Wacom Techno Cintiq 21UX 21-Inch Interactive Pen Display PC Tablet With Pen and Software
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Product Description

The Cintiq 21UX 21.3" TFT display with interactive pen provides the best-of-class pen experience for working directly on the screen. It combines the advantages of a large-format LCD monitor with the control, comfort, and productivity of Wacom's most sophisticated patented cordless, battery-free pen technology. With a 21.3" TFT diagonal display, the Cintiq 21UX delivers a highly sensitive pen-on-screen experience and a generous active area for working directly on large images, concepts, and designs in the most natural way possible. Working directly with the pen on screen is a natural motion that gives you an unprecedented degree of control and allows you to take advantage of natural hand-eye coordination, helping you work more intuitively and noticeably faster. The display's completely flat surface allows the hand and pen to glide over the surface of the Cintiq without bumping into any bezels or borders. A dynamically adjustable stand allows you to rotate the display up to 180-degrees in each direction, incline the display from 10-degrees to 65-degrees, and even remove it for comfortable lap use. Aspect Ratio - 4 - 3 Screen size - 21.3 diagonal Display area - 17 wide x 12.75 high Native resolution - UXGA (1600 x 1200) Pixel pitch - 0.27mm x 0.27mm Brightness - 220 cd/m2 Contrast ratio - 550 - 1 Resolution - 5080 lines per inch ExpressKeys - 8 user-assignable Touch Strips - 2 finger-sensitive and front mounted Pressure-sensitive, cordless, battery-free pen type Switches - Tip switch, 2 side switches and eraser System Requirements - Windows 2000, XP or Vista (32 & 64 bit) or Macintosh OS X 10.3.9+, available DVI or VGA connection and USB port, and CD/DVD drive Dimensions - Width 22.1 x Height 16.5 x Depth 1.8 without stand; Weight - 18.7 lbs without stand, 22.4 lbs w/ stand

  • Box Contents - Cintiq 21UX Interactive Pen Display, Grip Pen, Pen Stand, Display Stand, 5 Replacement Pen Nibs
  • Analog RGB (HD 15pin) or digital DVI (29 pin) graphics input
  • DVI-I Display connector
  • Stand adjustability - 10-degrees to 65-degrees incline
  • Mounting Hole pattern - VESA 100mm

Customer Reviews:

  • An artist's dream!
    If you are contemplating buying a cintiq, stop messing around and order it. Its groundbreaking !!!!...more info
  • Just what I needed
    This gem of a tool has cut my time in half when it comes to digital art. It's big, beautiful and does what it's supposed to do. It makes me feel good to know that it's worth the price tag by cutting my time spent on designs for my clients....more info
  • Well worth the investment
    My entire career has been spent with traditional mediums, and until recently working digitally didn't interest me. I had a conversation over 15 years ago on the subject of the disconnect between screen and hand, and said: "Yeah, but if you could draw directly onto the screen, now THAT would be something!" It seemed the stuff of science fiction back then.

    I knew nothing about the Cintiq until a few months ago. I was hesitant about the seemingly hefty price tag, but thought: "Have they really done it? Does this thing actually work?". I read a lot of conflicting information online, then I had the opportunity to draw on both models at a Wacom booth. It was a demo model, so I didn't feel too bad about drooling all over the screen. Believe none of the technobabble about holding the stylus at one rigid angle, or the "parallax" between the pen tip and the cursor causing problems, or having to practice your brush strokes in order to get used to working on a screen. The learning curve on a Cintiq is roughly 16 seconds (give or take a couple seconds). Draw as you normally would, it translates intuitively and directly to the screen. Simple as that.

    The Cintiq 21ux is the finest digital drawing tool available today, and one of the best investments I've ever made (plus, it's remarkably drool resistant). The only improvement I can think of would be a neural interface, so we can go to a virtual studio inside the screen! I hope to be writing a similar review on the Wacom 2024ux 15 years from now. ...more info
  • Wonderful item!
    I've had this for about a month now, very pleased with the product! Works Great, Very Comfortable!

    My only complaint is that there was no warning at all about how fast the white nibs wear out
    on the stylist - I found out the hard way today and scratched the surface of my Cintiq.

    My official warning to all who buy this wonderful product....

    WARNING: Buy the scratch protection film!

    if you don't..... ALWAYS compare the condition of the tip of the WHITE stylist Nib to a new Nib before applying it to the surface of the tablet - CHECK IT EVERY TIME YOU SIT DOWN TO USE IT.
    Over time they wear out and crisp edges form that will scratch the surface screen of your Cintiq.

    There is no way to get the scratches out!!!!!!!

    I'm not speaking of the normal pressure trails left on the surface after use - those wipe off with a little moisture on a soft towel.

    I'm a person who takes care with things and still this happened to me.
    I hope this information prevents someone else from the upsetting experience of scratching their screen....more info
  • WACOM product review
    I work with a bunch of people that use these WACOM I/O devices. So I had to purchase one because I know about their fabulous powers.

    Really, I have not gotten mine out of the box as of yet and perhaps this weekend it will get hooked up. I have been a little worried about my warranty getting used up and it not even being hooked up.

    I expect that I am going to love it for there must be about thirty of them in the design building that I work at. I also purchased the pen and air brush . The pen they have at work and the air brush I expect will be a nice tool and toy but do not know what to expect from it.

    I expect after the learning curve that all will be really wonderful!...more info
  • Pricey, but loads of fun.
    I've had my Cintiq for over a month now and am enjoying it immensely. Setting it up was very easy (I have it hooked to a PC running XP). I've mostly been doing artwork using the version of Photoshop that came with it. There has been a bit of a learning curve involved in getting the software to do what I want, but the tablet works flawlessy.

    I would recommend getting a smudgeguard glove to protect the tablet's surface and allow your hand to slide over it easily. I got mine on the internet, just search for "smudgeguard"....more info
  • Disappointed it won't work with an iMac
    I am giving this a 3 star, as I have worked on my friend's and I love the actual product. However, I ordered one not realizing that it won't work with an iMac because there is no secondary DVI output on an iMac. I wish there was another way to make this work, but I had to ship it back to Amazon instead. Thanks again Amazon for a great return policy!...more info
  • My son LOVES it!!!
    My son is in art school and everyone gave him money at Christmas to purchase the Wacom Techno Cintiq 21UX. Obviously, this enhances his ability to accomplish his work and he is extremely pleased with the product. I also am very pleased with the order process, expedient shipping, and wonderful service Amazon provides!!...more info
  • Cintiq Critique
    The Wacom Cintiq ,in my opinion, is the best creation ever for digital artists. Here's some pros and cons to help decide.

    Pros: able to draw directly on the LCD screen, able to swivel screen to to match your brush stroke angle and able to create keystrokes on the side buttons for easy use.

    Cons: Lightest whites are darker then most Dell LCD monitor whites, if you're used the using a regular wacom table like the intuos models then switch to the Cintiq you might find your hand in the way and with your hand constantly being on the screen the Cintiq gets pretty greasy looking. ...more info
  • Excellent Product
    I have used the 21UX for a couple of years now and have to say it's the best investment we've ever made. Retouching in Photoshop (actually anything)has never been easier and creating 3-d models in Lightwave is now a snap. I've yet to find a program that doesn't benefit from the Cintiq. I love the express buttons and use them in several different programs. Drawing and painting using the 21UX is completely natural. Took me about 1 minute to get used to it. Connections to the computer are challenging but not difficult and I had trouble loading the drivers, but after a call to Wacom's excellent customer service I was up and running in no time. Due to the size and weight, I wouldn't recommend trying to move it from one computer to another. Tracking was good but not great. As you move from side to side the pen doesn't seem to track accurately.
    The only downside I see is (at least on my older model) is how much glare there is on the screen. I had to take out my florescent lights over my desktop in order to eliminate the glare. I feel like a mole in the cube but there's no other choice if you want to see what on screen.
    I recently saw new models of the 21UX and the glare is reduced but not as much as I thought. So if you're planning on getting a 21UX watch your overhead lights. ...more info