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Blue Streak
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  • robby bobby
    This film was grate.It is one of the best of the year...more info
  • Great Movie!!
    This is a great movie!! In this movie, Miles Logan (Martin Lawrence) is actually a criminal and he wanted to get out of the crime. So he posses as a cop. And then he acts like an actual cop chasing bad guys and when he finds a store robbery that Miles's friend Tulley (David Chappelle) is robbing the store. And it's hard to for Miles to arrest Tulley because he cannot really talk to Tulley otherwise the cops will think they both are criminals. If your bored and don't have anything to do around the house, get this movie and enjoy!...more info
  • Hilarious
    What riot...even after all this time that movie is still funny. Martin Lawrence rocks as a crook who should charge the LAPD tutor fees....more info
  • Not Martin Lawrence at his best
    Miles Logan, (Martin Lawrence) plays a captured master jewel thief who, realizing inevitable arrest makes a last ditch burying of his loot in a new development. Two years later, out of prison Miles returns to the building only to find a very large problem, the building is complete and now the LAPD headquarters. To retrieve the jewel Miles poses as a hot detective and manages to land a job. Using his criminal expertise to catch the bad guys Miles rises up the ranks. Partnered with Carlson (Luke Wilson) Miles is all the while trying to get at his jewel but seems just not to be able to. He finally does, and by the time he is found out, manages to escape barely across the border to mexico. This movie provides entertaining laughs but is rather dry for much of it....more info
  • (3-1/2 stars) Doesn't he play the same guy in every movie?
    Martin Lawrence seems to play a cop or other law-enforcement-type whoys on the side of right and wrong simultaneously in most of his movies. Check out this, Bad Boys, Big Mommays House, or National Security (the previews of that arenyt even funny) to see what I mean. And the plot of this movie is kind of complicated. Martin plays Miles Logan, a bank robber who left some of his loot in a securely-guarded office building, and he somehow gets recruited by the FBI or CIA by giving the impression that heys clean and that he just wants to recover the loot. He is then given a partner, and the two of them go through a string of wild adventures trying to get the loot because some of Milesy thuggish friends get their hands on it.

    This movie wasnyt a complete waste of time or anything. I thought it was funny when some hoodlums confront Miles and his partner, and Miles denies being authoritative. The thugs donyt believe him, so they tell him to shoot his supposed partner, and he says yNo problemy and then easily shoots him in the shoulder. But I think the end of the movie was weird. Youyll have to see it to understand what I mean.

    But next time, Martin, see if you can get a script that has you playing a different character. But then again, thatys what happened with Black Knight. (*sigh*)...more info

  • Hilarious Movie!
    Martin Lawrence stars as Logan, a bank robber and jewel thief. Just before he is arrested, he manages to stash the $20 million diamond he has just stolen at a construction site. When he is released from prison two years later, he returns to the scene of the crime only to find that the completed building is now a police station. To get inside and retrieve the precious gem he secures a fake ID and passes himself off as LAPD. A top cop of crime. This is a hilarious movie!...more info
  • Martin is HILARIOUS!
    I don't care what you say, Martin Lawrence is just damn hilarious! Blue Streak is another example of why we keep coming back for more of Martin - and regardless of what other's say, the Pizza guy in the beginning of the movie was one of the funniest scenes in the whole flick!

    The only disappointment for me was the ending of this movie... it was a bit of a let-down. But I'll still watch this movie a million times, because it's classic Martin Lawrence.

    Take this movie for what it is: COMEDY! Martin is a funny man that does great characters, and really, that's what this movie adds up to. No one can deliver like he does. Does it matter that he plays similar characters in most of his movies? Does it matter than much of the play and plots are the same? Does it matter that his delivery is pretty predictable? HECK NO! Because each time, no matter how many times you've seen him do it, Martin is hilarious - PERIOD.

    I searched for this movie all over, and finally had to order it on-line because it's not available to buy anymore. I'll watch it over and over, because with Martin Lawrence, that's what you do....more info

  • James Berardinelli ...i loved it as you can see
    Blue Streak appears to be Martin Lawrence's attempt at a Beverly Hills Cop - and it's not a particularly effective one. Even though I'm not a booster of the 1984 Eddie Murphy vehicle, it nevertheless possessed one critical asset that is entirely absent from Blue Streak: energy. This movie is stillborn. In general, action/comedies are dubious enterprises, and this one makes it apparent why. When the action isn't exciting and the comedy isn't funny, the result is almost painful. Lawrence has become involved in a film that makes us acutely embarrassed for him.

    Lawrence's past movies have been hit-or-miss affairs. With the exception of A Thin Line Between Love and Hate, the actor/comedian has not gone solo, and this has been to his advantage. He's at his best when he has someone of equal stature and screen presence to play off of. In Bad Boys, it was Will Smith. In Nothing to Lose, it was Tim Robbins. And in Life, it was Eddie Murphy. Now, in Blue Streak, it's... Luke Wilson? I suppose the idea is that Wilson is intended to be the straight man, but Lawrence's antics are rarely amusing enough to warrant someone in that role, and the script lacks the deftness to handle anything more sophisticated than Lawrence dressing up in a disguise and acting like an idiot.

    The story postulates the unlikely (but nevertheless potentially amusing) scenario that lifelong thief Miles Logan (Lawrence) is masquerading as a cop to retrieve a huge diamond he hid in one of the police station's air ducts two years ago. Of course, Miles only intends for the charade to last about an hour - just long enough for him to get into the secure part of the building, find an entrance to the ventilation system, retrieve his "property," and get out - but a series of coincidences conspire against him. Almost before he realizes what's going on, he has been saddled with a strait-laced partner named Carlson (Wilson), has made his first bust, and is being promoted to lead detective in the burglary division. What's more, Miles discovers that police work isn't all that bad. Unfortunately, two characters from his past surface to put his plans in danger, and one, the oily Deacon (Peter Greene), is out for blood.

    The film relies heavily on Martin Lawrence for its success, but the actor is unable to deliver convincingly. Given the right material, Lawrence can be very funny (even in Nothing to Lose, a mostly-forgettable film, he had some hilarious moments), but there's nothing in Blue Streak that unleashes his comic potential. He's left floundering in a story that wants to turn him into an action hero, which he isn't. Little help is provided by the supporting cast, either. Luke Wilson (Home Fries) is bland, Peter Greene (Pulp Fiction) plays his usual role as a psycho, and David Chappelle is consistently irritating.

    Director Les Mayfield (Flubber) mistakenly believes that if he throws enough pyrotechnics and gunfights onto the screen, the audience will forget about things like plot and character development. Since this is a comedy, we don't expect much of either here, but, for Blue Streak to work on any level, there has to be something more substantial than the pointless, paper-thin offerings of this screenplay. The film gets bogged down in the routine, tension-free chases and shoot-outs that typically sink these kinds of productions. Towards the beginning, it briefly seems as if Blue Streak intends to do something with the premise of the crook who unwittingly becomes revered as a top cop, but that aspect is quickly relegated to background noise. Unlike Bill Murray's The Man Who Knew Too Little, Blue Streak doesn't have the gumption to stretch things to ludicrous levels. With so little to hold an audience's attention, Blue Streak is a 95-minute waste of time that will have all but the most undiscriminating viewers seeing red....more info

  • One of the best featured comedy/action DVDs ever!!
    I'll have to say that this is one of the best DVDS. It has very cool features. The sound and picture are very crisp. (Even better than being at the movies.) I'd buy this if you like comedy/action movies and if you love superb sound and picture and extra features. Buy it!!...more info
  • Excellent fun.
    Luke Wilson is so hot. If you ever get the chance to see Bottle Rocket then do so. Martin Lawrence is the king of delivery. Perfect Friday night energy....more info
  • talk about FUNNY!
    i saw Blue Streak visiting my cousins,and i loved it!!! the funniest part being where he dresses up in that crazy outfit and teeth and pretends to be delivering pizza, i laughed until i cried. i also loved the part when he drives carlsons car, and carlson freaks out!! i thought that martin Lawrence did a great job, i found myself rooting for him throughout the movie. i wasn't bored at all and even my mom, who usually doesn't like comedy nowdays laughed some of the time, thats about all, you gotta rent it!! or even better, buy it!...more info
  • This movie has jokes
    funny, both cast and story. Loved it and sure you'll love it too, not just another comedy but this has something rare, comedy and action....more info
  • Blue Streak blows Metro away.
    Unlike it's terrible movie that came before it METRO , Blue Streak manages to use the talent and genious of Martin Lawrence to boost this buddy cop movie into new hights.It's the only fact that makes this movie work because of Martin Lawrence to make you laugh because his gags are so funny.

    The Pizza Man being the funniest out the hole movie,Martin making his charachter's hair looking like something you could clean your sink with and horribly cheesy sunglasses and a terrible outfit and dancing like a 70's nerd.The fact that he was a theif and going back to find his loot somewhere in a police department is clever.When you see him desgiused as a detective just makes you want to be able to root for him in the long run.As we see him being able to fake out his partner into going with the fact that he is a first class detective.

    With edge of your seat action sequences and wall to wall comedy acts from Martin,this movie is well worth the money spent.With an HBO First Look featurette and an look into the prespective of this hilarious movie DVD owners should be happy.A very funny and great buddy cop movie for the 90's....more info

  • what!!
    how did it get 4 stars this movie aint FUNNY!! martin should just stop actin cause he sucks the only funny person that made me laugh was his crackhead friend and he played a short role. yo just watch this on tv dont even rent it or buy it or even better dont waste ur time....more info
  • its a Martin's Movie
    this was an outstanding movie.. my husband watches this movie over and over and over again and laugh every time.. what more can I say this is really good comedy.. Martin and his many roles and his pizza guy, cop, theif.. truly outstanding cant wait till his next movie come out......more info
  • Martin Lawrence in an action comedy where neither is forced
    Our public library recently started a DVD collection providing patrons with the opportunity to check out classic films like "Citizen Kane," "Seven Samurai," "Lawrence of Arabia," "Mickey Mouse in Color," and "Blue Streak." If that last one is rather surprising given the select company imagine our amazement when Martin Lawrence makes it through this 1999 action comedy virtually profanity free. Like "The Wedding Planner" for Adam Sandler, "Blue Streak" shows Lawrence that less is more. The story is that once upon a time there was a jewel thief named Miles Logan (Lawrence), who heisted a $20 million jewel which he had to hide on a construction site right before he was popped. Two years later he returns to the site only to discover it is the new LAPD Police Headquarters and the only way to get inside is if you are a cop. So, Logan becomes a cop. To the surprise of his colleagues, the viewers and even himself, he turns out to be a pretty good burglary detective (after all, the man is a professional), and the best part of "Blue Streak" is when Logan does the serve and protect bit while his new found colleagues express their growing admiration. These are a lot better than his get up for the pizza delivery scam, but no one involved in the production seemed to notice this was totally out of place with the entire rest of the film. For the most part "Blue Streak" is quite enjoyable, with neither the humor nor the action being forced, with the aforementioned exception. We put this movie on expecting a raunchy little late night comedy and ended up enjoying it (half way through we stopped saying, hey, this is a lot better than I thought it was going to be). This may well be the Martin Lawrence movie for people who do not like Martin Lawrence....more info
  • beleive that
    Lawrence is a theif who goes to jail after robbing a place with a diamond in it and his partner kills his other partner because the (...)is greedy and then he places the diamond in a construction building. he gets out and he is free but he quickly finds out that the building he put the diamond in is a new police precinct. so he has to make a new person of himself as a cop and try to get the diamond out. hilarious from the word go, but yet again this one's action seems a little bit flared out too. the best part is when Dave Chappelle has the uzi and Lawrence has to go and get it away from him, he spreads his arms and says belive that and I got this. he walks up to Chappelle and bitchslaps him.

    favorite line
    Miles(Lawrence)- what are you gonna do with one shoelace?floss your (...)?...more info

  • What did you expect from Martin Lawrenece
    Overall the story is predictable, silly and is exactly what I expected it to be. If Martin ever gets upset because he has been typecast it is his own fault. But I still liked the movie for what it was. As a comedy of this nature, it was on the up and up, just not my genre I guess....more info
  • I Love this Movie
    This is one of Martin's BEST movies (next to Big Momma's House). The Blu Ray upgrade is very nice. Good job BLU RAY!!...more info
  • It's da bomb
    Typical Martin Lawrence style of comedy. Plot: jewel thief needs to retrieve a diamond he stole and left in a building which turned into a police station. He poses as a police officer for one day just to get the diamond back... but that's where things go all whack and the comedy ensues!...more info
  • Good Movie
    Like said it is a really good movie. It is solid with its humor and keeps you laughing all the way through. I say you should buy this movie...more info
  • Perfect Comedy!!!
    This is a very funny movie with an awesome plot! I didn't realize it's already been 10 years since it was made. Martin Lawrence stars as a jewel theif named Miles Logan who tries to steal a $17 million diamond in Los Angeles. When he is double-crossed by his partner, he hides the diamond in a building that's being constructed. After spending two years in jail, Miles returns and sees that the building is now a police station. He goes undercover as a Detective named Malone. Miles helps and befriends some cops. Miles' partner, Deacon is back and tries to get the diamond back too. I highly recommend BLUE STREAK!!!

    p.s. 1 year ago today, I graduated!...more info