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Tamrac 5767 Velocity 7x Photo Sling Pack (Black)
List Price: $74.95

Our Price: $54.00

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Product Description

Though it doesn't look like a camera bag, the Velocity 7x - Photo Sling Pack is a unique, ultra-functional pack that carries like a backpack, but swings around to the front for quick access to an SLR with a 6" lens attached and a couple additional lenses. Inside the main compartment, the camera with lens attached is suspended on two vertical, foam-padded dividers. The secure, zippered Quick Flip Top opens away from the body for fast and convenient access to camera gear. A well-padded sling strap comfortably distributes the weight, but need not be removed to quickly access photo equipment. A Tuck-A-Way waist belt allows the pack to be used while hiking, biking or doing other activities. The front pocket has organizer pockets inside to keep a mobile phone, PDA or photo accessories within easy reach. It also features Tamrac's U.S.-patented Memory & Battery Management System that uses red flags to identify available memory cards and batteries from ones that are used up. A pocket inside the lid stores filters and lens caps. This pack is also customizable with Tamrac's Modular Accessory System components.

  • single-strap "sling pack" camera bag
  • zippered main compartment opens away from body for easy access
  • padded camera compartment with adjustable foam dividers for storing a full-size SLR camera with 6" long lens attached, additional lenses, flash, and accessories
  • carrying handle

Customer Reviews:

  • Nikon D80 fits nicely but......
    a little more thickness would be ideal... say an additional inch or so. The camera fits snugly inside but taking out the camera is a bit difficult. I like the way the bag opens outwards so there is easy access to the camera. The problem is, the flap that covers the zipper is hemmed in too tight, the zipper does not glide smoothly and therefore takes longer to open. For a product that boasts easy access to camera within seconds, this product falls a little short in that regard. The shoulder strap could use more cushioning and the internal dividers are hard to adjust. Fumbling with Velcro fasteners in such a tight space could really try your patience. On the positive side, the bag feels comfortable and secure over the shoulder and back, and, with the help of the waist straps could be repositioned quickly from back to front with just a twist. That's a nice feature for when riding a bike too....more info
  • Not bad but a bit tight
    I liked this bag although I rarely use it because it is just a bit too small. The model up is too big.

    I ended up cutting the flap that covers the top and sides off carefully. This flap just got in the way and drove me nuts and made getting the zipper open a real pain. With the flap cut off and the waist straps cut off or removed the bag is almost perfect. I may try looking at the size up.

    I must have bought 4 camera bags and still don't have the right one. I hate carrying stuff but it is obviously inevitable. I tried a bum bag but that is irritating too, although OK for short walks.

    I am off to Machu Picchu on a 4 day trek in September so I really need to get this right....more info
  • Great Sling pack
    This tamrac Sling Pack is just great; it is very easy to handle and move to front whenever needed. It protects greatly the camera while allows you to carry also some stuff on it like extra batteries, cards, lenses and even a lightscoop [...] :-)
    Totally recommended.
    Now, if you are planning on carrying quite a couple of quite large lenses plus some other stuff like described above, I'd reccommend you to get the next size sling back....more info
  • Secure Slinger
    Used my Sling Pack on a 3 week Alaska adventure. Found the camera bag comfortable and secure and carried it around along with a back pack just about everywhere. On and off a cruise ship daily, going through security and having to take it off and put back on - no problem. My camera and the additional lenses were well cushioned from all of the bumps and knocks encountered. Able to fit a NIKON DX40 with lens attached as well as an additional telephoto, extra battery and charger as well as extra SD cards, etc. Well worth the price. ...more info
  • Perfect fit for my Nikon D60
    Perfect fit for my Nikon D60. Spacy room, can put anohter Lens at the side. Easy to carry and use. highly recommand!...more info
  • Wonderful bag for SLR Camera
    I just bought the new cannon camera that is being released next month and have been looking all over for a new camera bag that doesn't look like a camera bag and this is perfect. Although I purchsed it from Inkley's they said that it would be the perfect size for the new cannon along with an extra lense and my old point and shoot digital camera plus a cell phone and wallet. We even tried putting there biggest slr in the bag and I had room to spare. I love it and it is super comfy to wear and has easy acces to your camera along with being very hard for someone to access without you knowing it.

    I would so buy this bag again....more info
  • I like it
    I bought this bag to safely store my Nikon D60. It definitley does a great job of protecting the camera; however, the zippers are kind of annoying. The flaps always get caught when I zip/unzip the case. I guess for the price, it's ok....more info
  • Awesome Camera Bag
    This is a great camera bag. It is big enough for your camera, an extra lens and your charger. There is room in the front to carry extra memory cards, a media card reader and your wireless remote control....more info
  • Perfect companion for a non-professional DSLR
    The Tamrac 5767 bag is perfect for the walking photographer. I've used it for day-long outings to the zoo/park and found it competely comfortable. The sling design distributes the weight accross the back and shoulder, making it easy to carry my Nikon D80 with 18-135 and 70-300 VR lenses.

    The TAMRAC website includes additional photos showing ease of access to the bag, and a diagram of the interior. It is very easy to access the camera without removing the bag (a big plus over the more conventional single-shoulder bags or the larger backpack bags). However, the interior is not quite as roomy as the diagram suggests. Still, I can fit the 70-300 to left side, place the camera with the 18-135 in the center, and still have room for polarizing/UV filters below the camera. It appears that an external flash (Nikon SB-800 sized) will fit to the right side, but I haven't purchased one yet to test it. The interior includes several moveable velco dividers which enhance its flexibility.

    The exterior zippered pocket isn't huge, but there is room for extra batteries, memory cards, or filters. I've managed to squeeze a case for sunglasses in there as well.

    The shoulder strap is adjustable, but may present a problem for larger users. I found it uncomfortable to wear the bag as shown - with the right strap immediately under the arm - preferring to let the bag hang lower and looser (the middle of the bag rests near my waist). I am average size and height (5'10" 195lbs) and the strap is completly extended....more info
  • Great bag
    Love this bag. I have a canon eos xt, a 17-70mm lens, and a 17-300mm lens. I also keep two lens hoods in the bag, usually nestled with a lens. I just got an extention tube, and am hoping to find a safe place to keep it tucked away. But that's all you can fit in the bag, well, with small things in the front pocket.

    I really like the bag though, I hope to upgrade to a larger one when need be....more info
  • Just what I needed
    I just took the Velocity 7 on a two week trip to Italy. It functioned as promised. It held my SLR body and 2 lenses with no problem, although it was a bit snug. It had room for the body with a 300mm zoom attached. The sling feature is the best, as well as the top opening away from your body. You can get your camera in and out quickly.

    Looking back, I might have ordered the 8x for a bit more room, but I wanted a compact functional bag, and that's exactly what I got....more info
  • Easy to use and carry - great design!
    I have used several different camera bags and camera backpacks.

    This bag is basically a camera bag, but can be carried like a backpack. It sits very comfortably, and is very easy to use. You swivel it to the front to get your camera or lens, and swing it back when you are done. I've covered events with the bag on my back the whole evening.

    The outside pocket is quite large, and I was able to carry a spare battery, stuff a filter case in, and a pair of reading classes in addition to the usual spare cards. I had a small torch attached to the convenient rings on the bag.

    The inside is quite roomy. I carried a Nikon D200 with 18-200 lens attached. I had an additional 12-24 mm lens, and also my SB800 flash. It gets a bit cramped with the flash, but still usable.

    I wish the bag had an outside pocket on the back of it. That might make it harder to swing back and forth, but it would be very useful for notes or to stuff in a reference guide.

    I'm quite happy with this bag. It is by far the most practical and well designed bag I've used....more info
  • Easy Access
    This bag is probably the best thing I've bought all year. I have been hiking with this bag for the last week and I have had easy easy access to my Canon Rebel TX and the bag is lightweight and safe for the camera. My only complaints are that the zipper needs coaxing to open all the way, my lens cap gets squeezed off as I take it out sometimes, and I wish there was a little bit more room in the extra pocket. I was worried about the strap being uncomfortable, but so far no problems. I am taking it to Europe this fall and I might buy some sort of padding to make sure I am completely comfortable with the bag since I'll be carrying it at all times. Overall, I am very pleased with the bag....more info
  • Very functional
    I bought this for my Canon Rebel XSi with the lens that came in the kit, and wanted a case that would grow with my needs (especially a telephoto lens), and I wanted something other than the standard camera bag. I do a lot of urban picture-taking, and this style bag fits perfectly. It is easy to slide around to the side or front, and actually comfortable to wear it there. The hidden waist strap is good for extra balance and security. I also still have plenty of room to get a telephoto lens and flash. Overall, it is not very bulky. Of course, it can't be stood up by putting the bottom on the ground, but that should be obvious by the design. However, the bag is very comfortable....more info
  • Can't ask for much more
    This is my 3rd camera bag for my Nikon D60. First bag was the Nikon bag that came with the kit, that bag was too bulky. Second bag was the Kata H10, that bag was way too small.

    The Tamrac Velocity 7x fits the D60 with 18-55mm VR lens attached and the 55-22mm VR lens on one side with room for a flash, or other misc. equipment on the other side (I have the lens hood, lens caps and the charger here). The front pocket hold filters, cards, etc. with easy access.
    The strap would be much more comfortable if it had a padding the entire length of the strap. Having the top open away from you makes it easy to take the camera out, could be a little bigger though.

    Overall, if you want a small compact bag for your DSLR the Velocity series of bags could be the bag for you!...more info
  • This things hurts my neck and back.

    -It beats carrying around a duffel bag
    -It's small, so its unobtrusive.
    -It's light.
    -High quality materials and rugged construction.

    -While this bag theoretically has 7 sections in the main storage compartment, in my experience three of these is taken up by my Nikon D80 with a 18-135mm lens. Then my whopping 12-24mm Tokina wide angle takes up several more spaces. Sure, I could probably squeeze one or two small prime lenses in there, but who wants to rummage around for them? Especially when you have some expensive gear laying in there.

    -The single swing around strap can be nice in some situations, but what most reviewers have not pointed out is the strain it can place on your back and neck. If you carry this bag around for an hour or two, chances are that you are going to experience the strain that several pounds of gear can exert on your neck through that strap.

    For me, this amount of strain is unacceptable. While a two strap bag will be a bit slower, two straps will evenly distribute the weight of your gear across both shoulders.

    My advice:

    Buy this bag from store with a liberal return policy. Load it up with your photographic equipment and go shopping or hiking- just carry it for a few hours. If it doesn't strain you and you don't mind the relatively small size, keep it and enjoy. If does strain you get rid of it and buy a bag with two thickly padded straps.

    Good luck and happy shooting. ...more info
  • good but not good enough
    Got this in today and I loaded up my gear and walked around the house to get a feel for it. I have had other sling type backpacks but this camera bag was uncomfortable. I have a xsi w/18-135 w/hood, 430exii flash, 50mm 1.4 w/hood, extra battery and cards. With this load it puts a strain on my shoulder. The padding could of been thicker and longer. The materials are great as well as the build quality. Access to equipment is ok. I found myself fiddling with the zipper and flaps to get the camera out. Its a very tight fit with the stuff I have. ...more info