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Creative Labs GigaWorks T20 2.0 Multimedia Speaker System with BasXPort Technology
List Price: $96.99

Our Price: $84.99

You Save: $12.00 (12%)


Product Description

The GigaWorks T20 stereo PC/MP3 speaker system packs a serious punch. The true two-way speakers contain an expressive tweeter and a high performance midrange driver made from high-tech woven glass fiber. High quality, component-style controls and up-front access to the headphone output and MP3 player input make the T20 a great choice for demanding gaming and music enthusiasts.

  • Cloth dome tweeter, woven glass fiber cone driver
  • 2-Way design enhances bass without a subwoofer, delivering balanced and natural audio
  • BasXPort engineering enhances the lower mid range tones for fuller, more encompassing sound
  • TV adapter for connection to your TV, VCR/DVD and even your favorite gaming console
  • Power Rating - 28 Watts Total RMS power

Customer Reviews:

  • Quite simply the best sound you're going to get from 2.0.
    People at work were complaining about my subwoofer, so I needed to get something sans-sub. I did not want to compromise on sound quality though, and most computer speakers are insanely crappy. I also didn't want to spend more than $100 on something that could potentially "walk" (remember this is for an office environment). It comes down to these and the Bose Companion II if you're in this predicament, and, at least to my ears, these provided a richer, fuller sound than the Bose. Costing about the same amount, it was a clear choice....more info
  • Competent Speakers
    I bought these for use in my office, where I listen to music at a relatively low volume. Speakers have a nice, clean sound and bass without boom. I have not heard any 2.0 speakers that compare with a decent 2.1 outfit - a subwoofer just moves more air, period. But for what these are, I get a quality sound that is not tinny - which tinniness is a common fault on the cheaper 2.0 sets. However, if you rate yourself an audiophile, pass up all the 2.0 sets and go for a higher end 2.1....more info
  • Premium Sound Indeed
    First thing I think is, "yes, now I can really enjoy my music." I don't know about the rest of you, but I really need a quality sound when I'm listening to music or watching a move, these speakers let me really experience the sound I'm looking for (and they're priced great!)

    What more could you want....more info
  • Creative Labs speakers
    Was no problem selecting these speakers as I had previously had a set of their speakers. Both sets of speakers where far better than my original set. As a big music fan (with over 4000 titles in my system) cheap speakers do not cut it. You will not be disappointed in the sound of these gems. You may be able to pay a lot more, and you may be able to get a lot better sound, but I don't think you can get better for this price range. (In reviewing this preview, I noted a 1 star rating (?). That should have been indicated as a 4 star rating!!!)...more info
  • these speakers rock
    im very happy with ny purchase. it was shipped sooner than i was expecting. when i recieved my speakers the setup was very easy. the sound is amazing. thank you for the overall great expierience....more info
  • Sound good, look nice
    I think these speakers sound good for their size, they have two drivers which seems ideal. They look nice too, they go well with my setup on my desk.

    I think the only weird part is a super-bright blue LED on the right speaker where the controls are; does this thing really need to be there, or be that bright. I have to turn off the power to the speakers before I go to bed (it's that bright)....more info
  • Good speakers
    Expensive for the performance. Excelent high and midrange sound, good bass for the size but plastic bass. Must play some music 10-15 hours for the sound to open up, otherwise they sound like a 10$ pair of speakers....more info
  • Great Sound for 2 speakers
    These speakers are just right for me - desktop, plugged into my PC, listening to music, no gaming. For $90, I don't expect much more than this. The speakers (with a decent sound card of course) are capable of producing a flat response, and this is all I ask. I can tweak away and get deep, but not throbbing, bass and clean clear highs.

    Even without EQ, the speakers right out of the box sound great. This is such a subjective thing, but to my ears - a musician for 20 years - they are well worth $90. They play quite loudly, enough to disturb people in adjacent rooms. I love the easy access to a headphone jack, bass and treble controls (hard to find these days) and a line in input.

    I wanted to avoid the booming bass that most consumer speakers are designed to showcase, and all the products with subwoofers that I sampled had that "feature." These Gigaworks 2.0 speakers are well-balanced; with a good equalizer, such as in VLC, I can get the clarity I'm looking for.

    I'm very impressed. If you want an obvious upgrade to your monitor / laptop speakers, and don't want to pay over $100, you can do worse. I listened to the Bose Companion 2, and was not impressed - empty-sounding cans IMHO. The Companion 3s sounded great, but they're about $250. If you want adequate desktop speakers, don't want (or need) the throbbing, booming bass, and can adjust an equalizer to suit your taste, I think you'll agree that these speakers fit the bill perfectly....more info
  • excellent sound
    These speakers have excellent sound. I am completely happy with the quality. The quality is more than I expected as to compare to the price I paid for....more info
  • Great sound, small footprint
    I love these speakers. I've had them for a few months now. They sound fantastic. The bass response is good for the size, and I can avoid having the extra cables and bulk of a separate subwoofer. The small footprint keeps them out of the way, and I love that I can plug in both my desktop computer and either my laptop or iPhone at the same time using the aux input on the front. The headphone jack on the front is also really convenient. This is an all around great product at a really good price....more info
  • Great MP3 speaker set
    I have really enjoyed this set of speakers and use them to listen to my mp3 player in a basement/workroom setting. They are perfect for that application and I am considering purchasing another set for a computer. You will be pleased with these... ...more info
  • decent speakers for the price
    this speaker replaces Logitech X140 speakers
    I considered T10 once, but I found T20 has better bass response, and it has separate bass and treble controls
    bought a pair for $80
    the sounds comes out naturally, the mid is just right, treble is crisp and clear without boost
    bass is clean without any abnormal booming sound like bose mediamate does, I have to turn up a bit (to 2 o'clock), it rolls off rapidly before 45Hz, you may not be able to hear very deep part, but what do you expect from a mere 52mm unit?!
    front access Aux in just adds conveience for my PDA, phone, or mp3 player, as well as front headphones jack, though I use wireless headphones
    the AC adaptor is laptop style, which has a detachable lead cable, that I can locate it more convenient without occupying power strip, it's 15V 2.5A out, which is more than enough for normal listening
    with the natural sound reproduction, I actually give 4.5 stars, as other posters said, top bass port may become dust collector, but I found a very simple solution, use cotton mesh cloth to cover, that's it
    if you want to buy T10, you may consider to pay 30 more bucks for much better upgrade...more info