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Lexar Media Professional Series UDMA 8GB Compact Flash 300x
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Product Description

The Lexar Professional UDMA Memory Card dramatically increases card-to-computer transfer rates when paired with an UDMA-enabled reader, as well as providing support for the next generation of high-resolution UDMA-enabled digital SLR (DSLR) cameras. UDMA CompactFlash technology provides the ultimate high-speed memory card performance for professional photographers and photo enthusiasts. This card delivers incredibly fast download speeds to satisfy the demand for faster transfer rates from card to computer, drastically reducing post-production time. The Lexar Professional UDMA 300x CompactFlash card includes Lexar Image Rescue 3 software, which reliably recovers most photo, video, and audio files, even if they've been erased or the card has been corrupted. The software can also reformat the card, securely delete images, and report on the overall condition of the card, so you can ensure it's in perfect working order for your next shoot. What's more, you can backup, sync, and share all your valuable photos with Lexar Backup n Sync software, powered by Sharpcast. Extend your picture taking with the ability to enhance, edit, and manage photos from your desktop using the full version of Corel Paint Shop Pro X software. The advanced technology and blazing speed of the Professional UDMA 300x CompactFlash card drastically improves download time, and also leverages the power of the next generation of UDMA-enabled DSLR cameras. Lexar Professional UDMA cards come with a limited lifetime warranty and a free, dedicated customer support line. With huge capacities and valuable software, the Lexar Professional UDMA 300x CompactFlash card provides advanced memory card performance so you can focus on the business of photography.

  • Includes Image Rescue 3, Corel Paint Shop Pro X, and Lexar Backup n Sync software

Customer Reviews:

  • Fantastic Speed
    The Lexar Pro. UDMA is a perfect match for my Nikon D300. I couldn't be happier....more info
  • FAST Card
    Not much to say.. this card works as advertised, works at full speed in my Sony A700 that supports UDMA and off-loads very fast from the Lexar Firewire reader. I can copy 8Gig of images over FW400 in under 5 minutes!!!...more info
  • Love It.
    I use the CompactFlash for my Nikon D2xs - it is fast. The access light on the camera blinks once and the image is transferred to CF memory. This helps when you are shooting in continuous mode. Although the camera buffer still fills up faster than writing to CF memory, a little pause in shooting will empty out the buffer....more info
  • Excellent speed if used with a UDMA-capable card reader
    I bought the Lexar 8 GB UDMA card to use in a Canon 5D Mark II, which writes very large (20MB) files when you shoot in RAW mode (which I do). The place where I see an advantage is in downloading these large files to my computer.

    Mated to a UDMA card reader, the card transfers about 72 files a minute or a bit better than one per second. My old SanDisk Extreme III card in a non-UDMA-enabled reader takes about 3-4 times longer. And of course if you have a camera that writes large files, 8GB gives you some headroom when you're out taking large number of photos -- it can take about 240 RAW images on my camera.

    There's also an advantage to a high speed card like this if you shoot continuously with this type of camera, since files will be written more quickly with a fast card. If you have a UDMA-enabled camera and shoot often in continuous mode, this may be a worthwhile purchase for you. If you have a need for lots of capacity with any camera and you have or buy a UDMA-enabled card reader, this card will speed up file transfer very significantly. In my experience Lexar makes very reliable cards that do not have compatibility issues with major brands of digital SLRs.
    ...more info
  • Satisfied with Performance/Price ratio
    CF cards really are just a matter of how fast they are, how much storage they have and how much you pay for that level of performance. I have found the Lexar Pro cards to be a good balance of price/performance. I fully recommend these cards....more info