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Timex T5G971 Unisex Sports Personal Heart Rate Monitor Watch
List Price: $79.95

Our Price: $51.88

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Product Description

Grey resin strap. Heart rate monitor continuously tracks your heart rate durin exercise. Easy-to-read display. Pre-set your desired exercise zone and alarm notification will alert you when not in the zone. Automatic activity timer. Recovery heart rate timer. Calorie counter. Workout review. Heart rate display in percent-of-max format or BPM (beats per minute). Indiglo night light Night Mode feature. Water resistant at 30 meters (100 feet). Timex Grey Heart Rate Monitor Unisex Watch T5G971

Combining stylish looks with heart rate monitoring features, this larger Timex Personal Heart Rate Monitor watch (model T5G971) can be worn by both men and women. It features a chest strap heart rate monitor, easily accessible function buttons, durable resin case, and comfortable resin strap with a stylish tapered profile. For integrating heart rate monitoring into your training, this watch enables you to continuously track your heart rate during exercise as well as pre-set target heart rate zones with alarms that notify you when you are out of the zone. It also offers an automatic activity timer and a workout review that recalls activity time and average/peak heart rates. This streamlined watch also has a month/day/date display with 12/24-hour time.

The Indiglo night-light uniformly lights the surface of the watch dial using patented blue electroluminescent lighting technology. It uses less battery power than most other watch illumination systems, enabling your watch battery to last longer. The watch is water resistant to 30 meters (100 feet), which protects it from rain and water splashes. All Timex heart rate monitor sensors have batteries that can be replaced by consumers without requiring them to be returned to the manufacturer.

  • Heart rate monitoring watch sized for both men and women
  • Chest strap heart rate monitor works with watch to provide target zones and time in zone
  • Workout review that recalls activity time and average/peak heart rates
  • Month/day/date display with 12/24-hour time
  • Watch is water resistant to 30 meters (165 feet); up to 2-year battery life

Customer Reviews:

  • Finally, A Heart Rate Monitor That Works
    After trying 2 other heart rate monitors that didn't work, this one works great is easy to get results. I highly recommend it!...more info
  • Useless
    Orderd this item mid December. Delivery of watch was quick and item received with package in good condition. However, after setting the various features of the watch and than putting the chest strap sensor on, the watch did not receive the signal from the sensor. I pushed the button on the watch to start the receipt of BPM and all the watch showed were lines. The enclosed booklet told me to put water on the sensors. Did that and still did not work. I called Timex customer service and they said it probably did not work because it is an analog chest strap sensor and they are having problems with those. Timex did not seem surprised that the chest sensor strap was not working. This watch only works with the chest sensor. It does not pick up pulse from wrist. Without the chest sensor it is only a digital time watch. So basically this item is useless to me at this time. Timex stated that they will test some other chest strap sensors and send me one that works. I received the watch in mid December and I still do not have a chest strap that works....more info
  • Not so good
    This thing is pretty unrelieable. I use it daily when riding my bike. At least once during the ride the signal will drop out and I lose all data. I can also count on it registering false readings (too high or too low) on a regular basis. ...more info
  • Gift for husband
    Got as a gift for husband for when he works out at the gym.
    He uses it and loves it!...more info
  • Timex TSG971 Heart Rate Monitor
    I have an irregular heart beat, characterized by a strong beat followed quickly by a weaker beat. The Timex TSG971 unit is apparently unable to pick up each individual beat, causing an inaccurately low average heart rate reading and making the device unsuitable for me....more info
  • Awesome product...highly recommending it.
    I'm finally writing my review after 2 months of daily use. Currently,I run 3 miles a day(6)days a week. Before having this watch, I never really knew how many calories i would burn during the run,as well as the 1 hr weight lifting session which follows the run. Once i saw that i burn 1400 cal in 1.5 totally allows me to eat more (which i always refrained from in the past, just to continue my weight loss). I always thought workout hard and restrict your food intake. Well, thanks to this watch I eat more and still lose weight..boy,it's nice. I love all the features, which at first i only used the info from the calories burned...but, once you get immediately start playing games. (eg. beating your time (in target zone from last week), seeing how close to your MaxHR you can get. Believe me, you will. Its user friendly. I love this watch so much and i didn't have to pay $150+
    It's really a steal in comparison to all the features it comes with.
    Now, I only have 3 small issues w/this watch:
    1) No chrono-graph: I wear this watch 24/7 and use to use my watch to time cooking stuff.
    2) The watch band has 2 flaws: (if you're a guy) it rips hair out of your wrists all the time- the solution i did was shave my wrists! The other thing is that the clasp which holds the band together has an annoying locking feature.

    With that, I still highly recommend this watch. Once you see your summaries...its only good news to you. Enjoy it.

    Get it now.
    ...more info
  • A good product
    I've owned the watch and monitor for several weeks and have been very satisfied with it....more info
  • Well worth it
    Have had this monitor for a week and found it to be reliable and easy to use ONCE I FIGURED OUT THE INSTRUCTIONS. I chose this watch because of its positive review in Consumer Reports and reasonable price.

    The only thing I don't understand is Amazon's pricing. The current page says its regular price is $79.95 and that it is selling for $52.18, yet the box my monitor came it (from Amazon) was labeled $59.95 and I paid $32.99. (Someone on another site said she bought it at a sporting goods store for $70.) I suggest you check prices carefully....more info
  • Even better than I expected
    Great product. ALlows me to know how hard I'm working and for how long. It lets me know how many minutes I'm training in the zone I want. Not a feature of all HRMs. Also has a reliable transmission between chest strap signals and watch. Would recommend this product to anyone in need of a slightly above basic heart rate monitor....more info
  • Great watch for the money
    I purchased this watch after reviewing several watches online. I spoke with several people who own the Polar brand. I found out you have to send the watch to the company if you need a new battery so I had no desire to purchase it. So far, this watch has performed well. I haven't had any problems setting it up. The heart rate monitor is on track with the cardio machines at the gymn. At the end of my workout, I hit Recall and it scrolls through the workout time, avg heartrate, max heartrate and calories burned. My primary interest is in calories burned but it's nice tracking my heartrate as well. I would highly recommend this watch to anyone who is interested in tracking their cardio health/calories....more info
  • doesn't work to specs
    I had to hold the watch next to the sensor for it to pick up heart rate. changed batteries with no change. both batteries i used tested good with battery checker.
    ...more info
  • Excellent Product
    Very good monitor...very easy to use. Chest strap does not slip or slide while doing extensive cardio or even weight training. Easy to set up and monitor...more info