TransTech Wireless Night Vision Home Security Color Cameras with Auto-Scan Receiver
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You are looking at our Newly designed T series camera system. It is widely used for theft prevention, after-hours surveillance, home security and monitoring children and elderly. It takes only minutes to install and is currently one of our Most Popular systems because of its durability, versatility, ease of use and great quality. These cameras have more than double the Infrared LED's than the standard camera allowing for maximum night vision of up to 45 feet. They have great clarity and the longest transmission distance deemed safe and allowable by the FCC. Features include: 30-Infrared LED Cameras gives maximum night vision capabiliites (up to 45 ft) Indoor/Outdoor cameras Audio Programmable Auto-Scan Receiver will scan both cameras Selectable camera cycle of 2, 8, 15 or 30 seconds on each camera Easily upgradeable to four cameras at anytime Here's how it works. The indoor/outdoor night vision color cameras can be installed anywhere throughout the home or business within range of the receiver. Power it up with the A/C adapter. The cameras will transmit in color until the light becomes too dim. They then change automatically over to infrared night vision mode. As light increases the system will change back to day time color operation. The small receiver is connected to your TV for viewing. If you have PIP (picture in picture) you can watch the cameras and your TV at the same time! Kit includes:2-Maximum Infrared 2.4 Ghz Wireless Cameras 1-2.4 Ghz Wireless Auto-Scan Receiver 2-A/C wall adapters (cameras) 1- A/V cable 1- A/C Adapter (receiver) 1-Instruction Booklet

  • Maximum Infrared Night Vision Range (up to 45ft)
  • Audio
  • Programmable "Auto-Scan" receiver will record on your VCR/DVD Recorder
  • Upgradeable to Four Cameras
  • 90 day seller warranty