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HP Photosmart C4280 All-in-One Printer/Scanner/Copier (CC210A#ABA)
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Product Description

A highly affordable photo All-in-One, the Photosmart C4280 is ready to bring you beautiful, true-to-life photos straight from your camera, without a PC. Just preview your shots on the 1.5" display and send to print. You'll also get great scans and quick copies, and you'll be able to print archival-quality documents without the edges cut off.

The HP Deskjet D4280 is a compact color inkjet printer, copier, and scanner that is capable of printing at speeds of up to 30 ppm in black & white and 23 ppm in color. This multifunction printer can also print borderless 8.5 x 11-inch photos that feature vivid color and 4800 x 1200 dpi resolution directly from supported memory cards.

The HP Deskjet D4280 offers:
  • The ability to Print, Copy, and Scan
  • Print and copy speeds up to 30 ppm black & white and 23 ppm color
  • 1 USB port and 4 memory card slots
  • Color print resolution of up to 4800 x 1200 dpi
  • A 100-sheet paper tray

The HP Deskjet D4280 is a true multifunction printer. View larger.

Print directly from a wide variety of memory cards. View larger.
Print Crisp, Colorful Photos and Image-Rich Documents
Not only does the HP D4280 print colorful photos and documents at speeds reaching 23 ppm, but it also makes the quality of the imagery a priority, with its use of HP Vivera Inks and optional six-ink color process.

With the HP D4280, you can print directly from a variety of supported memory cards, including CompactFlash, Memory Sticks (Duo), SD, MMC, and xD-Picture Cards. No need for the computer; just plug-in a compatible memory card and use the colorful 1.5 inch LCD screen to help guide you through the printing process.

Color Copy and Scan With Ease
The D4280 features easy one-button copying in both black & white and full-color with ultra-high resolution capabilities of up to 600 dpi and 4800 x 12000 dpi respectively. It will make as many as 50 copies with the push of a button at speeds of up to 30 cpm in black & white and 23 cpm in color. Reduce or enlarge originals from 25% to 200% for added versatility.

Get a full-color preview of your scan in about three seconds before you actually decide to scan any document. Once you decide to scan, it will be quick; in a matter of seconds, you'll have full-color images up to 1200 dpi in dynamic 48-bit color. Use the included software to enhance a scanned image or document to an unbelievable 19,200 dpi for producing large-scale prints and digital documents.

Versatile Paper Handling
This printer will handle a variety of special media, including envelopes, transparencies, photo paper, panoramas, and more. The 100-sheet paper tray provides plenty of paper capacity for small-scale jobs.

Compatible with both Windows (some features may not be available with Windows 2000) and Macintosh, the HP Deskjet D4280 measures 17.09 x 11.42 x 6.38 inches and weighs 11.09 pounds. It's backed by a 1-year limited warranty.

What's in the Box
HP Photosmart C4280 All-in-One, HP 74 Black Inkjet Print Cartridge (4.5 ml), HP 75 Tri-Color Inkjet Print Cartridge (3.5 ml), power supply, power cord, software CD, setup guide, basics guide, read-iris flyer, registration card, and pen shopping card.

  • Robust and affordable all-in-one printer, scanner, and copier for home office and photo printing
  • Preview and print photos without a PC by using 1.5-inch display; print photos in a snap without a PC by using memory card
  • Print and copy snapshots with or without borders
  • Print photos and laser-quality text with speeds up to 30 pages per minute
  • 1-year limited manufacturer's warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • pretty good printer
    I bought this printer used. So far Ive had no problems with it. It works great....more info
  • A great all in one printer/scanner/copier from the folks at HP!!!
    This is a nice,inexpensive printer,Actually I got mine for like 10 bucks after rebates,@ got it at the now defunct Circuit City,the only thing is that the inks are a little in the pricey side,but as a printer,my family has always been happy w/ the quality of the prints,not the fastest printer in the world but effective!!! We like like it because we dont have to got to a store to make photocopies,it's copier(B&W and Color!),it is also a scanner!!!That's why it's called an All in One!!! ...more info
  • Impressive feature rich all-in-one unit with a low price tag
    The C4280 has been in my home office for ten months now. I've got the software loaded on three laptops ranging in age from 4 years to six months old; all of which are running Windows XP. We've been using it for work, personal and school projects without any problems.

    The scanner has a couple of modes. The document mode had a couple of surprises. When scanning a document from the newspaper, the document mode added typos that were not on the original. It also changed hand printed notes in the margin into a typeface. Now I just scan documents with the photographic mode to keep them looking like the originals. In photographic mode, the scanner software offers some ability to edit and manipulate the image.

    Only in the past month have we started buying HP photographic paper and using the C4280 to print pictures from the digital camera. I'm amazed at the results produced by this ink jet printer! I had retouched some old photos of my parents and had them printed as 8x10's at a local camera store with a good reputation. The C4280 with photo paper produced prints that looked every bit as good as the expensive camera store versions.

    The printer takes two ink cartridges - one color and one black. Refill ink cartridges are available in "regular" and "XL" sizes. The cartridge modes (74 and 75) are readily available. I've seen the refills here on Amazon, Office Max, Staples, BrandSmart, and Costco - so, they're not hard to come by.

    The C4280 has been an excellent personal printer (copier, scanner) for me. Frankly, I'm shocked by all the bad reviews on this board, but I am not trying to run it with Mac, Vista OS, or making it the primary printer for a busy office.
    ...more info
  • C.R.A.P.
    This printer is a JOKE.

    Once it slips into sleep mode you typically have to uninstall and then reinstall the software all over again.

    And, anyone who uses an HP printer knows how much fun that is. How BIG can a printer driver REALLY be.

    Spend more money on a better product and ALWAYS check customer follow ups. They typically are right on the money....more info
  • Printer tries to reinstall repeatedly!!
    This printer prints fine as well as scans, etc. I would be happy with it, EXCEPT that the software keeps trying to reinstall itself repeatedly! I have to keep task manager open to keep stopping the installs. I've updated all the drivers and can't get any resolution from HP online. I don't know if this happens to everyone, but I use XP and this is an annoyance. Also, when I plug my Canon camera into the computer, the software thinks it's the HP printer and can't read it....more info
  • Nothing but trouble
    Forget this printer if you're a Mac Leopard user. Since I've upgraded to 10.5.2, I've gotten every message listed in other reviews, especially the one about a communications problem with the printer. It shows up on the USB, but absolutely refuses to print. It will scan however, which is unusual according to other's reviews. I would stay away from this model. I NEVER got a response from my e-mail for support at HP, and the phone support knows nothing about the Mac. When it was working for me (briefly) it was an ink hog, too.
    NEVER BUY IT!...more info
  • Not bad at first but then went down hill
    I was satisfied with this printer at first but then it just started to annoy me. It did a good job of automatically aligning newly installed cartridges by printing a test page and then scanning it back in. The quality and speed of printing was about what I expected but from day one there has been one annoying problem. Pressing the scan button on the printer rarely works unless I try it about 5 or 6 times. Each time I get a USB communication error. My computer is pretty new and has all of the latest drivers so I'm sure it's not an issue with the driver not supporting bi-directional communication like their ineffectual customer support might suggest besides the fact that it does work sometimes. However I was willing to overlook this problem because it worked relatively reliably if I initiated a scan from the computer vs. the printer itself. The last problem that started occurring after a few months is a cartridge jam. When this happens I have no clue how to fix it because it doesn't appear jammed to me. I tried everything I could think of to "unjam" it but sometimes nothing works. When I try to shut off the printer it just sits there saying it's powering down so I have to physically pull the power cord out. Maybe after about 10 minutes, multiple shut downs, a few wacks on the side for good measure, then it comes back online. This problem keeps happening every 3rd or 4th print attempt so it's very annoying. For this problem alone I'm thinking of junking it....more info
  • Not as bad as you might think- may suffer from PLBKAC
    I've never written a review before, but after seeing so many negative reviews of this one I just have to put in my two cents.

    It's really not so bad. I've had mine for almost year and have not once had a single jam, it uses reasonable amounts of ink, and it takes the cheapest in cartridges I've ever purchased. I owned an Epson prior to this and it would cost about 80$ to replace the cartridges, and the black cost twice as much as the colors (30$ for the black, 16$ for each of the three colors)- the 40$ or so it costs for the multipack for this thing is nothing.

    I've used this unit with Ubuntu Linux, Windows Vista Home Premium, and Windows XP, without a single problem. The card reader mounts the card to the desktop with Ubuntu, and is read like removable storage with both Windows XP and Windows Vista. One thing I will admit to is the USB Is Not Connected Error- there's a reason for it.

    There's a little piece of software that installs with the printer, that starts at startup- it's called the HP Digital Imaging Monitor. If this is not running when you push the print and scan buttons on the printer they WILL NOT WORK. However! You can still access the scanning function through the scanning software provided with the unit, and it works just fine. And you can, of course, print like normal without it running.

    As far as I know, using HPLIP, the scan and print buttons DO NOT work with Ubuntu, but that may have changed in the last few months since I tried it. Copying, however, does, because that aspect doesn't actually communicate with the computer.

    All in all, I really think that this is a pretty good low-end All-In-One for those of you on a budget (especially if you're using Linux and have access to HPLIP, so you don't have to use the bundled software, which is terrible)- I purchased mine at Office Max for 90$, and I don't regret it. But then, I'm not using it for business purposes, and maybe the problems don't come into play unless you're doing high-volume printing. Either way, if you're interested in it, give it a shot, and if it doesn't work for you... Well, that's what a return policy is for, and I'm sorry it didn't go well for you....more info
  • HP PHotosmart C4280 All-in-One is a perfect printer for college student
    I bought this for my son to use in college this fall and he set it up and has started using it without any problems and no help from me....perfect!...more info
  • Problems with this printer
    I have two computers that I use this printer with. On one of them the printer keeps trying to reinstall the program. On the other one it's fine, but on both of them the scanning option doesn't work most of the time. I keep getting the error "USB cable not connected" but it is connected. Sometimes the scanner works. The printer works well and I haven't had any problems with it, except that it uses ink fast....more info
  • Excellent all-in-one printer
    Excellent all-in-one printer for a great price. We have printed a lot of pictures, reports, letters, greeting cards, etc. and everything prints great. We have been able to make prints of some very old photos and they have turned out terrific, some even look better than ones that were printed professionally. I was surprised by how much we were able to print before we had to replace the ink cartriges which are reasonably priced. ...more info
  • HP Printer
    Great product. It even does double sided prints. Only downfall is that the ink doesn't last long & every time you put a new ink in it makes you print a test page....more info
  • Stay away from HP!! Worst All-In-Ones as far as I'm concerned
    The HP photosmart c4280 is the second all-in-one unit I've owned over the past few years. While the print qualty is OK, the ink cartridges are very small and need to be replaced frequently. This can be very expensive.

    Biggest complaint? The scanner and the software that runs it. For some "unexplained" reason, HP software tends to corrupt very easily, rendering the scan functions nearly useless...this was a problem as well in the psc 750 that I owned previously. Equally useless is HP's customer service/tech help. Friendly people, but after 4+ hours and two failed attempts to fix the problem (their solution, by the way, was to uninstall and re-install the software...duh...and it didn't work), and after reading several online forums written by customers with similar issues, it seems to me that HP is only interested in pushing out cheap units in the hopes that maybe 'some' of them will work. Ignoring the problem instead of going to the root cause (i.e, crappy software)isn't going to win them too many happy customers.

    Stick with Canon or Epson...that's what I'm going to, going forward....more info
  • Do not buy this printer
    I don't usually write reviews but I felt compelled to warn people about this printer. I bought it three weeks ago to replace an HP Photosmart P1000 that I had for six years, which was a troublesome printer from the first day. I should have known better than to buy another HP. The C4280 tries to reinstall the software every single time I plug in the USB cable. I send something to print and it sits there for two or three mintues "thinking" about it before it finally decides to print. It took a week for me to get the scanner to work. Now I have a cartridge jam and I can find no paper fragments or anything else blocking the cartridge carriage. I tried unplugging the power source and plugging it back in and now it won't even turn on. ...more info
  • I do not recommend this printer
    I purchased this printer couple of months back. Whenever I try to print after my Windows XP desktop has been inactive for a while it queues up the job and does not print. When I reboot my desktop, it then tries to re-install the driver that came with the printer and then the printer starts accepting print jobs. I have gone through the driver install quite a few times. On the positive side the quality of the printouts are quite good.

    ...more info
  • Great !
    This product definitely met my expectations. The quality is outstanding and it is very user-friendly for those who aren't necessarily electronically savvy. ...more info
  • help mac os 10.5 cannot recognize c4280 printer
    The single worst printer I have ever seen. And I have had some really bad Epsons.
    The mechanical part actually works. The software does not. Therefore you really never communicate with the printer.
    HP will give you a nice, but unintelligible Indian who knows nothing. They will even send you a replacement printer.
    But that can't help a printer that cannot be recognized.
    HP==Work on the product before you sell it...more info
  • HP C4280: FAIL!!!!
    I left HP years ago back when their customer service became horrid. And I wasn't the only one that left -- HP's profits went through the floor, they fired the CEO etc. I then went to epson and ended up being part of a class action lawsuit. So now I'm back with HP once more and I feel it is safe to say this is the worst printer experience I've ever endured. The 4280 drivers for mac are horrid -- even with the 10.5.2 update and patch. Spent an entire day with HP tech help trying to get the drivers installed correctly and when i did get them installed the print options menu was incomplete -- I spent another day dealing with HP on the phone -- it's as if I don't have better things to do with my valuable time. Agree with others here that the software doesn't communicate with the printer, it seems to just cue the printer -- I'm endlessly restarting. AND INK!!!-- I tried to make five (5) invitations with color -- that job emptied a fresh $20 color cartridge -- basically I could have taken my file to kinko's and had the invites printed cheaper. Avoid this printer like it's the plague!!!!!...more info
  • Handy little printer
    I purchased this printer in August of 07 - and after returning the first one I received due to a non-start (I can't remember what happened, other than it just didn't work - straight out of the box) - the second one has worked like a charm -

    I teach school and this is my 'school' printer - I use it daily. It is connected to an airport, and I am using OSX (10.4 & now 10.5) and have had no problems at all... I have had it connected directly to the mac and to the airport and never had a problem.

    ...more info
  • Don't Buy This Printer
    This printer has had problems from the first day we bought it. The scanner has never worked, and we constantly get an error alerting us that the "printer cartridge is missing". Constantly.
    It takes forever to start and the printer cartridges are very small. (This is why they are cheaper than the others. Don't be fooled.) Also, we very often receive alerts stating that "updates are available", which is HP trying to sell us ink....more info
  • Very good economic workhorse
    First off, I'm using two of these printers: one with Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger), and the other with OS 10.5 (Leopard), and have experienced NO PROBLEMS printing, scanning, or copying. This thing works like a charm, prints very fast, and even makes passable 4x6 prints. The real beauty of this printer, though, is the ability to install the "X" cartridges that have 3x the ink and save a lot of money over the long haul. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Printer hangs forever on my mac.
    Printer is hung and can't print anything on my Mac. After 3 weeks of work, the driver is completely broken on the Mac. Just insane.

    Avoid the headache. Don't buy this printer.
    ...more info