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Barbie Girls MP3 Player - Green
List Price: $29.99

Our Price: $9.00

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Product Description

It's an MP3 player that's sweet and sassy or all about cool chic. Mix the fashions, hair, and faces to match your mood!

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The world seems a lot smaller these days thanks to connective technology such as MP3 players, cell phones, PDAs, the Internet, and more. So what better way for girls to go global than with this Barbie Girl device? Barbie has been at the forefront of trendsetting for nearly 50 years and now she's offering today's young girls a way to share their passion for fashion, music, and chat with their bffs.

At girls can create their own, personalized online space—everything from designing a "room" to creating a character—where they can then play games, chat with gal pals, watch videos, and even shop with earned virtual money. Word filters, moderation tools, and other safety features ensure that the virtual world stays friendly and fun to all visitors, but the added security and benefits of this Barbie Girl device are ingenious.

Barbie Closet
Create a look that's all your own -- from hair, eyes, and skin tone to clothing, accessories, and makeup.

The Barbie Girl device is basically an MP3 player with attitude. First, it offers a range of customizable fashions and accessories, delivering the next generation of fashion doll play. Second, it is a music device with 512 MB of on-board memory (able to hold about 120 MP3 or 240 WMA-file songs). Third, the Barbie Girl device acts as a "key" for girls who have a room on Girls who have this device and who have physically connected them into one another's computer docking stations can become "best friends" and chat in "secret." It adds a more personal touch to the site experience and an extra layer of safety for parents. The device comes with a secret code, as well, that once entered on the site can allow its user to unlock additional pets, games, hangouts, fashions, and more. To get additional secret codes, girls will have to buy more Barbie accessories, hunt them down on the Internet, or possibly ask their new online friends.

Barbie Girl Green comes with two hairstyles, two faces, a skirt over leggings, a dress, a halter top, and two pairs of shoes that can be interchanged to match the owner's current mood and style. The tech gadget also includes adjustable earbuds, a belt clip, and a durable storage case so it's easy to take everywhere. Additional packs of fashions, pets, and accessories are sold separately and offer the ability for girls to make their Barbie Girl as unique as themselves.

Barbie Games
Dazzling Nails is one of three games you can play online to earn B bucks.

The online world of Barbie Girls offers plenty of time killing fun and lets girls earn more B bucks to spend on virtual accessories. There are three games that can be played over and over, each one taking about 5 minutes to complete and rewarding players with 10 B bucks. Dazzling Nails lets you paint and decorate a set of nails (you can even select rings to go on the hand's fingers), and then allows you to print out the design so you can wear the nails, too. Mix a Music Video lets you choose one of five songs then add in an animated background, icon, and character to create a unique music video. Give Ken a New Look lets you makeover Barbie's boyfriend so she'll notice him again. There are plenty of outfits, cars, careers, and more to choose from for his new style.

Barbie Map
Barbie's world is chock full of places to visit and things to do.

Also online is a small town filled with things for your Barbie Girl to do. There are boutiques, a pet store, and a furniture store to shop in. There's a salon for beauty tips and a caf¨¦ for a quick jolt of caffeine. There's even a movie theater where you can see trailers for upcoming movies -- and earn 20 B bucks for every one you watch. Or you can just stroll around the park and see what other Barbie Girls are up to. Whether it's an introduction to online communities or old hat to your 9-year-old, the Barbie Girls world is a friendly, fun, and safe place for girls to spend time.

Tech Specs

  • 512 MB on-board memory (up to 120 MP3 or 240 WMA-file songs)
  • Expandable miniSD slot that holds a memory card up to 2 GB (sold separately)
  • The device can play any non-DRM-encrypted MP3 or WMA files
  • Comes with Windows Media Player 11
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium polymer battery that charges via a USB port

Recommended system requirements

  • Broadband Internet connection
  • Windows XP or Windows Vista
  • DirectX 9.0 or above
  • Pentium III 800 MHz or above processor (or equivalent)
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 200 MB free hard drive space
  • Internet Explorer 6.0 or later with SP1 and Macromedia Flash Plug In
  • CD-ROM drive
  • USB 2.0 Port

  • B Stylin, B In Tune, B Connected, with Barbie Girls!
  • Your Barbie Girls device is a next-generation fashion doll and stylish MP3 player all in one
  • Connect her to your computer to unlock tons of new features on, including special fashions, furniture, accessories, pets, and access to Club Beauty!
  • Your Barbie Girl comes with a second fashion, adjustable-sized earbuds, belt clip, docking station, registration CD, and reusable storage case
  • 512MB memory, expandable miniSD slot up to 2GB. Windows XP and Vista compatible. Not MacOS compatible

Customer Reviews:

  • Not for Mac users....
    My daughter's have both been begging me for this toy/Mp3 player for at least 6 months. They play on the website, which you can do without a 'Barbie Girl', but of course if you actually buy one, it allows you a special access code that opens up a whole new world of online games. So, we finally bought 2 Barbie Girls, one for each of them. It was my oldest daughter's b'day and they were so excited when they unwrapped their presents to find "Barbie Girls"!!! Unfortunately excitement quickly turned to disappointment when we tried to install and register it. We followed the instructions and nothing. I did a little 'googling' and found that they are not compatible with Mac computers! I was so disappointed for my girls who were so excited to finally have their own Barbie Girls. We are a 'Mac' family and do not have a PC. Now these Barbie Girls sit in their boxes in the hopes that Mattel will reply to my request for help. I'm sure there must be a way to make these usable, but no response yet from Mattel. I am really disappointed that there was NO mention of this incompatability to Mac's when I placed my order. I still gave this game 5 stars because I know from those who have one that it is a fun thing to play with. I just hope my girls get a chance too....more info
  • great for young girls
    My daughter actually wanted this toy so badly that she saved up the money to purchase it herself......not bad considering she's only 7 years old. I think it's great. It keeps her busy and she loves it. Her 3 year old sister even has fun just watching her with it and listening to the music. The only thing I worry about is the online access on the Barbie site.....I keep a close watch to make sure the chatting is appropriate and so good. A great buy- would recommend it to friends....more info
  • Not just for kids, super easy to use
    After my 19 year old daughter had asked for one of these, I felt that maybe it wasn't just for children. I had wanted an mp3 player for a while, but I never thought I would be able to figure out how to load songs on it. I took a chance and bought this one since I found a really good price on it. A few minutes after I opened the package and had put it on the charger I was already putting songs on it. Technology easy enough for a grandma to learn by herself, and cute enough to make my inner child happy. I ordered 3 of the fashion packs, because it actually is fun to express myself by changing the way my mp3 player looks, and since I felt the earbuds looked a little funny on me (they have a little tab so you can put a charm or earring on each one) I splurged and added a set of Sony neckphones with super bass for a more comfortable listening experience. Even with the earbuds the sound quality of the playback is excellent for a "toy"....more info
  • Perfect first MP3
    I purchased this for Christmas for my little girl. We won't be going online to Barbie World yet because I think she is too young but the player itself is great for the price. I think some reviewers need to be reminded this is not actually a "toy". It is an electronic device so it's durability will decrease if it is played with like a toy. It is not compatible with itunes or any other subscription service but you can burn a cd through your service then rip it onto the software provided for this MP3. Overall, it's a great starter to teach responsibility and how MP3 players work. I've already loaded songs on it so I can't wait for my daughter to open it Christmas morning!...more info
  • Great!
    My six year old loves it. We have windows vista and didn't have any problems playing the games on the computer. She loves shopping and dressing barbie on the computer. When my niece came over, also six years old, she would not put the mp3 player down. She loved it so much I got her one for her birthday. Her mother said she has it with her wherever she goes. It holds plenty of songs and is very easy to load the songs on to the player. I had no problems with this product which we have had since last Christmas....more info