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Not Another Teen Movie
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  • Not Another Teen Movie
    I thought this movie was funny and my friends and i still laugh about the jokes and all of that. I thought it was funny because it's so true that there are lables on people in every teen movie. For example the popular jock and the token black guy. I loved how it spoofed The Breakfast Club, She's All That, and Varsity Blues. So I recomend this movie to people who have actaully seen the movies they are spoofing or else it won't be as funny. ...more info
  • Mostly hilarious, but... really helps to have seen a lot of the material they're spoofing here, and to have enjoyed it on a superficial level, such that you can both catch the references as well as laugh at them. The obvious movies are Ten Things I Hate About You and She's All That, but there are also lesser bits from Cruel Intentions, American Pie, Varsity Blues, Pretty In Pink, Breakfast Club, Never Been Kissed, Can't Hardly Wait, and probably countless others.

    Additionally, it's a important to plod past the infamous toilet scene here, because I assure you, the movie does get better, and no one joke is as unfunny as that one....more info
  • Good Spoof
    I was pleasantly surprised by this parody of teen movies. It satires the current wave of teen movies such as American Pie, She's All That, and Bring It On. The satire works because it challenges the stereotypes that the viewer is supposed to blindly accept in other teen movies, such as the 'token black guy' and the sexy exchange student.

    The best example is the satire of She's All That, where the school jock bets that he can turn the nerdiest girl in school into prom queen. Just like in She's All That, they choose a girl who is very attractive but wears glasses and a ponytail, as this that is enough to make someone the nerdiest girl in school!

    This movie relies heavily on bodily humor, and is decidedly low brow. If you like this sort of humor, this is right up your alley. Also has some nods to the eighties reign of teen movies: Pretty in Pink, etc. Enjoyable....more info
  • sh9itty humour
    Dear God... I saw it onTV last night. Well not all. Ichanged channel halfway. Is that what my generation considers humour?...more info
  • Grew on me with repeated viewings
    First time I saw this I didn't think much of it. After seeing parts of some of the retarded movies it parodies on USA, I realized there were some good jokes I missed. Second viewing was a lot easier and more enjoyable. Its got its flaws, but overall definitely worth a viewing...more info
  • Yup...Just Another Teen Movie!!!
    While it starts off well with its spoof (or remake) of American Pie's opening scene, Not Another Teen Movie does not manage to hold up. In fact, it has so little to spoof, it quickly becomes one of the films it's attempting to make fun of. That's never a good sign for a parody. If a comedy is unfunny, then what are the chances that its spoof will be funny? Not much. There are a few good laughs here and there, but definitely nothing we haven't seen before. Some cute references to teen comedies of the past do little to save this mess. This is a very lame attempt because every modern teen comedy has already become a spoof of the superior ones from the 80s. This is just a pointless attempt to cash in on the success of Scary Movie and it just doesn't work, which is a waste, because I felt it had potential. One of the few times I was wrong....more info
  • Educational videos about drugs is better than this
    It amazes me to see how people could have such intensely bad taste. I understand the concept of opinion, but really, this is beyond incredible. While NATM isn't exactly Gigli or Catwoman, it's not exactly Full Metal Jacket or Scary Movie either.

    The main problem with this movie is that it makes fun of teen romance cliches with comedy cliches.

    Do two negatives always equal a positive? It is, of course, a "no" as NATM proves that theory wrong. Another big problem with NATM is that the characters are crappy. I've had a stronger emotional attachment with my chair than with Janey or Jake.

    As if that wasn't enough, the scenes were crappy too. Beheadings, open sex, and showing naked women aren't going to make me go "WOW! THIS MOVIE IS GREAT!". Evidently, by the number of people who likes this movie, this doesn't apply to everyone....sadly enough.

    Just like all movies, there are parts which were good, but in this case, the bad overwhelmes the good by the vast majority. Not Another Teen Movie tried to be the Scary Movie of teen romance and failed miserably.

    As for the DVD, it has a lot of stuff, but some of the extras just plain suck. They also hid a few extras. Was there a point to that? Either way, there a nice amount of features if you like that on your DVDs.

    Still, I paid $13 for this DVD, but now I wouldn't pay $5 for it. I had more fun watching videos about drug/alcohol abuse, black history month, or about the wrongs of domestic abuse than watching this load of crap....more info
  • Worth three stars for the token black guy alone...
    But there's some other good stuff here as well. When a genre reaches its saturation point, nothing takes the piss out of it like a good satire, and "Not Another Teen Movie" fits that bill quite nicely. Since teen movies are notorious for taking themselves way too seriously, it was inevitable that a movie was going to come along to do for the genre what "Airplane" did for disaster movies and "The Naked Gun" did for cop flicks. Such a movie could every easily wind up being every bit as stupid as the targets it mocks, but fortunately "Not Another Teen Movie" is far funnier and more intelligent than it has any right to be. Although it takes its plot loosely from the miserable "She's All That," "Not Another Teen Movie" takes aim at virtually every overheated teen dramedy to hit it big in the past two decades or so. Every few seconds, there's some inspired gag that slices and dices the more ridiculous elements of such movies as "American Pie," "The Breakfast Club," and "Varsity Blues." The movie trots out every stock character possible, and deflates every pretentious genre clich¨¦ in the book. There's the pack of horny teens, the slow-motion entrances, the big high-school party, the geek in love with the beautiful girl, and of course the above-mentioned token black guy (who absolutely owns the movie in his limited screen time). Even the gross-out gags are way funnier than they should be, because it's obvious that they're entirely tongue-in-cheek. It also doesn't hurt that the cast includes two of the hottest women alive in Chyler Leigh and Mia Kirshner (not even to mention Jaime Pressley), or that Molly Ringwald and That Guy Who Played The Principal In "The Breakfast Club" are brought back for way-funny cameos. And while I don't really know what exactly Mr. T was doing here, his appearance is still quite humorous. The movie does lose a few points for having the horrible excuse for a band known as Good Charlotte playing at the high school prom, but it's not enough to bring it down. If you're not above laughing at some admittedly sophomoric stuff, you should check this one out....more info
  • Kicked off the whole series.
    This is where the scary movie writers branched off to make [insert other genre] movie spoofs, and this is the point where it all started to go even further downhill.

    This claims to be "Not Another Teen Movie", but it really couldn't be anything BUT another teen movie. Made to appeal to those who were sickened by cheesy pop romantic comedies like 10 things I hate about you and She's All That, it takes a huge truckload of potty humor and sex jokes that teens would like and throws AS MANY OF THEM AS IT CAN at you over the course of the movie. It's simply on the other side of the "teen" spectrum, banking on all the other teen movies to fuel its own popularity.

    While I did enjoy the cute little references to 80s movies thrown in here and there, most of the movie was just boring and unfunny parodies. In fact, the movie suffers from the same problems that all of the [Genre movies that followed it have. They basically took everything that's currently popular, so that it would be easy to get, and put a sex/drug/gross-out spin on it. That's pretty much it.

    I wouldn't say this movie is great, but it does have its appeal to some people. If you liked the scary movie series you might like this, if you liked date/epic/etc. movie you'll most likely enjoy it quite a bit. If you're unsure, give it a rent, but don't expect much....more info
  • Had to force myself to laugh
    This movie is whack. I am not some old prude with no sense of humour. I enjoy a good spoof complete with vulgarity, profanity and every thing else. This movie simply was not funny in the least bit. The jokes were beyond predictable. It was gross but unfunny. It took cliches to another level. I had to force myself to laugh. Scary Movie and even Epic Movie were better than this piece of trash. ...more info
  • Yet another teen movie
    "Not another teen movie" is just that - another teen movie. There are about 5 actually funny parts in the entire movie and the rest is fluff. The movie tried too much and tried to parody too many movies at the same time as staying in the plot of She's All That. This movie is only good for pointing out which movie it is parodying. The cast was pretty good though and they tried to deliver a funny movie, but it just was too much thrown in the same melting pot....more info
    With the barrage of truly tasteless, awful and thoroughly uninspiring teen movies that have flooded the market over the past two decades, it was only a matter of time before someone came up with the ultimate send off, slap-in-the-face spoof that would put the competition to shame. And here is that movie, aptly titled, "Not Another Teen Movie". From the onset we are treated to snippets and one liners that blatently criticize the teen market of mindless fluff. Everything from "Pretty in Pink" to "Never Been Kissed" gets the ax and the chops are mercilessly funny. Plot: threadbare at best, involves an ugly duckling who (no kidding) is transformed into a swan and wins the heart of the best looking guy in the school. Stop me if you've heard this one before. But plot is not what this movie is about. Ripping into the past is and this film makes an understandible mockery of everything that has gone before it, wisely excluding John Hughes' "The Breakfast Club" from its assault.
    TRANSFER WISE: Columbia's given us a fairly solid transfer with bold, saturated colors, good fine detail, solid blacks and excellent contrast levels. Though edge enhancement is apparent in several scenes and shimmering does come and go, pixelization is not present for a pretty smooth looking visual presentation. The audio is 5.1 and nicely spread across all the channels.
    EXTRAS: Deleted scenes (most adding nothing to the film), audio commentary, making-of featurettes and a music video. Well done.
    BOTTOM LINE: "Not Another Teen Movie" is gross-out comedy and, while I'm generally not in favor of shock value substituted for genuinely funny material, in this case - it works to illustrate just how bad all the other teen flicks have been that have gone before. This is one funny send up to bad comedy!...more info
    Honestly, this movie really made me laugh, being a product of the 80s and growing up on John Hughes films, I loved it being sent up like this. The film is really quite well done, it's totally making fun of the 80s and teen films in general of course, but it's done in a way that is actually respectful to the source material, and the Molly Ringwald cameo at the end alone was worth the price of admission as far as im only real qualm is that they could not get the real Jake from Sixteen Candles to appear with Ringwald, now that would have rocked~ ...more info
  • great
    watched 10 times before getting bored. funnier than american pie movies, though there isn't a good plot. it is gross and it failed on a few jokes, but it is still one of the top 5 funniest movies i've seen. great extras like half hour of great deleted scenes, a wierd music video (tainted love), and less interesting stuff like trailers, auditions, making of, and commentaries. Also see Dirty Work(norm mcdonald) and almost heros(chris farly) which is video only....more info
  • yuck
    horrible, horrible, horrible is all this movie really deserves out of my review...more info
  • Perfect Comedy!!!
    This is a very funny, raunchy movie. The first scene is funny, yet disturbing. It makes fun of a lot of teen movies like She's All That, The Breakfast Club, and much more. Jake Wyler has to turn Janie Briggs, (a nerd with glasses and a ponytale) into prom queen, or he loses a bet. If Janie wins, Jake's sister will have her way with him. (Sexually.) If you love spoofs of teenage movies, you'll love NOT ANOTHER TEEN MOVIE!!! ...more info
  • still funny after many repeated viewings!
    You truly have to be a huge fan of teen movies (especially of the 80's kind) to get most of the jokes, and I've seen the movie about 6 or 7 times by now, and everytime I watch it I see another joke I missed. It's really packed full of hilariousness, a movie that is so re-watchable that it demands to be owned. What people find funny tells a lot about the person, so not everyone will think this movie is funny. But I'm not a comedy snob - I'll laugh hard at low-brow crude humor. Toilet humor, sex jokes, noisy body functions - hey, that stuff can be funny. As for the DVD, it's packed full of special features. Two commentary tracks (the one with the cast is funny), full of deleted scenes and background info. Even a little teen movie trivia. Oh, one of my favorite things was a little "pop-up video" styled subtitle feature, which gives you info about what teen movie inspired the jokes you see in "Not Another Teen Movie." That was interesting to me, since I've missed a few of the 90's teen comedies. Great buy. Great comedy....more info
  • Another stupid movie
    I don't like movies like this other then the scary movies. They are so stupid....more info
  • Actually, surprisingly, very funny
    I am NOT a fan of crude comedies. Animal House, Superbad, Knocked Up- hate all of them. So when I caught this on TV, well, I was stunned. It pulled me in and really, really made me laugh. The "Jamie's got a gun" scene may be the hardest I've ever laughed during a movie. A great cast (Jaime Pressley! Chris Evans!) makes this comedy really work....more info
  • A cool parody of recent teen films.
    In "Not Another Teen Film", 2001, Chyler Leigh plays the role of Janey Briggs, a teenage high school student. This flick roughly follows the story line of an earlier film "She's All That" (1999, which starred Rachael Leigh Cook as Laney Boggs).
    Typical of the teen romance genre, the guys are historically depicted as raunchy characters, looking only for booze and sex, while the girls get to play the straight roles.

    In "Not Another..." those roles are reversed: The girls get to play the raunchy characters, while the guys play relatively straight roles! An exception this rule is Janey's loving father: He plays a hopeless alcoholic, who enthusiastically encourages his daughter to have sex with Jake Wyler (played by Chris Evans) even though he is her first date.

    I have to admit that the entire premise of the film is a bit shocking. But it's certainly a wakeup call for producers of teen movies who indulge in too much stereotyping. I might mention that the casting is excellent, comprised mostly of young new actors. They did very well in their respective roles. For instance, Lacey Chabert played the role of Amanda Becker, a confident teen who never uttered a word, but stole the show whenever she walked through a crowd of her peers.

    I really enjoyed it and found it a refreshing change.

    ...more info
  • At least the foreign exchange student was naked.
    I say this because it is really the only redeeming feature of this film. Fortunately, the writers and directors decided to make it a recurring motif. Every time the film starts to suck unbearably, Cerina Vincent shows up looking spectacular and we forget about what a piece of garbage we are watching. Heck, even the two best jokes in the movie are derived from her nudity, one at a house party and the other involving subtitles.

    The main problem with this flick is that it sends up what was already, in most cases, really funny comedy. Hence, the spoof involves ratcheting it up several notches higher (often on the disgusting scale). It usually winds up being less funny than the scene it is spoofing. Or the jokes have already been played out (note to the creators, South Park already had a black kid named Token). And in spite of being told Chyler Leigh is supposed to be unattractive due to her clothes, hair, and glasses, she never looks less than strikingly beautiful. Incidentally, it is usually a bad sign when the commentary is funnier than the movie.

    Let us think about this. If you want to see a spoof, any Zucker, Abrams, or heck, even Wayans movie is better. If you want a simple laugh, almost any comedy is consistently funnier. If you want to see Cerina Vincent naked, well, I guess this is as good as it gets. At least now you know why you are getting this movie and there is no denying it....more info
  • This Movie Is Hyterical
    I watched this movie from Blockbuster and then I watched it on Comedy Central. It is so hysterical like when that guy is trying to get that girl to like her so he sings a song with her name. He sings Jenny's Got A Gun so everyone thinks that she has a gun. The cops come and start chasing her and soon zap her. Another funny part is when she gets a makeover and she is walking down the stairs and she puts her foot on one step and it cracks and then the whole staircase falls on her and she falls into the basement. I loved this movie everytime I watched it because it never lets you stop laughing. I would buy it right away because it is a great movie. ...more info