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Samsung SyncMaster 245BW 24-inch LCD Monitor
List Price: $800.09

Our Price: $569.00

You Save: $231.09 (29%)


Product Description

Imagine having more room to spread out. The Samsung 245BW combines a 24? screen with a 16:10 widescreen aspect ratio to give you a bigger window on your world. Whether you use that power to work more efficiently or to watch a bigger blockbuster, you get shart text and crisp motion through a fast 5 ms response time, 1,000:1 contrast ratio and exclusive technologies like MagicColor and MagicBright2. And it's all topped off by a height-adjustable stand and optional integrated speakers. With the Samsung 245BW, it's not hard to imagine. Viewing Angle (H/V, Typical) - 160 Degrees Native Resolution - 1920 x 1200 Interface - Analog/Digital Displays up to 16.7 million colors Stand Type Three-way adjustable - height, swivel, tilt Optional Wall Mount Compatability - VESA 200x100

  • Viewable area - 24? wide
  • Approximate 16 - 10 perspective
  • Pixel Pitch - 0.270 mm
  • Brightness (Typical) - 400 cd/m2
  • Response Time (Typical) - 5ms (GTG)

Customer Reviews:

  • significant gradation from top of screen to bottom
    I love everything about this monitor, except that when looking at it straight on, things get lighter as you descend the screen. If I stand up or shift my head, this goes away, but when sitting in front of it like I normally would, it can't be avoided. This is real annoying when working with photos that look different depending where they are placed on the screen. ...more info
  • Not usable for serious or professional work. But I still love Samsung.
    Samsung sent me one of these as a swap for my very nice 214T, which had developed a skipped line. I thought I was getting a great exchange, since the 214T is a conventional 21" whereas the 245BW is widescreen.

    What I should have paid attention to is the viewing angle. Samsung's better monitors have a viewing angle of 178 degrees and the cheaper models, like the 245BW, 160 degrees. I don't know how they measure this. The problem with this monitor (and there are numerous posts to this effect) is that the type of cheap LCD they use in the 245BW results in uniform screen brightness

    In other words, looking at a solid block of gray (or any color, for that matter) with your head absolutely still, the gray is gets darker towards the top and the sides. If you tip your head, even 1/2 inch, the apparent brightness changes dramatically. So, tip your head down, 1/2 inch, the bottom gets much brighter, the top, much darker. Move your head up slightly and the reverse happens.

    If you're doing anything where you need an idea of how the output will look, you have to tilt your head up and down, look for the "sweet spot" and pray.

    I don't have to tell you how good Samsung monitors and TVs can be. Go into any store and you will see that Samsung is the new Sony. Even this monitor, with its one huge shortcomming, is very sharp and has no dead pixels. But shame on you, Samsung, for not telling people "This type of monitor is for entertainment or casual use only!"...more info
  • Hazardous to human health
    This is by far the worst display I have ever seen.

    1. There is no consistency in the display when viewing from multiple angles.
    2. During prolonged periods of work, flicker and scroll becomes not only visible, but so dramatic that it becomes impossible to read the words on the screen.
    3. At some points there also appear horizontal waves across the screen that look like water is running across the screen.
    4. The lighting is so terrible that everyone I know who has used it for 15 minutes or more has developed migraine headaches and serious vision problems.

    Anyone who gave this thing more than 1 star clearly doesn't spend too much time sitting in front of it, or they work for Samsung. If you are a serious computer user, I recommend that you avoid this thing at all costs.

    Typically, I would never buy a product from Samsung since they have always demonstrated a unique ability to develop the lowest quality product possible. It was an emergency purchase however and this product
    was really the only thing on the shelf.

    I will never buy a product from Samsung again, even if it is an emergency. I would rather die. It should be a crime to foist this thing on the public....more info
  • Samsung is the industry standard
    I have owned this monitor for about 6 months now. I run a dual monitor setup that includes a Samsung 244T which is about a year and a half older. I hear many people talk about the difference of the viewing angle between the two and how it makes a huge difference and that they have to move their heads around to make sure they are getting the hot spot on the screen with the 245BW. I look at a 244T which has a 178 viewing angle and this monitor which is at 160 everyday for hours right next to each other. If price was not an option I would still probably get this one over the the 244T. This may be because the 244T is not a current model but when price is added into it, I can't see the 245T being worth a $200+ difference in cost. The 244T did come with magic rotation and the 245BW did not and that can be a nice thing to have for some although I do not use it myself.

    With that said, this is all very subjective and both monitors are excellent. Ever since owning these monitors, I would never own another brand of monitor. Whether you get the T model or the BW or some other less expensive model, do yourself a favor and buy a Samsung and you will be happy with your purchase....more info
  • Great monitor with some idiotic design choices.
    Let me start by saying that I really do like this monitor. The size and resolution (WUXGA) are perfect if you do a lot of programming or any other activity that requires a large number of open windows. Color reproduction seems fine and it arrived with no dead pixels. I've seen complaints about the viewing angle, but haven't had much of a problem with it. If you need a wider viewing angle, get something more expensive than a TN panel. The stand it comes with doesn't let it rotate. You'll need to get an aftermarket one for that, although the viewing angle limitations might be more apparent in a portrait orientation.

    Now for the bad. Engineers at Samsung decided to not only make this monitor have a glossy black bezel but also to give it a piercing bright blue LED. Both of these are brain-dead choices which blemish an otherwise great monitor. The shiny bezel reflects any and all light sources in the room, including the back-light of the monitor itself. It's annoying, but you get used to it. The bright blue power light, however, is a major distraction, especially when it starts flashing while in power save mode. I have this in my bedroom and it's like having a tiny rave being thrown in the night. While using your new monitor, you'll find your eyes drawn to the retina searing indicator, a vital constant reminder that the screen is, in fact, receiving power confirming that the legally obtained public-domain video you are currently watching is not an illusion. In this case, putting a couple layers of masking or electrical tape over the light to block it out is your only option. I don't pretend to understand the industry's current fetish with bright blue LEDs on everything, but it leaves me wishing bad fortune upon Shuji Nakamura for all the ways his invention has been misused in recent years.

    Other than that, this is a great monitor. It could maybe use a few more inputs on the back (like a component input, although I think that the 'TV' version of this monitor may have that), but if you buy this, you'll likely be happy with your purchase. (After you cover up that damn LED!)...more info
  • Last minute decision
    I decided I need a little more room on my desk. I have a Sony Trinitron Multiscan G500 - an excellemt monitor for it's time. It can display Up to 2,048 x 1,536 resolution at 75HZ. I tried that resolution but it flickers. The recommended flicker free display resolution is 1600x1200.

    I usually am pretty fugal about my computer purchases, but I saw this Monitor for sale on a Friday. The display didn't look that nice at the time since it was sharing a video signal with a dozen other monitors. I saw it again on sale at one of my local stores and decided to purchase it even though the display model was not on and the last unopened box was crushed. I wonder what its been through, but it had a 2 or 3 year warranty so I decided to purchase it.

    I got it home, opened the box and set it up - no assembly required. Hooked it up to my work laptop (main display is 1400x1050) and it recognized the WUXGA resolution of this monitor - 1920x1200! The display is crisp, clean, bright, and of course, flicker free! At the factory, it's set at 100% brightness so you may want to turn it down.

    My personal laptop (not work) is a Dell 9400 with a WUXGA screen. The 24in Samsung 245BW is much brighter and easier to read than the Dell. Not to knock the Dell's WUXGA screen - which is very clean and crisp as well and has a nice glossy finish, but the 24in makes it much easier to work with. Why?

    Spending about $500 on this monitor is difficult to do since most of the $200-$300 dollar ones were excellent. You can get a nice ~1650x1050 lcd monitor for about $300 so I was wondering if the extra pixels were worth it. In the end, I decided that since I'm a software engineer, it was worth it. So why is it better than the 17" Dell WUXGA display? If I run an app that takes advantage of this display's resolution, it's just alot easier on the eyes because of the _actual_ physical real estate. The fonts can be smaller and I can get even more info on the 24in WUXGA and still be able to read it without straining my eyes. For example, running IntelliJ (an integrated development environment) on this monitor made debugging so much easier than running it on a WUXGA screen on my laptop.

    I would have given it a five star if I could rotate it to portrait mode with the stand provided. You can work around that issue by buying a flex stand at Staples, which I might do later. If I could rate it 4.5 that's what the rating would be right now, but I can only rate it using non fractional stars.
    ...more info
  • Excellent Monitor
    Excellent monitor, widescreen, runs a little hotter then I would like, different settings. Perfect, actually saved me some desk space! Now I do all my work at my desk instead of my laptop....more info
  • Service is among the worst I have seen
    I had this monitor 6 months and it went dead. I called Samsung and they said no problem it is within my 3 year warranty they will send a replacement. Nearly a month later, I still don't have one. I have been getting the total run around from Samsung. They keep telling me they are backlogged, just what I want to hear when being without the use of my computer for a month. I have called numerous times and they promised a supervisor would call me back each time, but none ever does. I have never seen customer service this bad, the monitor was great when it worked, but after this experience, I will never buy another Samsung product...more info
  • 5 months later and dark grey lines appear
    I rotated the monitor, and black lines went away but for how long ? Not acceptable for a brand like Samsung. Monitor does have 3 year warranty, but from what I read on here, it's gonna take me a while to get a replacement and even then i might to need to replace it. Stay away from it, go buy a Dell monitor. My 18 inches flat Dell monitor from October 2002 is still working flawlessly. Even my Digiview from early 90's never had dark grey lines...

    I'll post an update soon....more info
  • Worked great.. for a while. Their service is POOR!
    Others have written extensively about the technical aspects of this monitor. I bought mine for the office back in the fall of 2007. Now, 10 months later the screen is flickering and has more red specks than a first grader with chicken pox.

    The brightness and color of the monitor were great right up until it went south on my with less than a year of use. Is quality control a thing of the past? While I enjoyed the monitor while it worked I will be shopping for a brand with better quality while I try to get this unit replaced.


    I dutifully opened a support request via the Samsung support site, selecting the option of having a replacement monitor shipped and then returning the broken on (it requires a credit card deposit). Now 3 weeks later they still haven't shipped the replacement and call to their service center garners a "it hasn't shipped yet, we don't have any estimate so call back next week". Now a day later I find that they HAVE shipped a replacement but the service person didn't know that for some reason. The estimated arrival date is one month and one day from the time they put a $388 hold on my credit card and opened the replacement order.

    The long and short of it is that the monitor was superb but heaven help anyone needing a service replacement for one that breaks. If you are looking for a nice monitor at a great price and are willing to gamble with the poor service then you will be rewarded with a superb picture. If it breaks.... don't say you weren't warned though! If you have a problem and need a repair/replacement it may take a month....more info
  • this monitor will break on you
    Google this monitor online. This monitor has a known defect. You will get gray/black horizontal lines across the screen after a few months. Don't buy it. Samsung customer service is supposed to be great...but why deal with the hassle. I prefer my products not to break so I don't have to know if the customer service is good or not. Now I have to buy another monitor.

    -a frustrated buyer :(...more info
  • Samsung 245BW made my computer look brand new
    I was considering to upgrade my computer. I updated it last four and a half years ago. It was a Pentium 4 2,800 Mz with Windows XP Pro with 1 Gb. Memory & AGP Radeon 9600XT video card. I was looking at the latest Intel Quad 6600 processor boxes, all with Windows Vista.

    My monitor was a 7 year old Sony SDM X80, 18 inch with 40 ms refresh. It served me well even today, but with time it looses brightness

    To upgrade by installing a new motherboard, I need to plug in the IDE devices, and many new motherboard have only SATA connectors. My applications, some of them used via VPN for my office work are not running on Vista, yet. I will loose my video card (AGP), because most new motherboards support only PCI Express slots, not AGP.

    Then I realized that Windows XP, is all I need, but I will add more memory and replace the monitor. The visible part of a computer is the monitor, and the keyboard and the mouse. I increased the memory to 2.5GB and then I added a Samsung 245BW , which is huge by my standards

    I brought it home -luckily I bought the last one in Costco - and I have it for a few hours. All shops in my area sold it out. Ironically, the Samsung 24" does not cost more (or much more) than the Acer (which runs so hot that I could not touch the top of the monitor in the store) or HP 24" (which has this shiny screen where I can even shave, as it reflect my face as a mirror) . The Samsung 245BW has the most solid feel and the colors are stunning. Compared to my old Sony, I felt as if I have a huge panoramic glass wall open to the whole world.

    The setting up is not simply a factory default. The MagicBright allows various setting as Text, Internet, Movie. The setting for Games is the brightest, super for games , but uncomfortable for writing. I did not realize before how useful this feature is. Depending on what one does (writing, games, watching movies), the monitor has some very convenient pre-sets. Right now I set it for writing, so the light is soothing the brightness does not distract. No need to fiddle with buttons until I forgot what I did and how to get back to the original

    Before buying a new computer consider that want to keep XP for a while and maybe, your existing computer can still cope very well. Most of the PC applications today are not optimized for multiple core CPUs. Why not wait until Vista becomes both more robust and more backward compatible at the same time? Why not wait until

    Buying a new monitor, like the stunning Samsung 245BW, and adding memory made me feel you have a gorgeous new computer. Everyone at home congratulated me for my new computer

    The Samsung is , in my opinion, by far absolutely the best buy for a 24" monitor at a reasonable price. The price in Amazon is $[...] less than what I paid and has no sales tax. The child in me could not wait....more info
  • Good choice
    I have this monitor for about 2 weeks and I am very satisfied with it. I am using the VGA connection to connect my laptop which is running at 1900X1200. The DVI connection is for my PS3 (with an HDMI - DVI cable). Works perfect so far. ...more info
  • Quite Beautiful
    After much research as well as a visit to Best Buy, I purchased this monitor and have not regretted it for a moment. The size of the screen (especially when in highest reso mode) and the stunning detail and instant response is quite simply, beautiful. In fact that is the feedback I get from everyone who sees it. I use the DVI input, and greatly appreciate the color and depth to videos and pictures. Strongly recommend....more info
  • Great Monitor
    This is a spectacular monitor. I am very happy. For the money, it is fantastic. The image is very clear, text is crisp and the colors are bright and vivid. I just bought this monitor and I don't know whether it is good for gaming, however, for internet, documents, programming and pictures, this monitor is great. I knew Samsung would not disappoint me. I have a Samsung HDTV and its picture is great too. If you are a programmer and you need space and text clarity, I recommend this monitor. For about $550 this is a great buy. Just make sure you have a good video card. When I was looking at the store display model, the image was blurry but when I plugged it to my computer, things were quite different: the image was crisp and clear. Also, make sure you have a card that supports 1920x1200 since other resolutions don't look as good.

    Pros: Great picture, you can lower, raise, or rotate the display which is awesome.

    Cons: I haven't found one yet. No dead pixels....more info