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Sid Meiers Civilization IV Beyond the Sword
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Product Description

Civilization IV: Beyond The Sword will deliver new themes never seen in Civilization, many recommended by the fans. The expansion will focus on the late-game time periods after the invention of gunpowder and will deliver 12 challenging and decidedly different scenarios, ten new civilizations, 16 new leaders, five new wonders, and a variety of new units. Five new wonders - The Statue of Zeus, Cristo Redentor, Shwedagon Paya, the Mausoleum of Maussollos, and the Moai Statues Earn a diplomatic victory and unlock the United Nations - then create new resolutions to expand your diplomatic options Advanced Starts let players buy an empire's components & begin play in a later part of the game -- experience new features of the expansion in a shorter time Enhanced AI is tougher to beat on the higher levels, and expanded its strategies for achieving victory

  • 10 new civilizations
  • 12 new scenarios
  • 78 new units and 64 new buildings
  • 16 new leaders
  • 5 new technologies

Customer Reviews:

  • Civilization IV expansion,Beyond the Sword
    THe game has a wide variety of new games that you can find to your liking. Example New World mod, Has old world with sci-fi ending. Any one who has play the Civilization series, will like this new expanion pack....more info
  • Don't waste your money
    The company sent out faulty disks that don't load. I've tried three different cds and all of them were useless. I'm tired of exchanging bad disks for more bad disks, this game is going in the trash. ...more info
  • As Close to Perfect as a Game Can Get
    A great game gets even better. Add to it the fact that you can mod-out features many features you don't like with very basic knowledge of XML, and that the developers actually provide C++ source code for the game so that professional programmers can rewrite the game themselves, and you have a recipe for the best. Even my non-gamer friends have fallen in love with it, especially girlfriend types once they realize you can play cooperative team games on a LAN.

    One word of warning: this game is hard at first, especially if you have never played anything similar. It does get easier, though. ...more info
  • Mucho Funno
    That big whooshing sound is the sound of my life whizzing by as I sit completely absorbed into this game. Lots of fun, endless hours of gameplay, and guarranteed to annoy your wife / significant other / house pets.

    Tip: You're not going to be able to jump in and play out of the box (the game has a steep (but rewarding) learning curve. Go to Civilization Fanatics Forums on the web to get tips and tutorials....more info
  • awesome expansion and series
    I felt a need to comment,I am normally a shooter/more intense kind of gamer and i always though of this as kind of boring but I was definetly wrong, anyone can get into this game! I own Civilization IV complete so I have both of the expansions and they are INCREDIBLE! I notice all the differences and improvements right away all the extra civs and scenarios help but the little things in there like the random events somehow make a huge difference in the game.I instantly became addicted upon first playing even though i thought it was boring originally.To fans and all members of earth, buy this game it's addicting for anyone!!...more info
  • Great fun, but not a milestone
    Like the others before, this new version is lots of fun, but not a milestone, nothing radically new. It also really slows down in the latter parts of the game. I wait forever for a turn. Maybe it is my PC, but this has always been a problem with this series. But don't get me wrong, it is fun and addicting....more info
    This game is just as my title states, Perfect. I have been a huge fan of Sid Meiers ever since the original Civilization was created. I loved the Warlords expansion pack to CIV IV but always wanted modern warfare technology integrated into the game. My wish has come true! I guarantee this game will have you addicted to it until Civilization V is released. This game is worth every penny! Buy it now!!! ...more info
  • Just as adictive as always
    The expansion pack is nice. I haven't fully explored espionage capabilities yet, but they certainly add another level of complexity to the proceedings. In the quick mode you can definitely get through a game in a night. A late night to be sure, but a night. the game play becomes a little sluggish after a few hours. Seems to slow on my relatively new Dell laptop. Pre expansion pack I had no problems with the speed of play.
    ...more info
  • Must-own
    If you want to play Civ 4, you really should buy this expansion. Plain Civilization 4 is almost unplayable because the enemy cheats so much but Beyond the Sword completely fixes the AI. Plus it includes almost everything from the Warlords expansion....more info
  • LOVE Civ IV...HATE long, protracted battle
    In terms of $$$ per hour of play, this has got to be the best deal in an expansion pack since Ultima VII!

    Did you ever load up Civ IV, then cringe when you up against a violence-prone leader like Salidin or Boudica? Groan, not more fighting to get in the way of my culture-based Civilization!

    "Beyond The Sword" can help make Civ IV fun again.

    This expansion pack adds lots of new AI personalities (example: Pericles the Greek, Sitting Bull the Native American (about time, too) and William of Orange of the Netherlands. You also get the "Great General" great person from Warlords, and lots of layered ways to win the game.

    "Diplomacy" can be a tricky way to win the game, but with BtS you can create Vassal states out of almost-vanquished opponents...leave a remnant of your enemy standing, and they become a puppet state that will vote your will.

    "Space Race" is much, much more complex

    "Corporations" are founded and spread in the same fashion as religions, if you don't care to form a Civilization based on Fundamentalist Taoism.

    Lots, and LOTS of special buildings and units. And I didn't even bother with the scenarios (the "Holy Roman Empire" one is a fav of mine.)

    Really fun, and strongly recommended!...more info
  • Great But still missing something?
    I have been playing civilization since it started and civilization IV is great but i have a hard time with the fact that knights are beating my marines,or archers beating my infantry or calvary's very unrealistic.the new world wonders are great,I wish they would have Cultural wonders Big Ben for the english,etc and corporate wonders such as empire state building,transamerica etc.otherwise its close.I also hope to see The leaders change I mean queen Victoria lasting until the end of the game i wish i could live that long.they should have leaders die and have new kings,queens, emperor become elected.They also should add the Austrians,and Canadians some important civilizations have not been added to the game yet.Otherwise Civilization IV has improved,and is fun to play...more info
  • Nice enhancements
    I bought this enhancement after installing Leopard on my Mac. (Beyond the Sword is not available for Mac). It has great new features, that bring further layers of complexity into the game, like Espionage, Corporations, and the diplomatic use of the Apostolic Palace.
    If you have played Civilization IV before, I certainly recommend buying this add-on. If you haven't, you will probably want to wait until you have an understanding of how the game works: the plain vanilla version of the game is complicated and addicting enough by itself....more info
  • Now With AI Cheating Built In!
    This is like going back to Civ III. The combat system will have you pulling your hair out in much the same way as III. The espionage system will quickly grow uninteresting. I just turn it off at this point. So, here's the main problem. You basically need 99% odds in your favor to win a fight. 50% odds means a 100% chance you will lose. Anything below 80% (allegedly in your favor) means you will likely come out on the short end. Other irritants are things like enemy catapults and cavalry retreating with success nearly 100% of the time. Here's how espionage works: spys come in and blow up a mine. So you go fix it. You can blow up a mine and your opponent will go fix it too. They can poisong your wells or foment unrest. You can do the same. Most of the time spies get caught in the late game and not much gets accomplished by way of secret agents. An espionage standstill develops. It doesn't add much. Corporations do little other than give a small financial boost. You still cannot negotiate for trades with any real frequency, let alone build a strategy around trading. A majority of the time your negotiation screen with any AI civ will show only a column of red text, meaning they are not interested in trading anything. Just go it alone. In conclusion, this is no real improvement upon Warlords. The fighting odds make NO sense.

    There are points in favor of this game: the new units are interesting; new buildings also add a new layer to gameplay; the new wonders are also abundant and give you a chance to at least grab a few of these key structures if you are struggling. If you are a Civ fan you will buy this game regardless of its flaws. If you are on the fence, just be aware that not all change is good. Sometimes it can just be downright annoying. I've been playing Civ for four years and typically look forward to each new Civ product, but this is a pretty big let down.

    Update: So, a year or so later i pop BTS back in to play with the new patch. The patch just makes things worse. Now, AI can spawn as many units as it would like. In a war with another civ that had only three cities compared to my dozen or so, i couldn't win because of the spawning. When my units show up to seige a city, there were a few defenders waiting for me. Next turn, the city is suddenly full of defenders. They didn't come from other cities to defend, because i could see all three of the enemy cities and the units therein. This kind of thing just makes the game boring. Still enjoying the Warlords expansion quite a bit and would recommend that over BTS (Built to Suck?)....more info
  • Great expansion
    Provides hours of challenging fun. I like the new additions to the original Civilization 4 game. Its nice to see that spies have returned to the game....more info
  • hAPPY WITH servive & game
    Excellent servive an very good game. Arrived in timely fashion and wrapped in just enuff protection. Not too much an not too litte. I hate waste.Whole experince most satisfactory.Thank you.
    ...more info
  • A major update, could be called Civ 4.5
    This is not a mere expansion pack but a major update to a fun but flawed game. It is simply much more polished and better thought out than the original. It also comes with tons of great mods. Overall the value is excellent. My only complaint is that the difficulty level seems to have gone up a notch as well, but maybe I am just not very good at this game....more info
  • A great addition for any Civ fan
    Civilization IV Beyond the Sword is a great addition for anyone who is a fan of the Civilization series. The components, such as corporations and new late game elemnts, make the end game much more enjoyable. ...more info
  • A good upgrade
    Beyond the Sword is a nice expansion pack for the Civ IV game. There are the usual new leader and units provided as you would expect in a Civ upgrade, but there are many more enhancements. Spying is completely revamped and there are now Corporations to be built, which are similar in nature to religions in gameplay. Through corporate expansion, you can give a city a needed boost, at the expense of gold. Each country now gets a unique building enhancement in addition to a unique unit. The AI of the computer is a lot smarter than in the original game too, so watch out. ...more info
  • Best Yet
    Over all good game... Moving the different units can be a pain, other than that it's a good game that you can keep playing because no 2 games are the same...more info
  • Civ 4 and Beyond the Sword on Vista
    If you initially install Civ 4 and then update it through the advanced settings within the game then the expansion pack "Beyond The Sword" with install just fine with Vista. I hope this helps with those who have install issues with Vista and the expansion pack....more info
  • Didn't work
    The game didn't work. Tbe second disk was bad. Contacted the company and they wanted me to send it back within a designated time. I couldn't do that. I live to far from town to justify the trip just for a game....more info
  • Excellence
    As can be expected with Sid's/ Firaxis games, Civ4- Beyond the Sword is a finely polished product down to the luxury of having a printed manual. Lovely! I have always loved thier Alpha Centauri game and was not expecting to like this ( and the prequel: Civ4) as much, but low and behold the Firaxis team has created another fantastic winner of a game. Its turn based strategy which I prefer over the click quick RTS types. All the elements that Sid has incorporated into this game, with the new features like Corporations and the whole Spying system blends in perfectly and simply with everything. Firaxis has mastered the art of creating depth and options of strategy while keeping everything simple and fun. Now all we need to see is ...Alpha Centauri 2 !!! :)...more info