TransTech Additional Wireless Auto-Scan Receiver For Our 2.4G Wireless Camera Systems
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Product Description

This is our popular Auto Scan receiver for our Wireless camera systems. Use it to monitor your cameras from another location such as another TV or monitor in your home. It not only allows you to program which channels to scan but also how long you wish to monitor each camera. You can literally put one of these in every room in your home and monitor up to four cameras from each location. This receiver is compatible with all of our 2.4 wireless camera systems. Note: While we can guarantee its compatibility with our systems, we cannot guarantee it will work with other manufacturers cameras.

  • Four Channel Receiver with Video and Audio Output
  • Auto Scan Function Will Scan any combination or all four cameras
  • Selectable view time of 2/8/15 or 30 seconds per channel
  • 2.4G Locked Frequency