art. ...more info
  • Not worth the money
    I wish I had read more reviews (not just online, but also on Amazon) before purchasing this razor.

    Like another reviewer mentioned, I wanted to like this razor, but could not. I gave it 21 days and here are my findings.

    1) First, I cut myself getting the damn thing out of the plastic packaging, I tried not to let that color my views :)

    2) I discover that I can't just leave it in the charger, according to the instructions this will damage the device. WTF! Am I supposed to stand around and wait for it to charge, or set a timer or something? This is 2009! Simple electronics could have made it possible to leave the thing in the charger. I would have expected for this price, they would have had the system regulate the charge.

    3) When I first used it, the razor was horrible and gave me a huge rash without really shaving very close. OK, they said wait 21 days. The problem is, after about four days, even though the rash was abating somewhat (helped by some Mennen Afta Pre-Electric Shave) I had these hairs it would not cut. As it kept missing them, they got longer and would not get cut at all. I ended up using tweezers (I know, I know) to get them out.

    After about four weeks now, the rash is better and my face is adjusting. The shave overall is ok, but not very close. To get a closeish shave I have to press harder and go over spots twice and stretch the skin. I spent hours online thinking maybe it was me and researching technique etc, but have come to the conclusion the razor is at fault.

    4) The trimmer is nice to have, and works OK and is better than nothing.

    The upshot is that it takes me just as long, if not longer to shave with this razor as a wet shave would take. The result is not very good, even on a good day I have a shadow, my face feels rough and after shaving it is a little sore.

    If you buy this razor (which I don't recommend) you will find it gets better over the 21 days, but in the end it still does not perform as expected.


    So, basically I would say do not buy this razor, you can get a much better one for $ less than this one. Also, there seems to be some conspiracy theory on Amazon as to whether Philips or competitors are writing the reviews. Well, I am neither and would even suggest you buy a different Norelco product, just avoid this one. Also, there are plenty of reviews not on Amazon, for example Gizmodo has a review:


    As for the money back guarantee, well you have to buy a razor, get face burn for 21 days before you can be sure you hate it, then you'll probably have to divulge a lot of personal info to Philips and pay shipping etc. Just don't bother getting this razor in the first place. Of course everyone has a different face/beard and I would perhaps have put it down to that had I not found so many others with similar experiences to mine.

    As a final note, I think the reason this razor does not work very well may have a lot to do with the mounting of the heads. The springs under each shave head are quite stiff, and the design means that the heads rarely sit flush against the face. You can fix this by pressing down, but that irritates the skin and is hard to do on a soft area like the neck. The razor also has trouble around the corners of my mouth and under my nose area, probably for the same reasons. It seems like the when you shave, only part of the heads are contacting the skin at any given time. The instructions say to go in circles against the grain, but it works better if you just go against the grain in strokes....more info