Barbie Girls MP3 Player - Pink
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Product Description

Barbie Girls allows girls to connect to their favorite things: music, fashion, and going online. It's the next generation of fashion doll play! Mix and match fashions and hair. Pink case. Window box.

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The world seems a lot smaller these days thanks to connective technology such as MP3 players, cell phones, PDAs, the Internet, and more. So what better way for girls to go global than with this Barbie Girl device? Barbie has been at the forefront of trendsetting for nearly 50 years and now she's offering today's young girls a way to share their passion for fashion, music, and chat with their bffs.

At girls can create their own, personalized online space—everything from designing a "room" to creating a character—where they can then play games, chat with gal pals, watch videos, and even shop with earned virtual money. Word filters, moderation tools, and other safety features ensure that the virtual world stays friendly and fun to all visitors, but the added security and benefits of this Barbie Girl device are ingenious.

Barbie Closet
Create a look that's all your own -- from hair, eyes, and skin tone to clothing, accessories, and makeup.

The Barbie Girl device is basically an MP3 player with attitude. First, it offers a range of customizable fashions and accessories, delivering the next generation of fashion doll play. Second, it is a music device with 512 MB of on-board memory (able to hold about 120 MP3 or 240 WMA-file songs). Third, the Barbie Girl device acts as a "key" for girls who have a room on Girls who have this device and who have physically connected them into one another's computer docking stations can become "best friends" and chat in "secret." It adds a more personal touch to the site experience and an extra layer of safety for parents. The device comes with a secret code, as well, that once entered on the site can allow its user to unlock additional pets, games, hangouts, fashions, and more. To get additional secret codes, girls will have to buy more Barbie accessories, hunt them down on the Internet, or possibly ask their new online friends.

Barbie Girl Pink comes with two hairstyles, two faces, two tops, two skirts (one over pants), and a pair of shoes that can be interchanged to match the owner's current mood and style. The tech gadget also includes adjustable earbuds, a belt clip, and a durable storage case so it's easy to take everywhere. Additional packs of fashions, pets, and accessories are sold separately and offer the ability for girls to make their Barbie Girl as unique as themselves.

Barbie Games
Dazzling Nails is one of three games you can play online to earn B bucks.

The online world of Barbie Girls offers plenty of time killing fun and lets girls earn more B bucks to spend on virtual accessories. There are three games that can be played over and over, each one taking about 5 minutes to complete and rewarding players with 10 B bucks. Dazzling Nails lets you paint and decorate a set of nails (you can even select rings to go on the hand's fingers), and then allows you to print out the design so you can wear the nails, too. Mix a Music Video lets you choose one of five songs then add in an animated background, icon, and character to create a unique music video. Give Ken a New Look lets you makeover Barbie's boyfriend so she'll notice him again. There are plenty of outfits, cars, careers, and more to choose from for his new style.

Barbie Map
Barbie's world is chock full of places to visit and things to do.

Also online is a small town filled with things for your Barbie Girl to do. There are boutiques, a pet store, and a furniture store to shop in. There's a salon for beauty tips and a caf¨¦ for a quick jolt of caffeine. There's even a movie theater where you can see trailers for upcoming movies -- and earn 20 B bucks for every one you watch. Or you can just stroll around the park and see what other Barbie Girls are up to. Whether it's an introduction to online communities or old hat to your 9-year-old, the Barbie Girls world is a friendly, fun, and safe place for girls to spend time.

Tech Specs

  • 512 MB on-board memory (up to 120 MP3 or 240 WMA-file songs)
  • Expandable miniSD slot that holds a memory card up to 2 GB (sold separately)
  • The device can play any non-DRM-encrypted MP3 or WMA files
  • Comes with Windows Media Player 11
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium polymer battery that charges via a USB port

Recommended system requirements

  • Broadband Internet connection
  • Windows XP or Windows Vista
  • DirectX 9.0 or above
  • Pentium III 800 MHz or above processor (or equivalent)
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 200 MB free hard drive space
  • Internet Explorer 6.0 or later with SP1 and Macromedia Flash Plug In
  • CD-ROM drive
  • USB 2.0 Port

  • B Stylin, B In Tune, B Connected, with Barbie Girls!
  • Your Barbie Girls device is a next-generation fashion doll and stylish MP3 player all in one
  • Connect her to your computer to unlock tons of new features on, including special fashions, furniture, accessories, pets, and access to Club Beauty!
  • Your Barbie Girl comes with a second fashion, adjustable-sized earbuds, belt clip, docking station, registration CD, and reusable storage case
  • 512MB memory, expandable miniSD slot up to 2GB. Windows XP and Vista compatible. Not MacOS compatible

Customer Reviews:

  • mixed review I bought four of these
    I bought three all three gifts for birthdays two worked and they were great the last one did not so I ordered another one and it worked fine didn't want to deal with trying to return it new to buying online so I used the extra peices in case anything else has issues ,overall it was great and I would buy it again for another person but the online play we just don't use hope this helps someone to make a decision...more info
  • Great Value/Great MP3 Player
    I bought this for both of my daughters for Christmas. When it came I took it out registered it and loaded songs for them, so they were ready to go! It is very easy to use. Make sure that you have Windows Media Player 11. IT will not work with any other version of Media Player. I downloaded Media Plaer 11 easily from the internet without any problems at all. It is a terrific MP3 player. Perfect for any little girl! We haven't tried the Barbie World yet, but I know the girls will LOVE it! I highly recommend this product!...more info
  • It's decent
    I bought this for my daughter's 8th birthday in November. She loves it! We haven't even gone online to do the games yet. She just likes having the MP3 player in the shape of a Barbie and also being able to change the face, outfit and hair of the doll. There are two negatives that go with this for her. It comes with three sizes of earbuds, but all three are still too big for my daughter's tiny ears. She gets frustrated about that, because they keep falling out. I can put them in my ears fine, but her ear holes are too small. They need to include one more smaller size. The other thing, is that the hair pieces that come with it do not stay on very well. It is liable to fall off the more the pieces are changed, but that could just be this particular one. Nothing is perfect! Overall my daughter is satisfied with it....more info
  • well made barbie doll toy
    Bought this for 7-yr old niece. She LOVED her new mp3 player. Sound qualify was pretty good, and the toy is well made. Fashion pack "snap-on" cloths were durable and very stylish. Read a lot about the problem w/ the online entertainment portion of this toy. Haven't had the chance to test that out & thus can't comment on it. However, just the mp3 portion seems to be fun enough for young girls. It retains the barbie cloth changing concept they like and now added the mp3 player. ...more info
  • Glad I bought it
    I originally didn't like this product. After reading more I was able to download tunes for my granddaughter by downloading them on the computer first and then transferring them to her toy. She loves it! I bought the headphones instead of the small ear pieces since she is 4 and she loves it....more info
  • Happy purchase!!
    Love it!! Especially be able to get one month free of VIP from [...] with purchase...more fun(games that promote math skills, fine motor skills, spelling, attention training, social skills, design sense...)than it advertised. My 5-year-old and I love to play the "dress up" virtually on their website and on the mp3 player with the optional accessories kits[...] downloading music or mixing her own to save to her mp3 player... Frankly, she could do it all by herself but I just like to tag alone. I'm really happy with the purchase(I bought 4 sets to give to her friends and cousins as birthday presents)....more info
  • MP3
    This is perfect for my daughter who is 4. She loves it and it was reasonably priced. ...more info
  • Bgirls MP3
    Its a very intresting product as long you keep it as a plain mp3 player IMO, as long you keep it away from the web (and the charges) its a very fun option for your kids....more info
  • Good Entertainment for a Beginning MP3 Player
    Our 8 year old daughter LOVES her new MP3 player that she got for Christmas. She was very content with the songs already on the player until we could download some for her. The interchangeable outfits/hair/shoes/faces are a great idea but just be careful when removing and placing new ones in. The plastic doesn't seem to be real sturdy. Our daughter seems to be able to figure everything out on her own, which is good. All in all, it was the perfect gift that she received this year!! ...more info
  • Love the barbie Girls
    My daughter received this for her 9th birthday. It came out of the box ready to go already had songs and already charged for usage. Very easy to setup and easy to use. Works great with Windows Vista on my laptop. She very much enjoys this product. Very happy customer.a...more info
  • Nice first music player
    My 5 year old loves this MP3 player. It is cute and holds over a 100 songs,which is alot for a kid her age! Seems to be pretty durable,too.
    Great for a 1st-timer! ...more info
  • Just Great
    This is a great mp3 I purchased it for my daughter who is 9 and she loves it, it was very easy to install music in it . It's easy for her to use the earphones come in different sizes to fit everyone which is great,the sound is not to loud but I think it's just fine for children don't get me wrong it's not as loud as other mp3 for adults.Seems very durable and stays charged for a long time. Extremely easy to use by parent and child. LOVE IT. oh and it charges from your computer ....more info
    bought this for my daughters for Christmas. They love it. I bypassed the Barbie website and downloaded songs straight in like a jump drive.... easy! You can't see the song that you are on but they are 6 & 8 so that doesn't matter. Volume is easy to adjust and its charged by the computer - no batteries!...more info
  • confused
    I don't know if maybe we are doing something wrong BUT I cannot seem to get online for my six year old granddaughter. we worked on this for hours. Seems like every screen name we picked was already taken then we got to the part to choose a character and it just would not work. Maybe I don't know what to do but we followed the directions. She went to bed and never even got to play with it yet....more info
  • A Great Gift for a Little Girl
    This is a perfect gift for a little girl. I gave this to my five-year-old daughter for Christmas and she loves it. Her seven-year-old friend and cousin also liked it so much that we're buying them their own for their birthdays. The computer installation was easy and I have found that I can use RealPlayer and Windows Media Player instead of the software that came with the device, which is nice. The accessories packs available make it even more fun to change the Barbie's hair, clothes, shoes, and accessories and each one comes with an online code to use. The only drawback I've seen is that the premium online membership is only valid for a short period of time so unless you pay, you lose some of the functionality of the online play. It's not a big deal; my daughter got over it fast. Still, though, that is pretty greedy on Mattel's part. Overall, though, this is a great gift for a little girl... even if she's not into Barbies....more info
    My daughter got this for Christmas. It came with one song and precharged. When I got plugged it in to my computer it said it would work better if I had a faster USB port, but it seems to work fine with the ones that I have. It says you need Windows media player 11 to transfer your music. I found that the free software MediaMonkey works just fine. I have not out how to delete songs from the player yet but we have only had it for 2 days. Overall, my daughter loves it. A great first mp3 player. She loves the online site as well....more info
  • great first mp3 player for girl
    I will make this quick, my daughter loves this toy. Not only does she love playing the online games but she loves (with my help) downloading songs. Follow the directions, very easy to do from either a music cd or existing music files on your computer. Some one had posted what site to download from. If you have windows media player, very easy from there. I suggest getting it. This Christmas toy was well worth the money. I would also like to know how to delete unwanted songs, did not see anything in the directions covering that. We have only had it about a week, so I am hoping I can figure that out next. Overall all, great toy. ...more info
  • Daugher really likes it
    The only thing about this is that it does not show the song playing in a window... but other than that it's easy for my 10yr. old daughter to use- she's downloaded songs and changed her playlist without needing any help from me. She really likes the online features, too!...more info
  • Must have computer
    The only way to charge this is via the USB port in your computer. If your child does not have access to a computer she will not be able to recharge it. There is no display of what songs are on it nor is there an option to shuffle the songs. Otherwise, for the price, it is a fine toy. There are a lot of accessories and would be fun for a young girl (6-9 years?)...more info
  • The chat room security is world-class

    My analysis is that this is a very safe chat system for kids. I give it "The Sid Seal of Security" (SSS).

    - The authentication protocol is actually very sophisticated. Gene Kathol at FDR has been promoting this idea for years.

    - The chat is white listed, meaning that you can't use words that aren't in the approved dictionary.

    This means that if a sex-crazed heterosexual wants to chat with your daughter, he would first have to put his Barbie Girl into a USB port of her computer. Given the incidence of family member incest, this is not out of the question, but this is far-fetched, since on-line chat is not the usual enticement vector used by fathers, uncles, and brothers. It would be a bust anyway, because I'm guessing Mattel logs the date, time, and location of the enrollment.

    All and all, I think it is a very cool idea. I can see it being extended to other demographics, with USB fobs that range from Transformers for young boys, to Hanna Montana for 'tween girls, and iPods for teenagers.

    And just in time for Christmas!

    - Sid...more info