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Picross is a great set of games that's already become a hit in Japan and Europe -- now it's coming to America! You'll never get tired of these constantly updated mini-games. The best part is that you can even create your games and share them with friends! Featuring over 300 puzzles, weekly download packs, multiplayer matches and tons of mini-games, it's every puzzle fan's dream.

  • • Creating your own puzzles is a snap! Design your puzzle by hand or draw any picture you like and convert it automatically into a Picross puzzle.
  • • Trade puzzles with friends using local wireless or Nintendo WFC or download free bonus puzzle packs.
  • • Play with up to five friends in Picross-themed minigames over local wireless, or race to complete puzzles against other gamers on Nintendo WFC.

Customer Reviews:

  • exactly what I wanted
    I have been doing this type of puzzle for years (picross puzzles are also known as griddlers, nonograms, or japanese paint by number), and this game is exactly what I was looking for.

    I've owned some actual books with these puzzles, but it is extremely difficult to do these in pencil. You have to shade in so many boxes, and then if you've made a mistake you have to try to erase some of the boxes (without erasing all of them).. then there are all those messy eraser shavings to deal with. The books also take up a lot of space when I travel (not convenient to take with me to waiting rooms), and if you get stuck you have to count boxes in the answers and match them up to the actual puzzle. I also had a nonogram game for my pda called PictureLogic which I liked a lot, but they stopped making new puzzles for it and I finally ran out. I think I could have made my own, but when PalmOS was upgraded the program wouldn't work anymore. I think griddlers.net has the best interface, but you really need a larger screen to do those puzzles. Plus, you need an internet connection. I wouldn't have that on a plane.

    The interface for Picross DS is very easy to manage. Obviously there is a limit to the grid size (the screen on the ds isn't as big as a computer monitor). When the grid size is larger than can fit on the screen, it is very easy to zoom in and out and pan around. When you're zoomed in, whenever you click on a line you can see the numbers corresponding to that line and a few of the surrounding lines. There are 4 options while zoomed in (select, zoom out, draw, and X), and 2 options while doing a smaller puzzle (just draw and X). The options are on the upper right corner of the touch screen, and rather than use the stylus to go back and forth I just use my thumb to select which one I want. It's much faster that way. The top screen shows you the zoomed out puzzle whenever you're zoomed in on the bottom screen. At the moment, I can not remember what the top screen has on it when you're not zoomed in, or when you're working on a puzzle that is small enough to fit.

    More of an annoyance than a negative for me just because I've been doing these for so long, is that there is no way to skip the tutorials the first time you play each mode. Nintendo seems to do that a lot. I appreciated the first few screens explaining how to use the interface, but I did not need to see screen after screen after screen explaining how to do the puzzles. They should have had this as a seperate menu option, not a required tutorial in order to get to the games. If you've never done these before, then the instructions looked good enough to explain how, and there are varying difficulties.. if you're just starting out, the easy puzzles probably will not be too hard. The harder puzzles are challenging enough for me so far.

    Also, you can download more puzzles if you run out. There appear to be a lot of puzzles available, I've only downloaded a few so far. I don't know how much space is available on the game card, but it hasn't given me any low memory warnings yet.

    It says that you can download original puzzles, but I think that is only if you have exchanged friend codes with people who submit puzzles. I think I can make my own too, but I'm not interested in doing that so I haven't explored those options yet.

    There is an option for overlays -- this is extremely useful. If you have to guess, you can turn on overlay and just try things out. If you like it, you can apply the overlay, but if you don't you can dismiss it without messing up the parts that you already know for sure.

    The only thing that I wish they had added is the ability to save more puzzles in progress. If I get stuck in one, I would like to be able to save it and go back to it later, but there is only one save slot available. If you are in the middle of a puzzle and you want to put in a different game, then it lets you save the one you are working on, but you can't save more than one at a time. I don't know if there are hints or not, because I never actually looked. I didn't read the manual at all, either.

    Anyway, I think that Picross is a wonderful game, and I'm so happy that it exists. ...more info
  • It's ok at the beginning
    The game seems like fun at the beginning but then the puzzles get long and tedious. I would only recommend this product if you have a lot of patience. ...more info
  • Great puzzle game
    My husband gave me Picross DS as a stocking stuffer last Christmas. At first I was a little hesitant to try it because I didn't know about the game and I thought I would have to draw. He said it's kind of like Sudoku, which I like a lot, so I gave it a chance. It has a tutorial when you first play the game. Walks you through everything and you can try basic puzzles until you get the hang of it. After a few practices, I started liking it a lot and got addicted to it. There are quite a lot of puzzles from Beginner to Advanced or Expert, and Bonus Level. I felt some sort of accomplishment when I finished all of the puzzles but I'm not very happy I don't have puzzles to play anymore, except the ones online (I think about 2-3 daily). Puzzles online are good also and some have time limits so it's a bit different.

    Overall, this is a must have game for those who like puzzle games. Those who like to think and practice their mind. I loved Picross DS....more info
  • Picross - Fun!
    I really liked this game, I sort of wish there was another game for the DS just like this one with different picture so of course.

    This is a game for people who enjoy a good puzzle. It's fun figure out where the right filled pixel goes.

    There are even bonus levels if you finish everything. There are downloads (if you have a wifi connection) that are great too.

    Tip - If you finished all the puzzles and want to start over - just like I wanted to do, you have to press L and select when you start the game, and the game will load on a screen that will ask you if you want to erase all your pervious data (this is also help if you bought this game used) ^_^...more info
  • Fun but challenging
    Picross is a puzzle game like I have never played before. When I first started it I was a little discouraged because the starter puzzles are easy. As I got farther in the game it got much more difficult. A lot of thinking and patience goes into it and its a great game. Recommend for any puzzle fanatic....more info
  • played every puzzle and all downloadables
    I totally got addicted to this game as my first ds puzzle game. I played every puzzle and all the ones that you download from nintendo. The biggest puzzles were the most fun, but they're all great. My only complaint is that after playing them all, I wanted more, so I tried to connect with other people and play against them (an endless supply of puzzles!). But every time it would say there was a problem with the connection and I automatically win. I won 8 times without ever actually playing. Then I gave up. I plan to try again in hopes of a better connection....more info
  • Picross DS
    This game sucks you in - have had to delay many real life actions while I worked on "just one more" or "let me just finish this one." Many levels, many customizable options - great game!...more info
  • Addictive and fun
    Having never played picross before, I found this game to be a great introduction, with pacing to advance in skill. The features in this game are pretty extensive, from online play to creating your own puzzles, and daily challenges to unlockables. Definitely worth the $20 price tag....more info
  • Another inventive puzzler makes it's way to the DS.
    Picross DS is a very inventive puzzle game that comes from combining the strategy of Sudoku and MineSweeper. The puzzles start out as a certain size grid (anywhere from 10 x 10 to 20 x 25) and, using the numbers on at the side of each row and top of each column, the player strategizes whether to darken in a box or leave it empty, resulting in a picture that looks like a crossword puzzle (picture + crossword + DS = "Picross DS").

    The game plays very smoothly and the controls work perfectly for the DS. There are three levels of difficulty: Easy, Normal, and "Free Mode." The only difference between the easy and normal modes is the size of the grid (and thus, complexity of the picture) that you have to solve. For each grid that you fill in that is incorrect, a 2-minute penalty is added. If any puzzle takes you longer than an hour to complete (to include penalty time), you will receive a "time over." While the puzzle will still count as completed, you will not get to see the short animation that would otherwise come with solving the puzzle. In Free Mode, there are no penalties. However, the game also allows you to fill in incorrect squares without alerting you to mistakes. In some cases, this can actually make the lower level Free Mode puzzles more difficult than the mid range Normal Mode puzzles. The game does compensate for this with a "Try It Out" Mode, which can be activated at any time in Free Mode and allows you to try any combination in the puzzle grid that you so choose with the option to just see if it will work out or to actually apply it to the puzzle. (Note: After solving a puzzle in this mode, make sure to apply the overlay or else the puzzle will not complete, whether or not you have it correct in Try It Out Mode or not -- that one fooled me, I'm shamed to say, more than once.) Easy Mode only has 15 puzzles, but it's more of an introductory level than anything else. In both Normal and Free Modes, each of the levels has 15 puzzles. Each level has a theme to it, such as flowers, animals, planetary objects, or many other things. After the completion of any of the three rows (of, obviously, five puzzles) in the levels, a selectable mini-challenge will appear. This usually entails copying a design or "catching" fast-moving blocks within a time limit. (I found the "reverse the colors of the design" challenges to be maddeningly difficult.) You initially only have a few levels in each of the modes but will unlock a total of eleven levels (including a bonus level) in each mode. There is also an option for making your own puzzles and the now-puzzle game standard of daily exercises. These both add a little bit of value to an already puzzle-packed game.

    While the graphics and sound may be pretty standard for a DS puzzler, the gameplay offers a nice bit of variety into what would seem to be a game full of doing the same puzzle over and over. As mentioned above, for the type of game it is, I felt that it couldn't be any more packed full of puzzly goodness. Overall, if you're looking for a puzzler on the DS, this is a can't-miss, especially being a Sudoku-fanatic such as I.

    Overall: 8.2
    Gameplay: 8
    Graphics: 7
    Sound: 7
    Value: 10
    Tilt: 8...more info
  • Great Game!
    I have had Picross for a while now and LOVE the game! It makes you think and have fun at the same time. I've been telling my mother-in-law about it for a long time and recently purchased it for her for her birthday. She plays it all the time. If you are looking for more than just a game with a little challege this is your game. I highly recommend it....more info
  • Ended too Soon!
    This game was very addicting. I love puzzle type games and this one was exactly what I was looking for. I was very sad when I finished all of the puzzles, I tried to play it again and it just wasn't the same. Hopefully they will come out with a second edition....more info
  • An excellent implementation of Picross that makes great use of the stylus
    The control system is a little bit weird, using the control pad to switch between different modes when filling in squares, but features like Daily Picross and competitive play get you used to the controls quickly. Daily Picross helps you fine tune your solving skills, and competitive play encourages you to become the fastest player around.

    With the huge number of Picross puzzles in the game, I haven't finished them all even after having the game for over a year. You're rewarded for finishing groups of puzzles with a minigame.

    Different puzzle levels have different styles of filled in squares, crossed-out squares, and empty squares, complete with their own special sound effects, which adds richness and fun to the games.

    The background music is well-composed, although it would be nice if they were longer, because you can be sure that you'll hear the same song looping over and over again for a long time as you get into the harder levels.

    All in all, a really fun game that I recommend highly. Check out my Picross tutorial for a more comprehensive look at the strategies you need to become a Picross player: http://picross.thonky.com/...more info
    If you like a game where you really need to think, this is it. There are 100 puzzles to solve and some are really hard. The thing I don't like about it is that there are only 100 puzzles. I use this game in my DS while I'm on the treadmill. I have to really consentrate to keep my pace up and solve the puzzle and that makes my 30 minute walk fly by.
    This game is a keeper....more info
  • Very Addicting
    I love this game. Picked it up on the cheap rack at the local Wal-Mart and gave it a try. Had no idea how to play it when i first put it in. Thank goodness it has a step by step how to play tutorial in the game. Took a few minutes to get the hang of it, but ever since I am hooked. Have had the game for over a year now, and I do have several other games since I have bought Picross, but I still go back to it and try to beat old scores from time to time. It's definately one of my top 3 favorite games for my DS (and I have quite a few games)....more info
  • My all time favorite puzzles available on the DS!!!! LOVE IT!
    I have been playing this game every chance I get! I totally love it. So far the one and only down fall I have found is there are not extra save slots available so you can't share with other household members and each have your own save point throughout the game. Otherwise I highly recommend this game to anyone who likes puzzles. I would say this game is like Minesweeper crossed with Sudoku plus some..... ...more info
  • Addictive and Fun Puzzle Game
    Picross DS
    Picross is incredibly an addictive and challenging puzzle game. I'd never played it before, but got hooked immediately. The nice thing about it is you don't need to know anything about how to play before you start. It give you instructions and starts you off with simple puzzles. But as you progress, the puzzles become more difficult and you really have to use your analytical skills to solve them. ...more info
  • A fantastic logic game
    Picross DS is one of the best games I have found for the DS. It is, essentially, a logic puzzle: based on what you do know, you have to extrapolate where squares must be, as well as where squares can't possibly be. There is also the extra cheat of knowing that you are creating a picture, and so, in some cases, you might even be able to pull off an educated guess based on the forming image.

    Since you do start off with simple images on 10x10 grids, you have several easy puzzles in which you can learn the basic logical tenets of the game. After which you move up until you are working on 20x25 grids.

    There are even two modes of difficulty - one where the game will tell you that you've picked the wrong square, and one where the game gives no indication that you are right or wrong, other than to relight numbers for a full row or column that has an error in it.

    Picross DS has a few other modes that, I must admit, I rarely ever fiddle with. The only one I have tried is making your own Picross design. I have not found that mode to be especially satisfying, so I have not tried it very often. This most certainly does not detract from my rating of this game, however. Whether or not this feature works in this game makes me no never mind.

    The only thing I will complain about is the fact that once you solve a puzzle, the picture of the puzzle remains as that puzzle's selection icon. So now you know what image you are going for, and all of a sudden you're making more educated guesses than logical choices. This is not the end of the world, but it would be nice to be able to delete the puzzle images.

    In any case, if you enjoy logic puzzles, this game is SO for you!
    ...more info
  • Picross DS
    This is a great game. The challenges to get you accustomed to the game are very fun. I especially like the "extras" you qualify for after playing the main games, like the daily picross. The only thing I do not like is when the grid gets so big you have to zoom in and out all the time. I'm not sure what part of the brain is stimulated, but it sure is fun to play. ...more info
  • So Fun and Addicting
    Picross DSThis game is soooo addicting! I already played all the games and am now playing the classic ones you can download, plus there is a daily skill thing that tracks your progress, so you can keep playing this same game forever, though you'll want more and more. The only thing I hate about this game is that there is not a Picross 2!!! If you like stuff like Sudoku, you'll love this! Some of the bigger puzzles seem hard at first, but don't give up. You'll get used to it, and then you won't be able to put it down, believe me....more info
  • Incredibly fun.
    My spouse and I play this every night to unwind. It plays well in small time allotments and is very engaging....more info