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Klipsch iGroove SXT iPod Sound System (Black)
List Price: $169.00

Our Price: $126.99

You Save: $42.01 (25%)


Product Description

Applying the same cutting-edge research and technology that drives Klipsch's professional theater speakers, this high-style, high-performance system uncovers all the power, detail, and emotion of your digital music library. Taking advantage of refined industrial design, high-end materials, and innovative technology, the iGroove SXT delivers classic Klipsch sound like never before.

The iGroove SXT may be small, but it delivers larger-than-life performances. Click to enlarge.

Includes IR remote. Click to enlarge.

With sophisticated looks, the SXT fits comfortably into any office or living environment. Click to enlarge.

A true two-way system, the iGroove SXT achieves accurate, detailed sound by way of dual 2.5-inch woofers in a ported enclosure, premium crossovers, and dual 3/4-inch MicroTractrix Horn-loaded tweeters. Klipsch is one of the only companies in the iPod speaker category to utilize horn technology, a design that delivers lifelike sound as well as produces more output using less energy.

And it's got the look, too. With its sleek, simple profile and black, silver-accented enclosure, the SXT fits comfortably into any office or living environment.

Charge, Play, and Watch Your iPod
The iGroove SXT accepts and charges any iPod with a 30-pin connector. Universal well inserts are included to securely dock assorted iPod models. The shuffle and other audio devices connect via a rear 3.5-mm auxiliary input, while an S-video output lets you view videos on external monitors. Enjoy your favorite clips and photos on the big screen.

Please note: The video output function of the iGroove SXT is not compatible with the 3rd generation iPod nano, the 6th generation iPod classic, the iPhone (1G, 3G), or the iPod touch (1G, 2G).

The SXT also includes an IR remote so that you can control playback of your iPod from across the room.

What's in the Box
Klipsch iGroove SXT, power supply, remote control, iPod inserts, manual

  • Compatibility: iPod nano 1G, 2G, 3G; iPod classic 4G, 5G, 5.5G, 6G; iPod touch 1G; the video output function is not compatible with the iPod nano 3G, iPod classic 6G, iPhone, or iPod touch 1G. NOTE: This device plays but does not charge iPod nano 4G, iPod touch 2G, iPhone 3G, or 120 GB iPod classic 6G.
  • High-performance, two-way speaker system with built-in 30-pin iPod docking station
  • Dual 2.5-inch woofers in ported enclosure and dual 0.75-inch horn-loaded tweeters
  • Features 3.5-mm auxiliary input
  • 1-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Compromise
    I bought the Kilpsch for my daughter who wanted a small unit for her Ipod, ok so what is the big deal there are a lot of products on the market that do that The Kilpsch has a small foot print with excellent sound, very close to the Bose unit that is almost twice the price and I am judging the quality of the sound, again taking into consideration the size and price. The JBL unit is a bit odd in shape with the speakers pointed up. It does pump out the music impressively but if you are picky, it is a bit odd for the speakers to be reflecting the sound up and sort of out. My daughter is thrilled with the Kilpsch and that was my second choice when I purchased a unit for myself.

    I settled on the Altec Lansing IM600 whose sound is very close to the Kilpsch and has the bonus of running on a battery and having a FM tuner. My daughter however wanted the Kilpsch therefore here opinion carried the day. A normal person would be hard pressed to say one sounds better than the next and even my daughter now concurs and my bet is my Altec is going to be hijacked in the near future.

    There is another unit that if you can find is sort of a black sheep and that is the SONY. This little unit produces a sound quality that rivals anything out there including the Bose. It has a woofer that looks like a AC adapter which you can shove to the side and the speakers are small, silver and sleek. The sound from this is truly remarkable. I received this as a gift last week (one of those you cannot return). It is like many SONY products a bit quirky but in terms of producing sound very impressive. Amazon has it so its worth looking at and again an impressive unit.

    A word of advice, many of these docking stations have problems charging the latest generation of IPods which frankly I don't see as that big of a deal. Also some have issues providing full functionality with their remotes, so you need to do some research if that is a big deal....more info
  • Klipsch Ipod and MP3 Player
    The sound is great for such a small machine. I would definitely recommend this item to anyone....more info
  • awesome little speaker
    This little speaker is packed with sound! I absolutely am in love with it. The sound quality is terrific and the volume output is amazing. I have a nano and had been looking for something I could afford versus the cost of a Bose. This speaker delivered big time. I just plug it in whereever I am and it's like a mini stereo system with BIG sound. I used it out by the pool today and thoroughly enjoyed it!
    It came in the mail quickly and the deal on Amazon was the best I found!...more info
    Although I was really impressed with the sound quality I was forced to return the product as it IS NOT compatible with the new I pod Nano's (4G). It will play music but will not charge your ipod as evidenced by a message promptly displayed on your ipod screen once connected to the station. A down side of technology I guess as I have yet to find a comparible machine when it comes to quality of sound....more info
  • Great value
    Everyone has already said everything that can be said about this great product. It puts out really clear sound and is much louder than you'd expect for such a small unit. It's great for one room or a desk and sounds great from as far as 15 feet away (about the range of the remote). As far as quality, it's everything you'd expect from a Klipsch product. They make great speakers. I like the fact it keeps my iPod charged and can utilize it's alarm clock feature. The price was below $100 with free shipping so the decision was basically a no-brainer....more info
  • worth it
    definitely worth the money.
    has better sound than most other docking stations i've heard. and the bass is unreal comparitively speaking, for the amount you spend....more info
  • Amazing sound quality
    When you get this you will not have very high hopes of good sound quality because of its small size. You will be amazed at the sound quality once you start listening! Very crisp sound and amazing base for such a small package. It would be nice if it had some additional features, but I didn't buy it for any of that. I trusted the Klipsch name and I am very pleased with this product. ...more info
  • Pleased
    We wanted to get a good sounding speaker set that wouldn't sound tinny or weak. This has great sound and has good volume output to fill a good sized room. The range is quite good, from solid base (from such small speakers) and good high range too....more info
  • great buy! totally satisfied
    I'm totally pleased with the Klipsch iGroove SXT. Huge sound for such a small piece of equipment.Great sound separation and balance, crisp highs,powerful bass. It's everything I hoped for, especially given that it was about 1/3 the cost of similar Bose player!...more info
  • Groovy
    I had looked at a number of systems before receiving the iGroove as a christmas gift. If you like the bose systems sound and simplicity but don't want to pay the price, the iGroove is an excellent product for you. The sound signature is similar to the bose system's but with the added benefit of horn tweeters which gives the high end that sparkle without overburdening the woofers especially at medium loud volumes. The low end is very prominent and considering the tiny size of the woofers incredible. If you like very pronounced mid to low bass (like most of bose's products) this is the system for you. I find it rather soothing. Once again, considering the size and cost of the system I would say it compares very favorably to bose's system and offers similar if not superior sound quality at a reduced price. If you want even more bass, stick it in a corner and let the open ports utilize the effect to their advantage. You will be suprised at the amount of low end this little system can put out. I would by no means recommend this system in a large room at more than moderate listening volumes (more than 15'x15') but would confine it to a bedroom or office due to its size.
    The Fit an finish is also excellent and it feels solid and well constructed. I am very happy with the quality of this product and for the price it is selling on amazon I would very highly recommend the iGroove sxt. ...more info
  • Question
    So - Help pls - does this system work with the --- iPod touch 16 GB (2nd Generation). THANK YOU -- Happy Happy New Year!!!! BigIg...more info
  • Klipsch Ipod Sound Dock
    I'm very happy with it. Easy to use, clarity is very good with decent bass. ...more info
  • Great sound, does NOT work with iPhone 3G
    Caution, not all Apple devices are supported. It does not work with the iPhone 3G.

    Other than that, the sound is wonderful.

    I'm returning it and buying the Amazon Editor's Choice, Altec Lansing T612 Digital Speaker for iPod and iPhone....more info
  • Klipsch iGroove SXT iPOD Sound System
    The sound from this system is exactly as I imagined it would be. Full, rich, distortion free. And it charges my 1st gen ipod touch...sweet! And it was almost half the price of what I saw in the Big Blue Box Store. I feel like the woman in the Ikea commercial running out the store yelling,"start the car! start the car!"...more info
  • Good Bass and Good Volume!!!
    This Klipsch have a good sound and good bass, is ideal for a small-medium apartment!!! and never put this Sound System nearly on a LCD TV, because the IR don't Work!!!...more info
  • klipsch quality with convenience and portability
    I received this for christmas (yesterday) and immediately pulled it out of the box, plugged it in and started using it. My friend bought it for me knowing i'm a Klipsch fan. That is my favorite speaker. Bose lovers out there, i'm sorry. I know bose is "THE" name but i think Klipsch makes a beautiful speaker for less money, and in general i think they are very versatile.
    This tiny unit is true to one of my favorite Klipsch qualities, which i call "fatness". they tend to make a very bright speaker, which i do like as long as there's enough 'fat' sound and depth to support the bright projection of sound. (i know overly bright speakers can tend to lack warmth, even if they are decent quality). For the size, there is a good quality, high volume and generally good fat sound.
    Obviously at home, playing my Ipod thru my Onkyo Integra receiver and large Klipsch towers, blows this small speaker system away. That is a given....but this unit also doesn't cost a couple thousand dollars and can go with you to the office or in a back room, etc. I love it. I have an Ihome too, and it's not bad, i've enjoyed it--but it's nothing compared to this in sound quality, and overall sturdy construction. when you dock the ipod it feels secure, it looks sleek and even the remote feels sturdy in the hand.
    as an ipod docking system i'd rate it as one of the best ones out there. worth spending a few extra dollars to enjoy sound quality....and in my case, i received as a gift so i didn't spend any dollars. :-)...more info
  • Klipsch ipod dock
    I would never had ordered this product had I known that IT WAS NOT portable....more info
  • Wow, wow, wow!
    How do you review something that's as near perfect as possible. Sound GREAT! Room filling. Amazing for it's size. Easy to use. Yes you have to be in sight view to use the remote. And that was my only fault with this system. The "feel" of the remote should be easy and smooth. It's not. Hard edges but really just an annoyance. They should have looked at Apples remote.

    Hefty for it's size. The power brick is normal size. The sound is really, really HUGE for it's size. Even at top volume the speakers hold the sound true and rich. iPod alarm works perfectly so it can double as an alarm clock as long as you're not an extra sleep button hitter.

    I love the sleep timer. I'd been using the TV sleep timer and have found I sleep better listening to some decent music.

    Overall a great little machine. ...more info
  • The Perfect Gift
    I received this as a gift and plugged it in within minutes. I love that there are only a few buttons to work with and was so amazed by the sound quality coming from something this compact. I was dancing for joy.
    Because of its small size, I can take it from room to room increasing the volume, still obtaining high-quality sound.
    The iGroove fits nicely on my nightstand, so I've set the alarm to it and wake up to excellent, crisp, clear sounding tunes. This is the perfect gift and I love it. I highly recommend it!...more info
  • BAMM!!!
    Wow, tiny package, great low price, and a sound quality that will bring you to your knees. Yes, it is pretty bassy, for me, that kicks. I can see however how that might bother some. Although, you might be able to adjust the EQ on your ipod to make this less of a problem. This little unit has met and exceeded my expectations, by far the highest quality unit for the size and price. Highly recommended....more info
  • Klipsch iGroove SXT.....AWESOME!!!!
    Me and my wife are using this (listening to the best of George Michael)as I'm writing it...This little thing is simply awesome..I have purchased it at ~$150.00 from well known electronic giant since at the time amazon didn't have them in stock and those stores had them on sale. I don't think it's worth of spending X2 as much on Bose unit, I would rate it second right after Bose. All the other units don't even come close to what this Klipsch can deliver at this price range. Comes with neat remote. Usually my best second half don't agree with my electronics purchases ( I buy a lot) but this time is different...If You're looking for speaker system for Your iPod this is it!!! Buy it and and don't think You will regret this purchase after You set it up (very easy) and listen to it at home...Happy Holidays everyone and lets hope this coming new year will be better than the last one for all of us here in the US and all over the world. ...more info
  • Decent Item, Nice sound ... Freeze Ipod Problems
    - Good sound (not great)
    - Easy to use

    Freeze the IPOD for Overheat....more info
  • Excellent
    I use my iGroove at work, and I must say that I am totally satisfied with this purchase; the sound is fabulous for such a small unit. I have owned stereo "boombox" CD players twice the size that don't sound as good as the iGroove. I know that for many users of the newer iPods the lack of the dock charging feature is a major drawback, but these newer 'pods WILL still play when connected through the iGroove's Auxillary 1/8" jack located in the back of the unit (having an Aux jack was one of my speaker deal breakers as I also frequently play music from my cell phone).

    For me, the first and last word on "portable" speakers is the sound, and I'd like to think that I did some fairly exhaustive research on which unit (Bose, JBL, Altec, Creative, etc.) would get the best bang for my buck. By the way, please know that I use the term "portable" loosely as the this Klipsch unit is not actually classified as such, but it can be- more on that in a bit. I settled on the SXT unit after seeing and listening to many of the current speaker offerings on display at Best Buy and a couple of other retailers. I must admit that the Bose Sounddock Portable is a very sexy unit in nearly every way, but unfortunately Bose continues to price point their products out of the range of most of the market- and who wants to tote around $400 worth of speaker investment to possibly break, lose, or have stolen? Having said that, and assuming that you like the Bose "sound"- because Bose speakers very definitely have a specific sound from their speakers to their headphones- the Bose unit is divine; by all means pick one up if you have the means. The JBL speakers (specifically the "OnTour" models) sounded OK, but had weird quirks about design and were also fairly expensive, pound-for-pound. Most of the Altec models felt sort of flimsy, and sounded even more so, especially in comparison to the Klipsch and Bose units.

    Finally, though this Klipsch unit retails in the $165 - $175 range, you can easily find it all over the internet for half that or slightly more. Even at full retail price, it is still the top choice when compared to the sound and functionality of the similarly priced units (Altec and JBL)- but when you can get it for $80 - $100? No contest.

    Again, pound for pound this Klipsch iGroove SXT is not only the best value, but truly one of the two best models available for sound quality and functionality. The tone is even handed, and the bass is present and clear- you can actually feel the low notes!

    Here are the improvements that I would like to see Klipsch make to future models / updates of the iGroove:

    - Update the software / docking station to charge the newest iPods.
    - Upgrade the remote to fully-functional iPod menu controls.
    - Within the confines of maintaining the excellent sound output of the unit, improve its portability. This means make the unit slightly thinner (it's about 1/2 - 3/4" too deep from front to back for backpack travel) and make the unit lighter, if possible.

    Cheers, and happy speaker hunting....more info
  • Great Little Sound System
    Okay, after reading through several of the reviews on here, I decided to head over to Best Buy to see this unit in person. At that point I was between the Altec Lansing iM310 and the Klipsch iGroove SXT. To be completely honest, the Altec didn't last for long, due to my own preference for Klipsch products and the similarity in price.

    Anyway, I put my 2nd Generation iPod Touch on the display unit and was shocked when the unit DID actually take a charge. I was not terribly concerned with that capability, because when the WIFI is off, the iPod Touch can easily play on a dock uncharged for several hours. Still, it was a pleasant surprise. Because Best Buy (as usual) wanted about $170 (before tax) I made up my mind to go ahead and purchase this one from Amazon. I wasn't sure whether the Amazon version would also charge my iPod, but I deemed the price difference great enough that I didn't take much deliberation about it. I went ahead and purchased the unit with free shipping which was supposed to take between 5-7 days, and I received the shipment 3 days later! I have to give Amazon a lot of credit, dealing with them is always such a pleasure, and I almost always go out of my way to avoid Best Buy due to the awful customer service I always experience there, but that is another story.

    This little unit looks awesome out of the box, very small and unassuming. That is until you plug it in. I tested the sound at about mid-range in a large, fully-carpeted room (about 15'x10') and was blown away by the sound put out by such a small speaker system. Now, don't think that this will replace a full Dolby Pro-Logic Surround system- that's not what it's for. But the sound quality is extraordinary for its size, and if you are throwing a party and want high-quality background music, or loud music while you are cleaning up, this is absolutely one you should consider. At the upper-level of the volume range, the Klipsch is completely capable of filling a large room with a wide range of music, and I would have no reservations about using it for a party.

    There is also an AUX input for hooking in a separate peripheral to the back. This is actually great because if you are hung-up on the ability to charge your iPod while playing it, you can charge the iPod via a wall charger, and run an aux output from the iPod to the Klipsch. Voila, problem solved!

    The controls on the speakers are very minimalistic, with just power and volume buttons on the top, but using the equalizer on my iPod, I am able to get a wide variety of sound qualities to suit my preferences (and I am actually rather picky). Per another reviewer's suggestion, I tried the Treble Booster setting, and agree that that is an optimal setting for most music. The remote also worked very well, right out of the box. I gave four stars just because this is an outdated version of this system that lacks the ability to charge the iPod, but the sound quality for such a small unit is truly top-notch.

    One note about the use of this unit as an alarm clock, because that was actually something I was looking forward to- the 2nd Generation iPod Touch DOES NOT support nor have any way of utilizing a song or playlist as an alarm the way the earlier iPods did. That means there is no alarm application you can buy that will allow it. I do not know for the life of me why Apple chose to remove this capability, but I was unaware of it. Thus, if you have an iPod that can play music or a playlist as an alarm, it will work fine on this unit, but the newer ones may not. Note this is purely Apple's fault, and not Klipsch's. I am actually getting fed up with Apple's constant rearrangement of features and functions from one iPod generation to another. Next time I might just opt for a Zune instead....more info
  • Very good sound- Excellent price
    This is a nice unit, especially for the price. I use mine in the office and really enjoy the sound. It's not up to the quality of a Bose Sounddock, but it costs less than half the price and is well worth it. Only downside is my remote didn't work and I had to purchase another from Klipsch. The remote's range is rather limited, but is okay for my purpose. Overall I am very satisfied....more info
  • Nothing in this price range comes close
    First of all I will verify my 3rd Gen Nanos will recharge on the device and our 4th Gen Nano will not charge on the unit I received 2-23-09 from Amazon. Many people will use this device to listen AND expect this to recharge (Or at least keep your Ipod charged while playing) I agree with that expectation. This problem is caused by Apple and not Klipsh's fault. Apple changed the 30 pin layout on the 4th Gen Nano, so while it will play on this device it won't recharge.

    For that reason I strongly suggest 4th Gen Nano owners look elsewhere for a speaker.

    On with the review.


    1. Comes with remote that controls Ipod to some extent (pause, play, forward and backward within playlist) also controls volume, Mute and power
    2.Sound quality for this price point is unmatched with anything I have seen. Ihome is in this price range and that is total junk compared to this.
    3. Compact Package.
    4. Auxiliary Input
    5. Well known audiophile brand name. Many will not know anything about Klipsh. Trust me, they have been around a long time. My first experience with Klipsh was in the '80s when I saw two speakers the size of a VW that would blow you away. (They have been around for over 60 years) their big claim to fame was Horn loaded Tweeters (Still is, and in fact THIS speaker has two horn loaded tweeters) Many concert speakers are horn loaded to make them louder, others like soft dome are not as harsh. Klipsh have been making these for many years and these are far from harsh in case my description scares anyone. The highs are loud and clear and the horn loaded tweeters are the reason why. The bass is limited by the small woofers while the bass ported structure does a fine job at low to medium levels. you may in fact have heard Klipsh and never knew it. Many higher end Theaters have Klipsh speakers hanging on the wall. A well known audio company crutchfield sells the Klipsh home theater speakers. Nothing crutchfield sells is junk.


    I hate to list any cons, for one reason I have seen some listed here as unrealistic. If you expect 2 tiny woofers and two horn loaded tweeters to blow the windows out and shake the room with bass, then no, this will not do it.

    I think you have to be realistic and look at what you are buying. Small speakers that sound clear and have reasonable bass at mid to low levels. Package includes functional remote and aux input (S-video output too) that can recharge 3rd Gen Nano and older I don't think you need to look any further....more info
  • Alert for New iPod Owners
    I heard this speaker system at a big box electronics store and was impressed. It was the next best thing to a Bose -- great sound, half the price. I asked if it would be compatible with my iPod. The employee said yes, and online reviews from reputable sources verified it, so I put the Klipsch iGroove SXT on my Christmas list. Well, when I tried my Christmas present yesterday, there were two problems. The unit powered on, but nothing I could do would coax the speakers to produce any sound. But that quickly became a moot point when I found out that it wasn't compatible with my 2nd generation Touch. The Klipsch folks say that this unit will play a 2nd generation Touch (theoretically -- I cannot verify this by personal experience since my unit appeared to be a lemon), but it won't charge the Touch while playing. As I understand it, Apple recently changed the charging on its newly-released iPods to pure USB rather than a USB/Firewire hybrid. This means that, at the moment, there are few speakers available that will charge the latest iPods while you listen. Too bad this news has been so slow in getting out. Until the manufacturers catch up to Apple's latest and there are more options, you might best be served saving your hard-earned cash and just using headphones....more info