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Shure SE530PTH Sound Isolating Earphones with Push-To-Hear Control
List Price: $549.00

Our Price: $285.00

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Product Description

Pure audio precision--the SE530 uses Triple TruAcoustic MicroSpeakers to create an expansive sound stage. A dedicated tweeter ensures that highs and mids are incredibly accurate and detailed, while dedicated dual woofers provide balanced, full-bodied bass. The Push-To-Hear Control (included with the SE530PTH) adjusts levels of external sound for maximum intelligibility.

The Shure SE530PTH Sound Isolating Earphones with Push-To-Hear Control marks the bridge from the classic E Series line, to the new line of Sound Isolating Earphones from Shure. Evolved from personal monitor technology road-tested by professional musicians, and fine-tuned by Shure engineers, the SE530PTH earphones deliver an unparalleled acoustic accuracy rivaled only by live performances.

The Shure SE530PTH utilize three balanced armature drivers, one dedicated tweeter, and dual woofers, to bring you a listening experience that has been optimized for high-quality recordings and lossless formats. And with integrated passive crossovers that ensure high and low frequencies remain distinct and defined, you get an incredibly wide and detailed sound stage, distinguished by precision highs and robust bass. What's more, the SE530PTH includes sound isolating sleeves that block over 90-percent of ambient noise and provide a customized fit. Combined with a low-profile ergonomic design and modular cable options, this helps ensure interruptions from the outside world are minimized so you can focus on your musical passion. Not only are these earphones comfortable and audibly engaging, but the innovative triple driver configuration is a first in class for universal fit, sound isolating earphones.

For occasions when you must tear yourself away from the music, the SE530PTH includes an innovative Push-To-Hear control. A first for sound isolating earphones, the detachable Push-To-Hear control allows you to activate the VoicePort microphone and adjust levels of external sound for clarity. Similar to the microphones used in Shure QuietSpot cellular headsets, the VoicePort microphone is tuned to pick up the human voice, ensuring maximum intelligibility. Ideal for brief conversations without removing your earphones, the Push-to-Hear switch allows you to quickly and conveniently alternate between your music and your connection to the outside world.

Shure's SE530PTH comes with a premium fit kit that includes everything you need to get the most out of your new earphones. Because every ear is different, this kit includes three sizes: small, medium and large of both the flex and the black foam sleeves, as well as a pair of universal-fit triple-flange sleeves. These allow you to experiment with the size and style that creates the best fit for your ears, in order to provide a good seal for optimized sound isolation and bass response, as well as maximum comfort during extended wear. These earphones also come with a detachable cable solution that has been designed based on extensive user feedback to enable unmatched personal customization. The two included modular cables provided give you the option between a three-foot and a nine-foot option, so you can tailor your experience depending on your activity and application.

The SE530PTH earphones feature a sensitivity of 119 dB SPL/mW, an impedance of 36 ohms, and a frequency range of 18 Hz to 19 kHz. These earphones include a 0.25-inch adapter that allows you to use them with home stereos and other devices with 0.25-inch jacks instead of 3.5-millimeter jacks. The SE530PTH package also includes a carrying case as a convenient, tangle-free storage solution, and a level attenuator that allows for comfortable listening from any high-output audio source. What's more, they even include an airline adapter that optimizes compatibility with European airplane armrests for overseas travel. The Shure SE530PTH earphones come with a cable length of 18 inches, and a manufacturer's limited two-year warranty.

What's in the Box
Shure SE530PTH earphones with Push-to-Hear control, sound-isolating sleeves, 1 x 3-foot modular cable, 1 x 9-foot modular cable, 0.25-inch adapter, carrying case, level attenuator, airline adapter, user's guide and warranty information.

  • A first for sound-isolating earphones, the detachable Push-To-Hear Control allows you to activate the VoicePort microphone and adjust levels of external sound for clarity; ideal for brief conversations without removing your earphones
  • Triple TruAcoustic MicroSpeakers for unprecedented sonic clarity
  • Premium Accessories Kit includes sound-isolating Sleeves, modular 3-foot cable, 1/4-inch adapter, carrying case
  • Evolved from personal monitor technology road-tested by pro musicians and fine-tuned by Shure engineers
  • Manufacturer's Two-Year Limited Warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Outstanding headphones
    I have purchased a significant number of portable headphones and this set is by far the best I have ever tried. I have owned and used ultimate ears super-fi extended base, Etymotic ER4's and several others. The sound quality of the 530PTH is head and shoulders above all of these. Quite expensive, but worth it....more info
  • High price + low comfort = unimpressed
    I had heard so many good things about these headphones that I just HAD to have them. Like so many other things in life, though, if it's not convenient and easy to use, it's often not worth it---that was the case with these headphones. They are not easy to insert in the ear and once in, are not particularly comfortable. That said, I realize that everyone is different---some folks are bound to enjoy shoving chunks of plastic in their ears; for those so inclined, this might be an interesting choice, except for the price and sound quality. My B&O headset is vastly more comfortable, easier to put on and take off, and has roughly equivalent sound quality for approximately one third the price. I didn't try these on the plane, since I couldn't get past the comfort issues and the weak sound; perhaps they are strongest in the sound isolation category. This was a disappointment for me and I returned it immediately. ...more info
  • Feeling some remorse
    I am unschooled in the realm of high-priced earphones, so take this for what it's worth: If you've not previously bought earphones that cost in the three digit range, you should probably start with something cheaper than these. I wish I had. The sound quality is excellent; they're comfortable; the Push-to-Hear function if fine... but I'm still pained to think that I blew so much money for these things and I find it hard to believe that some of the earphones priced for significantly less would have been unsatisfactory.

    And then there are some irksome things about the SE530s. The carrying case isn't really adequate for carrying the earphones plus the Push-to-Hear control; maybe some of you can force it all in, but with $500 earphones, I don't want to feel like I'm cramming or forcing these things anywhere. The sound isolation? Nyuh. It's ok, but don't expect miracles. I'm sitting next to my computer, which makes a pretty soft whirring noise; with the earphones, I *still* hear the whirring noise (if there's no music playing, obviously). I hear it only very very faintly, but I thought I wouldn't hear it at all.

    If $500 is nothing to you, the earphones are fine. If $500 is a splurge to spoil yourself on a special occasion, I would first try earphones for $100 or $150 and spend the rest on something else. For me, when I spend $500 on headphones, I want an epiphany, perfection, bliss--so if earphones are misshapen when they come out of the package or the case is inadequate, etc., I am not happy at all....more info
  • good fit will determine how they sound
    these sound great, but the correct fit is imperative to acheive the right sound. if they are in the ear too loose, there will be a lack of bass and they will sound tinny. follow the directions and you should be OK....more info
  • Awesome sound and excellent support make one satisfied customer.
    I've owned both the first version SE500PTH and this one SE530PTH, not sure why they changed the model number, it's the same, albeit with a few different accessories.

    The box is sleek, black and silver brushed metal, solid. The paper box inside has the earbuds surrounded in molded foam, the cable is about 1'. Also inside is the rather small oval zip carrying case, containing a host of accessories; short (~9") extension, long (~2') extension, cleaning tool, volume control extension, pth adapter (has volume control and 2' cord and push to hear mic with on/off switch), stereo adapter plug, and airline (2-1 plug) adapter. The first version 500PTH didn't have the airline adapter, its a welcome addition to the 530PTH. It also comes with a small bag of several different earbud tips, S/M/L soft rubber, M/L black foam, and one size triple flanged rubber. Instruction booklet and warranty papers also inside. Very neat and stylish presentation.

    Try out all the tips to see what fits best, I was fine with the medium soft rubber. Once inserted, it really blocks out ambient noise, walking the NYC street to the subway, I heard nothing, I only "felt" my footsteps. It was pretty awkward and cool, watch out for traffic though! With my Ipod volume not even halfway up the music blocked out all the noise of the NYC subway! I didn't even know the train was approaching until it was right in front of me. The sound is unbelievable, and you will love it more the more music you listen to, it really spoils you. In my entire collection of music I am hearing sounds and lyrics I never heard before. The clarity is great also, voices sound natural and lifelike, and there's great separation between lows, mids and highs. You can even pick out any single instrument and follow that alone if you want to, its that clear.

    The reason I've had both models is because about eight months in, the sound on the left earbud began to fade until it was mute. The cords are thick and heavy, but its possible I tugged on them too hard a few times. I thought it was my hearing at first but eventually it was clear the left earbud was malfunctioning. The phone support staff was great, giving me no hassle directing me to their website to complete a service request form. I mailed in the bad earbuds with my receipt and the service form and within 4 days I received a brand new box (the SE530pth!)

    Also of note, I bought mine, new, from ebay, for $350. I used my paypal reciept as proof of purchase and had no trouble from Shure replacing the defective product. I can't guarantee they will honor ebay or other secondhand purchases, but I had a great experience and am loving my brand new second set of Shures....more info
  • Awesome -- No Kidding
    I just got the SE530 Push-to-hear headphones as a Christmas present to myself. I've looked at these things longingly for some time, but I was always dissuaded by the price. I had Shure E4s, which are pretty good. I figured, how much better can the SE530s be? Man oh man. These puppies are mind-blowing. Full bass, crisp highs, and clean, clean sound. I've had them on all day, listening to my Playlists as if hearing them for the first time. They fit good, and even when I blast the volume (which I don't because full volume is MUCH MUCH louder on these than on the E4s) no one can hear what I'm listening to.

    Here's how I justified spending the money on these things. I used to save my paper route and lawn mowing money to buy great speakers for my stereo -- which cost a lot more than these headphones. But today, I get my music almost exclusively on my iPod. The SE530s are just like getting great speakers. These things are totally worth it. If you have the cash -- don't hesitate. They are AWESOME....more info
  • Experience the real music, wonderful clarity, I don't have words to explain
    I have Bose - 3, and now I bought Shure - 530PTH. You cann't compare the voice quality of these two, SHURE is way beyond better. I really like BOSE as well, but SHURE is best....more info
  • Simply Sounds Great......
    I'm no expert and haven't compared this to other brands and/or lesser models, but I can say that I hear parts of the music I never heard or noticed before.

    Whether the price is worth it is all relative to the individual. I'm one and only concern is the durability of the wiring connection to the earbud. I baby these things.....they are definitely not my exercise device....more info
  • Clear detailed but WEAK on bass
    I bought these because I have have been enjoying a pair of Sennheiser PX100's for a few years, and wanted to see what true audiophile quality sound was like. I read the rave reviews about these and decided to pull out the all the stops and get the best, knowing that they would not have a lot of low end, but willing to keep an open mind about that.

    I have to say the these are not what I expected at all. They are good little headphones, but the low end is WEAK. I guess you could could use other words like, "tight, but not overly stated" or something like that but don't be fooled. The bass almost non existent, and the overall sound is weak and thin.

    A pair of px100's will trounce these headphones all day long on the low end. And have a much bigger and fuller and more powerful sound. If you like to 'feel' your music, and you want your music to have a deep powerful enveloping sound that can carry you away, don't expect that from these headphones. The sound is detailed and clear, but not big, full, and powerful. If you like to listen to jazz (I love jazz btw) or piano music while sipping tea with your pinky finger in the air and congratulating yourself on you fine audiophile sensibilities, these might be perfect for you.

    I did also buy a pair of ultimate ears 5 extented bass. Those have bass. In fact they have more bass than my sennheisser 202 pros. But these have almost none. It's about a powerful sounding as listening to $10 alarm clock radio.

    Skip the PTH model and save your money. You can pause your music and hear people talk, or just take one of the ear pieces out, they are easy to put back in. They are very comfortable But at $500 it's like buying a $20 bottle of water. At $300 it's still crazy over priced.

    That said I think I will take it on the nose and keep them, because they are comfortable inside a motorcycle helmet, and sometimes I would like to hear some tunes when I ride. ...more info
  • true reference sound in a compact masterpiece
    These buds rock! You'll hear so much more from your music, and you'll learn so much more if you are a music student. Fit system works every time, but keep in mind 99% of people prefer the foam inserts, so those are what you find most replacement caps in. I've used these buds for over a year and they still startle me with the clarity they produce. ...more info
  • The greatest headphones ever ...
    I have owned and heard many great headphones, but the Shure SE530PTH are by far the best sounding. The bass rocks!!! I mow the lawn with these headphones and I don't hear the mower. I am not too happy with the Push-To-Hear gadget. I wish it was less bulky. Carrying all the cables in the headphone pouch is very difficult. Instead of using the PTH device, I use the attenuator and it works just as well. Don't even think about another headphone. Just buy this one and you'll be extremely happy....more info
  • Awe Inspiring
    Let's face it, if you're considering spending around 500 bucks on a pair of earphones you're someone who's obsessive about their music. You're the hard to please type not easily impressed by anything less than seriously impressive. Well, be assured that these tiny miracles of science are indeed impressive, seriously.

    The most notable feature of the Shure SE530s is their ability to convey a multi-layered sound stage with absolute precision. Music you've heard over and over again takes on new life with an incredible sense of clarity that is always lucid and rich and never confused or entangled no matter what you throw at them. Where they really shine, though, is with lossless or uncompressed digital recordings or mp3s with a high compression rate. With recordings of this quality, the `530s are adept at producing an extraordinary dynamic range with a sense of magnificence that you didn't know your ears were capable of decoding. For example, the expertly mastered "Teardrop" by Massive Attack was delivered with insanely crisp and clear highs, a deep, solid bass and with the placement of Liz Fraser's spine-chilling lyrics with meticulous precision. My much older reference track, "Golden Brown" by The Stranglers was delivered with an equally exciting presentation whilst remaining true to the fidelity of the original recording. describes an epiphany as "a sudden, powerful, and often spiritual or life changing realization that a character experiences in an otherwise ordinary moment." That's what happened to me when I listened to The Beloved's "The Sun Rising" on my `530s.

    For those new to "shove-right-into-the-ear-canal" type earphones the `530s may take a few goes at experimenting with the different types and sizes of sleeves supplied in order to achieve the perfect fit necessary for them to perform (no seal = no bass). But once you've found your "sweet-spot" you might just find yourself ignoring everybody you know for the foreseeable future or taking your dog out for a walk several hours a day more than he's used to.
    ...more info
  • Your musical experience with the 530PTH will depend on how you use it
    I had 2 reasons to purchase the SE530PTH: one was to listen to my iTouch iPod, the second was to use it with my high-end stereo system. SO, this is really 2 reviews in one based on what my ears hear. I'll skip what comes with the earphones and I'll skip the PTH operation since the sound quality is what I consider my primary requirement.
    I auditioned the SE530PTH with my iTouch iPod first. I played an mp3 encoded selection (purchased from the Apple iStore) and an AIFF encoded selection (supposedly uncompressed). The SE530PTH certainly blew away the tinny "earphones" (earbuds?) standard with the iPod. The audio quality was good in most respects but the bass sounded a little muddy with either selection and maybe even slightly distorted. This iPod source produces reasonably good sound, and though the SE530PTH is certainly MUCH better than the earbuds, it is not audio Nirvana. It's hard to know what the quality of the sound that the iTouch iPod can reproduce is. Unless, of course, you can compare it with an unquestioned audio source. After all, until your audio source is beyond reproach, you can't really judge the SE530PTH.
    So, I next connected the earphones to my high fidelity system which includes the following (for those who know or care): Audio Research CD7 Reference CD player, Ayre K-5x preamplifier, Ray Samuels "Emmeline" Headphone Amp. I also have a pair of Grado RS-1 stereo headphones that I can compare to the SE530PTH as well. The result? The SE 530PTH transformed itself from a good performer to an excellent performer.
    The audio quality improvement was instantly noticeable: vocals were natural, instruments were rich and dynamic. I actually prefer the Shure SE 530PTH to my old Grado headphones. BUT, here's the "but":
    In a high-end system like mine, my ProAc SPEAKERS will easily surpass the Shure earphones for audio enjoyment. But ProAcs cost a LOT more than the SE 530PTH. Such small audio transducers in the SE 530PTH simply must have SOME limitations. As long as your expectations are reasonable for these earphones, you should enjoy them a lot.
    Bottom line: an iPod is NOT a high-end stereo system. The earphones that you connect to it can only reproduce the audio information which is fed into them. In this respect, the Shure SE 530PTH does a fine job
    with an iTouch iPod and you should not be disappointed with the audio that you hear with these phones,
    especially as compared with any other in-ear earphones on the market. But the SE 530PTH is equal to the job of stepping up to even better audio sources (if you have them) to reproduce even higher quality sound.
    Afterthought: Not many people can HEAR the slight "muddiness" of bass or the slight possible distortion that I heard when listening through the Shure earphones to the iTouch iPod. As such, these earphones will sound pretty darn good to most people. I will KEEP these earphones and will use then with my iTouch, and they will replace my Grado headphones when I listen to my high fidelity system with phones....more info
  • It's really expensive but you get what you pay for
    The SE530's main flaw is that with its starting $500 price tag, it is priced many times higher than common consumer earphones. Another flaw is that given its "background noise isolation" premise of these earphones, it may be uncomfortable for first-timers, and also you have to clean the earphones often to ensure longetivity of the product.

    To compensate for such discomfort first-timers may experience, you have plenty of earphone fit options. The package offers generous fit options, such as foam, flex, and even 3-flange sleeves.

    You also have an attenuator and an airline adapter you can also use when you use air flights often--a light alternative to common noise-cancellation earphones.

    However, the real reason why you are going to be paying more than "the common earbuds" is because given Shure's close-to-90-year audio experience coupled with a steadily approaching 20-year-earphone expertise, complex balance armature with environmentally-friendly noise isolation is deployed. Each side has three low-mass, high-energy balanced armatures of Neodymium--one for highs, one for mids, and one for low frequencies coupled together with an internal vent for efficient air movement, for optimum listening at low volume levels. The SE530 can be used for a wide range of audio devices, such as personal monitors and even gaming systems. While the SE530 was meant to be used by musicians, it can be used for personal audio entertainment as well.

    With the generous sound detail more than making up for such a high price tag, it is obvious that you should get the PTH version of this, since it will also contain a device which helps you get into a conversation without having to remove the earphones. The sad part is that you have to pay a lot, but the best part and the bottom line is that your ears will get what you pay for with the SE530.

    Some outlets let you test out the SE530, so it's up to your ears to determine if the sound quality is worth the high price tag....more info
  • Shure Master
    I have owned a lot of headphones, such as Etymotic ETY8 and Ultimate Ears 10.0 and they seem like a joke compared to the Shure SE530's. If you hate that buzzing sound when you listen to your classical music then these headphones will make you cry, if you are more subdued and like dark music with a lot of base then these headphones are right for you. They cost a lot of money, but they are worth it for any type of music....more info
  • Wires fail in less than a year. Very poor service and support from Shure.
    I added this review and deleted my previous one as Amazon does not allow me to change my rating.

    UPDATE 26-Nov-2008: In less than a year the wires on the Shure 530s have become completely exposed at the base of both the right and left earphone. I tried to remain positive and tried to contact Shure. I was surprised that with such an expensive product, I could not get anyone on the phone or to return my phone calls -- not to mention how difficult it was to actually get the phone number for warranty support.

    Ultimately, I relied on email and received a pointer to the form I needed to complete to return the earphones. I followed those directions exactly; feeling all the while very uncomfortable about shipping such expensive earphones to a company without any RMA# or cross shipment. So far, I have to say my concern was warranted as I've yet to hear anything back from Shure and I can't get anyone to answer my questions by phone or by email.

    $500 earphones should not need replacement in less than a year. If they do fail, I expect a level of customer service in line with the premium price. My experience with Shure has been dismal and in spite of the excellent sound of the 530s, I will never buy or recommend another Shure product.

    Original review from Nov-2007
    I've been an Etymotic user for years. I've had two sets including the ER-4. The Shure SE530s are worth the price premium. Comfort and sound quality are well beyond that provided by Etymotic. Rich open sound stage and life like bass -- better than any others I've tried including the Etymotics and large Bose....more info
  • Tremendous
    These arrived today.. What can I say.. I never write reviews but these have set a precedent..

    I first got a pair of Shure e2c's a couple of years ago. I loved them. Great for the office because no matter how loud you play them they dont annoy anyone around you.. Loud to you. Quiet to everyone else.. Nearly silent..

    The e2c's were destroyed in the buncefield oil depot explosion.. google it if interested.. I rewarded myself with the Shure e3c's. They rocked... More than the e2c's.. I was hooked.. I broke them.. I wasnt happy with myself...

    I had a decision to make.. Do I buy the e3c's again.. or do I upgrade... Being a man of extravagant tastes the choice was simple... I got the Shure SE530's with the PTH thingy..

    By god I never thought I'd enjoy deafening myself so much... They always say 'you'll hear things in your music you never heard before'. I read a lot of reviews.. They weren't lying.. I've turned the volume down a few times because I've heard things that I never expected to hear.. Glorious. Turn them up and you will be mesmerized.

    The closest analogy is this. If you've ever watched the file 'Sunshine' where they become fascinated with the sun.. To the point where they want to be exposed to it even though its killing them... These headphones are like that.. You just want to turn them up. and UP. AND UP.. They sing. They resonate. They totally and utterly rock... They're dangerously good..

    These earphones are magnificent..

    ...more info