Dremel 700-03 185-Piece General Purpose Rotary Tool Accessory Kit With Case
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Product Description

Dremel 185 Piece, Mega Accessory Rotary Tool Kit, Includes Everything You Need To Cut, Grind , Sand, Polish, Drill & Sharpen.

  • 185 assorted accessories
  • Store all of your accessories in one convenient foldable canvas bag
  • Multiple pockets for easy organization
  • Included Mini Kit fits into its own pocket

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent choice
    This kit contains everything required to start working with your rotary tool. I am using this kit with a Foredom flexshaft and a H30 handpiece and I will have a lot of things to do. from sharpening, sanding, cutting, polishing... no complaints. the carrying case have an empty row to include more tools or mandrels where you see the white label on the illustration. Remember to purchase a dressing stone to clear your carbide bits so they can be clean to mint condition after some use....more info
  • Nice package
    Sanding discs and drums aplenty, along with an assortment of buffing wheels, make up much of the 185 pieces. Replacements for several of my worn-down grinding tools as well, along with several mandrels. A handy collection, at Amazon's special price....more info
  • Good value
    This kit is heavy on disposable items, and duplicates the basic bits in the Rotary Tool kit. Although there are three drill bits available, I think, I got the same size with the Rotary Tool and two accessory kits I also bought. Once you establish your primary usage, one might be better served buying only the accessories actually expended....more info
  • 185-Piece Accessory
    It was money well spent on this accessory kit. I used the cut off wheels to cut down my electrical boxes at my house that weren't flush with the wall, so the cover would be flush. ...more info
  • Best of the kits
    Best of the Dremel accessory kits because it comes with a nice nylon zip case as opposed to Dremel's domed cases which don't lend themselves to stacking. Take note that it does have a small plastic case included to house all the cutoff and sanding discs. ...more info
  • good product but its cheaper at Walmart
    Good product but it is cheaper at Walmart...more info
  • Nice Assortment
    This is a big assortment of pieces for the dremel tool, it has everything to do those house`s work, even a sharper, and it comes in a box to hang in a wall, the box is very usefull, come with spaces to save more pieces, and its transparent, so you can find what you need really fast. I recomend 100% ...more info